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The World Is Yours

Waiting For The Snake

(Kilmister - Campbell - Dee)

I dont know what I like; I dont know what I am,
Dont know where Im going and I dont give a damn.
I say the world is crazy, know theres no one to save me,
I know a few things baby; I know were in a jam.

Black hole in the sun, I dont like the way we always run,
And if your eyes are closed I better stay awake.
You sleep like an angel baby, but I know youre truly crazy,
And I think that weve grown lazy, waiting for the snake.

You are a mystery, you are a bitch to me, you dont see why I stay why I dont turn and run.
You think your life is good, but youre a babe out in the wood,
Do what you think you should, sleeping with the gun.

Black cloud on the moon, feels like the rain is coming soon,
The way I feel tonight, youll never see me break.
You live in constant sorrow, and I refuse to follow,
We might not see tomorrow waiting for the snake.

I think you know the score, i dont know what were waiting for,
Hiding behind the door, dont get us any place.
I know that you believe, and so before the freeze,
before we feel the squeeze, before the monster wakes.

Black Death in the room, you sing a different tune, and it will bring your doom, the city starts to shake.
I see the world is dying, you know I sure aint lying,
I see you pale and crying, waiting for the snake.

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