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In The Black

(Kilmister - Campbell - Dee)

Listen honey
Let me see you smile
Don't be look at me funny
You got a better style
See me coming
Don't look the other way
Don't start running
You stole my heart away

Don't give me that run around
You know I treat you fine
You don't understand the way I feel
You got my heart rolling like a wheel

I'm in the black, I'm in the black
I'm in the black again
Can't go back, can't go back
Can't be who I was back then
It's only me, it's only me
It's only me outside your door
Let me be, let me be
I'm the one you're waiting for

Here me talking
You hear what I say
I see you walking
Every time it makes my day
I got a notion
I might stay a while
If you fall in the ocean
I'll swim a hundred miles

Coming over to ask you out
Ah honey please say yes
I don't like it when you stomp and pout
I don't like it when you run your mouth


You're a vision
Make me shout out loud
I made my decision
Goodbye to the old crowd
Send you a message
I've gotta chance my arm
Scramble throught the wreckage
To keep you safe from harm

I'm going to be right around your house
I hope you're good to go
If you're not it's going to hit me hard
I'm going to fold up like a house of cards


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