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>From the "1916" album

Version 1.0
November 14th, 1997

Transcribed by Gus Siewert (

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Synth + cello arranged for guitar

Tune down to Eb.

\ = slide down
~ = vibrato

  Single notes    or   Chords
     B  F#  E  A       B   F#  E   A     


B                   F#
16 years old when I went to war,
   E                         B
To fight for a land fit for heroes,
B                     F#
God on my side, and a gun in my hand,
E                        B
Chasing my days down to zero,
B                                F#
And I marched and I fought and I bled and I died,
   E                    B
And I never did get any older,
     B                         F#
But I knew at the time that a year in the line,
   E                         B
Is a long enough life for a soldier,

   B                         F#
We all volunteered, and we wrote down our names,
      E                       B
And we added two years to our ages,
B                     	  F#
Eager for life and ahead of the game,
E                     B
Ready for history's pages,
        B                             F#
And we brawled and we fought and we whored 'til we stood,
E                          B
Ten thousand shoulder to shoulder,
     B                         F#
A thirst for the Hun, we were food for the gun,
E                                    B
And that's what you are when you're soldiers,

Cello melody (also doubled by synth in previous verse)

    B                          F#
I heard my friend cry, and he sank to his knees,
E                                      B
Coughing blood as he screamed for his mother,
      B                      F#
And I fell by his side, and that's how we died,
E                            B
Clinging like kids to each other,
      B                       F#
And I lay in the mud and the guts and the blood,
E                            B
And I wept as his body grew colder,
      B                        F#
And I called for my mother and she never came,
            A                    E
Though it wasn't my fault and I wasn't to blame,
     B                     F#
The day not half over and ten thousand slain,
            A               E
And now there's nobody remembers our names,
 And that's how it is for a soldier.

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