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End Of Time

(Kilmister - Campbell - Dee)

Standing at the window
Looking at the wall
Looking for a killer
No one there at all
Waiting for a hero
Still no one there
Maybe no more heroes
I don't fucking care
I know I got to live
I know I got to die

Half your life ain't truth babe
The other half is lies

Nobody knows
Where we crossed the line

Looking for an answer
At the end of time

Standing at the border
Looking for a ride
Waiting here forever
Dead men at my side

Way too many faces
Too many rules
No one trusts the other
Paranoid and cruel
Seen the world at peace
Seen the world at war

Politics, religion
Rotten to the core

Nobody saw
The holy concubine
Dancing with the devil
At the end of time

Standing by the ocean
Wishing I could swim
Wishing that the future
Didn't look so grim

All the greedy people
Know what's good to get
Never liked a liar
That's all we ever get

Know what you think
Know what you've seen
Half the world is psycho
The other half is mean

And silence rules
So we approve the crime
Scratching through the garbage
At the end of time

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