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Issue #9 - September 1, 1997

OS: Another Day....!
OS: Who Is Lemmy?
OS: The new remasters
OS: Overnight Sensation Issue #8
OS: Motorhead Newsgroup
OS: How to get hold of Tour Managers
OS: Merchandise
OS: Motorhead Concert
OS: mo?news from the south


Date: September 1, 1997
From: legion@img.net
Subject: os:

Hello All!

First off, sorry this is so late... I have a member of our little family ask if I could hold off sending this newsletter so that I could include his review of the Hawkwind w/Lemmy show. Well, as some of you may know, Lemster was a no show. Here is OS list member Michael Bennett's commentary...

>Did you hear why Lemmy did not show? Was it the crowd that was on hand? My girlfriend loved it, she is a Deadhead & >that was the majority of the crowd, they hated me, sitting at our campsite blasting Motorhead the entire weekend. The >actually did like the Bastards album, talk to you soon.
>Michael Bennett

Oh well, some things best lay in our memories. I will send out another posting in a day or two so respond fast!

Ace Trump
Taking you to the NEXT LEVEL

Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 14:48:16
From: "Jim Voxx" - monongo@berlin.snafu.de
Subject: os

Hi Ace,
My name is Jim Voxx and my band SKEW SISKIN will support Motorhead in England. Friends of us run a local TV-Station in Hamburg and these guys are bigtime Motorheadfans. Right now they prepare a 1 hour show just Motorhead (will be on air by Feb. 1998). I told them about your Video-plans and they are very interested to put the Promo-video together. They are also coming to England to film parts of the tour for example. They don`t have e-mail so ,if you want, send the details to my e-mail adress. ?till later


** Editor: Here is the deal... you would be given access to the Motorhead video library/achives in order to obtain material that would be used to create a 5 minute video that answers the questions "Who Is Lemmy?". This tape would be used to send to media outfits to answer the above question. You would be volunteering your services, but I know Motorhead would send you a big thankyou.

There are several people in the running... send me any details you think will help.

Date: 8/23/1997 12:4
From: "Wes" - WEZ@concentric.net
Subject: os: the new remasters

Yes, there are at least three newly remastered Motorhead classics with bonus tracks- but only in Europe! I tried emailing Castle US, but thier email server is offline. Are they gone totally after all these years? Anyway, I did find one on-line store that had ON PAROLE, ORGASMATRON, and ROCK AND ROLL in its newly redone form. Unfortunately I found it too late and they're out of stock already. Calling around I found all other import places haven't even gotten these yet so they must have just been released. If anyone finds a U.S. joint that has these in stock, please email me or post to OVERNIGHT SENSATION because I can't wait to get these!!!!!


**Editor: Castle US has gone out of business! So, the future of these remaster releases for North America is in extreme doubt at the moment.

Date: Sat, 23 Aug 1997 19:15:50
From: ETGA4@aol.com
Subject: os: motorhead newsgroup


Just a thought, but wouldn't this whole thing be better situated as a News group? As it would mean that proper discussions could be started, we wouldn't have to wait a week for responses, (and would also mean ALOT less work for you, Ace ).

Even MetallicA have a news group...isn't it time we did too ?

Perhaps keep the list *and* start the group? so those without news access (or that can't be bothered with it all) don't have to miss out..

-- .

Date: Tue, 26 Aug 1997 08:06:34
From: VJAMES693@aol.com
Subject: os: how to get hold of tour managers

My name is Vaughan and am living in the West Highlands of Scotland. I'm gonna keep this as short as possible.

I belong to the largest Bike Club in Scotland, the "Buzzards". We hold to motorcycle rallys a year, one in the summer and one in the winter. The one in summer is one of the main events on the UK biking calendar (non commercial). It attracts upwards of 750 people every year and is rapidly expanding. This year alone we turned roughly 250 people away at the door. It's strictly a "Ticket Only" rally and it's popularity grows aswell as the club numbers.

The rally is a two-day event: arrive Friday afternoon, drink like fuck etc, etc, etc. That evening we have two bands playing in a great big marquee.Wake up Saturday feeling deader than a dead thing to start all over again with silly games and pissin' around on the bikes. Saturday evening consists of relatively the same except that the two bands that night are better than the previous two.

Sunday is pack up, fuck up and fuck off 'cause it's God's day o' rest blah blah blah. Next year (1998) is our anniversary year which is going to be the one to go to, we've been going for 16 years but have been holding our last 10 rallies at the same pub, destination. We are planning to make next years rally just a little special just to say thanks to all the lads and lassies who have come and partied on down with us. At Christmas we had an AGM and it was decided that if it were at all possible that we'd try and hire a very well known rock band. I met Lemmy in 1985 when the lads did a special concert for the 'Angels in Southampton supported by Fester and the Vomits, got slightly assholed as you do. I thought that Motorhead, as did the rest of the club that Motorhead would be the ideal band to help us party just a little harder than usual.

Right, I've got that outta the way. I wrote to NLP promoter Mr Singerman almost seven months ago after writing to Allan Burridge who advised me to write to NLP. Now Mr Singerman (a) does not deal with these kind of enquiries, (b) the mail takes an extreme length of time to reach USA or (c) can't be bothered getting his secretary to even acknowledge my letter as he thinks I'm taking the piss. Please would you be able to steer me in the right direction in my quest to ask if Motorhead are available for hire. Thanks for reading this if you do ACE.

Yours faithfully
Vaughan James
Incidently, I am a MHB

**Editor: I'll do everything I can for you....

Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 22:29:43 (MET DST)
From: "Matthijs Withaar" - mwithaar@dds.nl
Subject: os: merchandise

Hello there, Motorheadbangers all over the world,

I'm a 23 year old Dutch student, and I'm a Motorheadbanger for nearly ten years now. In Overnight Sensation mailing issue #8 there was a question for places to get Motorhead merchandise. In Holland there is a good company, called "Large Pop Merchandising". You can order stuff by mail there, and they have some Motorhead stuff as well (mainly CD's, rather cheap according to Dutch measures). Only yesterday I ordered a Motorhead CD with previously unreleased materials. I don't know if they accept orders from foreign countries, but you could try to contact them at the following address:

Large Popmerchandising
P.O. Box 1113
3000 BC Rotterdam
The Netherlands


Ice Thijs

Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 22:40:22
From: "Tim Shockley" - ellentim@megsinet.net
Subject: re: motorhead concert

Hi guys! Just wondering if you were still going to cyber-cast Motorhead live 8/29. You're doing a great job! Especially Overnight Sensation Mailing List!!! Thanks, Tim Shockley MHB672(H)

**Editor: Keep watching... we will be bringing you an Overnight Sensation show and more!

Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 15:50:39 -0300
From: "Jose M. Villar" - josemv@cvtci.com.ar
Subject: os: mo?news from the south

Hi Ace,
First of all, thanx for posting my letter and answering my questions. This forum really kicks ass. On past issues I?ve read ?bout Motorhead?s official merchandise and all that stuff, and that you were working on it. Please consider all those who live abroad, especially in South America. Talking about merchandise, how about some screen savers with the Motorhead skull??? And a bumper sticker that says "Proud to be a Motorheadbanger" I?m sending a list of all the movies I?ve seen where Lemmy takes part:

"Airheads"- Directed by Michael Lehmann
"Hardware"- Directed by Richard Stanley
"John Bobbit uncut"- Who cares who directed it?? One of the lousiest XXX movies I have ever seen.The only things worth are some BIG boobs and the old bastard himself (check his words).

Rocking from Argentina,

(Gaucho from Hell)

Date: Mon, 01 Sep 1997 13:31:44
From: "Chris Gurney" - chris.gurney@promicro.co.uk
Subject: os: old fans

Hello fellow MHBs,

Is there anybody out there who saw Motorhead in the 70's and 80's? All the correspondence seems to relate to the 90s.

Surely the days of the Fast Eddie and Animal have not been forgotten?

Chris Gurney


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