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Das ist Motorhead - site about the great rock group Motorhead. On this site I try to collect maximal information about this group.
Certainly all cannot be collected...
But here you will find a lot of interesting things.

New Motorhead Album - Bad Magic

Bad Magic

Bad Magic

Released: 28 August 2015

Track Listing:
1. Victory or Die
2. Thunder & Lightning
3. Fire Storm Hotel
4. Shoot Out all of Your Lights
5. The Devil
6. Electricity
7. Evil Eye
8. Teach Them How to Bleed
9. Till the End
10. Tell Me Who to Kill
11. Choking on Your Screams
12. When the Sky Comes Looking For You
13. Sympathy for the Devil

Site content
  • - news - latest news my site and Motorhead
  • - disk's - official Motorhead discography, review the visitors of a site (you can leave) on albums, voting "best track" on each album
  • - singles - Motorhead singles: year an release, description, track sheet, etc.
  • - bootlegs - compilation disks of Motorhead
  • - live - live disks
  • - video - video
  • - other - compilation disk's with Motorhead track
  • - line-up - section containing a history of Motorhead line-up
  • - Lemmy - disks on which here are assembled are songs written or playing Lemmy outside of Motorhead
  • - Larry Wallis - about one of the participants of the first Motorhead line-up Larry Wallis
  • - Eddie Clarke - information about "Fast" Eddie Clarke and his job before and after Motorhead
  • - Phil Taylor - same but already about Phil Taylor
  • - Brian Robertson - same but already about Brian Robertson
  • - Pete Gill - same but already about Motorhead drums Pete Gill
  • - Mick Burston - same but already about great Motorhead guitarist Mick Burston
  • - Phil Campbell - same but already about Phil Campbell
  • - Mikkey Dee - about Mikkey Dee
  • - chronology - small group history
  • - tour dates - history of Motorhead live gig, from the beginning
  • - lyrics - Motorhead texts, including the texts of songs not including in official releases
  • - tabs - guitars tabs
  • - songs - section containing is a mp3 and links to concerts of group placed in the internet
  • - covers - mp3, list cover versions of songs Motorhead playing by other groups
  • - photos - photos of Motorhead
  • - articles - collection of articles and interviews
  • - fans - fans works collection
  • - poll - poll, votes about Motorhead
  • - issues - collection of an official Motorhead mail-list, since it began, full archive
  • - links - links to other resources about group in the Internet
  • - directory - links directory, here you can add link to the you site
  • - forum - forum
  • - guestbook - the guest book, where it is possible to leave impressions about the site
  • - chat - chat, I think it is not necessary to explain that this such
  • - search - search on this site

Orgasmatron : The Heavy Metal Art of Joe Petagno (Hardcover)

By all Motorhead fans - on this site working section fans.
Who maded pictures of Motorhead, send on the address
Please specify the information (name, nick, city, the country, it is a little about itself) - with pleasure place on a site.

Motorhead Das Ist Motorhead! (flash version)
Flash version my page Das Ist Motorhead (08.1999). Up to the end is not completed. And most likely never also will not be :((

My ticket on the concert Motorhead in Moscow.
This great show drum on 31 October - 01 November 1997.

Ticket from Motorhead show

This ticket on the concert Motorhead in Rostov-na-Dony
This great show drum on 28 October 1997.
Send to me - ЛЁПС

Ticket from Motorhead show

Ticket from Motorhead show

This ticket on the concert Motorhead in Moscow.
This great show drum on 03 December 2000.
Send to me - N. Grachev

Ticket from Motorhead show

This ticket on the concert Motorhead in Munich.
This great show drum on 24 October 2005.
Send to me - Lost Johnny

Ticket from Motorhead show

This ticket on the concert Motorhead in Helsinki.
This great show drum on 11 December 2007.
Send to me - Jaga

Ticket from Motorhead show

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