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Motorhead covers...
This track you can download.
All tracks are submitted in poor quality of sounding, only for acquaintance. If you like creativity of group and her separate participants, go in the shop on sale of audio of production and buy an original disk

  Track Band name Link
  Ace Of Spades Blood for Blood mp3
  Bomber Girlschool mp3
  I'll Be Your Sister Superchunk mp3
  Ace of Spades The Twistin' Tarantulas mp3
  Ace of Spades Jon Cougar Concentration Camp mp3
  Burner Dark Age mp3
  Iron Fist Decayed Core mp3
  Orgasmatron Konkhra mp3
  Killed By Death Paragon mp3
  Sorvarin Humppa
(Ace of Spades)
Elakelaiset mp3
  Ace of Spades Sump mp3

Dead Forever: Tribute to Motorhead V.A. - "Dead Forever: Tribute to Motorhead"
Dwell Records
1. Steal Your Face - Coffin Texts
2. Stay Clean - Deceased
3. Bad Religion - Hate Theory
4. (Don't Need) Religion - Acheron
5. Ace of Spades - Hostile Intent
6. Love Me Like a Reptile - Vile
7. Deaf Forever - Blood Coven
8. The Chase Is Better Than the Catch - Tchort
9. Killed by Death - Tyrant
10. Iron Fist - Noctuary
11. (We Are) The Road Crew - Engrave
12. Motorhead - Decay of Salvation
13. Overkill - Black Witchery

Built for Speed: Motorhead Tribute V.A. - "Built for Speed: Motorhead Tribute"
Victory Records
1. Ace of Spades - Blood For Blood
2. R.A.M.O.N.E.S. - Groove Ghoulies
3. Orgasmatron - Integrity
4. Rock'N'Roll - Dropkick Murphys
5. Sweet Revenge - Skarhead
6. (We Are) The Road Crew - Electric Frankenste
7. Metropolis - Chrome Locust
8. I'll Be Your Sister - Zeke
9. No Class - Fahrenheit Four Fif
10. Bomber - Terra Firma
11. Motorhead - Speedealer

Motorhead Tribute V.A. - "Motorhead Tribute"
Joker / Pink Honey
This album too possible encounter a name
"Motorheading To The North, A Tribute To Motorhead"
1. Killed By Death - Castaway
2. Over The Top - Sator
3. Iron Fist - Cosa Nostra
4. We Are The Road Crew - Havana Black
5. Hellraiser - Livin' Sacrifice
6. Sweet Revenge - Lost Souls
7. Die You Bastard - Gone
8. Ace Of Spades - Omnitron
9. Eat The Rich - Full Metal Jacketz
10. Motorhead - Nomads
11. Deaf Forever - Cat Rapes Dog
12. Overkill - Hiroshima
13. The Hammer - Kurt Olvars Rebller
14. Damage Case - Rojkommandot
15. Speed Freak - Hellacopters
16. One Track Mind - Entombed

Motormorphosis - A Tribute to Motorhead (part 1) V.A. - "Motormorphosis - A Tribute to Motorhead (part 1)"
Remedy Records
1. Killed By Death - Paragon
2. Ace Of Spades - Torment
3. Dr. Rock - Qusimodo
4. Burner - Dark Age
5. Ramones - Gigantor
6. I'll Be You Sister - Noise Forest
7. Sacrifice - Megace
8. Dead Men Tell No Tales - Goddess Of Desire
9. Born To Rise Hell - Crystal Shark
10. Going To Brazil - Meat Shop
11. No Voices In The Sky - Bonehouse
12. Listen To Your Heart - Honx
13. (We Are) The Roadcrew - Angry Angels
14. I'm The Sword - Quasimodo
15. Rock'N'Roll - Temple Of The Absurd
16. Stone Dead Forever - Torment
17. Overkill - Hammerhawk
18. Go To Hell - Posthumous
19. They Are Motorhead - Goddess Of Desire

Welcome To Rock-N-Roll Hell: A Tribute to AC/DC & Motorhead V.A. - "Welcome To Rock-N-Roll Hell: A Tribute to AC/DC & Motorhead"
1. Ace Of Spades Ц Sump
2. Rock'N'Roll - Lude Und Die Astros
3. All For You - Louder Than God
4. I'll Be Your Sister - Clockwork Wizzards
5. Bomber - The Gift
6. Locomotive - Sharky's Machine
7. Overdose - Jingo De Lunch
8. Sin City - Slawheads
9. Love At First Feel - What ... For
10. Problem Child - The Angels
11. It's A Long Way To The Top - Belly Button And The Knockwells

Strenth to Endure: Tribute to Motorhead & Ramones Riotgun/Bullet Treatment - "Strenth to Endure: Tribute to Motorhead & Ramones"
1. Ace of Spades
2. Stay Clean
3. (We Are) The Road Crew
4. Iron Fist Motorhead
5. No Class
6. Rock N' Roll
7. Killed by Death
8. Sex and Outrage
9. Ramones
*. Other tracks - Ramones covers

Motormorphosis - A Tribute to Motorhead (part 2)
Motormorphosis - A Tribute to Motorhead (part 2)
LP (front)
Motormorphosis - A Tribute to Motorhead (part 2)
LP (back)
V.A. - "Motormorphosis - A Tribute to Motorhead (part 2)"
Remedy Records
1. Built For Speed - Stormwarrior
2. No Voices In The Sky - Torment
3. Bomber - Vs Wanhers
4. The Hammer - Holy Moses
5. Shoot You In The Bach - Twisted Tower Dire
6. Love For Sale - Fyredogs
7. Death Of Clory - Goddess Of Desire
8. Love Me Like A Reptile - Hichhunter
9. Dancing On Your Grave - Bonehouse
10. Liar - Powergod
11. Iron Fist - Megace
12. Sacrifice - Nifelheim
13. Out Of The Sun - Gun Barrel
14. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch - Devil's Day Off
15. Sex And Outrace - Uppercut
16. Lost Johnny - Lost Johnny
17. I'm The Doctor - Holy Moses
18. Please Don't Touch - Traceelords
19. Orgasmatron - Torment
20. No Class - Noice Forest
21. Capricorn - Erosion
22. Too Late, Too Late - Division
23. I Don't Believe A Word - Philiae

Remember Me Now, I'm Motorhead V.A. - "Remember Me Now, I'm Motorhead"
Scatboy Recrds
1. Killed By Death Ц The Orange Julians
2. Bite The Bullet - Hammercocks
3. Damage Case - The Nerds
4. Death Or Glory - Sftm
5. 1916 - Bryan Scorch
6. Bomber - Capricorn USA
7. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch - Phlemmy And Dizzo
8. Cradle To The Grave - Renegades Of Sluts
9. Civil War - Ordained
10. No Class - Ripped
11. Live To Win - Slaughterhouse
12. Rock'N'Roll - Pale Speed Horse Chase
13. Overnight Sensation - Pale Horse
14. Deaf Forvever - Empire Falls
15. Don't Need Religion - The Dead Kings
16. Old Enough To Know Better, But Much Too Young To Care - Larry Wallis

Morir Con Las Botas Puestas V.A. - "Morir Con Las Botas Puestas"
1. Desperate For You Ц Muletrain
2. Dance - Sex Museum
3. Crazy Like A Fox - Marea
4. Play Clean - Rip K.C.
5. Dead Men Tell No Tales - Motociclon
6. Doctor Rock - Sonotones
7. Overkill - Habeas Corpus
8. Ace Of Spades - Abulsed
9. Motorhead - Maggot Brain
10. No Class - Tremendos
11. Sex And Death - Pechuga Band
12. Kill By Death - Boikot
13. Sacrifice - Coilbox
14. (We Are) The Road Cerw - Terroristars
15. Born To Raise Hell - Darksound
16. Stone Dead Forever - Social Combat
17. Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me - Uzzhuaia

St. Valentines Day Massacre V.A. - "St. Valentines Day Massacre"
Bad Reputation
1. Going To Brazil Ц Green Dollar Colour
2. Boogey Man - Skew Siskin
3. Killed By Death - Crucified Barbara
4. Rock It - American Dog
5. Over The Top - Crank County Daredevils
6. Nothing Up My Sleeve - Hellsuckers
7. Bomber - Mother Superior
8. No Class - Crystal Pistol
9. Born To Raise Hell - Voodoo Vegas
10. Please Don't Touch - Crucified Barbara And American
11. B4 - Skew Siskin (bonus track feat. Lemmy Kilmister)

A German Underground Tribute To Motorhead V.A. - "A German Underground Tribute To Motorhead"
Master Rock Records
10" - colored vinyl, 500 copies only
1. No Class Ц V8 Wankers
2. Bomber - The Egyptian Gay Lovers
3. Overkill - So Fucking What

Hammer Down: The Tribute To Motorhead V.A. - "Hammer Down: The Tribute To Motorhead"
Crimson Mask
1. Steal Your Face Ц Coffin Texts
2. Stay Clean Ц Deceased
3. Bad Religion Ц Hate Theory
4. (Don't Need) Religion Ц Acheron
5. Ace Of Spades Ц Hostile Intent
6. Love Me Like A Reptile Ц Vile
7. Deaf Forever Ц Blood Coven
8. Chase Is Better Than The Catch, The Ц Tchort
9. Killed By Death Ц Tyrant
10. Iron Fist Ц Noctuary
11. (We Are) The Road Crew Ц Engrave
12. Motorhead Ц Decay Of Salvation
13. Overkill Ц Black Witchery

Sheep In Wolves' Clothing: The Tribute To Motorhead V.A. - "Sheep In Wolves' Clothing"

Fan Club CD Offer
Limited edition of 500 copies only!

1. Capricorn Ц Mad Dogs
2. Lost Johnny Ц The Deviants with Philthy Animal Tayor
3. Ace Of Spades Ц Spirit's Burning with Bridget Wishart
4. 1916 Ц The Sweet Zeros
5. I Don't Believe A Word Ц Sonja Kristina
6. Metropolis Ц Girlschool with Fast Eddie Clarke
7. Damage Case Ц Lissy Abraham
8. Orgasmatron Ц The Hobbyhorse
9. Back At The Funny Farm Ц The Underbelly
10. Stay Clean Ц Alan Davey's Gunslingers

Band name Covered song Album Year
Abattoir Ace Of Spades Vicious Attack
1985 Combat Records
Ace Of Spades Ace Of Spades, Killed By Death and more...  
At War The Hammer Eat Lead 988
Bathory Ace Of Spades A Black Mark Tribute
Batallion of Saints Ace Of Spades Second Coming
1984 Nutrons Records
Brady Harris Ace Of Spades  
Coal Ace Of Spades The Mint Is A Terrible Thing To Taste
Mint Records
Cockney Rejects Motorhead Greatest Hits 3 - live
1982 EMI LP/Captain Oi! CD
Corduroy Motorhead V.A. - Phials Of Acid Jazz
Cub Killed By Death "The Mint Is A Terrible Thing To Taste"
Mint Records
Drain Ace Of Spades Horror Wrestling (American)
Entombed One Track Mind  
FAT Controller Stay Clean Horror Wrestling (American)
Girlschool Bomber St. Valentine's Day Massacre
1982 Bronze
Jesus Christ Ace Of Spades  
Metallica Damage Case Hero Of The Day Pt.1 (European)
Overkill Hero Of The Day Pt.1 (European),
Until It Sleeps
Stone Dead Forever Hero Of The Day Pt.2 (European)
Too Late, Too Late Hero Of The Day Pt.2 (European)
The Chase Is Better Than The Catch Bootlegs of their tribute celebrating Lemmy's 50th
We Are The Roadcrew Bootlegs of their tribute celebrating Lemmy's 50th
Mudhoney Motorhead EP
One Bad Eye Love Me Like A Reptile  
Ozzy Osbourne Hellraiser (co-written with Lemmy) No More Tears
1991 Epic
Plasmatics No Class Stand By Your Man
1982 (EP) Bronze
Poison Idea Motorhead War All The Time
Primal Scream Motorhead Vanishing Point
1997 Reprise
Pump'n Ethyl Orgasmatron Come On Feel The Metal (compilation)
1997 Steve Records
The Ramones Ramones They played it live with Lemmy in Argentina
Satyricon Orgasmatron Megiddo (single)
1996 Moonfog/Nuclear Blast/Suburban
Sepultura Orgasmatron Under Siege/Dead Embryonic Cells EP's/singles
1991 Roadrunner
Orgasmatron (live) Refuse/Resist (single)
1994 Roadrunner
Sodom Iron Fist Persecution Mania
1987 Steamhammer/SPV
Iron Fist (live) Mortal Way Of Live
1988 Steamhammer/SPV
Supersuckers Sex & Outrage Gravity Bill (single)
1991 Lucky Records
StrayCats Please Don't Touch Choo Choo Hot Fish

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