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Another Perfect Day

русский перевод

Die You Bastard

(Kilmister - Robertson - Taylor)

You can smell the danger, watch your step,
See the friendly stranger, stretch your neck,
Keep them in the dark now, it's alright,
You know they only come out at night.

Your shadow's alive, it breathes at your side,
Got no place to hide, be with you 'til the day you die.

You can hear the rumours, shut your mouth,
Deal with the misfits, wipe 'em out,
Search in all the bedrooms, use your head,
Listen to your conscience, wake the dead.

Mother kiss the vampire, shut the door,
Rats in all the rooms babe, hit the floor,
I think it's a gamble, but what's your sign?
Upway at the downside, stay in line.

Die, Die, Die You Bastard!

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