Issue #87 - December 31, 1999

OS: Happy New Year to All!
OS: Motorbirthdays
OS : #86 - People chucking stuff on stage.
OS : #86 - People chucking stuff on stage.
Re:Welcome to Overnight Sensation!
OS: What's the ECW Wresting album?
OS; Motorhead No Remorse CD
OS: Lemmy & Shonen Knife.
OS Motorhead remasters
OS: "No censorship, except for the things that *I* don't like!"
OS: Caveat Emptor
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #86
OS Motorhead in Greece
OS: Fast Eddie
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #86
OS: drugs, censorship, etc.
Overnight Sensation Issue #86
OS: Motorhead Belt Buckle
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #86
OS: Overnight Sensation Issue #86
OS: Happy Y2K !!
OS: 2000
OS: vinyl for sale


Date: December 31, 1999
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: happy new year to all!

Greetings Fellow Motorheadbangers!!

Ahhh.... the last day of the year... the last day of the century... the last day that will have it's year in the 1900s. It's pretty cool when you think about it.... a lot of people are taking this opportunity to celebrate for the sake of celebration. Bigger than normal parties everywhere... people looking forward to the festivities and anticipating some great times and wonderful memories.

The 20th century brought us so many things that are truly awesome. Rock and Roll for starters. Its hard to believe that something that has impacted all of our lives (especially OS members) is basically less then 50 years old. The same can be said for computers. Fifty years ago, computers where those machines of the future that only huge corporations or governments could possible pony up the dough to purchase. Now, we all ppound away at our own little PCs, communicating with others across the world at the speed of light... all the while having some of the most rightious metal slamming out of our home stereos. Awesome!

I also think that 1999 got kinda gipped in this whole Y2K thing. Remember back at the end of every other year, all of the media would start doing shows looking back at the year that was in about mid Decemeber. But, this year, everyone concentrated on the century/mellenium that was. 1999 got left out in the cold. So, I, your fearless editor, am hear to correct this oversight, albeit in a very small manner.

Reflecting back on the year that was... Motorhead releases Everything Louder Than Everyone Else. A worthy successor to the classic No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith. It is a monument to the first 25 years of Motorhead history. The album also brought the band out to parts of North America that have been ignored for many, many years. On a personal note, I got to spend one of the most wonderful weeks of my life on the road with the guys. Thanks to all of you, band and crew. You made me feel welcome and a part of the family. You will never know how much it meant to me. One of the coolest parts of the trip was getting to meet so many of the OS list members in the flesh. You all know who you are... I look forward to renewing our friendships in 2000.

The latter part of the 90s found Metal slowly falling back into favor with the fickle public at large. For whatever reason, it is nice to see all favorites all getting a better kick at the can. Albums sales are up, concert attendance is up. More to follow I hope.

We also saw the next generation of Metal make it's presence known. Whatever you may personally think of them, bands like Korn, Limp Bizkit and the like are bringing a younger generation closer to the Metal flame. And, it doesn't hurt when these guys sight Motorhead as an influence in interviews. The more people that learn of this deadly trio, the better. Some great new bands are on the scene. If you haven't checked out Slipknot yet, you owe it to yourself. The album is awesome, but the live show is unbelievable. The Misfits release Famous Monsters, in my opinion the best thing ever released under that moniker. Iron Maiden reforms to the resounding cheers of the metal world. Megadeth releases a pathetic attempt at following in Metallica's footsteps. Not to be outdone, Metallica takes it down another notch and spawns S & M. Look, I just don't think that Metallica should put out symphonic music... my opinion only, but that is how I feel. I mean, how would we feel if Pavorati (sp?) were to release a metal album... remember Pat Boone? 'nuff said.

2000 holds a lot of promise for Motorhead fans. The spring will see the release of the new album followed by a tour. Lemmy's book will finally see the light of day in 2000... should be interesting reading. 2000 is also the 25th anniversary of Motorhead... look for some special things to manifest themselves! We are all going to have a blast!

On a personal note, I had some very special musical moments in the past year. At the top of the list is my interview with Cory from Slipknot. I have never connect with another person like that before in my entire life. Interviewing and hanging out with Henry Rollins, thanks for everything Hank. Hanging out with George Thorogood and his Destroyers at the newly renovated Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver. Spending the day with the Misfits in Seattle. Seeing Black Sabbath take the stage at Ozzfest. Seing Eric Sardinas play at the Whiskey in LA... what a wonderful surprize. Hanging out backstage with the Scorpions (thanks James). Meeting Motley Crue (even thought the show sucked). Interviewing Bruce Dickinson for the second time (awesome fellow) and many, many more.

I ended the year attending the concert Kiss put on in Vancouver for the recording of Alive IV. I know that not everyone on this list is a Kiss fan but let me tell you, it was a show that I will never forget. AWESOME!

But, one of the greatest things that I got to do over 1999 and before is be involved with all of you. The Overnight Sensation list is like a large, extended family. We number almost 2400 now... thats a big family. Sometimes some of us fight, but in the end, we are all united by our love of Motorhead. It is like we know something that much of the world hasn't clued into yet. We know the energy and the joy that this music brings.

OS is in it's third year now and I just want to say how glad I am to be part of all of this with all of you. I wish you and your families all the absolute best in 2000 and beyond. I look forward to meeting even more of you in 2000 and may Motohead's music continue on forever. I am reminded of a line from the famous BCC science fiction program, Red Dwarf. Rimmer had
a wonderful line in one episode, "Why don't you listen to something more classical like Mozart, Mendolson or Motorhead". If this is a harbinger of the future, then Motorhead is still a classic 3 million years into the future!

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 12:24:36 +0300
From: "Artyom Golew" artyom1916@mail.ru
Subject: os: motorbirthdays

Hi,Ace and hello to everybody here!
I'm pleased,Ace, that you liked my idea about the birthdays, here's the ones that I know:

Lemmy - December 24, 1945
Fast Eddie Clarke - Otober 5, 1950
Philthy Animal Taylor - September 21, 1954
Mick 'Wurzel' Burston - October 23 1949
Phil Campbell - May 7, 1961
Mikkey Dee - October 31, 1963

All the best for everybody,
Artyom MHB 1916

Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 17:28:11
From: MCCARNA@uk.ibm.com
Subject: os : #86 - people chucking stuff on stage.

Firstly, Happy New Year readers.


Schnee mentioned a couple of instances he could remember where Lemmy understandably got pissed off with people throwing stuff on stage. Was anybody else at the Reading Hexagon, Rock 'n' Roll tour October 87? There were a load of thugs in the audience who failed to heed Lemmy's warnings not to throw plastic glasses on the stage. I think Motorhead only played about 7 songs and then left the stage. A riot broke out in the venue with all the security guards being hussled into one corner by a lot of drunk punks who were there just to cause problems. I mean Lemmy did warn them, he said 'Anymore comes up here and that's the end of your show' another glass came up and off they went. Phil C didn't do much to calm the crowd though. He said 'I'm not playing for you bunch of cunts' Not a pretty sight, it got reported in the local newspaper that one of the band got arrested. Never found out who, might have been bullshit just to sell a few more copies.

The problem with a lot of venues is that they allow drinking in the arena. You then get the age old equation -> Drink + Dickhead = Obnoxious behaviour. You always get a few idiots who want to throw the beer rather than drink it, this is a real dumb move, what a waste of money!

I also remember Castle Donnington Monsters Of Rock festival in '86 when some nut threw a flare on stage during the Motorhead set. I remember watching Phil C dodge this bloody great red firework as it landed on the stage. Lemmy completely lost his temper, gave the guy a lecture and that was the end of that. The crowd cheered Lem and NOT the guy who threw the firework.

There are some real strange people in the world, anybody who get's into an arena just to throw stuff at the performers needs their head looking at, and ejecting asap.

Rock fans have a bad name because of the few real assholes that get themselves noticed by the media/police etc. It's a shame.


Nic = MHB 163

Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 17:49:33
From: MCCARNA@uk.ibm.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #86 - stonedeafintheusa

Reply to Mark Walker/dd regarding the 'prayer' on Rock 'n' Roll.
It is who you think it is - Michael Palin


Nic - MHB 163.

Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 12:52:44
From: Edgardo Espada - edgardoespada@LatinMail.com
Subject: re:welcome to overnight sensation!

"OS":hello, I'm from Argentina. Do you speak spanish? Anyway, answer me this: do you know any edition of "St. Valentine's day massacre" E.P. in C.D.? I'm not saying only here, I mean anywhere. I always see at record stores (not ordinary ones, specialities ones) live records from any times, but I have never seen that damn E.P. Bye

Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 10:25:48 PST
From: "R. Sjoberg" rikhard_sjoberg@hotmail.com
Subject: os: what's the ecw wresting album?

Ace, what's the ECW Wresting album the Motorhead version of 'Sandman' is from?
**Ace: Released about a year ago by CMC Records (in North America), it was a collection of music where the majority of the album was metal artists covering the music of other metal artists. Besides Motorhead covering Enter Sandman, there was a great track where Bruce Dickinson covered the Scorpion's classic, The Zoo. Also represented where most of Pantera, White Zombie, Anthrax, Megadeth, Monster Magnet and more. I enjoyed the album and recommend it. It is available at Amazon.com at this URL:

Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 19:03:33
From: "yaffa elling" yelling@sprint.ca
Subject: os; motorhead no remorse cd

Hey- Wondering if anyone knows if track 18, on the No Remorse CD, called"Master Plan" was released on any other album, I had never heard it before, and I own the Vinyl copy, never bothered to buy the CD and so just recently discovered this track. Any info would be appreciated, it's actually quite good. Yes, ICE, you're right they are called Disgust, a little hard to come by in Canada, though, where did you get your copy?? What's with the dude knocking record collectors?? What's the difference between collecting Records, or CD's, might I ask? Both will get scratched up if mistreated. And it's the principle of finding original gems, with variety of sleeve and cover art work, songs, etc, that make collecting so much fun. I have a big Motorhead Vinyl collection, and find them to be more informative, then most of the CD's unless it's a box set with a booklet. And the picture disks are classic, you must admit. Besides if you love a legacy, you might as well own as much of it as possible so you can enjoy it all the time. I thought the little speel at the end of Rock'n'Roll was Philithy Phil, although, neither the cassette or record mention it, and they give no credits to anyone else either.

Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 18:18:01 -0800
From: "Robert N. Whitney" rwhitney@supernet.com
Subject: os: lemmy & shonen knife.

Hello all!

Another bit of Motorhead recordings info that's news to me. Lemmy and Shonen Knife performing together on track number three of the Shonen Knife CD EP "Tomato Head" Virgin Records catalog #V25-38433 titled "Lemmy In There Mix".
Great song with Lemmy on background vocals but also opening the song yelling in Japanese, no other voice in the world like it, and adding other evil sounding screams and groans throughout. Great stuff! Ace please keep us updated on all Motorhead related recordings like the new Stray Cats. Any release date yet?

Best wishes,

**Ace: No new info yet....

Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 22:13:06
From: "Robert D. Baysinger" b12@socket.net
Subject: os motorhead remasters

I think the remasters done by Castle are great! As are the Black Sabbath remasters. I especially liked Overkill, Bomber,Ace of Spades and No Remorse.The Best Of's 1 & 2 on Roadrunner have really good sound. Everything Louder than Everyone Else in my opion is a great live album. Overnight Sensation and Snakebite Love are also very good. The rest are also very good! Keep
Rockin' Darryl Baysinger

Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 21:34:34 PST
From: "Not Lemmy" notlemmy@hotmail.com
Subject: "no censorship, except for the things that *i* don't like!"

I agree with the majority: NO CENSOR but I would like two exceptions: - no racisme ( I totally agree with you, Ace, fuck racism ! ) - no drug ( I was actually very annoid by all these mails posted a few mounth ago on OS about which drug to take while listening to Motorhead; who gives a fuck about that ! Drugs are shit, drugs kill; there are much better ways to spend money than on drugs; buying Motorhead CDs for exemple; The OS mailing list should not urge kids to take drugs)

i find it laughable that people can hope to have a motorhead discussion list, and not mention drugs. the following is a partial listing (my collection is all the way upstairs and I hurt my leg dancing last night) of motorhead songs about\involving drugs:
Dead Men (Smell Toenails)
Built for Speed
Dr. Rock
Iron Horse
Stay Clean
In addition, Lemmy was a member of Hawkwind, he drinks a bottle of JD every day, smokes cigarettes (alk and nicotene ARE TOO drugs.) and has been known to do other drugs. speed for instance, he was arrested in the 60's for having cannabis resin in his possession, he's admitted to using LSD, as well as several other mind-bending physcedelics. Lemmy has said that he likes all drugs except heroin. He said, in response to a question asking him if he could beat god in a fight, that he saw Him on LSD once and God had a few feet on him.
Many fans enjoy mind-altering substances now and again (and again and again) and this list is supposed to be by the fans, of the fans and for the fans.
Let's change the situation a little, shall we? What if someone out there thought that the religious thought of motorhead songs was offensive and harmful to children and wanted to ban all mention of religion on the list as it pertains to motorhead the band, their songs, their fans, their lives? It'd be ludicrous, and no-one would stand for it.
I love how people can be totally gainst censorship, except where other's speech offends them. Freedom of speech isn't about the freedom to publish chocolate-chip cookie recipies, folks, it's about the right to say things that others might find objectionable.
I think the only editing that should be done is on pointless, time-wasting flames. Not because I'm offended, but because they are an utter waste of space, time, and bandwidth. They contribute nothing, and have no effect except to generate more pointless crap.
As for encouraging kids to take drugs, I'd like to see where anyone said anything to the effect of "YOU! KID! TAKE DRUGS NOW!" people discussed their own preferences and experiences and the only ones who were intolerant were
the straight-edge folks. One of the things that Motorhead are about is choosing your own path. If people are weak enough to be persuaded to do drugs from email, then they are hopelessly niave anyway.
So, mellow out, man. Smoke a bowl if that'll make you chill. (Although, as I discussed before, I don't think pot and MH mix all that well. Ah, just put on some Lemmy-era Hawkwind, instead. That goes excellently with THC.) But don't go stomping on others just because you happen to disagree.

**Ace: Another interesting story... a little while ago I got to spend a few hours with Henry Rollins. We got to talking about Motorhead and he told me a cool Lemmy story. That past summer, the Rollins Band had played on several of the European festivals with Motorhead. On one flight, Lemmy came into the aircraft and saw Henry and asked if he could sit with him.
Henry obliged of course (he is a HUGE Hawkwind fan). He said it was so cool to talk to Lemmy about Hawkwind for the entire trip.

The best part of the story comes when the stewardess came around with the drink cart. When she got to Lem, he asked if she had any Jack Daniels. She did not. He then asked for JB. She didn't have any of that either. "OK, just give me a glass and a Coke please". The stewardess complied and left. Lemmy called to one of the Motorhead crew and shouted "Bottle!".
Suddenly a half full bottle of JB was produced and Lemmy used the Coke as mix. Now THAT is being prepared! :-)

Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 21:43:47 PST
From: "Not Lemmy" notlemmy@hotmail.com
Subject: caveat emptor

"Caveat Emptor" a little better translation is "Let the buyer beware." It's been around for quite a long time, i think. From the Roman days. Basically the ancient equivalent of "We are not responsible for defects in workmanship or operation of this product"-type legal notices. really not as fierce as you might hope.

Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 22:20:26 PST
From: "Not Lemmy" notlemmy@hotmail.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #86

Who delivers the sermon at the end of Stone Deaf in the USA? You know the one about hankies & cricket bats etc.
Is it who I think it is, one of the Monty Python gang?

yuss. yuss it is. it's michael palin. he also appears in the pictures inside the cd\record. the record has more, and better.

Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 00:18:10 PST
From: "Socrates Mathaiopoulos" socmat10@hotmail.com
Subject: os motorhead in greece

Fellow M'bangers
First of all Hi from an old greek dog. I'd like to say a few thinks about Motorhead and the respond they had in the Greek heavy-hard audience.
For myself I am a habitant of a small town in the South Greece called Tripolis, age 30, I met Motorhead in a Greek island were a lot of metal fans used to go, I mean all the Greek islands. Motorhead in those days ('84) were cult in Greece, few people listened to their music, a lot of people were wearing their t-shirts - 'cause they were cool- but true moto-funs were few.
Lemmy whith his true r'n'r attitude inspired me and still does. In my oppinion he is one out of few, true rocker. I remember the '88 gigs in Athens all 3 of them it was faschinating a true r'n'r expirience. unfortunatelly some people combine our music with violence, crap to that, violence is for hooligans not true fans of metal!!!
I am sighning off this letter with the advice to young lads, be very carefull with drugs and people who sell them, as for the rest r'n'r is the only way to feel free for people like us, take care all of you, special season greetings to all and Ace especially.

Dux Bellorum

Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 12:06:58
From: "Jamieson, Don" Don.Jamieson@mtv.com
Subject: os: fast eddie


I hope everyone out there knows that Fast Eddie Clark has a very heavy solo album out there called, "It Ain't Over Till It's Over" and can be found at most major record chains in the U.S. (sorry, don't know about overseas). Even Lemmy does guest vocals on a song called "Laugh At The Devil." It's an excellent disc and worth checking out. If anyone knows about any other solo stuff from Eddie (or Philthy & Wurzel for that matter), please reply here to Overnight Sensation. I know that Wurzel actually has an ambient album out called "Chill Out Or Die" that he did with his girlfriend and of course,

Rabbit in my ear,

Don J.

**Ace: You can order this one from Amazon.com as well at:

Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 20:00:09
From: Matthijs Withaar - mwithaar@dds.nl
Subject: os: re: overnight sensation issue #86

>Wurzel 23 October
>Fast Eddie 5 October
>Philthy Phil 21 September
>Phil C 7 May

I don't know about Fast Eddie, but an old article I have says that Phil Campbell's birthday is 17 May. Wurzel's and Philthy's dates are correct, I think.

A remark on the Bastards album: it has not only been released in Germany, I bought it in The Netherlands in a regular record shop.

Greetings, Ice Thijs

**Ace: No, it is the 7th... I was on the road with them this year when it was Phil's birthday.

Date: 28 Dec 99 22:31:41 PST
From: Jamie Brown - sisterjulian@netscape.net
Subject: os: drugs, censorship, etc.

Dear Ace, First of all, you are in my prayers & I'm glad you're feeling better!

RE: Censorship, Max Headroom made some very good points in the last issue. I don't think anybody was "encouraging kids (?) to take drugs." Kids (i.e., teens?) have enough problems to deal with in life without also being fucked up on extrinsic substances. Having said that - I totally agree with Max that adults should be free to ingest whatever we want to, and do whatever we want, with our own lives - while being accountable for any actions which occur under the influence; i.e., we are free to ingest but must be responsible for the consequences, if any, e.g. don't drink & drive. I don't need to repeat what Max already said, but would like to add, substances in and of themselves are not "bad," it is how they are used and how they affect the individual. Incidentally, Lemmy looks awfully damn good for a man of his age supposedly existing on a diet of speed and ethanol. Also, I must point out, particularly as regarding cannabis and other natural substances, the Bible states clearly that God made these and pronounced them Good - therefore the government is full of shit... In any case, I am glad that we can have these kinds of discussions, because that is what Freedom and Responsibility is all about. People need to find out the facts and make up their own minds. We do NOT need to be censored to protect us from ideas that seem scary or unpleasant. Maybe somebody is offended by talk of "drugs." Well, I personally am offended by any unkind statements whatsoever about Ozzy, whom I totally LOVE, but I would never want them to be censored. People must be free to speak their minds - however foolishly in some cases - and we can all use our own minds that God gave us, to figure it out. Maybe we will even learn something in the process?!

Re: Metallica, haven't heard from anybody yet, so I assume you're not going to the St. Pete show. We were hoping to meet other local Motorheadbangers... Maybe next time. Meanwhile, friends, keep on moshin'! and God bless.

Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 09:47:33
From: "Robu Emanuel" emiuk7@hotmail.com
Subject: overnight sensation issue #86

hello to all Motorhead lovers, and Merry X-MAS, i am so sorry cuz i sent this message to late...but never is to late for good things. I'd like to chat with all of you, so who is interest mail me ,i'll be glad to do that.
With love ME...

Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 13:36:54 +0300
From: "Artyom Golew" artyom1916@mail.ru
Subject: os: tallinn story pt1

Hi Ace!
You asked for some reviews of Scandinavian tour,so here's my five cents! I came from Moscow to Tallinn to see Motorhead,here's my story. Motorhead played in Tallinn on 30 of November. At the day of the show I came to Linnahall ( a very massive and strange looking hockey sport palace with lots of stairways and cross passages at the harbor of Tallinn gulf, I think the capacity of the hall is about 4000-5000) at 14:00. I waited a little, walked and watched around, but still there were nobody. After a 10 minutes I decided to go through the tunnel on the backdoors of the hall to the other side of the road, and when I came out of the tunnel, two tracks and two buses rode right on me! One of the buses was yellow, the other one was white, I thought that Motorhead one must be white and I was right, I came to this one, and asked the driver to call for the tour manager, she called immedeately for Hobbs, and he arrived after a second. I greeted him and told that I came from Russia specially for that show and I have some presents for the band and a couple of letters for Lemmy from those he know, Hobbs said that it's no problem he will give me a pass, I presented him a bottle of Russian beer that I brought from Moscow, he was very glad with it and invited me to come with him inside the hall to look around. I sat there near the stage, Hobbs became busy with all the stuff, roadies began to settle the apparature, etc. so I simply waited. After some time I met Tim Butcher, Lemmy's bass tech, I chated with him and with a couple of other roadies, nearly all of them were in Russia with Motorhead two years ago. After some time security guards appeared, I became a little bit nervous, cause security were all around and I still had no pass, but no one bothered me, I think that they thought that I came with a band. Tim said that Freddie, a production manager had all the passes, and he was still with the band in the hotel, so I need to wait till the band will come. I walked through the corridor, and on the way in I saw Dio with a couple of some guys,when I came nearer, those guys appeared to be bassist and Craig Goldie. I decided to go to the Motorhead ressing room, but they got it so far from the stage, I walked through some labyrinth corridors and stairways, and at last I saw Phil he ran somewhere, we shaked hands and chated a little about the dressing room being so far, he said that he will come back in a few minutes. I came further than the Motorhead security guard appeared, I explained who I was and he offered me to wait inside a room, cause I had no pass and he would never let me out, cause it was his job and so on. But he was very polite, offered me some beers and food while I was waiting. The Mikkey came, when I told him that I came from Russia specially to see them, he appreciated it a lot, he was in a good mood to talk, he liked very much a hockey hat of our famous club CSKA that I presented him. So we chat with him about different things, then Fredie came at last, I began to explain to him that I am the one and only member of Motorheadbangers club from Russia, etc. he said no problem, come with me for the pass. Mikkey said that this dressing room is very far from the stage, and he packed his shirts and came with us to look for some better room. We came to the catering room where we brought Lemmy and Hobbs and headed to look for some room not far from the stage. We found some room that had a 'Dio production office' wrighting on the door, we thought that it's too much for Dio to have both dressing room and production office, so we put off that label and put on a 'Motorhead Dressing Room' and turned around all the giudes to the new dressing room!

All the best,

Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 10:15:25 PST
From: "Thomas Eagan" taeagan@hotmail.com
Subject: os: motorhead belt buckle

Hey gang!
Guess who needs a Motorhead belt buckle? ME!!!!!!!!!! Anybody got any info? I found some clown in Minnesota who had a few and I called his store to find out if I could get one from him. The conversation went like this:

ME: You got Motorhead belt buckles?
CLOWN: Yeah.
ME: How much.
CLOWN: Hundred bucks. Shipping included.
ME: No way, I'm outta here.

And then I hung up. Oh, and I saw Don Dokken taking a crap out behind a dumpster in the parking lot of this Dunkin Donuts by my house.

Thats all for now,

Terry Funk

Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 18:40:04
From: gaumann@webtv.net (Eric Gaumann)
Subject: os: overnight sensation issue #86

> I couldn't be arsed

what the?

> to dig the album out last night, but working from memory, track listing on the cover includes "Hump on your/my back", >"Godzilla Akimbo", "Shoot you in the Back" & "Bastard", though they don't all actually appear on the record.

Yeah. Waltz of the Vampire is Dance. I already have Dance...

> There is also "Ace of Spades (Rare Version)" which has
> different guitar riffs. Also as far as I remember, there is a
> small amount of Lemmy talking between takes.
> Is this the same record you have
> Max?, if so then not "b-sides".

Damn, well I guess you got me there. Well, it was at least all the Motorhead songs I didn't have. Most of the rest are on No Remorse.

> Anyway, there's always one who refuses to be warned, so when the next
> clown got half on the stage, right by Lemmy's feet, he got a really hard poke from the
> pointy white cowboy boots, right in his eye as promised.

More proof that Lemmy's a god.

> Who delivers the sermon at the end of Stone Deaf in the USA? You know
> the one about hankies & cricket bats etc. Is it who I think it is, one of the Monty Python gang?

It's Michael Palin, so, yes. Paraphrase of Lemmy on meeting him: "He's the only one of my heroes who didn't turn out to be a cunt."

Mad Dan Sugarman and Henrietta Holocaust introduce to you what's new on
the humanoid scene.

Date: Fri, 31 Dec 1999 13:13:34 -0300
From: "Jorge Alvarez" jorgeaa@hotmail.com
Subject: happy y2k !!

Dear Ace
For you and for all the motorheadbangers HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!! HAPPY 2000 !!!!!!!

Cheers from Buenos Aires
Motorhead for Life !

Date: Sun, 02 Jan 2000 09:59:45
From: alain poncelet - poncelet.alain@skynet.be
Subject: OS: 2000

Hello Ace,
hello Motrheadbangers,

!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!


Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2000 07:57:18 -0800 (PST)
From: Stefano - nuraxi@yahoo.com
Subject: os: vinyl for sale

I sell the following two items:

1) 1916 vinyl, greek pressing (467481 1),without lyrics,cover a little bit poor. Price lit. 15.000/eur 7,8

2) MARCH OR DIE vinyl, greek pressing (471723 1). Price lit. 20.000/eur 10,3

The prices DO NOT include postage.

Stefano nuraxi@yahoo.com


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