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Motorhead chronology...

1990: ...and used on a demo tape, which band recorded to find a new publisher. Legend has it that Motorhead signed on WTG (later consumed by CBS/Epic/Sony) with Ozzy's help... Bullshit. It was the Phil Carson dude. He also became the band's manager for some time. Meanwhile, almost momentarily after this event, Doug Smith surrendered his rights for Motorhead songs and Lemmy's citizenship problems were solved. Now he became a house owner in a suburb of L.A., West Hollywood, California. House near the notorious Rainbow Bar & Grill on a Sunset Strip. All the Third Reich and WWII memorabilia, which Lemmy began to collect some time ago, also moved here. Relocation to U.S.A. inspired him to write "Angel City", song which was to be included on a new album released under a new record label. Just as the band entered the studio, problems with managers and producers emerged. Dealing with Motorhead ain't easy, after all.

1991: However, in february Epic/WTG released their new album - "1916", one of the best Motorhead records, without a doubt. This LP boasts some crazy rock'n'roll, some heavy metal in "Nightmare - The Dreamtime", some tearjerking in "Love Me Forever" and even some epic flavour, thanks to the eponymous track which is a WWI-themed ballad with cellos. Oh, and "Angel City" features sax. Ironic front picture by Joe Petagno and back cover styled after Nurnberg-period German postmarks... All this gave 16th quite serious album-of-the-year potential. "Everything Louder Than Everything Else" video is filmed in Germany during "Operation Rock'n'Roll" tour, just to become a masterpiece of musical videotapes. Also, this year Lemmy writes 4 songs for Ozzy's band under Sharon's request. Lemmy claims that he earned more money for this small-time job than for last 15 years of his musical career. Near the end of the year "1916" is nominated for "Best Heavy Metal album" Grammy award. Motorhead gets closer to the top.

1992: National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States presents its annual Grammy award to Metallica for their eponymous album. But the fact of nomination itself is considered by Lemmy to be a token of recognition in music business. Meanwhile, during "March Or Die" sessions, Phil Taylor leaves the band. Appalled by the death of his mother, wasted by drugs and constant troubles with self-identification, he became a burden for the band, creating even more problems rather than helping to solve the existing ones. Majority of the drum parts for the "March" album were made by Ozzy Osbourne's drummer, Tommy Aldridge, while Philthy's participation was reduced to a single song - collaboration with Ozzy and Slash of Guns'n'Roses, who, by the way, were an opening act for Motorhead on their last tour. Michael Delaouglou, or Mikkey Dee as he's more commonly known, half-Greek half-Swedish drummer, former member of King Diamond and Lemmy's Sunset Strip neighbour at the time, accepted his invitation and joined Motorhead. His 1992 tour performances were awesome, so he was successfully enrolled for Motorhead ranks and is honourably announced as "the best rock'n'roll drummer in the world" by Lemmy on every gig. With stage being shared with Metallica and Guns'n'Roses, it was one of the biggest tours for the band.

1993: Lemmy decides that music industry is killing the music itself, breaks contract with WTG/Epic and feels no remorse. Motorhead continue touring with Ozzy and Alice In Chains. They record "Hellraiser" and "Hell On Earth" specially for "Hellraiser 3" movie soundtrack. "Born To Raise Hell" is recorded in the same studio with Whitfield Crane of Ugly Kid Joe and hardcore rapper Ice-T. This song never makes it into "Hellraiser" soundtrack, but gets released as a single. One year later it also gets used in "Airheads" movie, where Lemmy makes a cameo appearance. Band's largest problem at the time is the abscence of contract with any label. Taking things easy, Motorhead's collective consciousness picks German label ZYX to release the "Bastards" album. The funny thing about ZYX is that, despite paying all the contract money up front, they left all concerns about record producing and even distribution for the band, because they used to work generally with Eurodisco artists. It was a big time for Mikkey Dee, beacuse his drum parts became a driving force behind this soot-spitting flame-breathing iron hulk called "Bastards". Album was powerful, but it didn't sell quite well outside Germany, mostly because of label's lack of international distribution network.

1994: And again: tour after tour. Europe and United States with Black Sabbath, Brazil and Argentina with Ramones. Stadiums get full during Latin American tour. However, at the same time, "Bastards" didn't sell quite well. Year was wasted in attempts to organize adequate distribution in the U.S. and Japan. Lemmy even goes on a business trip to Thailand, as a companion to band's manager, Todd Singerman. Then, a regular publisher swap: the new one is called SPV, and their head is also a 'Head's promoter in Germany for the last couple of years.

1995: Motorhead is alive for twenty years, twenty years in His Majesty Rock'N'Roll's service. And the band finally receives something that looks like longevity pay: all the fucking around with record labels is over, so now Lemmy and his fellows can focus on music. In Europe the albums are produced by CBH (later by SPV), in Asia and America - CMC (Steamhammer). However, there was an internal problem, a problem within the band itself. Wurzel quite reluctantly participated in "Sacrifice" recording sessions. In fact, he did a couple of guitar solos and... left the band. Motorhead became a power trio once again. Despite the lack of input by such an important character as Wurzel, "Sacrifice" nevertheless became a milestone album. Heavy, gutsy "theutonic" sound increased the number of band's followers both in Europe and in America. Lemmy sides up with Ozzy again, writing dozen or something songs for him. Two of them make it to the "Ozzmozis" album track list. 20 years of Motormania are celebrated at Whiskey A Go-Go, where The Lemmys appear on the stage. The Lemmys include Motorhead band members and rock-stars of varying degree of heaviness, specifically Metallica, the long-known passionate Motormaniacs. This motley crew, consisting of people who may have never played together before, jammed onstage and blasted a kickass gig of Motorhead songs.

1996: In January band goes to the tour with Cathedral, then taking a vacation, which becomes even more eventful than regular Motorhead life. If it can be called "regular" in any way, of course. Lemmy finds a young band from Germany, Skew Siskin, and records with them for their first album, titled "Voices From The War". He also responds to Whitfield Crane's invitation and makes a guest appearance on Ugly Kid Joe's "Motel California" album. Mickey and Phil, meanwhile, forge the band Hellraiser'96 and play in Swedish clubs to raise... hell, definitely. And to raise The Muggers concept from the dead by playing rock'n'roll's golden classics. Zero-risk plan. And Phil Campbell, who visited Welsh pubs with his cover-band The Series a year before, knew it. But as summer gets near, Motorhead get back and visit Latin America with its full stadiums. New album, "Overnight Sensation", is tough and somewhat sensational, being the first record made by Motorhead as a power trio for the last 13 years. Rich arrangements with acoustic guitars and mouth-harp make it for "50% less guitarists" participating.

1997: The band tours nearly for the whole year. The most interesting thing about this tour is Motorhead's first visit to Russia. Two gigs, one in Moscow and other in Rostov-on-Don, attracted large number of people. On the other side of what was Iron Curtain Lemmy received many new impressions and shared with Russians some killer songs and some friendly attitude, freely speaking with fans and journalists. However, though being nice and reasonable fellow, Lemmy is prone to kirking out. This time he was pissed off by Blackie Lawless during the W.A.S.P. / Motorhead concert in U.S. This brawl, which happened right on the stage, should become legendary and stories about it should pass down from generation to generation among headbangers! Also, this year Bob Kulick started his tribute project, inviting different musicians to play some cover song. Lemmy, always ready to participate in such projects, with Ted Nugent on guitar performed on "Tie Your Mother Down" for "Dragon Attack: A Tribute To Queen". And, finally, Ramones asked Lem to play his shortest but very fast song "R.A.M.O.N.E.S." for his performance to be featured on anniversary audio record and "We're Outta Here" video.

1998: "Snake Bite Love", released in spring, was received quite poorly. It wasn't a failed album, though, as it contains Lemmy's emotions on death of Wendy O. Williams, which was also his own personal tragedy, in the form of a gloomy and very expressive song, "Dead And Gone". Vicious irony of "Don't Lie To Me", "Joy Of Labour" and "Better Off Dead" is accentuated by plain and simple arrangements. Maybe that's because Phil, who often attends various guitar fairs, got hooked by LAG guitars and at the moment of recording was not totally acquainted with them. Maybe that's because the album was recorded in different studios throughout the world and can't be described as a solid, monolith product, and that fact was admitted by the band. So, decision was made to back up this album by publishing a new live record with complete set-list. Meanwhile, ex-Motorhead Wurzel finishes his ambient album called "Chill Out Or Die".

1999: CD era offered a much greater opportunity of publishing live albums than it was conceivable during the reign of vinyl records. "No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith" and "No Sleep At All" could give a hint of what Motorhead gigs were like, but nothing more. They couldn't be a true evidence of a "Loudest Band in the World" show. In the end of 1998 one such show was recorded in "Dock" club, Hamburg, Germany. Recording was published as "Everything Louder Than Everyone Else" and is notable for lack of any studio mastering, as is, straight from the engineers's desk to your speakers. Now anyone could hold a jewel case full of 'Head's live essence and use it to while away the time before their new visit to one's city. Traditionally, Lemmy took part in a Bob Kulick's project: this time on AC/DC tribute, performing "It's A Long Way To The Top". Also, a version of "Highway To Hell" was recorded with him and Mexican band A.N.I.M.A.L., and Sunset Strip neighbor Sam Yaffa invited Lemmy to play with Jetboy. In the meantime, Phil Campbell, uh, did nothing. Spent his time with wife, kids and Ozzy the dog, actually. Mikkey Dee did some part-time job with Dokken, with whom he was already familiar before joining Motorhead.

author: Suicidal | translation to english: Dr.Rock

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