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Motorhead chronology...

2000: Y2K was quite fruitful for Motorhead members, in a musical sense as well as being simply eventful. "As you get older – You get slower" - decides Lemmy, celebrating Motorhead's 25th birthday on 55th year of his own life. But it looks like he wants to slow down the time himself, speeding up to relativistic velocities. Ageless rock'n'roll god and his team partake in an unheard-of number of projects. Brilliant "We Are Motorhead" (duh!) album is accepted as a complete payoff for its rather average predecessor. Besides, Lemmy teams up with rockabilly musicians Slim Jim Phantom and Danny B. Harvey, releasing "Lemmy, Slim Jim & Danny B.", where Lemmy sings rock'n'roll and blues classics. This album, as well as brief but colorful acoustic solo on "Alone Again" for Teutonic metal queen Doro Pesch, introduces Lemmy's previously unknown traits. Press is fed with rumors of Lemmy and Dave Grohl working together on some new recording, which is to be released four years later, though. Again, a sidework for Bob Kulick: track "Desire" for "Bat Head Soup: A Tribute To Ozzy", which sounds somewhat strange, considering that Lemmy, the genuine author of that song, performs it as a cover. Band sets off for a new megatour, with a second visit to Russia, though not as successful as the first one, which was made three years before that. For the first time, some shows in Austria were cancelled due to Lemmy's health issues. However, for the final shows in England Lemmy was already quite well, well enough to play in the Brixton Academy, acting as host for the Motorhead anniversary's guests.

2001: A short break is followed by a new world tour. There is much business beside it to do: recording for various tribute albums - from Elvis to Metallica. And the first live DVD "Boneshaker: 25 & Alive", which includes that anniversary performance in Brixton Academy, visited by special guests. Among them: Lemmy's son Paul Inder, Phil's son Todd Campbell, Doro Pesch, Whitfield Crane. "Fast" Eddie proved that he is still fast enough to play with Motorhead and never lost tenacity in his own band Fastway - this appearance on the scene was announced as a "comeback of the year". Ace of Skunk Anansie fame and legendary Brian May of Queen jammed together with Motorhead on "Overkill". Some important guests, such as Wurzel and Samantha Fox, whom Lemmy met a day before on a Hawkwind gig, didn't make it into the picture, though. Motorhead record "The Game" - an anthem for wrestler Triple H, a song for American WWF fighter to rush onto the scene to. Dee Snider, being a Motorhead fan, writes a song named "Hardcore (Lemmy's Song)". In return, Motorhead record a cover of Twisted Sister's "Shoot 'Em Down".

2002: Lemmy's relationship with show business world gradually stabilizes: every even year the band releases a new studio album, every odd one - a double live album or a DVD. Fans get a double present this year: studio album "Hammered", of which a considerable number of copies was sold, and reissue of band's classic videos by Castle Communications, who got the rights of Gerry Bron and Doug Smith. "Hammered" is easily distinguished from its predecessor by a specific atmosphere and general softness of sound, which somewhat harks back to "1916" and "March Or Die". These associations are boosted by an unusual album closer, "Serial Killer", a spoken word by Lemmy. Black cover picture is another flashback, but the album totally corresponds to its time, as the previous albums correspond to their. It can be said that that's the other Motorhead, with different approach to composition, riffs and melodies, in possession of a good equipment and adequate recording conditions. But something stays the same: speed, simplicity and 12 bars. Lemmy continues to perform cover songs: "Thirsty And Miserable" for "Rise Above: 24 Black Flag songs". Rock'n'roll song "Good Rocking Tonight" was recorded with Johnny Ramone and found its place on several compilations.

2003: In fact, "Stone Deaf Forever" wasn't the first Motorhead box set. Castle published some "boxes" in 1998, but these were, generally, just compilations. And Lemmy & Motorhead always wanted to give their fans something more than just an album or a compilation. 'Head's audience can be split into two factions: some deny very existence of the band after the "Ace Of Spades", some thoroughly collect everything which is associated with the band, all the studio albums, all the special releases. "Stone Deaf Forever" was published for the latter: it includes 60 page inlay and five audio CDs, which are stuffed with classic tracks and some rarities, such as "Orgasmatron"'s 2000 version, a totally different song, uncomparable to common studio or live versions. Lemmy's autobiography "White Line Fever" was released this year. He makes a honorable appearance on some interesting projects: on funky "Ace Sounds" of Skunk Anansie's guitarist Ace, on the song "Miss Me When I'm Gone" for Michelle Meldrum's band, on "Album Of The Year" by Skew Siskin. All those people are also rumored to participate on Lemmy's solo album, which is due to be released in the nearest future. End of the year is marked by release of "Live at Brixton Academy: The Complete Concert", double live album, effectively an audio-CD version of "Boneshaker" DVD, reminiscent of its 1999 predecessor "Everything Louder Than Everyone Else".

2004: Standard pattern for the year: tour, album, tour, side projects. Well, we can't judge about importance of world tours, but Motorhead always were a show-oriented band, if you will. In the beginning every tour, every gig were important for narration. Now, as the band became mature, they became quite regular to be no longer mentioned or described in detail. Though, for Motorhead no live performance never loses its meaning. Every tour has a tight schedule, so Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey's working stress levels never seem to drop. Show in Royal Opera, in Covent Garden, London, became the most interesting event of the whole tour. "Inferno" is the new studio album, recorded in a very short time (as usual). New producer - Cameron Webb, new sound, Steve Vai as a special guest, and new surprise for the fans - "Whorehouse Blues", bluesy acoustic song laden with trademark irony. Mikkey Dee does some drumming for his old Swedish pal Martin "E-Type" Ericssen, setting out for European tour, where E-Type's disco tunes are performed in "heavy metal" arrangements. Dave Grohl's "Probot" is finally released, and it contains "Shake Your Blood", penned by Lemmy and Dave himself four years before. A fabulous video was made, where Lemmy, Dave and Scott "Wino" Weinrich perform the song among half-naked Suicide Girls. Song "You'd Better Swim" (reworked "You'd Better Run") is used for "Sponge Bob Squarepants" full-length cartoon. "Whiplash" cover makes it to the "Metallic Attack: The Ultimate Metallica Tribute".

2005: Thirty years on the scene! On February, 15th, on 47th annual Grammy Awards ceremony the band gets the most ironic Golden Gramophone ever: for their cover of Metallica's "Whiplash". New DVD is released this year, dedicated to Motorhead's anniversary and named "Stage Fright". Most of the material was recorded last year in Dusseldorf, on 7th of December. Special technology was used to film the performance, there were 23 cameras, and lighting engineer's work was brilliant. Set list included "Dancing On Your Grave" for the first time since 1983. Phil Campbell excellently played Robbo's leads. Besides the show intself this DVD release includes numerous interviews with Motorhead members and the Road Crew, sound checks and behind-the-scenes material, fans' opinions and other bonuses. Summer was rather hot in Europe and some Motorhead shows had to be cancelled. Lemmy felt sick on the stage during one gig in France, and was hospitalized because of hypertension. Finally, when weather grew milder, he returned to his duties. Tour with Corrosion Of Conformity continued. English national Channel 4 broadcasts the documentary "Motorhead: Live Fast, Die Old". Anniversary is traditionally celebrated with a great show with great guests invited. This time gig took its place in Hammersmith Odeon, and the guests included Girlschool, known friends of Motorhead, who returned to music last year, and Saxon, the NWOBHM brontosaurs.

2006: Motorhead make a new anthem for Triple H, who's now wrestling for WWE league. From now on he gets onto the ring with Motorhead's "King Of Kings". "It's time for him to win at last!" - notices Lemmy, not ignorant of wrestler's failures. This spring the band announces that 23rd album will be named "Kiss Of Death" and that all its tracks are going to be really strong. Special guests for this album are C.C. Deville of Poison and Mike Inez of Alice In Chains. When album made its way onto the stalls, fans noticed that the band didn't exaggerate the quality of songs presented on this albums. And everybody knows that there is nothing better than fulfilled promises and justified expectations. Album quickly got onto the 7th position of European Billboard chart. Motorhead logo, the infamous Snaggletooth, appears on shirts of Greenbank town youth soccer team, and the press speculates about its possible match with another youth team, which is sponsored by Iron Maiden. This, along with voting for Motorhead's presence in Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame, may be considered as the biggest newspaper stir of 2006. Another notable event is "resurrection" of Lemmy, Slim Jim & Danny B. project, which is now known as "The Head Cat". In spring the trio visited U.S.A. with 6-year old song set, and in fall they released a new album, called "Fool's Paradise", which somewhat puzzled the fans by its similiarity with the 2000 effort: apparently, they differ only in song order and usage of Minarik guitars in the latter record.

2007: Among the touring news: the band added "I Got Mine", another song from "Another Perfect Day" album, and "Rosalie", a Thin Lizzy cover, to its live set. But even without these nice surprises it could be said that Motorhead now have the most powerful and most diverse set for all their career. New double live album "Better Motorhead Than Dead: Live at Hammersmith", recorded in 2005, can be counted as an evidence for that. Fast Eddie joins Motorhead onstage once again during the Sweden Rock Festival in summer. Soon, Lemmy records a song with his youngest son, guitarist Paul Inder (Lemmy's elder son works for the social service and has no connections with rock music). Its title is "You Don't Own Me", and it is rumoured to be featured on Lemmy's solo album. Waiting for its release becomes somewhat dull, but rumours about it never cease. In MAXIM magazine, for example, it was mentioned in interview with our rock'n'roll legend, adorned with photos of Lemmy in company of a hot brunette Moa Holmsten, Meldrum vocalist. Lemmy immensely mocks the press when Sweden show organizers find his demand for six chocolate eggs (with surprise inside!) while examining the Motorhead's technical rider. Main sensation of the year, however, is the quarrel between the band's management and artist Joe Petagno. As a result, Motorhead can no longer use his art, including the famed Snaggletooth logo.

author: Suicidal | translation to english: Dr.Rock

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