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Issue #80 - October 15, 1999

OS: Coverkill
OS: well..
OS: Dumbass
OS: we will rock you!
OS: RE: Overnight Sensation Issue #79
OS: TLA tourdate
OS: NO Censor
OS: censoring and Gustavo.
OS: censor plus other stuff
OS: cencorship
OS: Lemmy's book
OS: censor
OS: Motorhead Rocked Denver
OS: hello peole
OS: Censor
OS: Motorhead in Atlanta
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #79
OS: ace of spades in razor ad!?!
OS Mikki Dee
os: answer
os: answers and gustavo
OS: Motorhead Drummers
OS: Censor
OS: Censor
OS: Gustavo's mail on OS #78
OS: Mot˘rhead Promotion Box
OS: Philly Tour date
OS: Censor
OS: Censorship
OS: march or die, drummers and other shit...
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #79
os: censor
OS: M'head and N' Pussy rock MPLS!
OS: Iron Fist Ltd edition *heavy*
OS: head liner
OS: Please teach me.
OS: Built for Speed
OS: Beer Drinkers, motorhead.com, ...
OS: gustavo & all that shit!!
OS: Censor
OS: Whinging Bastards
OS: censor
O.S censorship..
OS: censor
OS : Coverkill & Slim Jim.


Date: October 15, 1999
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: coverkill

Greetings Friends!!

Aaaaa... winter is truly almost upon us. I am fortunate enough to live in an area that gets VERY little snow... but today I can feel it in my bones. The issue of censorship on the OS list was one that really brought a lot of response from you all. Check out the various opinions sprinkled throughout this post.

One bit of really cool news, Overkill is about to release a new CD called Coverkill where they cover lots of different songs from the likes of Kiss, Sex Pistols, Judas Priest, Ramones and more! The first track is, you guested it, Overkill. In the liner notes, Overkill had this to say about the track:

"I think that this one is self explainitory. When looking for a moniker we wanted something that was descriptive to our perception of presentation. We were standing on the street after rehersal, drinking beer and listening to Motorhead..."only way to feel the noise, is when it's good & loud"!!!... the birth.

"I once read a quote that said there are really only two bands. Motorhead and the Ramones! Not too far off."

It is a REALLY cool album well worth your $$$.


New items will be added soon including signed "Everything Louder" and "Snake Bite Love" posters. Check it out!


Well, the second internet tribute to the loudest band in the world is well underway! We have lots and lots of bands participating and I think it may be even better then the last one! As you know.. that is a VERY tall order considering the talent and style of the first go-round. Here is a preview of some of the tracks that are gong to be submited:

Slugtrail Metropolis
Luca Brazzi Rock and Roll
Impact Machine Sex and Outrage
Psycho Squad 1916
The Syre (Haven't Picked Song Yet)
Harsh Reality Sacrifice
Acid Wench (Haven't Picked Song Yet)
Gbats Motorhead
Nova Express Stay Clean
Raw Deal (Haven't Picked Song Yet)
The Hostages Emergency

As you can see, we have lots of bands that have already said they would like to take part. But, we need more! I KNOW that they are lots of talented bands out there... let the world hear you pay homage to the greatest band that ever stalked a stage. I would also like to extend an invitation to any of the bands that participated in the first tribute to submit a new track for the second one.

I have already had several bands email their interest... but we need more. If you are interested, please send me an email to acetrump@bigfoot.com. Make sure that subject of the email is "OS Tribute 2". I will send out a seperate email to the bands with details about the project so that it doesn't clutter up the list.


Alright! We are up to 26 members of the Motorheadbangers SETI group.... and we have collectively contributed nearly 1 year of computing time. But I know that we can do WAY more! Compared to the size of the list, only 1% of us are participating in this adventure. What have you got to lose? Join in the fun and let's make our mark.

So, if you are interested in participating, just head on over to http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu and download the screen saver software that analyses the data from the radio telescopes. All the instructions and details are there.

Now, we want our rather loud voices to be heard! To this end, SETI also has allowed groups to combne the efforts of computer owners to show relative rankings in participation. In other words, who has crunched the most data! So, I have created a group for all of us Motorheadbangers! After you have signed up for the SETI@home project, mosey on over to the groups section located at http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/team_list.html. Once you are there, use the search engine to find the group called Motorheadbangers. Follow the instructions there on how to contribute your efforts to the group.

Lets show the world that Motorhead fans can do their part!


Tue Oct 19 Cincinnati, OH Annie's
Thu Oct 21 Riviera Beach, MD Daytona's
Fri Oct 22 Brooklyn, NY Lamour
Sat Oct 23 San Francisco, CA Cow Palace
Tue Oct 26 Boston, MA Axis
Wed Oct 27 Portland, ME Asylum
Thu Oct 28 Philadelphia, PA Theatre of Living Arts ????
Fri Oct 29 Springfield, VA Jaxx Nightclub
Sat Oct 30 Hermitage, TN Nashville Shores
Sun Oct 31 Atlanta, GA Masquerade
Tue Nov 02 Ybor City, FL The Masquerade
Wed Nov 03 Lake Buena Vista, FL House of Blues
Thu Nov 04 TBA TBA

w/ Special Guests

Nov 09/99 DK Copenhagen - KB Hall
Nov 10/99 S Malmoe - Baltic Hall
Nov 12/99 S Hńlsingbro - Sportshallen
Nov 13/99 S Borlńnge - Kupolen
Nov 14/99 S Vaxjo - Strandbj˘rkshallen
Nov 16/99 S Gothenburg - Liesebergshallen
Nov 18/99 S Stockholm - Solnahallen
Nov 19/99 S Norrkoping - Himmelstalundshallen
Nov 20/99 S Karlskoga - Nobelhallen
Nov 21/99 S Sundsvall - Nordichallen
Nov 23/99 S Umea - Sportshallen
Nov 24/99 S Lulea - Arkushallen
Nov 26/99 FIN Oulu - Icehall
Nov 27/99 FIN Turku - Elus§ Arena
Nov 29/99 FIN Helsinki - Icehall
Nov 30/99 EST Tallinn - Linnehall


Dec 3/99 London, England Astoria
Dec 4/99 London, England Astoria

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: Sat, 9 Oct 1999 16:26:30 -0300
From: "Gustavo" overkill@bhmail.com.br
Subject: os: well..

Well, Mike lemster is an Wood pecker beginner. I think our mail ( I forgot to include my friend Marcelo, other Motorhead maniac in the credits for the "fuck all amateurs"mail) struke hard in his beginner heart (mike lemster), that he doesn't want to hear us anymore (Censorship hauhauahaua, you sissy). Changing the subject, well, we really like the overnight sensation, we just don't agree to some points of view of some amateurs that say a lot of bullshit about Motorhead. But we understand you, and we're pleased that you deal with our mail with some respect (dislike of mike lemster), since we didn't point at none of your faces. And we're ain't saying that all of the subscripters of Overnight Sensation Issue are woodpeckers like mike lemster, just the clowns like him (I think is the minority). And you know who you are.

**Ace: I did not post the second email from Gustavo only because it was peppered with racial slurs. Please refrain from this sort of bullshit... I WILL NOT POST RACIAL SLURS!

Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 13:45:56
From: "*" benos@clam.rutgers.edu
Subject: os: dumbass

Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 15:32:19 -0300
From: "Gustavo" overkill@bhmail.com.br
Subject: os: reply to "mike lemster"

Your mail made us laugh...but I don't have time to read it entirely. A debilized text like that never will change my mind and the mind of the real motorheadbanger, your ignorant beginner. Well, Mickey Mouse Dee isn't worthless, Lemmy can build a theme park called Deesnayland, or something. He can and put some clouwns, too, just like you, (your mail really made us laugh!) that defend mikkey dee as best than ANIMAL.

ps. you may shut up. Brasil and Mot˘rhead aren't bones to stay in mouth of a loser dog.

Do us all a favor-- learn to type intelligible English before posting your worthless drivel.

Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 19:01:30
From: alain poncelet - poncelet.alain@skynet.be
Subject: OS: we will rock you!

hello Ace,
hello Mot˘rhead fans,

I recently found "A Tribute To Queen - Dragon Attack" CD and guess who is singing on "Tie Your Mother Down" ? Yes, Lemmy himself! Ted Nugent is playing guitar. This cover kicks ass ! Other musicians playing on that tribute: Marty Friedman, James LaBrie, Carmine Appice, John Petrucci, Bob & Bruce Kulick, Eric Singer, Glenn Hughes, Jake E. Lee, Yngewie Malmsteen, Paul Shortino, Scott Ian .... Interesting !


Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 16:19:42
From: "LeDuc, Robert J." rjl@sandw.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #79

Great newsletter! Regarding the "recent" fans not knowing what Motorhead is all about, I have been a fan since 1982 and love where the band has gone in the 90s, in particular Overnight Sensation. Lemmy RULES!

Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 17:27:51
From: antisocial@blazenet.net
Subject: os: tla tourdate

Hey Ace,
Just checked out the TLA website and it has some dude named Warren Zevon(wtf!?) scheduled for Oct. 28th... what gives? Did this guy bail and Motorhead is now on the agenda? I hope so... I'd love to see Motorhead AND Nashville Pussy at the same time.

Stay Clean,

"I'm standing on the ground, I'm clawing at the sky,
I know nothing lasts forever, Soon I'm gonna die
I'm a drop in an ocean of water, Day don't stay long, they grow shorter
Gonna finish what I've begun, Gotta grab it now before it's gone"
"I'm True"

Ace: I post what management gives me.... I cannot confirm this show...

Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 18:52:11 -0300
From: "Alpendre" alpendre@mandic.com.br
Subject: os: no censor

Hello there. Everybody, including me, showed the yellow card to Crazy Gustavo >from Brazil. There were so much yellow cards that the guy would be more yellow-colored than Ronaldo '98. No censor please. And this pissin'-off-each-other fashion will be gone fast, as all fashions do ;-) In response to the almost-equally crazy Mike Lemster from Russia (and I won't ever offend the country where vodka comes from), I think the PROBLEM with my compatriot is TOTAL LACK of CAIPIRINHA, which is a top ten blessing from God. The first three are Women, Rock 'n' Roll & Football soccer. So for Goodness sake don't ever say anything against this country, except of course for our politicians (who are even worse than yours, I admit) and for the media, a real big piece of crap. For my part, I will always respect your nation and, more important, the beverage!!! But where did you learn some words you said in slang portuguese? "CagalhŠo", "beija minha bunda" and "chupa meu caralho" were kind of bizarre fun. Congratulations. PEOPLE LETS STOP THE WAR: We gotta finsh right now all this talkin' shit of each other and just celebrate! Motorhead has a maximum house-rockin' album doin well in the streets and we are 2000 plus. Just before 2000 a.d.!!! Good old Mark Farner said "So when you know what you got, let everybody know you got the Rock 'n' Roll soul". Ace, I propose we organize a soccer match with Motorhead fans from all around the world to give an end to all this chickenish fussin' and fightin' which has nothing to do with the strenght of the band. The match will be played at the Wembley in London, a location of easy access to me >from Brazil, the mad fella Mike Lemster and others from Russia, the Aussie brothers and sisters (hello!) etc, etc. Each team will have players from all parts of the planet. Ace should be the referee. I have already the name "Motorhead" stamped small size in my local team's uniform. Just me in the team, of course. Crazy Gustavo, how could you send a reply to Mike before OS 79 came out? All the best for all you 2000+ out there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ace: Sounds like a GREAT idea! Count me in...

Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 17:12:23 CDT
From: "Kelly Harrison" outlawrebel76@hotmail.com
Subject: os: censoring and gustavo.

Hey Ace and Everybody. With what was said by Gustavo and about him, I don't think he or the idiots like him need to be censored. I do think that flames, like the guy who responded to him so viciously on list should be. I think we need to leave that childish stuff to private emails. Obviously this Gustavo guy is dumb and stuck in the past. If you want to flame him and call him a moron and sundry other contemptous and profane names, do it to his face. It's not like he won't get your mail address anyway. That's just my opinion. Laters, Kelly

Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 16:06:49
From: "Stuart Fleming" stuartfleming@hotmail.com
Subject: os: censor plus other stuff

Hi all,
First off, Ace Idont think censorship should be a part of the list, it just grates too much with me. If people have something to say then they will say it, maybe when they read the replies they will change their mind (maybe not). Either way you cant say you dont want to hear something just cause you dont like it, if that was the case would bands like motorhead even exist? Anyway thats all I have to say on that. I have always found motorhead tab (bass and guitar) on http://www.olga.net, some of the links dont work anymore due to the legal crap they went through but you can still find alot of stuff there (not necissarily accurate but sometimes it is). Also I wrote to several promotion companies down here recently (Australia that is), got no reply from some but michael coppel did respond to tell me they weren't interested in bringing MH out here. The thing is that on their web site there is a form that you can fill out with three bands that you would like to see tour here, it wasnt workin when i was there but it might be now, so all you Australian and New Zealand MH fans get on the site and let them know the support the band has over here then they may change their minds (they are the same people who brought out the damned in 97 so the refusal cant be due to the type of music but the lack of interest from their point of view). Ok this post has gotten kinda long but there were afew things I needed to say.
See yaz

Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 21:10:59
From: antisocial@blazenet.net
Subject: os: cencorship

Ok, here goes:
I think there should be MODERATE censorship on OS. This does NOT mean censoring anything someone may find offensive to readers or the band themselves, just anything that is completely pointless. While Mr. Gustavo's post was offensive, and a lot of Motorheadbangers voiced their opinions on this, I believe Mr. Gustavo should have the right to voice his opinions no matter how unpopular they may be. Now, if someone where to post something to the effect of "All you people are pussies! Lemmy eats shit!" This should be censored. It is pointless and just detracts from the overall content of the list. It offers no actual points, or information on Motorhead, and it basically just a random, juvenile, and as stated previously, pointless flame. Censoring things to make the content more readable and enjoyable is one thing. Censoring things purely because someone might find them offensive is another thing entirely.
Stay Clean,

"I'm standing on the ground, I'm clawing at the sky,
I know nothing lasts forever, Soon I'm gonna die
I'm a drop in an ocean of water, Day don't stay long, they grow shorter
Gonna finish what I've begun, Gotta grab it now before it's gone"
"I'm True"

Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 21:43:14
From: "David H. Hultgren" dhmusic@warwick.net
Subject: os: lemmy's book

Hi Ace,

The Overnight Sensation shirt is awesome! Is there a release date on Lemmy's biography yet? And what will he call it? Is Lemmy going to be at local bookstores signing copies? Or will the book be sold directly through the official website? It would be cool to se if Lemmy actually does a book on tape version of the book where he reads. Motorhead's recordings have always been top notch, and I've always loved the overall SOUND, not giving preference to anyone. Although why did they let Fast Eddie sing on "Step Down?" YUk.
Motorhead is one of those bands that socks you in the head and makes you wonder "Where have I been all these years?" Motorhead is my favorite band because Lemmy gives his all, the band gives its all, he does not write cliches, and best of all it is loud and in your face! Nuff said. You cannot say that about too many bands anymore, especially ones who get the sophomore syndrome after hitting the jackpot. By the way some interesting trivia--IN "Sleeper" a woody allen film, there is a futuristic machine called an "Orgasmatron".

gotta Motorvate

Ace: Last time I talked to Lemmy about the book, he said it would be out "sometime in 2000". I am sure that we will sell copies on the website.

Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 22:43:56
From: "Ben Deschamps" aelfric@home.com
Subject: os: censor

Well, I realize that it's probably a rhetorical question, but of course it would be foolish of you to censor the list, Ace. The last issue proved quite well how the community can come together and express its opinion when someone goes against the predominant social mores. So the answer is really in the whole Motorhead ethos: we are not stupid sheep and we can stand up and speak for ourselves; unfortunately freedom of speech is occasionally freedom of idiocy, but what the hell? The rest of us aren't idiots. We can - and must - continue to make up our own minds as to what is acceptable in our forum.
Ben Deschamps.

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 04:00:33
From: "Frank E. Savage" tinman23@hotmail.com
Subject: motorhead rocked denver

Got the chance to catch the mighty Motorhead last week in Denver. Yes, I wore the OS T-Shirt too! Came just in time too, got it the day before the show. Don't understand all the complaining about Motorhead not playing hometowns of the fans, I drove 6 1/2 hours ONE WAY to see Motorhead. It was worth the drive and I'd do it again given the chance. Hoped to get an autograph but.... maybe next time!?! About drummers being better than others - each one is talented in their own right, accept them for who they are and give them thanks for contributing their talents to give us great music. This goes just as well for guitarists and bass players too. All for now.
'Till next...


Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 10:06:34
From: "Robu Emanuel" emiuk7@hotmail.com
Subject: hello peole

hi to everyone, who wanna talk thru mail with me ??? a motorhead lover ...??!!

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 12:10:16
From: "Marco" moto.classica@connectfree.co.uk
Subject: "os: censor".

>I dare to say
>that you're supposed to keep some kind of :.. hhhhmm

>Too all of you, let me know your opinions... send an
>email to acetrump@bigfoot.com witht eh subject being "OS: Censor".
>Let me know if you want me to poilce these things more.... its your list, time to be heard.

1) Do not censor Jack Shit
2) Better to spark a reaction than none at all
3) Give me the whole info, I have my own brain
4) The truth is never on one side only
5) Always speak your mind

rock on

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 07:29:06
From: "David Weinsier" dweinsier@mindspring.com
Subject: os: motorhead in atlanta

No better way to spend Halloween than with Motorhead. Lock up your daughters, Atlanta!

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 11:20:07
From: "John Nicholson" John_Nicholson@notes.teradyne.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #79

Hi Ace-

Just want to vote that you should not become the censor for this list. I prefer to read uncensored postings, even if they are offensive, than to have you edit them out. Thanks for the heads up on the new tour dates, I hope to get to either Boston or Portland, Maine. I will let you know how the show turns out.

John Nicholson
New Hampshire

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 18:12:25
From: "Ketil Svendsen" ketil.svendsen@fiskaren.nhst.no
Subject: OS: ace of spades in razor ad!?!

hi all!
today i watched TV (by some strange reason), and found myself listening to an ad for some razor product http://www.ruud-rye.com/ ...to my surprise the ad's "jingle" was "ace of spades", original version..... i think the company is norwegian (as myself ;-) ....but i wonder: do they have permission to do this? i'm still shocked to have heared iggy's "passenger" in a clothes ad..... but lemmy and the boys - hmmmmmm..... i didn't like that at all. forced prostitution?

ketil svendsen,

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 11:59:25 (CDT)
From: ShanDelux@webtv.net (Shannon Jones)
Subject: os mikki dee

MIME-Version: 1.0 (WebTV)

Mikki Dee Rules! How in the cornbread hell could anybody think he sucks? No way! His drumming is hotter than a set of 2 dollar pawn shop jumper cables! He has worked in many bands just like Tommy Aldridge , and he is a very requested drummer like Tommy. Dig out some of your old King Diamond CD's and see what I mean.

Shan Man

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 19:07:05
From: silvia - silviag@ctv.es
Subject: os: answer

>From Jason Loxam - lammy@home.com
does anyone know what label the "Built for Speed" tribute/comp was on?

Built from speed was released by Victory Recs. At least that's what it says in the Cd i bought here in Spain. Their web address is http://www.victoryrecords.com
And, about Mot˘rhead playing in Canada, weren't they gonna play this month a couple of shows over there?

Silvixxx, the Queen of Spades

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 19:46:33
From: silvia - silviag@ctv.es
Subject: os: answers and gustavo

>From Jason Loxam - lammy@home.com
does anyone know what label the "Built for Speed" tribute/comp was on?

Built from speed was released by Victory Recs. At least that's what it says in the Cd I bought here in Spain. Their web address is http://www.victoryrecords.com And, about Mot˘rhead playing in Canada, weren't they gonna play this month a couple of shows over there?

Finally, I totally agree with the definition "Max Headroom" shluzas@hotmail.com gave about the motherf*****r who wrote the stupid mail about who's better Philthy or Mikkey and, Mot˘rhead not being as good, heavy and powerful as before. As Max said, you guy are a Mot˘rnostalic. Shame on you, 'cause although you may think you're a real Mot˘rhead fan, you are their worst enemy. People like you are the ones that kill a wonderful band like Mot˘r. Instead of helping them, you and your groundless criticism are preventing them from selling records. And, if they don't sell records, they can survive as a band. As you can see, you're fucking around with the future of my favorite band and, doing so, you're fucking around with me. If they disappear, I won't be able to enjoy their gigs anymore. Too bad. To end, don't come to me with that bullshit about "the old fans". I'm 30 and I saw my first Mot˘rhead concert when I was 16. I've been since then (14 years) following the band's career. About this: "I think the drugs made Lemmy's brain decay" You jerk, Lemmy and I have been close friends since 1991. I know him better than you'll ever know your mother. Lemmy's brain is one of the clearest and healthiest brains I've ever seen in my life. With drugs or without them, I hope that by the time I'm his age I can keep my brain so sane, my memory so untouched and whole body in such a great condition as he's done. That's all Gustavo. I hope even though you've got a Spanish name, you don't live in Spain 'cause I don't want you around me.

Silvixxx, the Queen of Spades

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 15:03:50
From: "John Fetzeck" jfetzeck@mindspring.com
Subject: motorhead drummers

Maybe I'm missing something here, but to see someone saying that Mikkey Dee is a lowsey drummer, is an ass!!! I guess they've never listened to King Diamond's first few albums. Or ever seen Motorhead in concert with Mikkey Dee. Man, Mr. Dee ranks up there with Scott Travis of Judas Priest and even Lars Ulrich. Oh, maybe that person knows nothing about drumming.......

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 22:46:35 +0300
From: Kabouroglou Gregory - zouz@dissoft.gr
Subject: os: censor

Hi Ace...
Sometimes when discussion comes to the Web, i always stand for the opinion that Web is probably the last place that Authority cannot control and censor (YET) just because the structure of it doesn't permit it. Regardless of anyones' thought on subjects like authority and organized state i think we all agree that freedom of speech* along with the ease of communication, are the two things that made the Web what it is nowadays. If the things someday, stop working this way, speaking for myself, i can't find a single reason to keep getting involved with it. And by the way, the guy(s) who suggested you to start censoring the list, doesn't differ much from the guy(s) who "forced" them to do it...Keep on...

Best Regards
Greg "Zouzounos"
PS: I should probably exclude scum like the Neo-Nazis for reasons that seem obvious but are not the main subject here...

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 17:23:50
From: Jim Robertson - JimRobertson2@compuserve.com
Subject: os

Hey Ace and the OS group,

This is a great forum where everybody who wants to be heard can be heard.

I don't necessarily always agree with the things that I read here. I do respect the fact that Ace allows everyone to state their opinion. I thought that's what this newsletter was all about.

We in the US are proud of our right to the Freedom of Speech. We have gone to war to protect that right. Let's not undermine that right by censoring what our friends have to say...

(I think I hear the "Star Spangled Banner" playing in the background)

I actually enjoyed reading the article from Oliver which, unless I'm wrong, has fired up some of our community. He has his right to his opinion, just as you have a right to yours and I have a right to mine. I don't know if I would take the time to read each issue if they were all pretty and glowing praises to our favorite band. The thought of it makes me want to puke.

I bought my first Motorhead Album around 20 years ago. There was no such thing as a Compact Disc back then. I saw Motorhead with Fast Eddie and Philthy. I saw Motorhead with Brian and Philthy. I saw Motorhead with and without Wurzel. As much as I miss the original group from long ago, and I enjoy the group of today, I can't wait to see the group of tomorrow. To me it's all MOTORHEAD.

People come and people go and that's what life is all about. I'm glad they try different things. How boring would it be if we got the same thing over and over and over again???

One other thing to ponder...As a musician I make music that I enjoy and want to hear for MYSELF...If you enjoy it then I'm happy to share it with you...If you don't then go SOMEWHERE ELSE!

Now, if anybody out there wants flame me for wasting some of the OS bandwidth please do so and please call me all the names in the book. (Ass Hole, Bastard, etc. etc...) To a true Motorhead fan that is nothing more than a compliment. If you really want to hurt my feelings then call me a nice guy.

So rock on Oliver and enjoy the Motorhead of old. I too enjoy the old Motorhead and tomorrow, Tuesday October 12, I'll be enjoying the Motorhead of today live in Minneapolis at First Avenue as well.

Ace, you have too much to do to be playing Big Brother!!!

the one,
the only,
the dirtbag

I have been a subscriber to Overnight Sensation since about it's creation (could you check when I started my subscription Ace???) and this is the first time I have gotten off my lazy ass and taken the time to put my thoughts in print. As you can probably tell I haven't any thoughts left, so thanks Oliver...

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 15:31:09
From: Jan Erik Selo - janerise@eunet.no
Subject: os: mot˘rhead promotion box

Encoding: 14 TEXT

I have a Motorhead promotion box from 1981 for sale. The box is black with Motvrhead printed in"silver". It contains the Girlschool/Motvrhead 10",the 3 first LPs, a VHS videocassette, an audio interview cassette, pressinformation, b/w picture, an A-4 format logo and 2 photos (negatives). All in top condition. I don't know what it might be worth so if anybody is interested
they can send me an offer : janerise@eunet.no

Jan Erik S╚lŽ
Fjellstrandveien 23
1458 Norway

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 11:03:57
From: "paul grogan" pgrogan63@hotmail.com
Subject: re: os

Interesting to read all of the responses to our S.A. friend and his inarticulate rant.
Anyhow, I vote for no censorship Ace, give 'em enough rope and they'll finish the job. Rather than the usual, March or Die/Phil/Mikkey debates, I'd be interested in actually finding out a little about the average Motorhead fan.

I'm 35 and among my circle of friends a devotion to Motorhead is considered an ecccentricity at best and a pathology at worst.

Given that most metal is pretty godawful crap, I can't blame them. However, I try to enlighten people as to the sense of humour behind a lot of the lyrics and the man behind the music. Lemmy is a walking contradiction. An erudite, intelligent, well read, funny man with a genuine sense of moral outrage and passion in addition to a fondness for gambling, bourbon and strippers...

What is it that attracts people to the band beyond the fact that "LEMMY RULES" and "MOTORHEAD RAWKS"? Let's try to up the ante here a little.

And yeah, I've been a fan for 20 years and Motorhead does indeed RAWK...

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 13:23:03
From: adivirgilio@sungardrs.com
Subject: os: philly tour date

Ace, I just spoke with the folks at the Theater of The Living Arts (TLA) and they confirmed that Warren Zevon is presently scheduled for the TLA on 10/28/99, not Motorhead. In fact, they knew nothing of Motorhead at any of their http://www.electricfactory.com venues. FYI.

Keep us posted,

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 18:56:20
From: Stephen Cunningham - stephen.cunningham@pegasus.co.uk
Subject: os: censor

Hi Ace,
An emphatic "NO!" on this issue from me. I'm against the censorship idea, which I feel would only lead to a stifling of debate. I hope you don't mind if I elaborate slightly on this under the 'Censor' email (I realise you may have only wanted a 'yes' or 'no').

In my opinion, this guy has every right to a) his opinion and b) be an arsehole. It is stunningly clear that he is the latter, but as long as he isn't harming anyone other than himself and the gene pool I don't care. To a man we have rejected his views, and he proved his lack of tact, insight and respect for other members of the list with one simple email. He showed his ignorance far more effectively than we could have hoped. BUT, and again this is only my opinion, he has the right to say it. We can handle it. We'll retaliate and put him in his place, maybe even educate the guy(!), but I for one don't get offended by his stupidity. Saddened, maybe, that he can't think these things through.

I cherish the spirit in which our topics of debate are handled. I think it's a real credit to us all that we can raise issues which concern us (piracy - right or wrong, best drummer / line-up, weak tracks), have varying opinions, discuss them with both wit and intelligence (Lem would be proud) and when all is said and done allow room for them all and not descend into all-out slanging matches. (I've seen this happen on other lists I used to be on, and it always seemed to be same dictators telling everyone else what to think and what twats they were for bringing up certain subjects and for thinking certain things. Needless to say, I am no longer on these lists). There's a spirit of cooperation on this list that I haven't witnessed anywhere else on the Internet - as an example, I am absolutely positive that this list can get Motorhead to Australia!

Let them all speak Ace, that's my verdict.
I'll leave you all alone now, my best to all of you.
Steve C
Birmingham, England

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 11:11:06
From: Sam - lucas1982@yahoo.com
Subject: os: nwobhm

I don't think that Ace should be censoring our posts to OS. That dude from Brazil with the big mouth and miniscule brain pissed me right the hell off, but in my opinion the best revenge for a dickhead like that is to put his comments out on the for us to skewer and rip apart. Hate mail wouldn't hurt either Maybe one of us might even know who he is and will beat his pimple sized brain back into his ass where it belongs. I can't believe he flattered himself to believe that ANY one of us gave a rat's ass what he thought about Motorhead and weak albums. Censorship? No, definitely not. I've never met Ace and know very little about him, so I certainly can't entrust him to determine what I might find offensive. That's for me to decide. When I signed up for this newsletter it was my understanding that it was for Motorhead FANS. Obviously, Mr Peckerwood is not one of us and if the issue of censorship is going to be discussed, how about simply asking that Ace remove him and other loud mouth schmucks like him from the OS list.

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 99 16:21:54
From: "Walter Bertotti de Souza" noclass@uol.com.br
Subject: os: march or die, drummers and other shit...

Hi people all over
Tem mais Brazuca na parada!!!!

Ň a segunda lŰngua do mailing list, tem at§ russo falando....E o Mot˘rhead est■ ascendendo no Brasil...
Like prices at christmas

First of all I joined this mailing list to read discussion about Mot˘rhead, and not to read shit about Ratos de PorŠo and caipirinha written by someone who I doubt knows what a band like Ratos is about and what caipirinha is about...I undestand this Russian guy ( Lemster I guess) is pissed with things said by that Brasilian guy but I've felt a taste of misconception against my country , it's bands and alcoholic drinks ( what's strange for a Mot˘rhead fan) on his message...

Mr. Lemster, I hope I've got you wrong! The guy could be from anywhere else...I don't agree with him at all.

For the ones who mentioned MOD:

March ˘r Die...weak?!!! Come on... It's a great album! Listen to Asylum Choir (killer entering riff), Stand, Cat scratch fever,
Jack the Ripper etc... It's Mot˘rhead! It's great rock'n'roll! Needles to talk about the lyrics!

In my opinion Iron Fist is the weak one, I mean it could be the best album of many other bands but it's a bit weak when talking about Mot˘rhead (I'll make the band justice anyway, it's practically impossible not to leave the impression of Iron fist being a weak album after masterpieces like Ace Of Spades, Bomber and specially Overkill) . I really like most of it's songs but in overall i think people expect more from Mot˘rhead...SO WHAT? Nobody's perfect.

Porra Gustavo!

Mot˘rhead is going harder than ever, Mikkey is great! I know that Phil Animal Taylor is a great drummer, the drummer who popularised Mot˘rhead - He ROCKS!! But so does Mikkey!! And Animal is not in the band anymore. que porra § essa de deesnayland? e Mikkey Mouse? Mikkey is the one who IS on the band (and for a long time now), He kick's ass, really monster drummer. So ours (the real fans) is not to be missing Philthy, ours is to thank god Motorhead has a drummer who kicks ass as much or even more than Philthy did .

When are they coming to Brazil again??? Hope it's soon

Max Headroom talked about some albums he thought to have no weak songs ( and someone I don't remember had talked about that before).

You people could mention what are in your opinion the perfect Rock'n'Roll Albums, I mean the ones with no weak songs at all.
There are many. I'd say Motorhead's Ace of spades, Bomber and Overkill Ramones' ,Ramones, Rocket to Russia and Mondo Bizarro Sabbath's Paranoid...Send yours!

Until next time,
Walter Bertotti de Souza.

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 22:59:38
From: Max Headroom - shluzas@softhome.net
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #79

> **Ace: Very coherent and well thought out. Thanks!

Coherent? Maybe. Thought out at all? Nope I'm just a ranter, and I rarely double-check anything I write.

> Can you please tell me where to ask for or find some of the newer releases on vinyl.

I got Bastards on record new at Newbury Comics. So basically, it's in any place that sells new records, or at least the counterculture-type stores. Haven't seen any of the others, though.

> Name any band who has a perfect track record.

er.... Cathedral's right up there.

> Better yet, YOU try and do better!

This isn't aimed at you. I'm just using this as an example. I hate this statement, and I'll tell you why. Now, just because I can't play the music doesn't mean I'm not qualified to judge the music. Same with everything. Just because I can't build a house doesn't mean I can't tell someone who went to design school and made a house with all sorts of bizarre angles and no insulation that his house sucks. Convoluted... anyway, I think anyone with ears and any sort of musical taste is qualified to render opinion on just about any subject. Some opinions may be more valid than others, but they all deserve consideration and whatnot.
Next, related topic: just because someone did something horrendous doesn't disqualify the good they contributed. If, for instance, Hitler was a great painter and they wanted to put him in a Museum of Great Artists, many would be opposed, just because he slaughtered 10 million people. That's got nothing to do with his ability to paint!

> It's kind of a weird album, with the Ozzy break in the middle of it, but it's still solidly Motorhead in my opinion.

Has anyone heard No More Tears? Better question would be Have you listened to Hellraiser on it and noticed that Ozzy fucks the lyrics up six ways from Sunday?...

> And the title track is starting to grow on me as I write this. Keyboard. Nifty.

Oh, man, does that song ever kick ass. A friend of mine made a tape of it some years ago and put that on twice 'cause it was so good. Reminds me of Orgasmatron, but more pessimistic and dirgy.

> Speaking thereof, thanks to those who are filling in Hawkwind details.I subscribed to the BOC/Hawkwind list but never got >anything back.

Suscribing to that is a sure way to fill up your mailbox in two days. You're lucky they never responded.

> Your mail made us laugh...but I don't have time to read it entirely. A debilized text like that never will change my mind and >the mind of the real motorheadbanger, your ignorant beginner.

Well, I didn't think so before, but, well, hey, there it is: you're an idiot.

> Well, Mickey Mouse Dee isn't worthless, Lemmy can build a theme park called Deesnayland, or something.

Yeah, or something. Fuckin' twit.

> He can and put some clouwns, too, just like you, (your mail really made us laugh!) that defend mikkey dee as best than >ANIMAL.

Most people would choose this time to make fun of your English skills. Not me. I don't know a word of Portuguese. I will, however, re-emphasize that you're a total moron. Anyone agree (and for God's sake, don't write a mail just saying you agree!)?

> ps. you may shut up. Brasil and Mot˘rhead aren't bones to stay in mouth of a loser dog.

What in the living fuck does that mean? Voice of Silence is right: you are on some kind of idiot drug.

You will soon hear the pitter-patter of little feet in your home.
You will also hear the sussurations of giant tongues.

Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 01:01:34
From: Robert Parkinson - faliol@yahoo.com
Subject: os; censor


Good morning, and let me say now what a damned fine job you do with the digest. Thank you.
Please don't censor the digest.
There seems to be no real gain in doing it.
If people want to make arseholes of themselves with obviously ridiculous statements then the intelligent fans on the list (of which there are many, far more than the average digest let me assure you) will spot them a mile off anyway.

No one with an ounce of sense is going to take real offence if someone says "you must be a daft bastard if you like March Or Die". Most of us will see these people for what they are.

So please, don't burden yourself with more work. Just continue the excellent job you do already and let the fans sort the wheat from the chaff.....

Best wishes,

Stockport, UK.

Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 14:00:15
From: aaron.caswell@bmge.com
Subject: os: m'head and n' pussy rock mpls!

Last eve, 10/12, Motorhead and Nashville Pussy played First Avenue nightclub in Minneapolis and they kicked ass!
As a member of the promotions staff and art director of the "First Avenue & 7th St. Entry In-House Magz," I had the honor of being at the club early, before door time to catch soundcheck and meet the bands and crew.

First things first, as art director for our little free, alt magz (20,000 distribution around the twin cities, outer Minnesota, Fargo and soon western Wisconsin, plus we're online at http://www.first-avenue.com), I attempted to attain a photo pass for Motorhead's set and was flattly denied. The tour manager gave me two reasons: too many bootleggers and a very bad First Ave experience years ago. The bootlegging thing I can do nothing about and if could, I don't know that I would. I think bootlegging primarily gets done by fans, not profiteers, making for a more exciting souvenire than a $25 t-shirt (!?! I know a lot of people want shirts, but this is a rip off, N'Pussy actually apologized for the high price of their shirts, because they had to have theirs comperably priced, but didn't want to - theirs were only $10 and $12 last June when they came through). I'm not saying you should come to First Avenue and do it, but if you do, you know the risks. And if you succeed, good for you, just don't sell them. The night staff will figure it out eventually and you'll be dealt with because it's not good for us as a business with bands like Motorhead who don't like it. The second reason, his bad past experience at the club is also out of my hands, but let me relay it. Back in the mid-80s, he had his official leather '82 Iron Fist tour jacket stolen at First Avenue. I do not blame him one bit for having an aversion to the club after that! Unlike the bootleg situation, I do sympathize with him on this and think it is totally bogus! My hope is that whoever stole that jacket wore it as they plummeted over a cliff to their death - jerk!

Business and politics aside, the bands were great! There's been talk of a cover that's going to be included on the new record and I think I know what it is, because they played most of a very cool, very Motorhead appropriate song during soundcheck. I don't want to ruin the suprise, but it kicks ass and if you see me at the club, ask me I'll tell you one on one. After sound check I had the opportunity to talk to the band, who are very, very nice and receptive to meeting people. Mikkey actually needed quarters for the pool tables and pinball machines, so I helped him out and in the process we got to talking about the tour, N' Pussy and the First Ave magz (Motorhead & Nashville Pussy are featured in the center page spread of the current issue (#28), I wrote the article and the gaphic I designed for the poster is featured on the last issue (#27), these can both be checked out at http://www.first-avenue.com - please give me feed back on the article and graphic, I want to know what other OSers think). He liked both the magz and the poster well enough to request copies, which I supplied and in turn they all agreed to sign some posters for me and some friends. Phil couldn't say enough kind words about my article, he really genuinely seemed to like it. Thanks again Phil! I only spoke to Lemmy briefly ,but he was reall nice and funnier than hell. He made a crack about being in our centerfold that was hilarious.

The show was incredible. If you are curious to see what N' Pussy is like, we're going to have some of the photos of their set in the next issue of the magz, they are incredible!

But, this is about Motorhead. A great set, not too different from their sets last spring/summer, although "Metropolis" is back! They frequently told the crowd that it was nice to be back at First Avenue. They hadn't played here in a very long time (I think the last time was '88 with Slayer) and reassured us that they'd be back. Thanks guys!

After the show, both bands hung out. N' Pussy left before too long, but Motorhead hung out to almost closing time playing pool and pinball and of course talking to the ladies. Mikkey and Phil were at the table next to me and my friends and Mikkey went out of his way to say hello again. Thank you Mikkey!

The stuff above about the photo pass is understandable and I have no problem with it, although I was kind of disappointed. But, that's their professional, businass decision and I'm cool with that. However, if you ever go to a Motorhead show and you talk to Dave, he's the guy who's in charge of the merchandise, don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth. I helped him out last spring when Motorhead played Edgefest in Somerset, WI and he totally blew me off afterwards. Then last night, I approached him and he totally remebered me and asked me if I help him out again. I reminded him about our previous deal and he blew me off again. He's a scammer and unprofessional and just plain not cool. And if he or anyone he knows reads this that's fine, I'm sure we'll see one another again and we can settle it then. I'm not trying to start anythng, just finish it and let
others know to be wary.

I'm done.

Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 15:07:10
From: Shane Mawe - smawe@tcd.ie
Subject: os: iron fist ltd edition *heavy*

Hi Ace and fellow bangers

Thanks for a great list Ace. I have recently paid big money for the Castle Communications ltd edition of Iron Fist -complete with the metal replica of the cover - very heavy and a lovely item. I was wondering if you knew if there was much demand for it, or its value. just wondering if I was ripped off ;-) I saw one on e-bay go for over $100

Rock on

From: mstarkweather@webtv.net (Michael Starkweather)
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 12:45:58
Subject: os: head liner

MIME-Version: 1.0 (WebTV)

Hi Ace, I just got my tickets for the Boston show. Nashville Pussy is down as the head liner. Who's opening for who? If Motor Head is going on first then I'll obviously be going in early, other wise I'll hang out side. Could you find out and let us know? BTW the show was moved to Wen Oct 27. Thanx Ace.

Ace: As far as I know, MH is the headliner at all the shows...

Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 09:23:13 +0900
From: "shuhei hasegawa" shuhead@alles.or.jp
Subject: please teach me.

I'm Japanese motherfucker.
I desire a trip to London at Dec. For motorhead lives. 3th&4th Astoria. I'm looking forward to seeing motorhead again! &Many motorheadbangers! Will you do me a favor? Please teach me, Very cheap a hotel in London.and Astoria a place.
I seek less than 25 apounds an overnight stay. See you in Dec!

Shuhei Hasegawa
- shuhead@alles.or.jp

Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 18:51:58
From: LE LAGADEC RONAN - ronan@servidor.unam.mx
Subject: os: built for speed

The Tribute To Motorhead CD or Pic Disc can be ordered directly from Victory Records:

(MHB 311)

Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 08:51:19
Beer Drinkers
From: Riedlberger Martin - martin.riedlberger@lfstad.bayern.de
Subject: os: beer drinkers, motorhead.com, ...

I have Beer Drinkers on vinyl, my brother bought it about 1982. I don't remember the exact point of time very clear, because I was just 9 or 10 years old. I even couldn't speak English, but Motorhead already was my favorite band! The songs are: Beer Drinkers And Hellraisers (Cover of ZZ Top), On Parole, Vibrator, White Line Fever, City Kids / Instro, Witch Doctor, Keep Us On The Road, Lost Johnny, Motorhead. On Witch Doctor Eddi is singing. The (p) date on the sleeve is 1982. There's a picture of Lemmy, Eddi and Philthy - I guess from 1977 or 78. So I think most of the tracks might be from this time. Anyway, Brian Robertson surely has not been involved. All in all it's a great album, for me the best with the old songs, Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers is a special highlight. But I would also like to know more about background. I am looking for a CD or at least any other copy since years, because my own one has some bugs. Finally some days ago I found an internet address, where it is sold (http://www.rockofa.demon.co.uk/stock/motor.html).

Tabs and lyrics http://www.motorhead.com is not available, but you can access it by http://www.openface.ca/~prh/motorhead/. Some links are absolute, so you have to add the path to this url by hand, e.g. for the Tab page http://www.openface.ca/~prh/motorhead/tabs/. The lyrics and tabs seem to be nearly 100% complete, that's a real great work, but as far as I can estimate it, sometimes of rather low quality.

The actual band

Lemmy, Phil and Mickey are a very powerful line-up, their three albums are fantastic and I expect more such things to come. I really believe, that Phil is the best guitarist, that Motorhead could have. Eddi was very good in the beginning, but it was necessary to replace him. (It's funny to read things like Motorhead is too slow, too soft or something else of this kind.)
However, I think Motorhead should have two guitarists. Every studio song has at least two guitars, so why not the same on stage? This would be no luxury, but just a gain of sound, especially playing live.

greetings from
Onkel Ma

Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 13:13:56
From: jmw1265@webtv.net (michael whitney)
Subject: gustavo & all that shit!!

MIME-Version: 1.0 (WebTV)

ok people, it's time the psycho man spoke up!!!! this shit is getting OLD! evry time i read an issue of OS it's filled with pointless, annoying bullshit about this guy gustavos opinions. you can argue all you want with this guy and not change his mind.
you'll only fuel a fire within him and he'll just keep coming back as even more of a smartass than he was before!
let it go folks!!!!! this site is for true motorhead fans! you can listen once or a millon times and be just as avid a fan. real mhb's like the band for who they were, are and will be, right?! don't get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but not everyone has to agree with them. it's ironic that someone who is looking up from the bottom is stating howlow others are.
to gustavo; think what you want, but don't deter others from a little enjoyment in this way to short life! to everyone else(you know who you are) ; let it go and lets put this site back where it was ...... A TRUE MHB'S HEAVEN!!!!!!!
enjoy and be good to each other.... we're all we have!!!

psychomike :-(

Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 00:01:42
From: Matthijs Withaar - mwithaar@dds.nl
Subject: os: censor

>**Ace: I know this would come up eventually... my role here is to
>moderate this forum and get the info out. I do not take the
>role of a censor in this newsletter. I think it is important to let
>people speak their minds in the form that they feel comfortable
>with. This is my current position. If you (as a group) wish me
>to become a censor, I will do it... but I need your mandate to
>do it. Motorhead has always been about being who you are.
>If your an asshole, be an asshole. I can gag these people if you
>want me too... but remember, the next person that might get gagged
>could be you. Too all of you, let me know your
>opinions... send an email to acetrump@bigfoot.com witht eh
>subject being "OS: Censor". Let me know if
>you want me to poilce these things more.... its your list, time to be heard.

Please, DON'T be a censor! I agree with you when you say that people must be able to speak their minds the way they want. The reactions on this list to this Gustavo guy make perfectly clear that he has gone way over the limit. Isn't that enough? The true Motorhead fans have proven that they can draw a line to point out what's acceptible and what's not. We are able to be self-regulating. To all members on this list: please remember that it's our adoration for Motorhead that unites us! I myself, being a Motorhead fan for over ten years now, have never seen anything stupid as this regarding
Motorhead ...

Greetings to you all,
Ice Thijs
* Ice Thijs' foute moppen pagina Ice Thijs' bad jokes page

* The authorised Lovebite page


Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 04:22:34

Yours Zombastically and Motorheadbangingly,

Pre-Production HQ for 1999
c/o Glow Muse
210 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

phone/fax: 978-281-8936

check out ZOMBIE BASTARDS! online at...

Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 17:21:48
From: "theterminator" theterminator@tinyonline.co.uk
Subject: os: whinging bastards

If you want proof about who the better drummer is, just listen to "No Sleep At All" and then listen to "Everything Louder...". Problem fucking solved. March or Die? Good album. I like it but that's just my humble opinion. I personally think "Rock N' Roll" is Motorhead's weakest album. Who gives a fuck anyway? We're all Motorhead fans, the recent releases ("Bastards" through to "Snake Bite Love") have been consistently excellent, so we should support Lemmy and the boys wherever they're at now and stop whinging about an album that's seven years old! ("I Ain't No Nice Guy" is a cool song, by the way!). Censoring the website destroys what Motorhead and their fans represent. If you do, we may as well write letters to magazines and only get half our views (if any) printed. I'LL BE BACK...YOU FUCK! THE TERMINATOR

Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 23:48:52
From: Martin Hannig - mhannig@smail.uni-koeln.de
Subject: os: censor

Hi Ace

I don-t think of you should taking the role of a censor in our OS-newsletter. Censorship has nothing to do with the Internet!! If we users begin to censor ourself, the several administrations of the different countries won-t be waiting with their public censorship! Please, don-t begin with anything like that...

Of course there are people which call themselves Motorhead-fans, but are just lovers of the old three-piece-group and can-t accept any newer thing. We should let them say their opinion about the Lem, even if it-s - in our opinion - pure fuckin- bullshit. For me it-s great fun to read this weird meanings, it makes me smile, not hate anyone, like Mike Lemster (Russia), who answered to the Brasilian.

BTW: The answer of Mike was in IMHO too extreme, with pretty bad vibes - hey guy, in the end it-s just about MUSIC, how can someone be so full of hate just because of a newsletter-mail... ?? And to the brasilian guy: your are definitely funny, man, definitely. I don-t think you are serious... no, you-re real comedy, you should initiate a new newsletter like LMotorhead - Jokes?. Otherwise - it-s better to read your lyrics in our newsgroup, so come on, entertain us a bit more, our days are gettin so cold and grey here in Europe, and you are so full of humour which lightens our dark hours...maybe it-s from the sunny weather down there in Brasilia ??

So why censorship, let-s get entertained by some folks! Give them a laugh, they are in urgent need of it. In the end, we OS-subscribers can judge the good from the bad (and the ugly) by ourself, that-s the way the Internet worked from the beginning.


Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 08:54:48 +0930
From: "us to you" moshweed@pirie.mtx.net.au
Subject: o.s censorship..

Don't fall into the trap of trying to censor O.S..
Let the arseholes be heard & then let them get shot down in flames..
The "tryhards" & "wannabes" always lose in the end,
Cheers, Arthur & Helen
- moshweed@pirie.mtx.net.au

Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 02:17:30
From: Stefano - nuraxi@yahoo.com
Subject: os: censor

I don't think to censor the letters is a good idea, it's nice that everyone of us has the chance to express his opinion. There are a lot of awful things in the world that are not censored. I'm sure we all don't need censorship for our musical passion.
I've been very surprised to know that in some parts of the U.S.A. young persons under 21 are not allowed to Motorhead concerts, that's simply RIDICULOUS !!! Every man in the world has a different opinion to each other, we are all the same when we express our opinion; I think different to the Pope but I respect him. I respect what Gustavo from Brazil wrote but it's certainly very questionable. Gustavo, don't worry, I know Lemmy and I can assure you his brain is still working. Anyway, why don't you ask Ace to unsubscribe this mailing list? If you don't like Motorhead anymore you can leave, NOW !

Thank you Ace

Stefano Loi (Cagliari, Sardinia)

Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 08:02:18
From: "Robert N. Whitney" rwhitney@supernet.com
Subject: os : coverkill & slim jim.


I think that the Coverkill cd is due the end of this month but I'm really interested in the Elvis cover that Lemmy is supposed to do working with Slim Jim. Please keep us up to date with this.
I joined the SETI Motorheadbangers club just to let you know I'm trying to get others to get interested. Strange stuff like from the the movie "Contact". My whole family is alittle freaked out but very interested at the same time.
Your doing fantastic with the site. When might the autographed cds be shipped? Great stuff! Soon your going to have to "Lemmy" some money to buy all of this stuff!

Best wishes,
Lancaster, PA

**Ace: Lemmy is playing on the entire CD now... should be cool! Cds are shipped. :-)


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