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Issue #84 - November 26, 1999

OS: Astoria
OS: MH playing covers
OS: testing Lemmy
OS: Orlando, FL Show (Late Review)
RE: Overnight Sensation Issue #83
OS: Paris fans
OS French Bangers in London
OS: RFD: rec.music.artists.motorhead
OS: Classic Line-ups
OS: reply to Rickard A./Hell On Earth
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #83
OS: Tabs, The Damned, etc.
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #83
OS: CDs with B-sides
Re: Welcome to Overnight Sensation!
OS: Censors
OS: Motorhead-sighting
OS: the Eleventh Commandment
OS: Top Fives!, Collector's Guide, etc.
OS: Concert
OS: Cds with b-sides
OS: Re: Special Motorhead Request
OS: Lemmy supports Groop Dogdrill !!!
OS: another MOTORHEAD tribute album
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #83
OS: Crazy Tatto
OS: Phil and Eddie
OS: "Lost In The Ozone"
OS: Let's get drunk and SKEW
OS: Re - Jay Cloyd's email
OS: Best Metal Single Voting
OS : Best Album
OS: PA-sound
OS: motorhead tribute
OS: London here we come!!!!
OS: Lemmy In Jail Babes Magazine


Date: November 26, 1999
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os:

Greetings Fellow Motorheadbangers!!

The Scandanavian shows seem to be going well... but i have not got many reviews yet... come on folks, let the rest of us hear how the band kick your town's ass!

A quick note on the special announcement that I sent out on Motorhead's potential nomination for the Grammys. I should have explained a little more... in order to vote, you have to be a member of the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. They are the body that awards the Grammys. I took a chance that some of you on this mailing list were members... and it turns out that there were a couple! If you are not a member of the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, there is nothing that you can do on this subject. Many of you also asked if I knew the single that was nominated... I do not. I will keep you posted as I learn more.

Lemmy disclosed the official title of his autobiography... White Line Fever. Simon & Schuster will publish next fall. That is all I know right now...


Well, we are quickly approaching Lemmy's next birthday. I would like to repeat last year's birthday card wished. If you would like to be included in OS Borthday Card for Lemmy, send your sentiments to my email address acetrump@bigfoot.com and make sure that the title reads OS: Lemmy's Birthday. I will compile them and fax them over to him when they are complete. We will do the same for Mikkey and Phil when their time comes.


Next year will mark Motorhead's 25th year. Any ideas on what we should do to celebrate?


One more try on the SETI front. We have 37 people now... I KNOW we can do WAAAAYYYY more. Imagine, if all of us participated, we would be able to contribute approx 26,400 hours (about 3 years, based on 12 hours a day) of computing time EVERY DAY! It is actually better for your computer's components to remain turned on, so why not contribute?

So, if you are interested in participating, just head on over to http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu and download the screen saver software that analyses the data from the radio telescopes. All the instructions and details are there.

Now, we want our rather loud voices to be heard! To this end, SETI also has allowed groups to combne the efforts of computer owners to show relative rankings in participation. In other words, who has crunched the most data! So, I have created a group for all of us Motorheadbangers! After you have signed up for the SETI@home project, mosey on over to the groups section located at http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/team_list.html. Once you are there, use the search engine to find the group called Motorheadbangers. Follow the instructions there on how to contribute your efforts to the group.

Lets show the world that Motorhead fans can do their part!


w/ Special Guests

Nov 29/99 FIN Helsinki - Icehall
Nov 30/99 EST Tallinn - Linnehall


Dec 3/99 London, England Astoria
Dec 4/99 London, England Astoria

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 16:41:57 -0000
From: "Dhira-lalita" dhira.lalita@virgin.net
Subject: astoria

Oi, I just heard that the Astoria in London is a gay club! Saturday night is usually shag tag night. Everyone going in has a tag with a number and during the night the DJ calls out a number. He calls the number coz some other guy is interested and wants a shag. So, er, anyone know why Motorhead are playing there?

Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 12:31:56
From: "delicat st" delicat@capital.net
Subject: os: mh playing covers

David Weinsier wrote: Play a cover You may say that MH should not lower themselves to playing covers

Ace & OS'ers,
Cover songs have never sat well with me personally, no matter who's doing them. I have always felt rather cheated when a band I'm there to see pulls out a cover. The whole point of going to a concert is because I am a big fan of THE BAND PLAYING. I don't usually give a toss for somebody else's songs at that time, no way! I was up in the pit for a killer Motorhead show back in '92, opening for Ozzy, and they played Hellraiser (to me an Ozzy song), Cat Scratch Fever (No No No No Ugh!!!) and You Better Run (which is essentially Hootchie Coochie Man with different lyrics) and I got rather upset and started yelling to them "PLAY MOTORHEAD SONGS!" Christ, they only had 45 precious minutes to play anyway, so don't waste a second! You see what I'm saying? Motorhead concerts are few and far between for the average fan so they shouldn't waste time on inferior material. But then that's just me...

Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 22:28:20 -0000
From: "Lesley Robinson" lkrobin@netcomuk.co.uk
Subject: testing lemmy

Hi Ace

Still reeling with excitement here in the UK after seeing Hawkwind perform "Silver Machine" in '72 on Terrestrial TV - only waited 19 years for this to be repeated! This has prompted me to see if anyone has a copy from Dec 88 of Lemmy on a British TV show called "Star Test" .

I'm sure it was shown on Christmas Day morning in '88; but we were all in such a mess from the night before in a famous Manchester Rock Club that nobody videoed it.

I'd really like to see it again if anyone can help.

Yours with thanks

Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 00:30:30
From: Eric - wbjrace@mindspring.com
Subject: orlando, fl show (late review)

It's been a week or so since I saw Motorhead at the House of Blues in the Disney Downtown area south of Orlando. Not a bad venue for a show, I've already seen Slayer and Judas Priest here so I thought the place supports the heavier bands, would you think? I got there in the middle of Glucifer's set so I can't really make any comment on them. Nashville Pussy, on the other hand, were great. Anybody into fast AC/DC mixed with punk should check into this band. However, things got out of hand. Some of you may remember when seein this band, the chick on the bass likes to blow flames like Gene Simmons. Well she did it and some dumbass who works at the H.O.B. came out on stage with a fire extinguisher, and tried to blow out the flame on her stick. Anyways, she did her flame throwing again, and this time he blew the flame out. Now, the H.O.B. management got mad and turned the P.A. off and ended the show. The guitarist chick kept playing in defiance of authority (I salute you) and the bass player threw her flame inducing wand at a bouncer in the front. Show ends, curtains close, and that was that. They did stick their heads through the curtains and got a great response. Disney Sucks! Disney Sucks! The chants went on since NP got thrown off stage and here comes Motorhead. Lemmy sez "We're Motorhead, and we're here to kick Disney's ASS!" "It's the last night of the tour, isn't it special? YES IT IS!!!!!" I couldn't believe it, they started with Bomber, and into No Class. The guys were trying to be fired up for the show since it was the last of the tour, but it seemed that they were tired. They gave it their best though.Not much to highlight here since I've seen Motorhead every time I could since Orgasmatron 86 tour (anybody remember the Warner Theater in Wash D.C.?) but it was great to see them do Dead Men..., Metropolis (one more time), and Mikee Dee do a solo. Disney Sucks! Disney Sucks! More chants for the encore. Nashville Pussy joined Motorhead onstage for a fast and raw version of Overkill. You could hear 3 guitars and 2 basses and lots of screaming. We don't get a lot of shows here inFlorida, but this seem was a good one. Philthy vs Mikee. I think Mikee has an awesom e sense of timing like Neal Peart (Rush) has. He is very precise. If you were to play live, it would help to have a drummer like Mikee to keep everything in time. I like Philthy because he is different. He has that 70's style like Keith Moon and Bill Ward, he has a sense of adventure. This guy refuses to play a normal rhythm when needed, but got the job done with style. In conclusion, Mikee has an incredible sense of timing (like a clock) but Philthy has amazing sense of groove and feel. One isn't better than the other!
You new fans out there, don't forget the old stuff. That's the reason many of us fot into Motorhead. Check out the Eddie Clark era stuff, which I believe is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 09:04:29
From: Denervaud Thierry - DenervaudT@Romande-Energie.ch
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #83

Dear Ace,
About your repeated call to join the CETI group, I just to tell you that I am very interested in participating. Unfortunately, I have no computer at home, I'm using the computer at work, and I can't use it for private purpose... Maybe that's the reason for other people to not participate.

Best regards.
Thierry MHB 342

Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 09:50:22
From: "deaf forever" bleedingears@hotmail.com
Subject: os: paris fans

>>Hi, we're five Mot-rhead fans coming out from Paris and we bought tickets for the show at Astoria in London (December >>4/99).

My advice would be to take the train - Eurostar - it's much easier. If you don't know London then it would be a nightmare to find your way around. Don't know where to stay but London has thousands of hotels at many different prices for you to choose from just look on the Web. As for Pubs .... the Astoria is right in the centre of London so you are spoilt for choice, but try a few pubs next to the venue itself ... this is where you will find the other fans before (and during!) the show. Be warned, the Astoria is small so Motorhead WILL really blow you away ... have fun.


Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 07:44:05
From: Mats Stromberg - speaking@swipnet.se
Subject: concert

Yesterday night! A very great show! Lemmy said so, Phil and Mikkey to! Even the spectators! Never heard them better! Regards, TinTin Gothenburg

Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 10:17:20 +0300
From: "Artyom Golew" artyom1916@mail.ru
Subject: os: cds with b-sides

Mr. Mastermind back on the track!
An answer to:
>From: CHRISTOPHER JOHN JENNINGS - chrisjen@deakin.edu.au
>I am wondering about is that is there an album of all the b
>sides etc that have been issued with the re issues
>From: Max Headroom - shluzas@softhome.net
>There's a cd of all the b-sides (I THINK it's all the b-sides) called Dirty Love.

Well ,Max, it's a small mistake,'Dirty Love' is not a compilation of b-sides,it's a rehearsal recording from Fast Eddie' archives(of'Ace Of Spades' era),a very interesting one,it has several not finished songs, some of them were never released further. As for the CDs containing the b-sides,there is one called 'From The Vaults' (1990,Sequel Records,Nex CD 136),it contains all the old Bronze b-sides,and for a very long time it was the only one CD compilation of b-sides that we could find. Also I highly recommend the Protect THe Innocent 4CD Box set ( 1997 Castle/Essential, ESF CD 562/GAS0000 562 ESF),it contains all hits and ALL the b-sides 1977-1992,and also has a very interesting booklet about Joe Petagno - about his works,interview with him,etc. All the best for everybody,
Artyom MHB1916

Date: 17 Nov 1999 00:57:07 -0800
From: Alejandro Hernandez - aonyate@altavista.com
Subject: os: re: special motorhead request

> Hello All--

Hello, then :)

> It is my understanding Motorhead is about a dozen votes
> shy of being nominated for a Grammy in the best metal single
> category. If you are a voting member, the vote would be greatly appreciated.

Well, I was just about to say 'count me in', when I realized what Grammy are all about. Do you think Mot-rhead should take part in all these business? As an european (in concrete, spanish), I see these awards like something focused in few american bands (Mot-rhead is an english band which migrated to the USA), and most of it is pop (boring) music. Most of the fans don't need no award for Lemmy and his mates to make it greater (and I include myself in): we are going to like this music deserves it or not. What Mot-rhead really needs is thousands of roaring fans screaming and having fun in arenas, don't you think (well, beer and whiskey too :)?

> If you are not a voting member... find someone who is and convince them! :-)

Well, I'll try my best, but read what I wrote before.

> Thanks for your time...
> Ace Trump

See ya.
Alex Hern·ndez

Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 09:59:39
From: "deaf forever" bleedingears@hotmail.com
Subject: os: lemmy supports groop dogdrill !!!

Folks ... just got this reply (see below) from the X-FEST organisers who are bringing Motorhead to London in December. It seems that Lemmy likes Groop Dogdrill .... perhaps he can comment on this and clear the matter up once and for all.

Anyway I think Groop Dogdrill are crap and they will not get a good reception in London ... just hope they are ready for it.


>>Dear Beserker,
>>While I happen to like Groop Dogdrill, I know that they didn't get the greatest reaction the last time they played with >>Mot-rhead.
>>Nevertheless, they are playing the X-Fest shows at Lemmy's personal invitation. If you're a 'Head fan you will doubtlessly >>know that attempting to argue with Lemmy is rather fruitless. He knows what he likes and what he wants. Right now he >>wants Dogdrill on the bill, so there you go. I hope this goes some way to explaining the machinations that occur behind
>>the scenes.

>>Phil A.

Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 14:29:07
From: silvia - silviag@ctv.es
Subject: os: maiden + motorhead

Does any of you have more information about this:

MAIDEN Festival Rumours Begin!
Reliable net sources say that both IRON MAIDEN and MOTORHEAD are confirmed for the next Dynamo Open Air in Eindhoven. As well, there are rumours that Maiden will headline Donington next summer, the first time the venue has been used since 1996, when KISS and OZZY OSBOURNE co-headlined. Maiden conquered Donington last in 1988 in front of 102,000 fans!

Christopher Zimmermann, touring bass player for Rammstein, was killed late last Tuesday in a plane crash. The accident happened around 7pm local time in the West Mexican state of Michoacan. Zimmerman was one of 13 passengers on board a DC-9 who were killed when the airplane exploded a few minutes after take off just outside Uruapan Airport.

On a brighter note, Rammstein's Richard Kruspe married his longtime girlfriend Caron Bernstein October, 29th in Montauk (Long Island).

Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 20:36:37 EST
From: Lazyjanitor@aol.com
Subject: another motorhead tribute album

There are alot more bands out there that have covered MOTORHEAD that you should take a listen to two that come to mind are THE HUMPERS--- motorhead and BATTALION OF SAINTS---- ace of spades. Just thought I'd put my
input,thanx for the time.
EDDIE AVALOS lazyjanitor@aol.com

Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 00:19:22
From: Jim Hassing - hassi001@email.umn.edu
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #83

Okay I am new so please go easy on me ! I think there is too much of the heavy on the best MOTORHEAD thing . I always thought greatly of them for being so differnt time from time so as to please ALL OF US FUCKING WIERD FOLKS ! If we all agreed then Lemmy and crew might get bored with us all and the same could be said for us too .

Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 12:20:11 +0300
From: "Artyom Golew" artyom1916@mail.ru
Subject: os: crazy tatto

Hi to all!
An answer to:

>From: Nofkngood@webtv.netX-WebTV-
>Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 16:14:52
>Subject: motorhead

>can you tell me what is writen in the banner on the cover of the hellrasier cd single .....I can't find one and need it fora tattoo

All the best for everybody, Artyom MHB1916

Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 16:11 +0000 (GMT Standard Time)
From: homer@cix.co.uk (Homer)
Subject: os: phil and eddie

>Motorhead. Sorry Phil your simply not in the same league and I think the length of time in the band without a sniff of a hit >sums it up. Motorhead

Nothing at all to do with the fact that hits and charts are complete bollocks and rigged to fuck anyway. I mean do people really buy the shit thats in the charts these days ? Let me sum up the bands in the UK charts right now...

Ball-less soul-less suckers of satans cock each and every one of them !
(Thank you to Bill Hicks for that class quote :-) )
Anyway bottom line is that anyone who feels they need to compare past and present band members should really get a life....
Homer Ramone

Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 14:53:36 PST
From: "Jonathan Dee" dee_tuned@hotmail.com
Subject: os: "lost in the ozone"

Hi all,
I need tablature or chords for the song "Lost In The Ozone". Motorhead.com isn't much help right now so if anyone has them please send them to me. Thanks. Oh by the way, Ace, sorry I didn't include OS in the subject of my last couple of e-mails, I never have been good at reading directions, won't happen again!

Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 08:49:21
From: Sarmad Sheikh - sarmadsheikh@compuserve.com
Subject: os: let's get drunk and skew

At the time of writing, tickets for Saturday 4th Dec are sold out. There are still places for Friday 3rd.
I'll be there so watch out for me! (photo on my web site).
Rock never dies!
Sarmad (MHB 1881)

Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 08:49:23
From: Sarmad Sheikh - sarmadsheikh@compuserve.com
Subject: os: re - jay cloyd's email

P.S. Send further information about this voting thing if I didn?t make it according to all the rules and regulations. I adore Motorhead!

Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 00:28:16 -0000
From: "Jim Robertson" jim@jrobertson37.freeserve.co.uk
Subject: os : best album

it now. Phil Campbell is not fit to lace Eddies boots - for those younger guys who think I am an old fart living in the past - Why dont the band play tracks like Iron Horse any more - simply they cant because they are a heavy metal band now. Eddie had moodiness and feeling in his guitar work , not simply speed and thrash - Phil Campbell has missed the point here - talented guy he may be - Motorhead guitarist he aint! For some of you younger guys who missed the early gigs listen to Words Worth / Take No Prisoners for example and try to appreciate how the band has changed. In addition listen to Larry Wallis guitar work and compare this to Eddies. This is the key. Eddie tried to keep the sound set before him . Others since have tried to turn the band into Metallica.Get hold of some bootlegs of the band at their peak and you will understand what I am saying - Glasgow 1982 is a classic. Lemmy is still a rock legend and a great songwriter but I will say again - change the guitarist. Jim Robertson ( mhb 150 - Alan Burridge - if youre reading this the subs on its way mate - honest! )

Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 03:14:58
From: "jonas josephsson" qoq081o@tninet.se
Subject: pa-sound

hey there!! i saw motorhead on the monsters of the millenium tour in norrkoping in sweden on friday the 19th of november, and, i have to say one thing, the PA-sound was not good , but the concert was really good from motorhead boys, and i have to say one thing to mikkey in swedish: ett tips: ifall ni ber nagra ur erat crew stalla sig pa ett par platser i den arena ni ska spela, och darifran avgora ifall PA-ljudet ar okej, ja da ar det bara att kora , for trum-ljudet dom hade rattat in nar ni spelade i norrkoping, det lat for javligt, var fanns ljudet pa bas-kaggarna??? , snalla mikkey, be eran PA-kille gora ett battre jobb!! mvh: jonas j ps.du ar skitvass!!!

Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 10:58:44
From: Clancy Blair - cbb11@psu.edu
Subject: motorhead tribute

Check out two more cool ones - Superchunk doing "Sister" on a 1990 4-song comp (I'm blanking on the label) and the Supersuckers straightup version of "Backstage Teenage Sex and Outrage" on their Empty Records 7" compilation. Absolute primo spew.

Lemmy, yourself and whomever are always welcome at my house for dinner! We've got a big house in central Pennsylvania and would seriously love to have you over to meet the family! I strongly encourage you to take up this offer next time Motorhead are touring the States. I grew up in Alabama and have been a fan of yours since the age of 14. I will be 39 next month. You were our favorite in Hawkwind and as soon as we heard you had another band in 1975 we started to hit the record shops with little to show for it - thanks to those shitheads at United Artists. But that's all water under the damn now, right - HA HA!!!!

I caught the Irving Plaza (awesome) and Jaxx Nightclub (shitty PA) shows on this last tour.
Come back soon!

Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 03:22:48
From: "Mario en Patricia" mario@x-flies.demon.nl
Subject: os: london here we come!!!!

Just a few days left and then i will fly off again to London to see Lemmy & Co live again. This is gonna be the third time in 3 years me and my mate Pim visit England to see Motorhead live. 3 years ago we visited the shows in Cambridge, Portsmouth and Brixton (London). Last year we went over for just one show in Brixton again. Why???? There are 2 reasons:
1: Motorhead isn't visiting The Netherlands every year and we need our yearly Lemmy vitamins!!
2: The audience in England is much better than the Dutch crowd!!
Next week we will be at both Astoria shows, hope to see you all over there!! We will be wearing our mailing list T-shirts. Cheers. Mario "Trash Lemmy" van Dooren P.S. Which band is playing as support?????

Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 22:27:25
From: Andrew and Risa - medusa@akula.com
Subject: os: lemmy in jail babes magazine

You can thank my bud Bob Gacovino ( - bab333@netzero.net) for lending me a copy of Jail Babes magazine which features a spread with Lemmy and a couple of sluts. I was gonna link up to it on my Motorhead picture page but didnt want to have prOn on my page and the spectre of copyright infringment (don't want to sued by Larry Flynnt) so they are up there as a zip file which can be downloaded and enjoyed at your leisure. Those of you that cant download them email me and I will send them to you a different way. They are classic!!!

Here's the link

Motorhead at Lamours:

They will only be up on my site for a week or so after this message first appears on the OS list.

der Hohepunkt des Ganzens..........die Explosion im Festspielhaus
Lair of the Gorgon: http://www.akula.com/~medusa
Medusa and Stheno's Candid Quakeworld Camera: http://www.gibbed.com/medusa
3Dfx Quake Screenshots: http://www.akula.com/~medusa/3dfx/3dfx.htm


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