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Overnight Sensation

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(Dee - Campbell - Kilmister)

You don't know the trouble you're in
Livin' in paradise, livin' in sin
You better watch out baby one of these days
Another man coming gonna change your ways

Broken, broken, truth must be spoken
Can we be responsible, is someone keeping score
Broken, broken when all guns are smoking
Do you want to die then, according to the law

Sunshine, moonshine, fire & flood
Death come hungry to your neighbourhood
You better watch out baby, one of these nights
Somebody coming to shoot out your lights

Broken, broken, lies will be spoken
Must we be expendable, is that what we are for
Broken, broken, when all doors are closing
Shall we say good-bye then, according to the law

You better move baby cut & run
Better get back to where you come from
You better watch out baby, stay in line
You're gonna lose out to a life of crime

Broken, broken, swear I ain't jokin'
Is nothing sacred, no lovers anymore
Broken, broken, when virgins are chosen
Then who will choose you according to the law
Broken, broken, truth must be spoken
Too late to be vigins, too early to be whores
Broken, broken, when all guns are smokin'
Then you must be silent, according o the law.

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