Issue #85 - December 17, 1999

OS: All better now
OS: motorhead.com
OS: london, norwegians and some icelandic as well! :-)
OS: Help
OS: Dance around in your bones...
OS: Censor
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #83
OS: Motorhead Recordings
OS: Covers
OS: Lemmy testifies for mc5 film
OS: Bastards best album
OS: Monsters of the millenium
OS: Motvrhead in agentina?
OS: reply/crazy tattoo
OS: Tabs, The Damned, etc.
OS: Kein Thema
OS : answer to Jim Robertson
OS: Oi!
OS - Lemmys old secret sideproject?
OS: Lemmy told me about the new album...
OS: Motorheadbangers, join SETI!
OS: Motorhead in Helsinki
OS when are they comind down under again
OS: astoria gig
OS: Motorhead @ Astoria
OS: things to check out
OS: Lemmy guitars
OS: Astoria Concert Review
OS: Bastards
OS: Motorhead in Atlanta
OS: Lemmy wanted Groop Dogdrill?
OS: Stuff
OS: Astoria Gig (First night)
OS a new fan
OS Cover It
OS: Motorhead doing PARANOID ?
OS: Birthdays
OS: censorship, etc.
OS: Dirty Love... ha!
Re: Welcome to Overnight Sensation!
OS: The Grammys 'n' other "awards"
OS : Astoria London, Saturday 4th.
OS: London Astoria gigs


Date: December 17, 1999
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: all better now

Greetings Fellow Motorheadbangers!!

First... an apology. It has been more than two weeks since an issue of OS went out. Well, your faithful editor managed to get a wonderful case of bacterial pnemonia that knocked me on my ass (and into the hospital) for a while. Belive me, if I could have get the issue out, I would have. But, all is well now and I am slowly getting back on track.

This unexpected illness has also put me a little behind on filling some of the orders from the Motorheadshop. I will be all caught up before X-mas and I really appreciate your patience with me on this one... when I am out of commission, this one man operation grinds to a sreaching hault.

I have also received a ton of stuff from the bands participating in the second OS Tribute. I will send out a post to the bands in the next week bringing you all up to speed on what has and has not been received. Thanks!

In other news, noted German documentarian Peter Sempel is making a film all about our favorite bass player, Lemmy. I know that he has done interviews with lots of celebs for the film, as well as having filmed several shows. He was also on hand to take film during the recording of the upcoming album. He hopes to release the film at the Berlin Film Festival on Feb 10/2000. Check out details on his website located at http://www.sempel.com.

There are some exciting things brewing for Motorhead in 2000. As soon as I am able to disclose details, you will be the first ones to know.

There should be atleast one more OS before the end of the year. Until next time...

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 20:15:18
From: "G. W." wiedemut@muenster.de
Subject: os: motorhead.com

Hi everyone, the "No Sleep 'Til Detox" (motorhead.com) site is still available, just try http://www.openface.ca/~prh/motorhead/ . . . Gabba
Gabba Hey! Gonzo

Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 21:44:44
From: "Ketil Svendsen" ketil.svendsen@fiskaren.nhst.no
Subject: london, norwegians and some icelandic as well! :-)

one happy norwegian is currently writing an email!!
having left out norway on their scandinavian dates, motrhead will play two london gigs the same day and the day after i arrive in london! thanx santa! my gf, with whom i travel, refuses to attend the gig (but she will join me on a bjork concert later the same week - hell, i collect both :-) ...but mo'head outnumbers my bjork collection, being appr. 200 records large - twice the size of my icelandic fairy collection ;-) *larger-than-life-grin* :-D anyway - any norwegians (or similarities ;) coming to london on any of the 'head gigs?

best regards,
ketil svendsen,

ps. happy lemmy day the 24th (if i don't drop a word here before that!)

Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 22:16:52
From: alain poncelet - poncelet.alain@skynet.be
Subject: OS: Help

hi Ace,
hi Motorheadbangers,

my english is not that good, so I can't understand what Lemmy is singing on Ace Of Spades ( on the "Everything Louder
Than Eveything Else" CD) instead of ".... and don't forget the joker ! " can anybody help me ?


oh, by the way, what is he saying in the beginning of "No Sleep At All" ?

Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 14:17:07 PST
From: "Kalle Turesson" thekallesson@hotmail.com
Subject: os: dance around in your bones...

Is it anyone more than me among you guys who are into Tom Waits? I really recomend his music for the dirty blues freaks out there. His voice and lyrics really knocks everything over. A good substitute for Lemmy sometimes accually. Check out "Bone Machine" and be amazed. Come on in, It aint no sin Take off your skin, and dance around in your bones


Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 22:17:44
From: alain poncelet - poncelet.alain@skynet.be
Subject: OS: Censor

Hi everybody,

hey, we all will remember that "The Gustavo Incident" (as someone said two weeks ago) so here's my position about censorship: I agree with the majority: NO CENSOR but I would like two exceptions: - no racisme ( I totally agree with you, Ace, fuck racism ! ) - no drug ( I was actually very annoid by all these mails posted a few mounth ago on OS about which drug to take while listening to Motorhead; who gives a fuck about that ! Drugs are shit, drugs kill; there are much better ways to spend money than on drugs; buying Motorhead CDs for exemple; The OS mailing list should not urge kids to take drugs )

stay clean,

Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 16:51:15 -0800 (PST)
From: Harry - drty__harry@yahoo.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #83

Heres your chance to vote for the Lvudest Band in the WORLD!!
(I managed to move our boys up a little ... we were sitting at 0 VOTES before!!)



Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 18:40:11 -0800
From: "Robert N. Whitney" rwhitney@supernet.com
Subject: os: motorhead recordings

Yes I know I'm ill because I am a Motorhead completist bastard! I have to have them all! Every piece of vinyl, every cd from every country, all the tapes, pictures, well you get the idea. It's an illness really because who needs to have twenty eight different issues of "Ace Of Spades"? But it is such a fantastic feeling to come home from work and see another package on the table and know its another notch in my Motorhead collectors gun handle.
I would like to see people, through "OS", share info about what recent Motorhead music purchases they have made and the when, how, and where. You can't beat Motorhead in concert but this is the next best thing. Give it a try or contact me directly!


**Ace: My latest acquisitions are: Eat The Rick soundtrack CD, Orgasmitron Picture Disc, Girlschool/Motorhead 10" vinyl in awesome condition, a beautiful full color poster that was used to advertise the Hamburg Docks concert where much of Everything Louder was recorded and finally a still sealed copy of the Rock & Roll album on vinyl.

Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 22:16:23 -0800
From: Tim Shockley - ellentim@megsinet.net
Subject: os: covers

I have to agree I usually hate when a group I pay to see does a cover. Unless, of course, it's a great song to begin with! But, let's face it, "Cat Scratch Fever" was VERY WEAK! They prob'ly learned it in a couple hours, at most! They should have done an old Amboy Dukes tune if they needed a Nuge fix! I believe I heard they're doing a cover on the new album? Not to let the cat outta the bag too much, but I think it might be by...Steppenwolf! And if I'm wrong? You didn't hear it from me! Keep up the great work, Ace! Tim Shockley MHB672

Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 23:32:47 -0800 (PST)
From: phiffer - phiff666@yahoo.com
Subject: os: lemmy testifies for mc5 film

All you Motorhead fanatics may be happy to hear that Lemmy was the subject of a shoot w/ Future/Now Films . The shoot went down at the House of Snooze, also known as the House of Blues, in Chicago. It was mainly Lemmy talkin' about one of his favorite bands, the MC5, for the film MC5*A TRUE TESTIMONIAL, head on over to the web site: http://www.futurenowfilms.com for all the info.

aw... fuck.

Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 08:54:25
From: Francisco Lorenzo Diaz - lorenzo@dammedia.es
Subject: os: bastards best album

Whats happening with all the controversy about all motorhead albums, someones think its ace of spades, some overkill... i think its Bastards... but sometimes i think its sacrifice, sometime overnight sensation, and sometimes rock n roll, i think bomber and motorhead are the best albums for listening to late at night... ...

... I mean that doesnt matter, whatever album i consider the best i NEED the others one, i dont mind wich album is the best for me, i love all of them, and i dont mind if eddie plays guitar or wurzel, o phil or robbo or wallis or dave murray!, if you play in motorhead, oyu are motorhead, the only thing that matter to me to like a motorhead album is that lemmy is there, and he is been always been there...

Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 10:01:33 PST
From: "Stefan Berlin" stefanberlin@hotmail.com
Subject: monsters of the millenium

Hi there!!!
I'm one of the lucky bastards that got to see The monsters of the millenium. It's a pretty impressive line-up I mean DIO, MANOWAR & and the almighty MOTRHEAD. We came a bit late to Solnahallen (just outside Stockholm) because we had to get some more beer. So missed half of the Dio set but wahat the hell I saw him the day after in Norrkvping. He played all of the hits like Last in line,heaven and hell bla bla bla. Next band up were Motvrhead. They were doing alright 'til the 5th song I think , Born to raise hell when someone from the audience threw something on Lemmy that hit him right in the head. Lemmy gets pissed off as hell and wants to go after the fucking bastard. Hopefully he got what he deserved. Anyway after that Lemmy was not in a good mood for the rest of the set. I can understand him for that. Anyway what bothered me the most was the set list. I mean I live stockholm and get to see them about 6-8 times a year (they always play at several summer festivals in sweden) and for the past 2 years they have used the same set list. It gets pretty boring after a while, and I don't mean that songs are bad I can just not understand why they record such an excellent album like Snake bite love and then only play one or 2 songs from it. I say get rid of metropolis,nothing up my sleeve,over your shoulder, killed by death, and some others and get some rotation on the fucking set list. Apart for that the show were brilliant.

After we have witnessed the gods of rock it was time for the kings of metal but after about half of the show I left to get to the Motvrhead after party. When I arrived they were already there, I talked to Lemmy about what happend and he wasnt to happy about it, so he decided not to play at the club. But Mikkey got on stage with a M-head cover band and got busy in Overkill. He was in a very good mood that night. At around 03:00 the club closed so we got home to get some sleep before the Norrkvping gig.

Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 12:44:00
From: victor frankenstein - juansonimo@yahoo.com
Subject: os: motvrhead in agentina?

hi all:
i wonder when Motrheas is coming to argentina. i'd like to listen to them live again. if someone can tell them that here we miss them a lot please do it. i need some metal in my blood again.

Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 19:35:33
From: "Oliver Cornfield" elder_of_ron@hotmail.com
Subject: os: tabs, tabs, tabs

I have about 300 tabs (bass + guitar) for Motorhead tracks, salvaged from motorhead.com before its demise.

I'm going to put them up on my site in about a week (as there is no copyright and they seem to be inaccessible now) so watch this space..........

If you cant wait that long please send your requests to o.cornfield@ucl.ac.uk with the subject line TABS.

Oliver Cornfield
Motorheadbangers World Online

Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 12:55:38 -0800 (PST)
From: Stefano - nuraxi@yahoo.com
Subject: os: reply/crazy tattoo

>From: Nofkngood@webtv.netX-WebTV-
>Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 16:14:52
>Subject: motorhead

> can you tell me what is writen in the banner on the cover
> of the hellrasier cd single .....I can't find one and need it fora tattoo

All the best for everybody,
Artyom MHB1916

Niet Artyom!
On the banner of the one track promo CD "Hellraiser" is written: CAVEAT EMPTOR. For the convenience of the OS readers: crudely translated from latin is "look out buyer" which is referred to the fact that the promo was a sample not for sale, it was free! I wonder who ideated such sentence, I think is rather original, isn't it?

To the boy from Estonia: I don't think is a good idea to write it on your skin. Better choosing something else! :-)

Stefano Loi

Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 02:47:27
From: MCCARNA@uk.ibm.com
Subject: os: os issue #84 replies

Howdy Ace,

Two replies for stuff in OS: 84
Oh yeah, only a few days til London gigs.........HAHA


Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 16:41:57 -0000
From: "Dhira-lalita" dhira.lalita@virgin.net
Subject: astoria

Oi, I just heard that the Astoria in London is a gay club! Saturday night is usually shag tag night. Everyone going in has a tag with a number and during the night the DJ calls out a number. He calls the number coz some other guy is interested and wants a shag. So, er, anyone know why Motorhead are playing there?

My reply :-

This is easy. Motorhead are a gay band and all there fans are gay too!! Yes it's hard to believe it but it's true. Lemmy's 3000 or so notches are all a cover. So too are the fact that Phil and Mikkey are married with kids. I too have adopted the same tack ; married with two children but in reality I am, as we say in England a 'screaming uphill gardener' :-)

Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 17:47:00 PST
From: "Jonathan Dee" dee_tuned@hotmail.com
Subject: tabs, the damned, etc.

I haven't been able to get near e-mail in a while, so I haven't read this since this summer. I read that people can't get into motorhead.com, that sucks I was there earlier today to get some tabs for my band and I can't find it?! Where has it moved to? Also, I think I missed out on the OS t-shirt, can I still get one? Last time I intended to order was way back when I intended to see Motorhead at the Metropol in Pittsburgh, but then had to go to California. Anyway, I have recently discovered that the Lemster played a couple of shows with The Damned way back in '79 or so, can anyone help me find a bootleg of this? Also not to beat a dead horse, but Motorhead is just as good today as they ever were, I've been a fan for 6 years (since Bastards was still easy to find!!!)and their new material is just as good. I also like Mikkey Dee better, and not just cos he might be related to me! Oh by the way, if Lev Kalman's on here ,e-mail me I owe you tapes. Well, that was all a ramble, so I'll stop here.
-Jonathan Dee

My reply :-

I have looked high and low for a recording of these gigs but still to no avail. Motorhead were 'On Ice' for a while and Lemmy played a couple of gigs with Rat Scabies, Dave Vanian and Captain Sensible from punk band The Damned (the first Punk band to get a recoding contract and I think also to tour US!!) Incidentally they were billed as 'The Doomed'

**Ace: Sorry... shirts are all gone....

Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 12:49:19 EST
From: Ostichling@aol.com
Subject: kein thema

hello ace,

isnt it possible to release the tributes on cd,the real audio quality is not good enough to burn 'em and so we cannot add these fine versions of our favourites to our collection.would be nice,wouldn't it?

greetings & stay clean P.v.Schuckmann

**Ace: Working on it....

Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 22:41:35
From: Vronique Tot - Veronique.Tote@tvd.be
Subject: os : answer to jim robertson

My word on the MH line-up ... I'm a fan since 1980, never saw Eddie live though. I'm still a big fan, got bootlegs, see MH every year etc ... Y'oure right Jim, but there are some things to consider. First, remember the time when MH played with Eddie ? Other era mate ! For example, I discovered the Words Worth album in 1982 (Iron Fist and the hordes from
Hell !) and it shook me over completely (Keep us on the road is burried in my soul). Why ? Now I know it's because I discovered a part from MH : the young dudes Lemmy, Philty and Eddie trying to take the world. Lock up your daughters (1977), same thing ... (I mention these two, they're best known). From then on, I understood why I liked MH so much, though I can't explain ... I think it's mostly sympathy (as you know, a MH gig in those days wasn't that obvious) for the band, mocked at, laughed at etc ... They touched something inside of me and Lemmy kept amazing me day after day. He's a fighter, he inspired me ... The sound on those early bootlegs is raw, sometimes unbearable, but let me try to define it. There's Lemmy and Philty, hitting their instruments and ,surrounding that brutal attack, "grooves" Eddie, not trying to break that rythm section, just adding a feel, a touch, not overdoing it (you can see what I mean if you whatch an old video, see the anger in Lemmy, the more tempered and gracious Eddie). MH had some kind of "boogie" or "slide" ( just listen to the complete Bomber) and it always sounded like MH (Lemmy off course ). The best examples for me are Bite the bullet, The chase is better and Dirty Love... Eddie plays not a note too much, not a stroke too much ( just look at the tablatures of early and nowadays MH). When I hear those songs I get weak, nostalgic. But is it because of Eddie ? Probably. Second, have you listened to ELTEElse ? Well, every now and then I feel the same "boogie" as in the old days. Also, when I see Phil on stage, he's also not playing to many notes either ! He's just got another charachter than Eddie had. Third, Bastards to me is a good album, but yes it is heavy metal. I guess Lemmy just had to make it, and that's his right ! The songs are great and that's why I think it appeals so much to the younger people. In 1993 it was the best you could get in the scene. I sometimes wonder what We bring the shake, I'm your man, I am the sword and Devils would sound like in an Eddie line-up, something like Iron Horse or Shoot you in the back ? It may sound overproduced compared to Overkill or Aces of Spades but still : the songs are great. Same thing for 1916 : heavy metal. Phil just plays more aggressive than Eddie anyhow. He places his guitar part more in the songs than around it like Eddie ( that's my way of putting it in words). Conclusion : it will always be Lemmy-songs, the texture is Lemmy, the color may be different but that's any musician's good right. The overall is Motorhead ... There is so much more to tell about this subject but my English isn't that good and I don't want to bore anyone. Thanks for reading. NDL

Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 18:09:46 CST
From: "Kent Katovich" warpig82@hotmail.com
Subject: os: oi!

How come no one, in their list for favourite albums, listed No Sleep Til' Hammersmith among them. This album is a testament to one of the best live bands ever; one of the only live albums (along with Loco Live by the Ramones and Live at a Dive by D.I.) that lets the listener hear the true live show. And as far as Motorhead doing cover songs, they did do "Train Kept A-Rollin" which is a Yardbirds song.


From: "yaffa elling" yelling@sprint.ca
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 19:16:36

Hey ! It's been a long time since I received this list, something fucked up, and I got removed, I guess. In response to Jonathan Dee, the Damned and Motorhead, as well as nearly every early English (and some American )punk bands played with Motorhead on several occasions. I am a huge punk collector, and some interesting books about a lot of the shows way back when are "The Dairy of Punk" 1970-79 and the second issue 1980-82 (by George Gimarc, St. Martin's Press ISBN 0-312-11048-0). Of course that isn't where punk ended, and doesn't include everything. I heard that The Damned and Motorhead released a few singles together under the guise of " Motordamn" which I am desperately seeking , if anyone knows of one please tell me. there is one Damned album called "The Long lost Weekend "with "Over the Top" and 'Ballroom Blitz" (also released on the Damned single-chiswick 120-) and "Over The Top" on Wik 80 by Motordamn. This is basically the Damned with lemmy on bass. However, I think there were more Damned records with Lemmy on them, then this, although I may be wrong. There are a lot of Punk bands who released Motorhead covers over the years, you forgot Poison Idea's cover of "Motorhead", excellent, and Extreme Noise Terror did something, actually, those guys and Wurzel released a record together, but I forget the name they called themselves. Nearly every local punk/Hardcore band in every city I have ever been do a Motorhead cover, or two, as well, but often don't record it. Sons of Bronto, from Toronto do some wicked covers, at every show. It would be neat to do a tribute album of old bands' Motorhead covers, all on one record. Glad you didn't censor this forum Ace, it would have been a shame. What's with the Grammy nominee shit, and having to be a member, leaves a lot of real fans out of the picture don't you think? Motorhead deserve the Grammy, without a doubt, and probably a place of worship at that, but the Grammy's , as an organization, is a corporate music cop society if you ask me. They only want the opinions of "professionals", who in turn probably only like records that make millions of bucks, because somehow whoever they work for turns a profit out of it. It's pretty sad, I gotta say. Grammy or no Grammy, Motorhead are the best fucking band on earth!!! I like someone's idea of sending pictures in of each other, so we would recognize each other at shows, but I guess it won't matter, for me unless Motorhead gets back up here and plays Canada-HINT HINT!! Someone , a few mailing lists ago was curious about which songs Metallica played for Lemmy's 50th birthday, well they released a CD called the "Lemmy's" it's atrocious sound quality, and well, no one does it like Motorhead. The songs were:OverKill, Damage Case, Stone Dead Forever, Too Late Too Late, The Chase is Better then The Catch, The Road Crew, Overkill with Lemmy, and Happy Birthday, of course. The other 11 songs were done by Motorhead including a rare one called "Burner" Born to Raise Hell-Yaffa

Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 09:25:36
From: "Peter Andersson" peter.andersson@u.lrf.se
Subject: os - lemmys old secret sideproject?

Peter Andersson - Sweden. Hallo everyone! Im new to this list and was shocked to read that Ozzys "No More Tears" is actually a song written by Lemmy. Anyway that was how I interpret a message in #84. That is my favourite Ozzy song! (But Im a Motrhead fan first and always). Whatever the truth is in that, it brought back something i was woundering about back in the 80s. (Im an old bastard who has been into Motrhead since "Ace of Spades") I have/had this album from a band called MYOFIST. Released in 81 or 82. On A&M records if my memory serves me right. The albums titel is "Thunder in Rock" and the cover could just as well has been on Motrheads later coming "Iron Fist". The leadsinger isnt given away (and on a later album with the groupname shortened to FIST there is a new bandmember doing that job) but it sounds remarkingly, scaringly, very much like LEMMY!!!!!! Well, to me it does, but Im not a natural born english bastard (Hey! That would make a great Motrhead songtitle, wouldnt it?) so there might be some finer points that Im missing. The music is almost as heavy as Motorheads but with a keyboard as complement to the bass, drums, and guitar. Could this be a Lemmy sidejob? Remember that back in those days Motrheads longlasting glory wasnt obviously given. The first track on that album is called "Double or Nothing". The meaning inbetween the words in the lyrics is very close to the lyrics in "Ace of Spades". (To me it seems so anyway - I point that out again) And that could also be intrepeted as something along the line of; "If neither this or "Ace of Spades" work, Im done! And the first track on the B-side is called "Better way to go". We all know Lemmy might be the trickiest lyrics-writer ever. If he had a secret sideproject at that time, this is how I imagine he would have placed "the message" out to us future X-files detectives." One last thing, This was a favourite album of mine for at least a short while. I think I can even recall the listed bandmembers; Ron/Ronald Cherrier/Chenier, Jeff Nystrom, Bob Petersen/Pattersson & Ivan Tessier/Lessier. I might be wrong on all of those - its been a while - but it might help someone out there to set me up with the correct information about this "conspiracy theory". ;-) Take Bloody Care //

Peter Andersson - Sweden

Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 02:10:59 PST
From: "Marco Lindholm" rockmarco@hotmail.com
Subject: lemmy told me about the new album...

Hi Ace and other fellow Motorfreaks!
Greetings from Turku, where I just met Lemmy the other day! Yes, friends, my biggest dream came true. I'm gonna give you every detail about the fantastic meeting, but right now I don't have much time, so I'll just tell you what he told me about the new album. It's gonna be out in April, and it's (probably) gonna be called "We Are Motorhead". He said that some songs were finished already (they record it in Hamburg, but Lem puts on the vocals in USA), and he told me the name of one song; "One More Fuckin' Time". He said that this record is gonna be heavier than "Snake Bite Love", so I asked him if it's gonna be more like "Sacrifice", which he answered with a "yes, more like that". Isn't it great? We talked about a lot of things, but as I said I gotta hurry, so to end this letter I'll just tell you that we also talked about the OS list and about you, Ace, and he said that he thinks it's a great thing that we can meet other fans like this, etc. I'll tell you the whole story soon, but now I've gotta go.

Keep up the good work, mr. Trump!

Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 14:55:35
From: Gooda Edward - edward.gooda@winterthur.com
Subject: something for the weekly overnight sensation newsheet

Hi Ace,
Hope you are well. Tension mounts in the UK as Motorhead plans the invasion of the Astoria. Can't wait 'til Friday...

Please could you add this to the newsheet (unless you know the answer, of course...!)

I have been searching for a Motorhead belt buckle for years without luck. If anyone has one, please could you mail me with details of the serial number on the back so that I can get my hands on one. E-Mail edward.gooda@winterthur-int.co.uk

Ace - keep up the good work with the newsheet. A lot of work for little reward; well, I think you're doing a great job, so keep it up!!



Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 06:54:51
From: "Ellard Yow" eyow@gte.net
Subject: os: motorheadbangers, join seti!

Pure scientific research, why not? Like Ace says, it's not going to hurt your computer to run it all the time. Turn your monitor off. A CPU running on milliamps won't skyrocket your electricity bill. Maybe we will find some intelligent life out there. Maybe we won't. But it's worth a try, isn't? Ellard

**Ace: We have collectively donated over 3 years of CPU time so far. For details on joing, check out the LATEST NEWS section at http://www.imotorhead.com

Date: Thu, 02 Dec 1999 16:14:35
From: Reijo Venlinen - rvenalai@edu.espoo.fi
Subject: OS: Motorhead in Helsinki

Hi all folks,

Motorhead was in town 29th of November. We were in a bar drinking a couple of beers before the gig with my band mates. We just got the place when Lions Share (swedish heavy band) ends their set. So I can't comment about that. Dio played after them and they were OK (sounds were very good). Then Motorhead came and they played (not in perfect order); Bomber, No Class, Over your Shoulder, Civil War, The Chase is better.., I'm So Bad, Born to Raise Hell, Going to Brazil, Killed By Death, Sacrifice, Take The Blame, Iron Fist, Metropolis, Orgasmatron and encores Ace of Spades, Overkill. Sounds were also very good and it was the best gig I've seen for years! Manowar was the last and I watch only half of their set because I have already got what I've wanted. Couple of things more.. My working mate's boyfriend is working in McDonald's and he didn't believe his eyes when Lemmy & co came to eat there at monday evening before the gig. I would also like to be there at that moment..
Also finnish music program's (Jyrki) camera-man was at the gig and I think there are going to be something from Motorhead in television. Check the tv-programs in Finland!
Rock on!


Date: Sat, 04 Dec 1999 10:12:20 EST
From: "danny damien" danscards69@hotmail.com
Subject: re: os when are they comind down under again

great to get regular info on Motorhead the greatest band in the world. However if anybody has any contact with Lemmy and co please request that they again grace the shores of Australia. I was lucky enough to see them in 1984 and 1991 but eight years is a long time between visits so come on guys. By the way any news on new album name heard it was "we are motorhead" true? Also I read from time to time people getting all precious about when they did or did not become a motorhead fan -so what, I have been a fan since Ace of Spades came out, was introduced by older brother who bought Overkill, but so what? If your a fan your a fan, "time in" means nothing. cheers all from downunder

Date: Sat, 4 Dec 1999 20:02:56 -0000
From: "batt" batt@batt.screaming.net
Subject: os: astoria gig

I went to the astoria gig last night (friday 3rd dec). After all the recent postings about wether one line up is better than another, it was good to see them play and prove yet again Motorhead are just excellent live.All in all a top show even if it did seem a over a bit quick, wasn`t sure if it was a shorter show than normal or just whizzed by !. Shame they don`t play their title song "Motorhead" these days. keep up the good work ace

Date: Sat, 04 Dec 1999 20:15:33
From: Andy Fraser - afrase@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: things to check out

I just spent an evening doing the rounds, and I highly recommend the downloads from Sarmad's site. The video is rough but true. And the sound kicks. Also, if you haven't downloaded the stuff >from Oliver's site do it now. It is so cool to have a decent screensaaver and wallpaper. In addition, check out the links for the german uy who is doing the documentary on lemmy. I hope we get to see it. Paul

Date: Sun, 5 Dec 1999 20:36:01 +0300
From: "Capricorn" rock-n-roll@iname.com
Subject: os: lemmy guitars

I interested by the equipment with which Lemmy and Motorhead uses. Guitars, amplifiers. If who possesses the similar information - please write to me on E-Mail.

Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 01:09:39 -0000
From: "Jamie Moss" jamie@snaggletooth.freeserve.co.uk
Subject: astoria concert review

Motrhead concert review, The Astoria, London 3rd December - by Jamie Moss.

A tumultuous roar from the 1,600 strong crowd heralded the entrance of Lemmy and Phil Campbell, both sporting cowboy hats, onto the stage of the London Astoria, this Friday 3rd December. Lemmy stepped up to the microphone, apparently in a little discomfort, and hoarsly addressed the masses, "My voice is fucked! But we are STILL Motrhead and we're STILL gonna kick your ass!"

The format for the entire evening's set alternated superbly between the band's older material and tracks from more recent albums. Songs came fast and furious from the Overkill, Bomber and Ace of Spades albums, as well as from 1916, Bastards, Sacrifice, Overnight Sensation and the phenomenal Snakebite Love; all with a smattering of Iron Fist and Orgasmatron thrown in for taste!

With the pleasantries over, the band ripped straight into Bomber, which was promptly followed by No Class, to the delight of all Motrhead fans both young and old. The third track of the evening was the crushing Over your Shoulder from their 20th anniversary album Sacrifice, which, if memory serves, was then followed by Civil War. The mid section of the show consisted of a good selection of songs from Motrhead's newer 90's albums, suitably punctuated by some more "classic" tracks. Highlights from the newer material played during the evening consisted of a fantastic rendition of Sacrifice, with the most phenomenal drum solo by Mikkey Dee half way through, as well as the truly brutal Take the Blame. The set also included the fast paced I'm so Bad Baby I don't Care as well as the rocking Going to Brazil and Born to Raise Hell. Great cheers erupted from the crowd when Lemmy announced the golden oldie Metropolis, with a similar response greeting the band's playing of Iron Fist and the fantastic doom track Orgasmatron. Nothing up my Sleeve as well as Killed by Death were also present and of particular note amongst the older material was the inclusion of Dead Men Tell no Tales.

Phil Campbell's guitar work was a little indistinct at times but Lemmy's bass playing was triumphant throughout, the two 'Head-men complementing each other superbly with their on stage antics, joking, heckling the crowd and rocking their axes along side each other. Mikkey Dee remained throughout barely more than an incomprehensible blur of thrashing blonde hair. The man is a true master of the skins and more than deserves the title of "the greatest drummer in rock and roll", that Lemmy bestows upon him at the end of the show.

The set over, the stage lights drop, leaving just the small, red "on" lights of the many Marshall amplifiers glowing menacingly in the dark. But Motrhead are soon cheered back on stage to finish the evening with "Ace of Spades" and "Overkill", Lemmy strafing the crowd with his machine-gun bass.

If the above description sounds like that of a great show, then I must assure you that it was, getting the "X-Fest" of UK rock magazine "Kerrang" well under way. The audience was a mix of all ages and there was a decent amount of crowd surfing too. The only slight downer of the night being a few spineless individuals standing near the outside of the arena who decided to launch half full cans of beer into the moshing, headbanging masses and more ludicrously, onto the stage. Actions which prompted Lemmy to interdict with "Cut that out you little fuck! We're up on stage with the lights and you're throwing stuff, you're a real hero!" All in all, it was a brilliant way to start the weekend.

Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1999 05:06:12 -0800
From: "Robert N. Whitney" rwhitney@supernet.com
Subject: os: bastards


Two of my more current Motorhead favorites are off of Bastards "Death Or Glory" and "I Am The Sword". I have never heard Motorhead do either of these live at a show. Has anyone? I am still pounding away at SETI Ace but I can't catch anyone as they got a hell of a head start! My fault of course! Allot of fun but I'm driving my family crazy as we have a "SETI" watch to connect to the net as soon as someone discovers a completed unit. I don't have a proxy line.

Best wishes,

Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 16:21:30
From: Gooda Edward - edward.gooda@winterthur.com
Hi Ace,

After 14 months without a show, Motorhead landed last week at the London Astoria. I was able to grab a handful of tickets for Saturday night, their last show in London this year.

I met up with some of the guys in The George for a couple of beers first. There I met a fellow Motorheadbanger - 1801. Hi Dave!

Although the doors to the Astoria opened at 6.30, we didn't arrive until 8pm, thinking that Motorhead would hit the stage at about 9pm. However, as soon as we arrived, we were told that Motorhead would be starting early - at 8.10pm! We dashed to the front and tried to muscle in, only to find a wall of heaving, sweating bodies blocking our path. I managed to get one hand on the front rail, positioning myself between a couple of guys, ready for the big push. Before we knew it, the guys hit the stage. The rush of bodies propelled me to the front row, just in time for Bomber which was followed by No Class, I'm So Bad and then Over Your Shoulder. 'This one is from the Overnight Sensation album' blurted Lemmy. I gave a massive roar - Lemmy looked down at me - 'Oh, I see you bought it!' - Civil War. Then, Metropolis, Take the Blame, Overnight Sensation and Nothing up my Sleeve. Next, Lemmy introduced Skunk Anansie and Skin joined the band for Born to Raise Hell.

Back to the famous trio for Dead Men Smell Toe Nails, Sacrifice, Orgasmatron, Going to Brazil, Iron Fist and Killed By Death. By this time, I was completely fucked and one of the bouncers pulled me out of the crowd. I managed to find a tap, rehydrate myself and drag myself back to the front in time for the 2 encores - Ace of Spades and Overkill (of course) with Ace.

This was probably the quietest Motorhead gig that I have ever been to. Sunday morning, my ears weren't even ringing. Still, it was great fun.

You know how bouncers are normally mindless morons? Not at the Astoria on Saturday. The guys at the front had bottles of water which they were dishing out all evening. They even had seriously powerful water pistols, firing water into the crowd to cool them down. These guys were hero's.

The only disappointment was the total lack of merchandise. Some guy was selling T-shirts in the streets. I bought one but it was shit.

Roll on year 2000 - 25th anniversary will be the best ever.



Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1999 12:33:35 CST
From: "Maedabh Maedabh" cleannmaedabh@hotmail.com
Subject: motorhead in atlanta

ATTENTION:OS Iwent to the Atlanta show and it was one of the crowning achievments of my life. I have been a fan of motorhead for about ten yyears, but had never been able to see them in concert.(to have seen the allmighty Black Sabbath and Motorhead in the same year. Two of the four down.) The best part of the evening was when the guitarist from Nashville Pussy took us backstage to meet the band as a birthday gift for my best friend, josh. It was one of the best things that ever happened to us. It shocked the hell out of me thatr he had seen and remembered me from the concert! That was the absolute shit, man.
On another note, I thought that Impotent Sea Snakes put on a great show. yes it was more about the stage show than the music, but the music wasn't bad(they played one of the only"college rock" songs i like "These are People wh Died" By Mojo Nixon) and the stage show killed. naked women, industrial tools, candle wax, doggie biscuits, and the most awesome dominatrix on the planet, MADAM ZEDORA. Don't believe the bullshit you read on the band, check them out and decide for yourself.
Nashville pussy rocked. I loved their set. The best was when the guitarist came out in her Halloween costume. Ted Nugent with an added bra, unfortunatly. Complete with Compuond bow and arrows. Brautiful. Glucifer sucks. The guy looks like the singer from Smashmouth(dresses like him to) and tries to sing like Glenn Danzig. Loser. YOU SUCK! sUCK! SUCK! sUCK!


Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 16:45:00
From: Sarmad Sheikh - sarmadsheikh@compuserve.com
Subject: os: lemmy wanted groop dogdrill?

Good news !!!! I have the answer to the endless and boring arguments about who is the best drummer.

I managed to talk my Fiancee into coming with me to the Astoria last Friday, As she has always had the (Mistaken) impression that all Motorhead fans would look a lot like Hells Angels

Unsuprisingly (For us) she really enjoyed the show and without prompting asked if she could come to the next tour.
The revelation about this volte face came with the comment: " That Drummer is superb, he's the best I have ever seen." SO there we are, a new fan and one to answer the question which has plagued us for issues.
For the record, I loved the show, but then I knew I would ! I thought that the pa was very quiet, not that I minded, I thought it quite a new experience not being deaf for a couple of days.
I also say Cheers to Lemmy, even with the throat problem he had, he managed a full set, It did affect the in betweens but many bands would have cancelled , we should be grateful.
I was amazed he went a full set, there were some right twats in the audience throwing bottles / cans / plastic glasses, some of which went very close, Why can't these twats go and pick a fight with security.
IN answer to the guitarist / line up debate, I stand with Homer Ramone: We should enjoy the great stuff that they produce today rather than whine on about yesterday,

Ian (20 years a MH follower)

Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 13:48:13 -0000
From: "Joe Wormall" joe@jwormall.freeserve.co.uk
Subject: os cover it

May I take this opportunity to join in the debate of Motorhead Covering other peoples songs Being a head Fan at the beginning May I update you on several covers that Have lead Motorhead to where they are today. Motorhead the bands name is a cover of a Hawkwind song Louie Louie " Broke them into the Uk charts Leavin Here (Live) Gave them there first top 10 hit in the UK Please Don't Touch(with girlschool) Top 5 UK hit And not forgetting other true Fans favorites like "Train kept a rollin', city kids, Stand By your Man(with WOW) and not forgetting Lemmy's amazing cover of Blue Suede Shoes on an Elvis Tribute Album Mix that with Lemmy's live version of Good Golly Miss Molly on UK TV and every cover has its place. I agree Cat Scratch Fever is poor but covering old sixties songs in True Motorhead style still sends a shiver down my back. I'd love em to do Helter Skelter by the beatles Monster or what. Keep on rockin' Joe

Date: Wed, 08 Dec 1999 13:46:00 +0300
From: "Chad Hallman" ozzynut@hotmail.com
Subject: os: birthdays

It was a good idea about congratulations with the birthday, I already wrote my five cents into Lemmy's congratulations, but what about a past band members? I think Wurzel, Philthy, Fast Eddie are also responsible for what we call Motorhead, and we're ought to congratulate them also! If you don't have their addresses, you can create a special section on your website or
something like that.

All the best,
Artyom MHB 1916

**Ace: good idea. Any industrious fan want to send me the birthdays of all the members, past and present?

Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 19:32:43
From: silvia - silviag@ctv.es
Subject: lemmy's bullet donation 4-11

Earache Records is planning to put together a Time Capsule and the label wants suggestions of artifacts that would best encapsulate and describe METAL as we know it? What metal memorabilia deserves to be preserved for thousands of years? The label will also be enclosing unique original items donated by metal superstars themselves. Already confirmed are MOTORHEAD - Lemmy has generously donated his infamous bullet-belt! The time capsule will be approx. 2ft long and 1ft in diameter so there will be room only for the very best suggestions.

Date: 10 Dec 99 23:31:33 PST
From: Jamie Brown - sisterjulian@netscape.net
Subject: os: censorship, etc.

Hey, Ace - Keep up the good work, I really enjoy reading OS! It is a pleasant break from the mundane straight world, to read fellow Motorheadbangers' concert reviews, experiences and opinions. RE: censorship, I agree that some of the "contributions" have been ugly and pointless; HOWEVER, although I hate racism and meanness in general, what I hate even more, is fascism, i.e. censorship and the like. I prefer freedom of speech even though, on occasion, this allows some asshole to make nasty comments. Bottom line, the subscribers are mostly intelligent, thoughtful people and we can identify bullshit when we see it. We don't need fuckin' censorship!

I admit, I do tire of the endless debates: "that album sucked/ he is a better/worse drummer," etc. But, this seems to occur in all the rock fan newsletters that I have ever seen, maybe we just have to live with it.Z

Anybody going to the Metallica show in St. Pete, FL on 12/29?? My friends and I would like to meet other Motorhead fans. Send me an e-mail if you are going, and maybe we could all get together!

Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 18:00:15
From: Max Headroom - shluzas@softhome.net
Subject: os: dirty love... ha!

Well, I just bought that Dirty Love cd I mentioned a few issues ago. Then someone "corrected" me, telling me what the release isn't really all their b-sides. Well, whoever you are, you're wrong. Dirty Love is exactly what I said it was, along with a couple non-b-sides. Not much, but I finally have the ability to listen to every Motorhead song.

"Please select mode of death. You may choose either quick and painless, or slow and horrible."
"Uh, yeah, I'd like to make a collect call."
"You have selected: slow and horrible."
"Great choice..."

**Ace: Another Futurama fan! :-)

Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 09:42:01
From: "Stefan Andreas Sture" stefanas@russ.hiof.no
Subject: Re: Welcome to Overnight Sensation!

Nice to be here, I've been a fan since I bought the Chiswick release of Motrhead. Wonder how rare it is, it's from -77. And they are still my fave band. Hope to hear from anyone. Say hello to Lemmy from, I had the luck to meet him here in Norway back in -85 me thinks it was. No sleep til all drinks are drunk.

Stefan, stefanas@russ.hiof.no

Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 10:53:56 PST
From: "Not Lemmy" notlemmy@hotmail.com
Subject: the grammys 'n' other "awards"

I don't see why ANY metalheads should give half a soggy condom about the grammys or about any awards. First off, it aint what metal\rock 'n' roll is about. Secondly, even if it was, we've gotten pissed on often enough to tell them to go to hell. Thirdly, we don't need them or their fucking awards, we've gotten along just fine without their support, thank you very much. This is more an attempt to glorify themsleves. They finally realize what a great, important band Motorhead is and we're supposed to thank them for it? Fuck that. The arguement can be made that winning\being nominated for the grammys will bring MH much-deserved success and dollars, but really, I doubt that many people are gonna get into MH just because they win some award, and those who do, we probably wouldn't want anyway.
Even if they win, they should take a cue from Black Sabbath's handling of the Rock and Roll hall of fame's nomination of BS for induction and tell 'em to go to hell. Metal doesn't need their crap, and Metal doesn't fucking want it. DEATH TO POSERS!

**Ace: I guess the other side to this coin is that if they were to get a nod from the Grammys, there might be a bunch of people that have never heard of Motorhead that might be inspired to check them out. Thats a good thing, right?

Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 11:35:57
From: MCCARNA@uk.ibm.com
Subject: os : astoria london, saturday 4th.

Had a wonderful time at the Astoria gig on Saturday. Good crowd who made plenty of noise. Where I was standing the crowd sung Bomber louder than the PA!!!! The set list was full of stormers, I'm So Bad, Nothing Up My Sleeve, Iron Fist. Oh heaven this was...........I was particularly happy to hear Dead Men Smell Toe Nails. An old one which Lemmy said was so old even he couldn't remember it and he wrote it. I love the humour in this band. Phil asked if we wanted it louder. He said, Hobbsy, turn it up..............but not too much. We don't want blood all over the place' and when Lem was tuning his Bass he said that 'It was alright for Jazz'. The now regular London 'Friends & Family' section came in two parts toinght. Part 1 -> Nina from Skew and Skin from Skunk Anansie came on to sing backing on Born To Raise Hell. Part 2 -> Ace from Skunk joined in guitar on Overkill at the end. The set list was Bomber, No Class, I'm So Bad, Over You Shoulder (how do they play that rhythm?), Civil War, Metro, Take The Blame, Nothing Up My Sleeve, Born To Raise Hell, Dead Men Tell No Tails, Sacrifice, Orgasmatron, Iron Fist (surpise slot), Killed By Death then encores of Ace of Bloody Spades and Overkill.
Going To Brazil was also played but I didn't write it down.

I thouroughly enjoyed the night. I did see someone who looked like Sarmad carrying a bag. However the chap I saw didn't have crazy eyes and blood coming form his mouth so it couldn't have been him. anybody who has seen his web page will know whatI mean.

The only thing that dissapointed me was the dropping of the other new oldies (Too Late Too Late, Shine etc). I missed the October tour last year so probably won't get to see these tracks live, unless of course they are included in next years tour. Lem
did briefly mention that Motorhead would be ploughing the country next year, oh bliss..................... rgds,

Nic MHB 163.

Date: Sunt, 5 Dec 1999 05:27:00
From: Sarmad Sheikh - sarmadsheikh@compuserve.com
Subject: os: london astoria gigs



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