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When The Eagle Screams

(Kilmister - Campbell - Dee)

In the heart of battle we were tested,
AH of us were in the front line too,
We were in the thick of it.
Soon we were so sick of it.
But we had much more soldiering to do.
I'll tell you what it was that drove us on,
The certainty that we were right,
And the enemy was wrong.

(First chorus) 
Go up on the mountain,
Speak to gods and men,
See if they can tef you why they died.
Ask them when we stop the greed,
Ask them why we have to bleed,
They will tell you 'brother,when the eagle screams we die.'

In the heat of battle we were brave,
Mentioned in dispatches that is true,
We were given medals, but now they call us devils,
An'd now we can't decide between the two,
I'll tell you what it was that changed the rules,
When the High Command was given up,
To businessmen and fools.

(Second chorus) 
Go up to the graveyard,
Tef them what I said.
See if they rest easy where they lie,
Ask them if they found release,
Ask them if they rest in peace,
They will tell you 'brother, when the eagle screams you die.'

In the heat of battle we were murdered.
We lie forever in a foreign field,
Bodies broken, future lost,
Lives unspoken. what a cost.
Stili the young men come with zest and zeal,
I'll tell you why they want to fight and die,
Because the people over them are full of shit and lies.

(Third chorus)
Go up the battlefield,
Ask them what they want.
Find out how they feel where they lie.
They would like to win the war,
But when they wonder who it's for,
They will teli you 'brother. when the eagle screams you die',
When the eagle screams,
When the eagle screams you die,
When the eagle screams you die,
Eagle screams you die.

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