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The World Is Yours


Born To Lose

(Kilmister - Campbell - Dee)

Go ahead put the blame on me,
another reason to disagree,
deaf to all the truth for sure,
hear the hammer knocking at your door.
But you know itís all fairy tales,
A heavy heart like a bag of nails,
Stand up! Show your face, another victim of the cold embrace.
Before too long, no more singers, no more songs.

Oh no, last call, you had a chance, you lost it all.
Got some, bad news, never learned to dance, born to lose.

Telling lies just makes it worse,
another loved one, blind and cursed,
donít speak the truth, only lies,
all we need is a reason why.
But then you always miss the point,
your perfect time is out of joint.
Stand Up! Bite your tongue, hell coming and it wonít be long.
Your wasted life, cut to ribbons with a thousand knives

Right now, right here, lose your mind, but show no fear. Burn slow, no excuse, so unkind, born to lose.

Be still, turn your back,
You canít survive, and thatís a fact,
I know you can't believe itís true,
the evil years catching up to you.
Now your face, is awful pale,
never thought you were gonna fail.
Stand up! We cut you down; the worm awaits you in this barren ground.
Your last goodbye, sweet justice for your wasted life.

Right now, no doubt, in a world of pain, no way out.
Be still, can't refuse, in a world of shame, born to lose.
No remorse, canít cope, no getaway, up in smoke.
Fade out, we accuse, time to pay, born to lose.
Born to lose.

I Know How To Die

(Kilmister - Campbell - Dee)

Say the word and Iíll be yours, save me from the killing floor.
Outta time outta sight, creeping up on you tonight.
Canít see your face no more, hanging in the sky.
Might be gone forever and thatís a long long time.
If I could find the cure I wouldnít have to cry,
I know the law I know how to die.
Thousand years lost in time, outta shape and outta line.
Flying high you know itís true, searching all the world for you.
Take the wild ride, teach you how to fly, be on my side I hate them long goodbyes.
Donít believe in miracles and I wonít even try,
I know the law I know how to die.

No more lies no excuse, walk a mile in my shoes.
Outta luck out on bail, run like hell stay out of jail
Canít see the way no more needles in my eyes,
rotten to the core hang me out to dry.
Give me satisfaction or a damn good reason why,
Cross your heart and hope to die.

Stay on the right track; you canít live a lie,
Make sure u donít go back, look me in the eye,
Know I aint no angel, broken wings donít fly,
I know the law I know how to die.

Get Back In Line

(Kilmister - Campbell - Dee)

We live on borrowed time, hope turned to dust,
Nothing is forgiven we fight for every crust.
The way we are is not the way we used to be my friend,
All things come to he who waits, the waiting never ends.

We are the chosen few; we are the frozen crew,
We donít know what to do, just wasting time.
We donít know when to quit, we donít have room to spit,
But weíll get over it, get back in line.

Stuck here ten thousand years, donít know how to act,
Everything forgotten, specially the facts.
The way we live is running scared; I donít like it much,
All things come to he who waits but these days most things suck.

We are the chosen ones, we donít know right from wrong,
We donít know whatís going on, donít know enough to care.
We are the dogs of war; donít even know what for,
But we obey the law, get back in line.

We are trapped in luxury, starving on parole,
No one told us who to love, we have sold our souls.
Why do we vote for faceless dogs? We always take the bait.
All things come to he who waits, but all things come too late.

We are the sacrifice, and we donít like advice, we always pay the price, pearls before swine.
Now we are only slaves, already in our graves, and if you think that Jesus saves, get back in line.
If you think that Jesus saves, get back in line.

Devils In My Head

(Kilmister - Campbell - Dee)

Nobodyís mad like me, I donít know how to speak,
Sometimes my eyes are open, sometimes my knees are weak.
Nobodyís mad like me, I like to see the sky,
But I would rather see it baby from the other side.

Riding on wings of fire, nothing could get me higher.
Nobody knows me, knows what I desire.

I know where the lightning strikes,
I know why the vampire bites,
Iíve spoken with the restless dead,
I know the minds of rats,
And the wrong side of the tracks,
I hear the devils in my head.

Nobodyís on your side, forgotten how to scream,
sometimes your eyes are blind, sometimes youíre in my dreams.
Nobodyís on your side, you think youíre oh so smart,
But you got a stone cold stone, not a beating heart.

Riding on wings of flame, never be this high again.
Nobody sees you, nobody sees your pain.

I know where the black flags fly,
I know where immortals die,
I have heard the mountain giants tread,
I have seen the death of worlds,
I know the wizards words,
I hear the devils in my head.

Nobody crazy like me, Iíll make you believe,
Sometimes I wear other faces, sometimes I sit and grieve.
Nobodyís crazy like me, I know the nights alive,
But you canít be too sure just whoís on your side.
Ride the electric storm, to the infected dawn.
Nobody would believe what we have spawned.

I know the way to hell,
I know the padded cell,
I have seen many heroes die.
I know your nightmares too,
And who sends them to you,
The one who makes the children cry.

I see the cruel insane,
I feel their unknown pain,
I feel the knives inside their heads.
I see we are all doomed,
I see blood on the moon,
I hear the devils in my head.

Rock Ďní Roll Music

(Kilmister - Campbell - Dee)

Time goes by real slow, and you know how it feels.
Time goes by in its own bad way, your life stuck under the wheels.
Time is tight but thatís alright, we give it room to breathe.
Time crawls by and timeís real sly, but you can keep time with me.

Rock n Roll music is the true religion.
Never let you down you can dance to the rhythm.
Stay home and watch it on your television,
Walk out across the sky.
Rock N Roll even gonna set you free.
Make the lame walk and the blind to see.
Gonna take you back to where you wanna be,
Do it till the day I die.

We can shake it all night long, everybody got to dance.
Romantic fool trying to be cool, hoping heís in with a chance.
Get out tonight, high as a kite, under the yellow moon.
Make you feel good, get some real wood,
Put that together real soon.

Rock n Roll music is the true religion.
Never let you down you can dance to the rhythm.
Stay home and watch it on your television,
Walk out across the sky.
Rock Ďní Roll even gonna set you free.
Make the lame walk and the blind to see.
Gonna take you back to where you wanna be,
Do it till the day I die.

Rock music can wake the dead.
You know itís true when it fills your head.
Better remember what I said, you never get enough.
When the band hits the road, thatís the time to save your soul.
Thatís the time to reach for the gold, you know it aint so tough.

Rock n roll music is my religion;
I donít need no miracle vision.
I donít need no indecision,
look me right in the eye.
Rock n roll music gonna set you free?
Know its gonna knock you outta your tree,
Gonna get you right to where u wanna be,
do it till the day I die.

Rock Ďní Roll,
Rock Ďní Roll,
Rock Ďní Roll,
Rock Ďní Roll, dance to the music.
Rock Ďní Roll, you know you canít refuse it.
Rock Ďní Roll, donít you abuse it.
Rock Ďní Roll, Rock Ďní Roll, Rock Ďní Roll, save your soul.

Waiting For The Snake

(Kilmister - Campbell - Dee)

I donít know what I like; I donít know what I am,
Donít know where Iím going and I donít give a damn.
I say the world is crazy, know thereís no one to save me,
I know a few things baby; I know weíre in a jam.

Black hole in the sun, I donít like the way we always run,
And if your eyes are closed I better stay awake.
You sleep like an angel baby, but I know youíre truly crazy,
And I think that weíve grown lazy, waiting for the snake.

You are a mystery, you are a bitch to me, you donít see why I stay why I donít turn and run.
You think your life is good, but youíre a babe out in the wood,
Do what you think you should, sleeping with the gun.

Black cloud on the moon, feels like the rain is coming soon,
The way I feel tonight, youíll never see me break.
You live in constant sorrow, and I refuse to follow,
We might not see tomorrow waiting for the snake.

I think you know the score, i donít know what weíre waiting for,
Hiding behind the door, donít get us any place.
I know that you believe, and so before the freeze,
before we feel the squeeze, before the monster wakes.

Black Death in the room, you sing a different tune, and it will bring your doom, the city starts to shake.
I see the world is dying, you know I sure aint lying,
I see you pale and crying, waiting for the snake.

Brotherhood Of Man

(Kilmister - Campbell - Dee)

Now your time has come a storm of iron in the sky,
War and murder come again, lucky if you die.
No way to rescue destiny, scream and curse in vain,
You will never be remembered, no one knows your name.

When the music changes then all is broken down,
Mighty cities laid to ruin, burning to the ground.
Murder is become the law; you cannot make a stand,
Chaos rules the world now mortal, Brotherhood of Man.

You cannot hide the truth from me I know whatís in your heart,
Greed and jealousy each equal, all your days now dark.
Mighty mountains fall in dust the world falls into hell,
Faith in lying prophets, no one to lift the spell.

Monsters rule your world are you too scared to understand?
You shall be forever judged and you shall surely hang,
We live and scrape in misery; we die by our own hand,
And still we murder our own children, Brotherhood of Man.

Blood on all our hands we cannot hope to wash them clean,
History is mystery do you know what it means?
Slaughter, kill and fighting still and murdered where we stand,
Our legacy is lunacy, Brotherhood of Man.
We are worse than animals, we hunger for the kill.
We put our faith in maniacs the triumph of the will,
We kill for money, wealth and lust, for this we should be damned.
We are disease upon the world, Brotherhood of Man.


(Kilmister - Campbell - Dee)

Live or die, stand or run, shoot Ďem down, smoking gun.
In the time it takes to tell, another dreamer sent to hell.

Just like movies, time to move,
Bad gunslinger, evil dude.
Know youíre fast, hope youíre quick,
Quick draw gun law make your hit.
Born to shoot, hope itís true,
Today you know the slow oneís you.

Outlaw, cut down in your prime,
Outlaw, see the blue sky one last time,
Outlaw, thatís all.

Live or die, win or lose, canít be sure, no excuse.
In the street a man lies dead, another dreamer bloody red.

Just in time, lightning speed, frozen moment, time to bleed.
Know itís all about to change, try, die, or live again.
Born to die, we all know that, today you know the first is last.

Outlaw, cut down in your tracks,
Outlaw, so much for the man in black,
Outlaw, thatís all.

Die or live, shoot to kill, the old routine you know so well.
Gun law rules thatís what I said, another dreamer woke up dead.

Justice means the fastest gun, no appeal, done is done
Know its quick, hanging tree, courthouse, whorehouse set you free.
Born to live, donít know how long, never know right from wrong.

Outlaw, face down in the dirt,
Outlaw, the one that kills you never hurts,
Outlaw, lying in the street,
Outlaw, the last gunslinger you will meet,
Outlaw thatís all.

I Know What You Need

(Kilmister - Campbell - Dee)

You better turn me loose, I got a trick up my sleeve.
If you donít want to wake up bleeding, you better tell me I can leave.
Now the dark manís coming, heís gonna strike you to the bone.
Heís a voodoo medusa, gonna turn you into stone.

Will you obey the master when he sets you free?
Donít you think thereíll be a price?
I know what you are, I know what you need.

Are you dreaming in your coma, how do you know for sure?
Could be your mind in the silence, could be they couldnít find a cure.
Now a bad man coming, gonna shoot you full of holes.
Heís a true believer, gonna crucify your soul.

Can you pay the jester to watch you while you sleep?
Can you be sure his heart is pure?
I know what you are, I know what you need.

Now hereís the execution all around your bed,
Are you gonna feel the axe blade when It separates your head?
See the hooded man coming, may be the last thing you see.
You can struggle like a maniac but youíll never get free.

Can you play the traitor? Can you make men believe?
Will you to turn and laugh as they burn,
I know what you are, I know what you need.
Can you play the dead man? Can you cease to breathe?
Will you cry when youíre buried alive?
I know what you are; I know what you are,
I know what you need, I know what you need.

Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye

(Kilmister - Campbell - Dee)

You donít know me baby but I know you so well,
Tried to make a fool of me, tried to ring my bell.
Sneaking round behind my back didnít make me cry,
But Iím gonna have my sweet revenge; pay back all your lies.

Gonna make a fool of you watch out.
Make your life a misery; make you shut your mouth.
Gonna tell a tale on you, make your blue eyes cry,
 And then you know weíre truly through, bye bye bitch, bye bye.

You know all the reasons and I know all their names,
Trying to keep secrets babe aint your strongest game.
Running round this city, running outta tales,
Iím gonna make you sorry honey, Iím gonna make you wail.

Gonna be a sad day for you soon.
Make your life a mockery, twist you out of tune.
Gonna do some work on you and only you know why,
And then itís time to say Ďso longí, bye bye bitch, bye bye.

You donít know a goddamm thing about the real world,
Hereís a short sharp lesson, and I mean every word.
You tell me that you love me but Iím just some other fool,
So bite the bullet, eat your words, Iíll teach you the rules.

Gonna make a fool of you watch out.
Make your life a misery; make you shut your mouth.
Gonna tell a tale on you, make your blue eyes cry,
Then you know itís adios, bye bye bitch, bye bye.

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