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English Rose

(Kilmister - Campbell - Dee)

I been waiting for you for hours babe,
And you st i fain't here,
Waiting, waiting, hanging on the phone,
It feels like a hundred years.
You always keep me hanging on,
Driving me crazy all the time,
But when it comes down to fooling around,
You're the one that rings my chimes.
C'mon now honey, spend my money,
Take me around the world,
Afi this time, out of my mind,
A really nasty girl

(First Chorus)
English rose. a crown of thorns,
I hope you're staying around,
English rose, a long long time,
Before you wear me down

The first time it was amazing,
But the next time's gonna be hell.
I know your Momma thinks you're a sweet young thing,
But she don't know you too well,
Come on now, lover, don't run for cover,
You're the one I deserve,
Afi this time, way out of line,
A great nasty girl.

(Second Chorus)
English rose, a crown of thorns,
Don't you let me down,
English rose, a long long time,
You should be wearing the crown.

A long time we been lovers,
A long time doing that stuff,
A long time I been waiting here,
But I still ain't had enough.

Come on now woman, hold on I'm coming,
I'm just a bundle of nerves,
Stay right there you ain't going nowhere,
Be my nasty giri,
C'mon now baby, drive me crazy,
Take me round the world,
You're so fine, making time.
A real nasty girl

(Third chorus)
English rose, a crown of thorns,
You better stick around,
English rose, a long long time,
You'll never wear me down,
English rose, English rose, growing wild,
I like to keep you unwound,
English rose gonna be a long time,
Before you wear me down.

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