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White Line Fever


We can move around now
You know it's so good
But I know you wouldn't come clean now,baby
Even if you could

Because, White Line Fever (White Line Fever)
I'm the one deciever
White Line Fever, yeah
Take me away from you

Just come to me babe
We can stay right here
But you don't remember all the lines of blow
You've done this year

I said White Line Fever (White Line Fever)<
I'm the one deciever (We're gonna make you a dreamer)<
White Line Fever, yeah
Take me away from you (It's a slow death)

Bye, bye, bye baby
'cuz here I come
Won't get to sleep tonight
Because the white lines turn me on

White Line Fever
We're gonna make a dreamer (Made me a believer)
White Line Fever, yeah
It's a slow death (It hasn't killed my yet)

Oh !

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