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Issue #88 - January 8, 2000

OS: Grammys
O.S. : Re: Bastards releasad in Germany
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #87
OS: Happy fucking new year!
OS Censoring drug talk on the Motorhead list?
OS: Peter Sempel
Re:Welcome to Overnight Sensation!
OS: RE: Censorship greetings
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #87
OS: Heavy Metal and Motorhead to the next millennium!
OS: drugs and what have you
OS: Motorhead Movie Song
os: Happy motoryear!
OS: Metallica S&M
OS: Grammy
OS: Gig review, Grammy & Endless Debate
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #87
OS: 1916 & March or Die
Request for Overnight Sensation


Date: January 7, 2000
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: the grammys

Greetings Fellow Motorheadbangers!!

Well, the big news this week is that Motorhead has been nominated for a Grammy. Yup, you heard right... there is irony here though... it is for their cover of Metallica's Enter Sandman. Sigh.


Category 17 - Best Metal Performance For solo vocals, or Duos/Groups with vocals. Singles or Tracks only.


1. Iron Man
Black Sabbath
Track from: Reunion
[Epic Records]

2. Bad Blood
Track from: The Matrix - Music From The Motion Picture (Various Artists) AND FROM Dark Side Of The Spoon
[Maverick Records AND Warner Bros. Records]

3. Enter Sandman
Track from: ECW Extreme Music (Various Artists)
[Slab/CMC International Records]

4. Starf***ers, Inc.
Nine Inch Nails
Track from: The Fragile
[Nothing/Interscope Records]

5. Superbeast
Rob Zombie
Track from: Hellbilly Deluxe
[Geffen/DGC Records]

Anyway... that is that.

I also had the chance to talk to Lemmy a few days ago and he gave me the run down on current events. First, he has finished the album of old Rock 'n' Roll covers he did with Slim Jim. I am not sure of the release date, but it will be soon. Tracks include covers of songs by Buddy Holly, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Reed and others. Lemmy also spent New Years Eve slamming out about 10 songs at L.A.'s fmous Cat Club on the strip with Slim Jim and Danny, running through some of the tracks that will appear on the CD.

It also looks like the Hawkwind reunion is a go. It is scheduled to happen in March 2000 and Lemmy said that he is definitely in, barring any unforeseen complications. I do not have any sort of tour dates or details yet, but as soon as I do, you will get them.

That is about it for now brothers and sisters. Talk to you next week!

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2000 11:19:18 -0200
From: "Alpendre" alpendre@mandic.com.br
Subject: o.s. : re: bastards releasad in germany

Yes, Ice, the album Bastards was released in Germany, 'cos my copy is made in Germany on ZYX Music (ZYX 20263-2) and I bought it as soon as it arrived here in Brazil back in '93. Eventually it came out here, Brazilian-made, months after, on Sony Music (long deleted, I think).
Happy 2000 to you all Ricardao Alpendre do Brasil

Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2000 20:40:02
From: "David Dylan" nobeard@xs4all.nl
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #87

Hi there,

Happy Y2K!
Maybe the listmembers are interested to know that I (a long time member, currently lurking) hve written a book.

It's for sale in pdf format here: http://www.booklocker.com/bookpages/ddylan
It's a really crazy Sci-Fi spoof so.....


Buy my book: http://www.booklocker.com/bookpages/ddylan
See my personal homepage: http://www.xs4all.nl/~nobeard
The purpose of life is not to see how long you can keep doing it. It's to see how well you can do it. There are
things worse than death, and chief among them is living without honor.-Woodchuck, on Dc-stuff mailing list-

Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2000 21:16:08
From: "Magnus Osenius" lizzyman@swipnet.se
Subject: os: happy fucking new year!

Hi all Motorheaders!
I just want to say Happy Fucking New Year to all you rockers out there.
I'll see you all at the next gig, okey! Yeargggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2000 03:16:39 -0000
From: "Marco" cagiva@cheerful.com
Subject: os censoring drug talk on the motorhead list?

who gives a fuck about that ! Drugs are shit, drugs kill; there are much better ways to spend money than on drugs; buying Motorhead CDs for exemple; The OS mailing list should not urge kids to take drugs)>>

Please do smoke some grass and loosen up my friend, and please please please never tell ME what to do. Your freedom ends where mine begins mate. I have smoked grass all my life and that hasn`t prevented me from doing anything. Who are you to tell me otherwise? If the kids are not to smoke grass, they should not be listening to MOTORHEAD, nor go to MOTORHEAD concerts. What are you doing here anyway, Lemmy would poke you in the eye if he heard you. Legalize ALL drugs, so you can monitor them, so you can TAX them, so there`ll be no addicts, just people that needs to be cured, and there`ll be criminals out of their jobs. But above all, legalize grass to be free to smoke some and forget people like you posting crap like that the MOTORHEAD list.

Get your facts right and go to AMSTERDAM and see for yourself. Or... just go home and stay there.

maaaan, you are posting to the wrong list....



Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2000 10:33:14
From: "deaf forever" bleedingears@hotmail.com
Subject: os: peter sempel

Hi Ace, do you know if we will be able to get copies (on video) of the Peter Sempel film about Lemmy ?. Also, do you have any idea when 'White Line Fever' will be published ?


**Ace: I am sure that it will be... just don;t know when. As far as the book goes, Lemmy's estimate is late summer 2000.

Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2000 11:54:39
From: "Sylvain Pezier" sylvain.pezier@free.fr
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #87 / "st. valentine's day massacre"


I'm Sylvain, from France. Thanks for your welcome. I wish you an Happy New Year, and a marvelous Motorhead Album, with dates next to your home ! For the "St. Valentine's day massacre" E.P. on C.D., you can find it on the remastered "Ace Of Spades" edition, with a very good sound. And for speaking spanish if you want.
Is there french Motorhead fan here ?


Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 12:52:44
From: Edgardo Espada - edgardoespada@LatinMail.com
Subject: re:welcome to overnight sensation!

"OS":hello, I'm from Argentina. Do you speak spanish? Anyway, answer me this: do you know any edition of "St. Valentine's day massacre" E.P. in C.D.? I'm not saying only here, I mean anywhere. I always see at record stores (not ordinary ones, specialities ones) live records from any times, but I have never seen that damn E.P.

Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2000 16:32:57 -0000
From: "Dhira-lalita" dhira.lalita@virgin.net
Subject: re: censorship greetings

I wanted to send good wishes to all for the new year from me here in Great Britain, but in today's politically correct world it is difficult. I do not want to offend any one, particularly my fellow Motorhead fans. So please accept, with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low stress, non addictive, gender neutral, celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasions and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all . . . a n d a financially successful, personally fulfilling, and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2000, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make Britain great, (not to imply that Britain is necessarily greater than any other country), and without regard to the race, creed, colour, age, physical ability, religious faith, choice of computer platform, or sexual or musical preference of the wishee.

(By accepting this greeting, you are accepting the following terms: This greeting is subject to clarification or withdrawal. It is freely transferable with no alteration to the original greeting. It implies no promise by the wisher to actually implement any of the wishes for her/himself or others, is void where prohibited by law, and is revocable at the sole discretion of the wisher. This wish is warranted to perform as expected within the usual application of good tidings for a period of one year, or until the issuance of a subsequent holiday greeting, whichever comes first, and warranty is limited to replacement of this wish or issuance of a new wish at the sole discretion of the wisher.)

So thanks chaps. And anyone offended after that effort can fuck off!!!!!

**Ace: That was the funniest thing I have read this year!

Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2000 08:33:36 PST
From: "Aaron Caswell" aaronccaswell@hotmail.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #87

Hey Ace and all out there...
I've got a ??? I've been wantig to ask for a while... Some folks have their OS# at th bottom of their replies, how can I find out what mine is? I joined quite a while ago now, about 3+ years ago.

I saw a message saying the first OS t-shirt is gone and now that it's a new year, I was wondering if you're gong to be looking for a new design. I did one that I was going to submit last time, but didn't get it done in time before you picked one. Can I send mine along to you? I'll include the M'head/N' Pussy artwork I did for their gig here in MPLS.

I hope everyone's holiday was !!!

**Ace: Actually, those numbers are not from the OS list, they are numbers assigned bu the Motorheadbangers fanclub. Check out their website to see how to join: http://freespace.virgin.net/oliver.cornfield

As far as the shirt goes... yes, I would like to do a new one for 2000... send you design on over! :-)

Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2000 19:36:56 EET
From: "Chris Theodorakoudis" lemmy25@hotmail.com
Subject: heavy metal and motorhead to the next millennium!

Fellow Motorhead bangers and metal brothers allow me to express my deepest wish for the new millennium.
During this century many thing have happened that changed the lives of the people of earth. I will not stand in science or sport achievements, but I am going to talk about music. In the 50's Rock N'Roll becames a way of expression not only to teenagers but to older people as well. Soon the world of music will find new ways. Hippy music becomes a fashion during the late 60's, but the that I must stand is the birth of Hard Rock music in the mid-60's with bands such as Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Led Leppelin, Cream and many more.....Jimmy Hendrix is an idol to the young and Lemmy makes his first footsteps in music as a road crew bassist for Hendrix. The 70's is the true Rock decade...Black Sabbath create a new way of music, the music that WE LOVE, Heavy Metal. Judas Priest, Uriah Heep and Rainbow are the main names of that time until the mid 70's. Finally in 1975 Ian Lemmy Kilmister formes Motorhead, a band that in my opinion plays the purest,and true metal music. Motorhead with that fast,dirty,and loud music that they produce are consider to be the True Metal Musicians.
During the 80's Heavy Metal finds many supporters, and many oppositioners. Many bands are formed such as Iron Maiden, Helloween, Blitzgrieg, Tygers of Pang Tang....All of Europe plays metal. From Norway to Greece and from Ireland to Russia. I must say that in USA may good bands show their work, bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Venom... Too bad that Metallica for a few dollars sold their ideas and now instead of metal they are playing pop.
The 90's is a decade that metal lost many supporters, went almost to death, but it was revived form its ashes and still continues to pleasure us. Iced Earth, Hammerfall are a couple of bands that we mean in the 1990's. So finally we reach the new century, the new millennium. That will be the future of Heavy Metal? We found metal as one kind of music and now we see many different divisions of it(death metal,power metal,speed metal,black metal...). Metal lives 30 years now; Motorhead live for 25.... If Lemmy and his gang continue to produce albums metal will never die. Let's not forget the pressure that metal was under during the punk years and now during the pop years.
Last but not least there is only thing I wanna say to you. Music that lives for some many years is classic, Metal is classic. Pop, Rap and shit like this are for assholes.


And as Lemmy said once try to be an individual, don't be an ass and follow the fashion.


Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2000 15:37:20 CST
From: "Kent Katovich" warpig82@hotmail.com
Subject: os: drugs and what have you

Talking about drugs are not going to make kids (such as myself -- I'm 17) say to themselves "Damn, maybe I should be doing drugs right now." I had already begun "experimentation" about four years ago. Kids know what they wanna do, so just because people talk about drugs on some mailing list does not mean that they are gonna go out and do drugs. And personally I think that drugs are an important part of rock'n'roll -- right after sex. Many great rock'n'roll bands have done/do drugs: Black Sabbath, Motley Crue, the Ramones, the Rolling Stones, the Sex Pistols, the Heartbreakers, the Dead Boys and, of course, Motorhead. I saw a copy of Bastards at the Metal Haven in Chicago for twelve bucks and couldn't really believe it, but I didn't have enough money to buy it; I'm usually broke, it's pitiful.


Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2000 22:10:53 -0800
From: Tim Shockley - ellentim@megsinet.net
Subject: os: motorhead movie song

Just when I thought I'd heard and seen everything about Motorhead, comes a surprise! I was watching a cheap movie called Wes Craven's Wishmaster when the credits roll at the end, the music blaring out is Motorhead's "Listen To The Heart"! Played the whole song, too!

Tim Shockley MHB672

Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 15:39:44 -0300
From: speterse@asatej.com.ar
Subject: os: happy motoryear!

Dear Ace, Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the New Year, Rock & Roll and the energy and joy of Motorhead, in the last issue. It is always a pleasure to receive O.S. and you are probably loved more than you know. Re: Your comment about Metallica S&M - I know what you mean; when I first heard that they were doing a gig with the San Francisco Symphony, I thought it was a joke! But no, it was true. I was worried it would be like "metallica muzak," and dreaded hearing the CD. However, when I finally heard it, I was surprised that I actually LIKED it. It is NOT muzak; it actually sounds kinda progressive, along the lines of Dream Theater or Styx. Also, people who do not normally like metal, are saying that they like this CD, so maybe it will help broaden some horizons... When I saw Metallica here (FL) recently, they had the Symphony on tape/digital for some of the songs, and it actually sounded good. The concert was great, by the way - I wish we could have met some local Motorhead fans there; I'm sure there must have been some in that crowd.

Anyway, keep up the good work, Ace! Much Love, Jamie

**Ace: OS has always been a labor of love for me... you are very welcome.

Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 14:34:55 -0800
From: Greg Havemann - ghavemann@wii.com
Subject: grammy

Motorhead have been nominated for best metal performance for Enter Sandman.Mettalica got nominated for a cover song as well. I guess it is better than nothing. How do we get them to win? I would love to see Lemmy up their

**Ace: I think the same people that nominated them vote....

Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2000 05:30:06
From: Ola Nyberg - ola.nyberg@ebox.tninet.se
Subject: os: gig review, grammy & endless debate

Dear fellow music lovers,

Here's some input from me!

Gig Review:
Monsters of the Millennium, Solnahallen, Stockholm, Sweden - November 18, 1999
As you all know, the Monsters of the Millenium tour featured Manowar, Motorhead and Dio, with Manowar headlining. The support band for some shows, at least the one in Stockholm, was Lion's Share. First of all, I'd like to say that finding Manowar at the top of this bill truly shocked me. How the hell can this bunch of pathetic cliche laden viking wannabes be the main act of a bill including the mighty Motorhead?!?! I guess it has to do with record sales, and then I wonder how these guys actually manage to sell records... It's not the first time Motorhead is on tour with Manowar. I remember one European tour in '85 or '86, but then Manowar were supporting Motorhead. Anyway, enough of this, there isn't much I can do about it but complain...

Since I arrived rather late at the venue, the Solnahallen (a basketball arena), I missed all of Lion's Share's set. I've seen them before, though, supporting Saxon a few years ago. They play very traditional, melodic Hard Rock, quite pleasant in fact, although I probably wouldn't buy any of their records. The show wasn't sold out, but it must have been pretty close, cause the hall seemed quite full.

Next up was, of course, Dio. I never liked Dio in the eighties, when he was big, I thought he sounded too much like a goat (!). It isn't until recently that I've come to appreciate his voice and music. Now I actually like the man! I love his work with Black Sabbath (Heaven & Hell, Mob Rules and Live Evil). Dio opened up with Evilution from his latest studio album, Angry Machines. That was the only new song of the set, and I'm glad that he chose to open the set with the worst song... Luckily, he had fired the awful Tracy G (guitar), who used to destroy all classic riffs (Blackmore/Iommi/Campbell) and deliver truly horrendous guitar solos. Instead, he had brought back Craig Goldy (ex Rough Cutt/Giuffria/Dio), a truly brilliant player who respects the original sound of other people's material while adding some of his own to it. Since Vinny Appice was on tour with Black Sabbath (in case Bill Ward couldn't make it), he had also brought back Simon Wright on drums (ex AC/DC /Dio/Rhino Bucket). The bass was handled by one Larry Denison. The rest of the set was a long greatest hits parade: Heaven & Hell, Holy Diver, I Speed At Night, Stargazer, Rainbow In the Dark, etc. I think it all sounded very good, and the crowd seemed to enoy it. Ronnie may be short, but he has a great voice that sounds as good as ever. In fact, Ronnie easily outshines all the singers of his generation. I don't know if you've heard Gillan or Ozzy lately, but their voices are nowhere near what they used to be. Ronnie is 57, about five years older than Gillan and Ozzy, but he still has a truly great voice.

Now it was time for the band I actually paid to see: the unrelenting Motorhead. I must have seen them at least fifteen times, but it's still a joy to catch them on tour every time. The guys opened up with Bomber, as they have done for the last few tours. Unfortunately, they had problems with the sound, some strange noise ringing in the background all the time. It wasn't really a problem, though, since it was hardly audible when they were playing. Of course, they kicked ass as usual. The sound was a bit too low in my opinion, though. Luckily, it got louder towards the end of the show. Motorhead simply should be LOUD. As was the case with Dio, the set was very much a greatest hits compilation, but condensed to one hour... That means, of course, that we got very few surprises and just a shortened form of the set they did on the Snake Bite Love tour (No Speak With Forked Tongue tour). They went through a lot of classics; No Class, Metropolis, Orgasmatron, Killed By Death, as well as some newer material; I'm So Bad, Sacrifice, Civil War and Take The Blame. I'm not mentioning all the tracks here, that has already been done before. At the end of Born To Raise Hell (which I've never really liked), some jerk threw something on stage that hit Lemmy in the head, close to his right eye. Lemmy stepped back, covered his right eye with both hands and was apparently hurt by the unidentified flying object that hit him. Phil and Mikkey noticed that Lemmy had stoppen playing and did likewise. Lemmy was quite angry, stepped up to the microphone and shouted "Who through that?!?!...Beat him up!!!...You'r f***ing brave aren't you!...I hope you burn to death!!!" Phil joined in and said they wouldn't continue until the one who through whatever it was left the hall. Lemmy continued: "This one is for everyone except you", pointed to the direction where the object came from, and started the next song (can't remember which). I just can't believe how somebody can pay for a ticket to see a band and then throw shit at them when they're playing. Such miserable individuals do not deserve to be called rock fans, they are the equivalent of hooligans at football games (football as in football where one actually uses one's foot, not American football, where one just occasionally kicks the ball). Lemmy's eye had swollen, but they continued playing anyway. Since they only had an hour, songs such as Shine, Too Late Too Late and Stone Dead Forever had been left out. They were great surprises during the last tour. The still played Dead Men Tell No Tales (from the Bomber album, introduced as Dead Men Smell Toe Nails), though, and a very good version too. In fact, I think it was the best song of the set. They finished up with Ace Of Spades, of course, and Overkill. To my surprise, I noticed that a lot of people actually knew the recent material better than the old songs! Dead Men Tell No Tales, for example, wasn't familiar to a lot of people. That must mean that Motorhead manage to create a new fan base, although it may not be that big. All in all, it was a good show. The downsides were that they had sound problems, that some idiot threw something at Lemmy, and that the set was much too standard for my taste. I've heard all those songs so many times before, and Motorhead have so many classics to choose from, that I really would like a few more surprises. Of course, those who see Motorhead for the first time expect to hear the "standard" songs, but I have a feeling that most of us are not first timers.

Grammy Nomination
As every Motorhead fan, I think it's great that they have been nominated for a Grammy. Today I checked out the Grammy website and was horrified to see that they've been nominated with a cover song, and what's worse, a cover of Metallica's biggest hit, Enter Sandman! Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great cover version, in fact, I think it's much better than the original. In my opinion, however, Motorhead deserves to be bigger than Metallica, and most Motorhead songs are a lot better than any Metallica material. I like Metallica too, but they don't come near Motorhead (apart >from in record and ticket sales). Lars Ulrich was the president of the short-lived Motorhead Appreciation Society of America in the early eighties, Metallica supported Motorhead in 1984, and now Motorhead are nominated for a Grammy with a cover of a song that Ulrich/Hetfield have penned! It's incredible. I wish them good luck anyway, but it's a shame that they were not nominated with an original Motorhead song.

Endless Debate
There has been an endless debate about drummers and guitarists in this mailing list. I'd like to add my thoughts to it. The way I see it, one can study the development of the Motorhead sound according to the different line-ups as below:

1975-1976: Lemmy, Larry Wallis, Lucas Fox
This line-up only recorded one album, On Parole in 1976, and it wasn't released by United Artists until Motorhead made it into the charts in 1979, so I don't hink it's even worth mentioning. To me this is almost pre-Motorhead.

1977-1982: Lemmy, Fast Eddie Clarke, Philthy Animal Taylor
This is, in my opinion, the classic line-up. This was the line-up that defined the Motorhead sound and made it into the charts. This is the line-up the band had when I started listening to Motorhead, so I guess I will always prefer the music that came out during those six years. The music this trio produced was and still is unique because it was fast and furious hard rock, but still very blues-based. Of course, Lemmy's killer bass sound was and still is the foundation of Motorhead music, but Eddie and Philthy added their essential ingredients as well. Eddie was not brought up on metal, he grew up on blues. Most of the time, he followed Lemmy's bass riff, but always with that bluesy feel. His solos were not long and packed with as many notes as possible, they were short and bluesy. Philthy truly was an Animal behind his kit, he was all over the drums a lot of the time, but managed to get right back on track when he had too. Very much like Keith Moon of the Who. Philthy wasn't brought up on metal either. I actually think that Philthy had a very big input in the Motorhead sound. I'm no musician, so I can't explain it in musical terms. His style was sort of wild, like helicopter wings on the drums, and he had this feeling that made the music flow like molten lava. His playing was loose, at the same time as it was hard and fast. He was very much the man behind the wall of sound the guys had in those days.

1982-1983: Lemmy, Brian Robbo Robertson, Philthy Animal Taylor
Robbo was and still is a great and gifted player, but he tried to alter the Motorhead sound too much. Robbo turned Motorhead into a vehicle for him to shine on, to show the world how great a guitar player he was. It was almost like "Motorhead with very special guest Brian Robertson". I love the Another Perfect Day album, and I was actually very sad when Robbo left in the middle of the Another Perfect Tour in 1983. However, the problem was, in my opinion, that there was too much guitar on the album. Robbo introduced something new to the Motorhead sound, he didn't just follow Lemmy's riff, he played another riff/melody across what Lemmy was playing! Just listen to Back At The Funny Farm, and you'll know what I mean. I thought that was great, but he put so many layers of guitar on each song, that the music was saturated with guitar. And how the hell was he supposed to do that live? The music was more melodic and a lot of the hard and fast sound was gone. Of course, many Motorhead fans didn't appreciate the turn that the music had taken and abandoned the band. What also greatly contributed to the demise of Motorhead at the time, was the fact that Robbo refused to adapt to the Motorhead image. He had short hair, wore some sort of breeches on stage (!) and simply didn't look like a Motorhead guitar player. What's worse, he refused to play a lot of old classics! Motorhead went on tour not playing the songs people wanted to hear! Motorhead with Robbo was more melodic, had more finesse, was great music, but too different from the old fast loud and dirty formula for most fans.

1984-1986: Lemmy, Wurzel, Phil Campbell, Pete Gill
Now that Lemmy had completely revamped Motorhead, with three new members, he stated that the music would now be "fast, loud and dirty", like in the old days. Philthy was replaced with Pete Gill (ex Gary Glitter/Tiger B Moth/Saxon), an experienced and great powerhouse drummer. However, Pete was more of a traditional hard rock drummer. He was very firm and precise, the ideal hard rock drummer, kind of like Tommy Aldridge. But he didn't have any of Philthy's musical crazyness and that essential flow in the music, that I mentioned earlier, was gone. The two guitarists brought two styles with them; Wurzel was a lot older than Phil (older than Eddie, in fact, born in '49) and thus brought the blues as well as the sleazy rock, Phil was the youngster (born in '61) and brought the metal into the mix. I'm generalizing here, but that's how you can sum it up. Since Lemmy (and Philthy, in fact) chose to bring in two guitarists, there would of course be two guitar solos per song. With Eddie, there was one short solo per song, now we had two long solos per song... The fact that there were two guitarists greatly affected the sound, Lemmy's bass would take a less prominent position and leave room for more guitar. As everybody knows, Lemmy's bass is the nucleus of the Motorhead sound, so with more guitars, Motorhead actually started sounding more "ordinary". It was still great, but the sound was closer to what one could call metal. That was also due to Pete's style of playing, which was more traditional Heavy Metal. This line-up recorded the classic Killed By Death single and the awesome Orgamsatron album, so I think it was a wonderful line-up. Motorhead had simply evolved and become more modern. We couldn't expect them to record another Ace Of Spades album, could we?

1987-1991: Lemmy, Wurzel, Phil Campbell, Philthy Animal Taylor
When Philthy came back, nobody really knew about it until the band came to town. It was on the Orgamsatron tour in the spring of 1987, Philthy just had a few days to rehearse. Much to my surprise, I saw that it was Philthy behind the drums when the band came to Stockholm (at the Fryshuset). At the time, I was looking forward to seeing the band with Pete Gill after the amazing Orgasmatron album, but I wasn't exactly sad to see Philthy back in the fold either. They opened up with Iron Fist, and I could immediately tell that the molten lava feeling was back again. It was thanks to Philthy. The Orgasmatron material, however, sounded a lot better with Pete and his firm, sharp style. One can say that the sound was back to about the same as the classis Lemmy/Fast Eddie/Philthy line-up, but with more guitars and with a more modern sound, brought in by the two new guitarists (not so new anymore).

1992-1995: Lemmy, Wurzel, Phil Campbell, Mikkey Dee
Towards the end of Philthy's second stint in Motorhead, it became clear that he, sadly, had lost that priceless fire in his belly that drove the sound like a locomotive in the good old days. His playing had become more laid back and less "crazy". I don't know why, but it can't have been age, because Philthy was only 37 when he was kicked out of the band. He must have lost interest or something. In came Mikkey Dee (a Swede like me, ex King Diamond/Dokken), a technically brilliant and ultra-heavy drummer. Mikkey Dee is a joy to see (he moves like a madman) and hear. Mikkey's style is a lot closer to that of Pete than Philthy. In other words, Mikkey is the ideal hard rock / heavy metal drummer with incredible precision, power and speed, very much like Tommy Aldridge (who, ironically, did almost all the drumming on the March Or Die album after Philthy was fired). So the sound was now closer to the one during the Pete Gill days, but modernized even more with the arrival of Mikkey, a man not much older than myself (he was born in '63, I think). The March Or Die album (recorded with Tommy Aldridge) is probably the most ordinary Motorhead album to date, but it had a few good moments. The first album with Mikkey Dee, Bastards (1993), gave us a hint of the new direction Motorhead had taken: more metallic. Lemmy always claims that Motorhead is a blues band, only faster. He is right, but the music has become a lot closer to what I would call metal lately, with the arrival of Mikkey. Mikkey says that his most important influence is Brian Downey (Thin Lizzy), but I can't really hear that influence. Mikkey's style is so much more aggressive. With the arrival of Mikkey, the older songs sound a lot more metallic too (live). His firm and precise style is not really suited for the old Philthy-era songs, but they come across good all the same. In the old days, Motorhead were fast, loud and really dirty rock'n'roll, now they are closer to metal. There are actually two types of songs that one can distinguish these days: metal songs (Over Your Shoulder/Civil War) and pure rock'n'roll songs (Bad Woman/Don't Waste My Time). However, there are no songs in the field between the two, which all songs were in the old days! There were no pure rock'n'roll tracks on Overkill and Ace Of Spades, only these wonderful fast and furious sleazy hard rock songs. I think that was the essence of Motorhead in the old days and that's what made them great. Motorhead with this line-up (with Mikkey) got more metallic and less bluesy or sleazy, but with a few pure rock'n'roll tracks here and there.

1995-Today: Lemmy, Phil Campbell, Mikkey Dee
Me and my fellow Motorhead fan friends used to say that if anyone leaves the band, it's Phil Campbell. He just seemed to be the least suited for the band. Then came Mikkey, who had played with a glam band (Dokken), and it was all of a sudden he who just didn't fit the image we had of a Motorhead member. Mikkey turned out to be a killer drummer, so we forgave him for the glam thing. And then Wurzel quits the band. Who would have thought that? Wurzel was always a lot more popular with the fans than Phil Campbell. The reason? Well, Wurzel looked and acted like a Motorhead guitar player. He had long, dirty hair, he wore black, he wore a bullet belt and simply looked cool on stage. Phil has always been more of a musician, and a great one too. But he has, unfortunately, never really been accepted like Wurzel was. I guess since Wurzel had his dangerous rock'n'roll image, Phil couldn't have the same and had to find his own identity. Hence the silly nicknames such as Wizzo, Zoom and Stiletto Heels and the stage clothes that don't impress any Motorhead fans. However, Phil has always been a great Player, being able to play the blues as well as the fast metal. If you listen to Phil live, the wall of sound he creates is just incredible. But his stage act has never been very convincing. It isn't until very recently that he sounds confident talking to the crowd in the microphone. I guess the fact that he needs to wear a baseball cap these days doesn't add to the excitement either, but it doesn't stop the fact that he is a great guitarist, and the longest standing Motorhead guitarist ever as well (15 years in the band). Enough of this image shit. I think that when Wurzel left, some of the sleazy feeling disappeared. Apart from Lemmy, all band members had grown up listening to hard rock and metal, but not really the blues. Both Phil and Mikkey are metal musicians more than blues or rock musicians. The sound obviously reflects this situation. Lemmy keeps some of that bluesy feel in there, but Motorhead are simply more metallic than ever since Wurzel left. I don't mean that it's bad, I still love their music and buy every record that comes out. Now that there was only one guitarist (like in the good old days), Lemmy once more had a more position in the band's sound and all of a sudden that raunchy feeling was back. Since there is no guitarist to play rhythm during the solos, Lemmy has to fill in and we get to hear som more of that beautiful distorted bass. Although, Lemmy's bass is back into the picture in a big way again, the sound is still more metallic than ever. The days of the Motorhead I learned to love, the fast, sleazy rock band, are gone and won't come back. Motorhead have modernized their sound and what else could they have done? The can't do the same thing over and over again. Most of the younger, new fans, actually think that the new material is a lot better than the old stuff, simply because, to them, it sounds OLD. I grew up listening to the old stuff, so to me it will always be the best, but I appreciate the new stuff too. Their albums are not jam-packed with great songs nowadays (like between 1977 and 1982), but they are still recording classics, and I hope they will continue to do so for a long time to come.

That was a pretty lengthy contribution to the debate about drummers and guitarists, I hope you all didn't fall asleep while reading it...

Yours truly,

Ola Nyberg

Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2000 10:01:33
From: "danny damien" danscards69@hotmail.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #87

Hi guys,
Interesting to hear about lemmy and co walking off stage due to stuff getting thrown. When they toured Australia in 1991 ( the last time unfortunately) I saw them play in Sydney. During the show a few f###wits decided to thro stuff on stage. Lemmy kept stopping in betweeen songs and remonstrating with these dicks. Finally after another thing comes up Philthy gets off his drum kit walks down to the front and points out the guy and says something to the effect of " beat the shit out of that dickhead". After that nothing more came up, I dont know if anyone in the crowd actually followed Phil's instructions. The follow up to this was that a couple of days later they were playing another show on the Gold Coast (of Queensland north of Sydney) when the same thing happened people started thorwing stuff. This time according to reports Lemmy warned, warned and then walked off some 5 songs into the set. So this is obviously a recurring theme, and frankly it is good to see Lemmy and co stand up to the idiots. Although it must be very frustrating for people like those on the gold coast who really wanted to see Motorhead and only see 5 songs.After all it is now 2000 and Motorhead hasn't come back to Australia yet. It has always amazed me though why people go to see a band - and pay good money to do so (particularly in Australia if an overseas bands does make the treck down under, usually you have to pay close to $50 Aus (around $35US)) and then they go and throw stuff. Chers everyone from the mani Olympic city

Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2000 18:45:50
From: cnm - cnm@cnm.u-net.com
Subject: os: 1916 & march or die

Hi all, I have for the past few years been compiling a collection of all Motorhead "proper" albums (on CD), and recently got what I thought would be the most rare ones, the first one "Motorhead" and "Bastards". However, I can't find "1916" or "March or Die". I'm also pis*ed off because I lost by metal Motorhead brooch with the March or Die cover picture. Could anybody recommend a good place to get these albums?

Neil M

Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2000 08:39:34 -0800 (PST)
From: Stefano Loi - nuraxi@yahoo.com
Subject: request for overnight sensation

Hello Ace,
so last month, if I've understood, you had problems with your stomac... I've seen Lem moaning a stomacache and drinking Jack Daniels for medicine. You should learn from him! I would like to send the list of all MH concerts, I want to improve what was written on the Collector's Guide about the gigs' list. I would like a lot to create a future archive, maybe for the web site, who knows... If you agree and if you think is a good idea (I don't want to make a fool of myself!) then I'll send the lists with the following subject: OS: Motorhead PAST tour dates. I think to send you no more than three years per issue or less if they are very long like 1981 or 1991 (they played a lot those years). Every issue will be always preceeded by a letter, i.e. the one you read on top of the lists. THE LIST BELOW IS ONLY A TEST!

**Ace: Exceptional idea and project! OK people, time for us to do our part. If you have a date or dates that do not appear on the list, please send them to me at acetrump@bigfoot.com with the subject matter being "OS: Past Tour Dates". We will begin compiling this master list for the website. Sound good? Please include venue info and support acts if you know them. Thanks to Stefano for getting the ball rolling!

Relating the lack I found about the Italian dates on the Collector's Guide, I spent gleeful hours of mindnumbing research going through various bootleg lists, tour notices and thirteen years of MHB World Magazine. Perhaps the work of a madman as I've been told!
Almost 1500 dates I've found but the list is of course not complete, I think more than 200 concerts have been missed.
I ask your help Motorhead fanatics all over the world, correct the list if you are sure of a mistake and add some more dates if you can!


This issue: years 1975 - 1976 - 1977.


07.20 London - Roudhouse (first gig)
03.08 Twickenham - Winning Post
07.08 Plymouth - Guildhall
09.08 Yeovill - Jhonson Hall
10.08 Torquay - Pavillon
12.08 Birmimgham - Barbarellas
17.08 Croyden - Greyhound
22.08 St.Albans - City Hall
26.08 Bournemouth - Hard Rock
29.08 Bedworth - Civic Hall
30.08 Bury St.Edmunds - Guildhall
19.10 London - Hammersmith Odeon


01.13 Brunel - University Students Union
05.03 Hull - University
06.03 Manchester - Rafters
07.03 Blackburn - King Georges Hall
09.03 London - Music Machine
10.03 Rochdale - Football Club
11.03 Aylesbury - Friars
12.03 Croyden - Greyhound
14.03 Cardiff - Top Rank
15.03 Plymouth - Metro
16.03 Bristol - Tiffanys
22.03 Maidstone - Technical College
14.08 London - Lyceum
04.11 Guildford - University
07.11 London - Roundhouse
12.11 Glasgow - Strathclyde University
18.11 Salford - University
24.11 Birkenhead - Mr Digbys
25.11 Middlesbrough - Rock Gardens
01.12 London - Music Machine
03.12 St.Albans - City Hall
06.12 Wolverhampton - Lafayette
08.12 Bolton - Technical College
10.12 Dudley - JB's
21.12 Leighton Buzzard - Bossard Hall
22.12 Welwyn Garden City - Campus West
23.12 Scarborough - Penthouse

..... Putney - Pub


04.01 Plymouth - Castaways
05.01 Penzance - Winter Gardens
09.01 Birkenhead - Hamilton Club
12.01 Dudley - JB's
13.01 Newport - The Village Club
17.01 Colwyn Bay - Dixieland Showbar
19.01 Swansea - Mumbles Nutz Club
20.01 Burton On Trent - 76 Club
21.01 Middlesbrought - Crypt
22.01 Sherwsbury - Tiffanys
28.01 Bishops Stortford - Hockerill College
29.01 Dunstable - Queensway Hall
01.04 London - Marquee Club (billed as Motorhead's final gig. Ted Carrol of Chiswick Records attends the show and decides to give the band the last chance to record a single).
24.04 London - Roundhouse
03.06 Birmimgham - Town Hall (Blitzkrieg On Birmimgham '77)
06.06 Preston - Guildhall
07.06 Bradford - St.Geroges Hall
08.06 Stoke - Victoria Hall
10.06 London - Music Machine
11.06 London - Music Machine
15.06 Slough - Fulcrum
17.06 Bridlington - Royal Hall
18.06 Hastings - Pier Pavilion
19.06 Dunstable - Queensway

Beyond The Threshold Of Pain Tour
30.07 Hastings - Pier Pavilion
01.08 Stafford - Top Of The World
05.08 Manchester - Electric Circus
06.08 Aylesbury - Friars
08.08 Plymouth - Woods Centre
...10 Brighton - Top Rank
17.11 London - Marquee Club
20.11 Blackburn
01.12 .............
...12 Preston - College
09.12 Bolton - Technical College (Live '77 bootleg)


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Include "OS: " before your subject. For example -
Subject: os: lemmy is my dad

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