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The World Is Yours

I Know What You Need

(Kilmister - Campbell - Dee)

You better turn me loose, I got a trick up my sleeve.
If you dont want to wake up bleeding, you better tell me I can leave.
Now the dark mans coming, hes gonna strike you to the bone.
Hes a voodoo medusa, gonna turn you into stone.

Will you obey the master when he sets you free?
Dont you think therell be a price?
I know what you are, I know what you need.

Are you dreaming in your coma, how do you know for sure?
Could be your mind in the silence, could be they couldnt find a cure.
Now a bad man coming, gonna shoot you full of holes.
Hes a true believer, gonna crucify your soul.

Can you pay the jester to watch you while you sleep?
Can you be sure his heart is pure?
I know what you are, I know what you need.

Now heres the execution all around your bed,
Are you gonna feel the axe blade when It separates your head?
See the hooded man coming, may be the last thing you see.
You can struggle like a maniac but youll never get free.

Can you play the traitor? Can you make men believe?
Will you to turn and laugh as they burn,
I know what you are, I know what you need.
Can you play the dead man? Can you cease to breathe?
Will you cry when youre buried alive?
I know what you are; I know what you are,
I know what you need, I know what you need.

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