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The World Is Yours

I Know How To Die

(Kilmister - Campbell - Dee)

Say the word and Ill be yours, save me from the killing floor.
Outta time outta sight, creeping up on you tonight.
Cant see your face no more, hanging in the sky.
Might be gone forever and thats a long long time.
If I could find the cure I wouldnt have to cry,
I know the law I know how to die.
Thousand years lost in time, outta shape and outta line.
Flying high you know its true, searching all the world for you.
Take the wild ride, teach you how to fly, be on my side I hate them long goodbyes.
Dont believe in miracles and I wont even try,
I know the law I know how to die.

No more lies no excuse, walk a mile in my shoes.
Outta luck out on bail, run like hell stay out of jail
Cant see the way no more needles in my eyes,
rotten to the core hang me out to dry.
Give me satisfaction or a damn good reason why,
Cross your heart and hope to die.

Stay on the right track; you cant live a lie,
Make sure u dont go back, look me in the eye,
Know I aint no angel, broken wings dont fly,
I know the law I know how to die.

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