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русский перевод

Mean Machine

(Kilmister - Burston - Campbell - Gill)

Midnight runaway, know you're running scared
Bright lights, big city, nobody seems to care
Open your eyes who's there, who's there,
Open your eyes, nightmare.
Unclean, fever dream on the high side, in the Mean Machine.

Black bomber in the night, can you handle the pain
Better call the FBI, better change your name
Open your eyes, oh no, oh no,
Open your eyes, creepshow.
Unclean, fever dream, on the wild side in the Mean Machine.

Unclean, fever dream, take a ride Mean Machine,
Wet dream, bad scene, we don't care where you been,
On the screen, movie queen, things ain't always,
What they seem, stay clean, crazy dream, off the high side in the Mean Machine.

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