Issue #78 - September 24, 1999

OS: Tour
OS: help me out here
OS: hawkwind with lemmy on vox #2
OS: Sam Gopal
OS: Re:"Golden Years Alt."
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #77
OS: Motorhead Vinyl
OS: Bad link or Just plain Stupid link
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #77
os: the Vh1 video
OS: Re: Fuck you all amateurs
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #77
OS: Take the good with the bad
OS: There's no weak MH album
OS: Decline of Western Civilisation Part II
OS: Beer Drinkers
OS: reply to John A.N./weak albums?
OS: reply to Ketil S./Hawkwind with Lemmy on vox
OS: Golden Years, Alternate Versions vs Stone Dead Forever CD
OS: Bootlegs and hardcore fans
OS: Long-suffering 'March Or Die' drumming
OS: UK Dates Special Guest?
OS: Guess What I heard
OS: Sam Gopal CDs
OS: Lemmy interviews L7


Date: September 24, 1999
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: tour

Motorheadbangers Everywhere!!

Back on schedule! Well, the tour starts this week in San Antonio... it looks like yours truly will not be able to make any of the shows on this whip around. Unfortunately they are all just too far away and I do not have the excess $$$ to make the flight(s). PLEASE send me reports from the shows... I look forward to hearing what went on.

All of the t-shirts are out now. I have received emails from several of you indicating that you have received them. Response has been overwhelmingly positive! If you have not received your shirt yet, please be patient... it will likely arrive this week (assuming you are in North America). If you are else where, I am not too familiar with delivery times, but the last of the shirts went into the mail a week ago. MAKE SURE to where your shirts at the upcoming gigs! That way we can all find one another...


Well well well! Initial response to this feature has been VERY good! I have already recieved many orders for the first three items being offered. In fact, the Take The Blame CD Single is almost sold out already! There will be some cool stuff added in the next couple of weeks. Keep watching!


Well, the second internet tribute to the loudest band in the world is well underway! We have lots and lots of bands participating and I think it may be even better then the last one! As you know.. that is a VERY tall order considering the talent and style of the first go-round.

I would also like to extend an invitation to any of the bands that participated in the first tribute to submit a new track for the second one.

Any of you out there that are part of a band that loves to play Motorhead tunes, how would you like to contribute a song? The songs would intially available only as Real Audio files on the official website. The first tribute got listened to by thousands people. Here is your chance to get your band heard playing songs by your favorite band!

I have already had several bands email their interest... but we need more. If you are interested, please send me an email to acetrump@bigfoot.com. Make sure that subject of the email is "OS Tribute 2". I will send out a seperate email to the bands with details about the project so that it doesn't clutter up the list.


Alright! We have already had 8 of you sign up for the Motorheadbangers SETI group.... but I know that we can do WAY more! There are almost 2000 of us on this mailing list... I am SURE that more then 8 of us can participate in this venture. I beleive that if we can all pull our resources together, we could make a serious splash in this. There are some groups that are participating in this that have recieved some publicitiy about their efforts. I would LOVE for the world to know about Motorhead fans and how they pulled together to add to this worthy endeavor. Please take a moment to re-read the details below and consider donating some CPU time... let our voices be heard throughout the cosmos!

SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intellidence) is a program that was initiated by the US Government some years ago to study the radio waves that are transmitted from space. The idea being that if there was life on another planet, they might try to send us radio signals. But, gathering the data for SETI has been easier then actually crunching it through the computers and analysising it. So, with the advent of the internet, they have decided to solicite the help of the millions of PC owners out there to help in the search for life on other planets.

I think it is a really cool notion to have the entire universe listening to Motorhead someday. But first, we gotta find them! So, if you are interested in participating, just head on over to http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu and download the screen saver software that analyses the data from the radio telescopes. All the instructions and details are there.

Now, we want our rather loud voices to be heard! To this end, SETI also has allowed groups to combne the efforts of computer owners to show relative rankings in participation. In other words, who has crunched the most data! So, I have created a group for all of us Motorheadbangers! After you have signed up for the SETI@home project, mosey on over to the groups section located at http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/team_list.html. Once you are there, use the search engine to find the group called Motorheadbangers. Follow the instructions there on how to contribute your efforts to the group.

Lets show the world that Motorhead fans can do their part!



Wed Sep 29 New Orleans LA House of Blues
Thu Sep 30 San Antonio TX White Rabbit
Fri Oct 1 Austin, TX Backroom
Sat Oct 2 Dallas, TX Trees
Tue Oct 5 Denver, CO Ogden Theatre
Thu Oct 7 Witchita, KS Cotillion
Sat Oct 9 Lincoln, NE Royal Grove
Sun Oct 10 Des Moines, IA
Tue Oct 12 Minniapolis, MN First Avenue
Wed Oct 13 Milwaukee, WI Eagles Ballroom
Sat Oct 16 Chicago, IL House of Blues

w/ Special Guests

Nov 09/99 DK Copenhagen - KB Hall
Nov 10/99 S Malmoe - Baltic Hall
Nov 12/99 S Hlsingbro - Sportshallen
Nov 13/99 S Borlnge - Kupolen
Nov 14/99 S Vaxjo - Strandbjrkshallen
Nov 16/99 S Gothenburg - Liesebergshallen
Nov 18/99 S Stockholm - Solnahallen
Nov 19/99 S Norrkoping - Himmelstalundshallen
Nov 20/99 S Karlskoga - Nobelhallen
Nov 21/99 S Sundsvall - Nordichallen
Nov 23/99 S Umea - Sportshallen
Nov 24/99 S Lulea - Arkushallen
Nov 26/99 FIN Oulu - Icehall
Nov 27/99 FIN Turku - Elus Arena
Nov 29/99 FIN Helsinki - Icehall
Nov 30/99 EST Tallinn - Linnehall


Dec 3/99 London, England Astoria
Dec 4/99 London, England Astoria

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 23:05:16
From: "Stuart Fleming" stuartfleming@hotmail.com
Subject: os: help me out here

Hi fellow motorhead fans,
Ok I know I've gone on about this b4 and gotten some encouragment from a few people (thanks phil from NZ). The topic is motorhead in Australia. Ace last time I wrote you said to try to find a promoter that would bring them out. Well does anyone on this list know how to get a promoter to respond and what person would be best to contact (what job title). If anyone can help me let me know and if anyone In australia or New Zealand knows or works for a promoter or something close please help. I need to see them play hear cause i'm going nuts hearing about all these live shows in the rest of the world. Hope someone can help

Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 08:39:34
From: "Ketil Svendsen" ketil.svendsen@fiskaren.nhst.no
Subject: OS: hawkwind with lemmy on vox #2

oh, and let's not forget the "earth ritual preview" 12" from 84(? ..long since i listened to this) ..but it has lemmy doing guest apperance on supposedly 1 track. i'll check into the matter (as well as the promised details on the rest of his singing career with the hawks). anyway, there's an hungarian boot from this very concert (i think), from the stonehenge festival, and if it's that same concert (i'm really sleepy and it's really early in the morning for me) it would probably feature more vox from the lemster. not too good sound quality on this, but it has some great tracks - calvert's "cockpit/ejection" being one of them... oh, and lemmy does the bass on the late mr. calvert's single "lord of the hornet's" ...totally different stuff :-) ...(or was it the album version, dunno....) well, gotta have some more coffee (and then some)..

ketil svendsen

Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 10:07:10
From: Zeitgeist - stuarthamilton@connectfree.co.uk
Subject: os: sam gopal

Here's a review which you can find on my web site

There's a new search facility on the index page, so just type in Motorhead or Sam Gopal.

>Sam Gopal - Escalator (TTE, Germany)
>I've been wanting to hear this early Lemmy project for a long time now and you know what, it's not at all
>bad. Lemmy played guitar, sang lead vocals and wrote half of the original compositions but anything less
>like Motorhead you'd be hard pressed to find. You recognise Lemmy's voice but only because you know it's
>him, if you see what I mean. The music is heavyish psychedelic rock, sometimes spacey, sometimes
>bluesy, sometimes both, all accompanied by Sam Gopal's tabla playing. Some of the better tracks are
>Lemmy's, notably 'The Sky Is Burning' and 'Grass', but the two best are group compositions: 'The Dark Lord'
>and 'You're Alone Now', both of which are quite menacing especially the latter which reminds me of
>Hawkwind's 'The Watcher'. Some of the other material is quite weak, however. A decent album overall,
>although I think I prefer the likes of 'Killed By Death' and 'Iron Horse'.
>By the way, does anybody know why Lemmy called himself Ian Willis on this album? I thought his surname
>was Kilminster. If you're going to use a pseudonym why not use something cool like Ramases Q.
>Templeton or something. Not Ian f**king Willis.
>This particular reissue features a 1988 remix where some additional tabla playing was added. I don't know
>how this affected the performances as I don't have an original to compare with. There is a more recent
>reissue which adds a rare single by the band 'Horse' but I don't know the label. The front cover shows a
>band photograph and they are my top tip for ugliest band ever, their fundamental hideousness enhanced by
>some disastrous facial hair. Who do you guys rate as worst looking band of all time? The mean
>attractiveness of any band featuring Nik Turner is significantly reduced, for example.
Zeitgeist - Reflections Of The Underground - e-zine and freezine
alternate url: http://members.tripod.com/~zeitgeist_scot
PO Box 13499, Edinburgh EH6 8YL, UK
"The way I keep in touch with the world is very gingerly, because the world touches too hard" Don Van Vliet

Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 08:52:07
From: Bradley Beving - bbeving@digx.com
Subject: re:"golden years alt."

> >From: "Kelly Harrison" outlawrebel76@hotmail.com
>Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #77

Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 14:15:28

>Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 17:26:18
>From: Sarmad Sheikh - sarmadsheikh@compuserve.com
>Subject: os: motorhead england 1999 confirmed!

> Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 20:09:50
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #77


I bloody love this mail list. So much different stuff crops up. I could spend all day commenting on it but now a few things only :-

Weakest Album.
I have to say I think March or Die is my least favourite. Funny I've heard Lemmy say that he considers Iron Fist to be a weak album. I think it's very good. By the way, I always thought Another Perfect Day an undiscovered classic. Anybody
else agree??

I have seen Motorhead quite a lot and whenever I go to record fairs I always try to find tapes of the shows I've seen to try and capture that evening for posterity. Is that so bad? Well yes I know it is but it doesn't stop me buying official Motorhead records, but that's just me. I don't agree with guys who only buy bootlegs of official Motor output and take money out of the bands' pockets.

The Tour
Bloody excellent. Tour dates in the UK. I've got my ticket for Dec 4th. I am REALLY looking forward to my 36th Motorhead gig, hahahahah


Nic MHB 163

Ace: OK... here is my final word on the bootleg subject... I think that at the outset, we need to define something. The pratice that I am personally against is the duplication and bootlegging of actual Motorhead releases. As far as concert tapes go... I think that anyone that would shell out the major bucks to buy a bootleg of a concert would probably buy the official releases. I personally have several bootleg concerts on CD and tape. But, I do not have ANY bootleg official releases.

I have spoken to Phil at some length about bootlegs. It is safe for me to say that the band is VERY against bootlegs of any kind. But, at the same time, they understand why their fans buy them. Lemmy himself has just about EVERY show that Motorhead has performed in the last 10 years on tape.

I know you gotta get 'em. I am right there with ya. Maybe we could consider doing something like this... anytime one of us buys a bootleg CD/Tape, we could send the band $3-$5 to cover their part of the royality. :-)

Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 18:00:14
From: "yaffa elling" yelling@sprint.ca
Subject: os: the vh1 video

Lou Fazio mentioned a Vh1 video out Sept 7th, with Motorhead,
Ramones, Black Flag, Husker Du, etc.. Can you get copies, and if so where. Please do tell, I am huge punk rock fan, and Motorhead, of course, and would love to see it. Are Motorhead going to head to Canada before 2000? Are there any plans for tours one their next album, yet. What's with the Minnesota gig and the Misfits opening up? Sounds awesome, is that a one time deal, or are they touring further with them, does anyone know? Just a note to all those traveling to the East part of Canada, Motorhead CD's are relatively easy to come by, and some of the old vinyl. Also , I read in Record Collector Magazine Aug 1996, that some record dealer had Motorhead dice for sale. I saw the mugs at the Sacrifice tour in Montreal, but never saw them again-what other kind of promo stuff have they released over the years, does anyone have info on that and where to get it. I snagged a Motorhead license plate, with Ace of Spades, on it (great album by the way and not at all weak!) several years ago off someone's car, it's plastic, and I think it is official merch, but I am not sure. Thanks-Motorhead Forever-Yaffa

Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 21:20:58 -0300
From: "Gustavo" overkill@bhmail.com.br
Subject: re: fuck you all amateurs

A meu cobro, mudei algumas coisas.

Um abrao.

I have received the OS issue, and I have been trying to read all the mails and stuff, but they have only stupid essays and shit. Some who I would call "Motorhead wood-peckers" say things like "Philthy not being a good drummer, Mickey mouse Dee is the best, March r Die isn't a weak album... and other similar stuff". Oh God, this fucking weak album isn't heavy enough to be a soap opera music theme. I don't blame the guys who say things like these. They don't understand Motrhead because the majority of them became "Big motorhead fans" three months ago. They mail ace of trump just to kiss lemmy's ass and lick his balls up. Only those who really don't know Motrhead can't see that Mickey Mouse will never reach Mr. Philthy Animal Taylor's shoes, and that the current band lost the speed and furor from the past. I think the drugs made Lemmy's brain decay, because he, himself, doesn't understand Motorhead any more, saying insanities like "the best drummer in the world, Mickey Dee". Also, these wood-peckers will give up for the true Motorhead when Phil Animal comes back and the true band sound be rescued: when giving up for the true Motorhead, these wood-peckers will also stop listening to the band, because they will not stand a so heavy sound.

Fuck you all amateurs !

Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 04:04:20
From: "Oliver S Cornfield" zckls04@zckls04.screaming.net
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #77

Hi there motormouths,

Heard lots of talk about best/worst albums and felt I had to put in my 10 cents worth.

Most of us can judge what is their least fave album by how much we listen to them, and certainly in that respect i would agree with many who said Iron Fist is a bad album. However where would we be without ironfist live- ya ever think of that?

I personally think you have to judge each album differently. Lem has said to me that he doesn't think Motorhead has changed significantly since 1979 but I disagree (shock horror Oli disagrees with Lem!!!!). I think the band has become more sophisticated over the past 10 years or so. I still love the old albums but i could never really compare an album like Ace Of Spades with a magnum opus like Bastards. The latter has always been my fave motoralbum- it beggars belief how incredibly powerful and yet musical that album is. On the other hand there's no album i NEVER listen to. They all have merits and high spots.

I think someone hit the nail on the head when they pointed out that March Or Die (clearly not a fave among you lot.....) was recorded under extremely weird circumstances. I think it's to be expected that the resultant disc came out a little odd. As for the guy who says Philthy is the best motorhead drummer in the world- I have to disagree. Whilst he played a large part in what Motorhead have become today I still think Mikkey is one of the best drummers the world has ever seen. I'm sure I have no need to tell you lot that............

Finally all those of you looking for albums etc (shameless plug time.......) please join the fanclub. You will then be able to write to a record finding service which is almost guaranteed to find ANYTHING. The guy that runs it regularly trawls record fairs, shops etc everywhere with a huge list of wants from Motorheadbangers. All those already a member why not try writing to him? I can guarantee he'll be able to find some great stuff!

Actually one more thing- if anyone is interested in meeting at one of the london gigs this december give me a buzz o.cornfield@ucl.ac.uk Myself and Sarmad will most likely be at one gig or both so maybe we could all meet for a drink somewhere! Let me know.......


Oliver Cornfield
Motorheadbangers World UK

Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 17:51:47 +1200
From: Vit.Drga@vuw.ac.nz
Subject: os: take the good with the bad

'Allo MHB's

In the past few OS's, people are going over Motorhead's albums going "ahh...I dislike this 'un", "I dislike dat 'un."
Well, that's cool. Can't please all of the people all of the time, me included. But, no matter what you hate, there is just SO much more good Motorhead to soak in that bad, no? Me, I love March or Die (that song knocks you over backwards and steamrollers you, slowly). Lemmy's lyrics can be su-frigging-perb. I hope he keeps them going like he has been.

Vitus McD
(MHB 452)

P.S. Good questions from "John A. Norris" jn1@zdnetmail.com in OS #77. Just who did drum on MoD??

Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 18:49:06
From: "Tobias Khne" tobias@top-ip.de
Subject: os: there's no weak mh album

HI Motrheadbangers!

I'm an 18 years old Motrhead fan from Germany. I've got a collection of 10 albums and there is no weak one. I even got "March r Die" and I think even this one has some cool songs on it. "Stand", "I Ain't No Nice Guy" and the title track are really cool. Okay, "You Better Run" is a weak song, it's more Blues than Rock 'n' Roll. But almost every album (not only Motrhead) that I have has at least one weak song on it ( except Sacrifice and Overnight Sensation and Metallica's Black Album). But if you keep in your mind that the guys put out an album almost every year, the songs that are bad are only a small part of it.

I've read that Metallica did on the Lemmy Birthday party more songs than only that ones that have been released at the Garage Inc. album. Does anyone know if these songs are available anywhere??
Ace, go on with doing your great job!
Cheers to all Motrheadbangers on the planet!
Forget your blood & bone
Stand like you're made of stone !

Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 10:27:20
From: "Matthew Dobson" mdobson@netactive.co.za
Subject: os: decline of western civilisation part ii

Any idea where one can obtain a copy of the opening track 'Loser' from this video.
I've hunted high and low to no avail - is it available on disc??. Any other South African Motorheadbangers out there???
Motorhead have had some changes over the past - "I'll tell you something though - they've all been classic line-ups as far as I'm concerned!".
They are Motorhead!


Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 21:39:34
From: "Alberto Real Martnez" areal@ciberia.es
Subject: os: beer drinkers

Hi all MHeadbangers.

I have read in a magazine that the "Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers" LP has old songs recorded again by the band in Paris in 1983 (With Brian Robertson? Very strange). Does anyone know if this is true?
- areal@ciberia.es

Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 14:02:40
From: Stefano - nuraxi@yahoo.com
Subject: os: reply to john a.n./weak albums?

Anyway, the drumming on the MOD album is an interesting question. Mikkey Dee is thanked as a guest musician in the credits, yet who really played on the album remains unclear. I've read that Philthy is really on some of the tracks, and Mikkey on others. Also I've heard that the drums were played by Randy Castillo, and some say it was even Tommy Aldridge.
Does anyone know exactly what was happening behind the kit during the recording of this album?

When the band began to record MOD Philthy Animal was already on the way out, he was having growing difficulties. Lemmy told that he needed a metronome to record "Going To Brazil". Philthy had only the chance to record "I Ain't No Nice Guy", all the other songs were recorded by Tommy Aldridge except "Hellraiser" which was recorded by the excellent new drummer Mikkey Dee (Wurzel said that). My personal point of view: the songs of MOD are excellent and the BAND who played the songs is excellent. I think Motorhead were forced to record that album and also THE PRODUCTION IS A BIG BULLSHIT.

Stefano (Cagliari, Sardinia)
P.S. Phil's mum is from Bardi, Italy.

Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 14:07:10
From: Stefano - nuraxi@yahoo.com
Subject: os: reply to ketil s./hawkwind with lemmy on vox

oh, and - can somebody lpease help me with more information on Sam Gopal (and his/dream)? ....i've got the 1st press LP, but
miss some info on this....great album btw (nearly all tracked written by lemmy - and all songs sung by him), check it out on cd (and tell me where i can get the cd version as well) ....hard psychedelia with tabla drums (and a tender little song sung by lemmy, backed by a triangle(!).

Hello, I don't have much information about Sam Gopal, perhaps there is not a lot to say. In any case here you can read my part...

Lemmy joined the band when Sam Gopal named them simply with his name, eliminating "dream". Last year I went to France to see Motorhead in Lyon May the 5th, I found Lemmy in a bad shape, he was sick and without the will to speak (see what someone from Spain has written in OS last February, maybe her name is Sylvia). Well apart the other things I've given my CD copy of Snake Bite Love to the band who have kindly signed it, everyone on their inside photos. After SBL I picked up the cover of the Sam Gopal lp from my bag, Lem was veeery surprised, he even did a laugh! Hey, there is still something surprising for Lem, I thought. "What a difference from Escalator to SBL, thirty years Lem, incredible..." I gave him the cover, he opened the album and showed the inside photo to a lady friend of him and to Phil (Mikkey got off the dressing room to answer to his mobile phone). "Did you play some concerts with them Lem?" He replied: "Just few concerts, then I left". Lemmy at this point closed the cover (it's openable) and, looking at the front photo, said: "Look at the jacket I wear, Jimi Hendrix gave me it".
Jimi Hendrix?! I ask boys and girls!!! Then I shacked their hands and pointed that I was 1000 miles from home, just for them... I remember Lemmy was moaning a strong stomachache and was drinking Jack Daniels, mah... I thought he would die if would take a medicine, ha!

Stefano (Cagliari, Sardinia)

Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 01:06:34 CDT
From: "Kelly Harrison" outlawrebel76@hotmail.com
Subject: os: golden years, alternate versions vs stone dead forever cd

Hey all, I have a couple of questions about the "Golden Years, Alternate Versions" album that is out. I listened to a few of the Realaudio sound samples that are up on CDnow and those songs souned almost exactly like some of the stuff on the "Stone Dead Forever" cd released in '97 by Receiver. I know you can't tell much about a song by just hearing 30 seconds of it, especially because CDnow isn't exactly particular about what part of the song they take their samples from.

The Track list for the "Stone Dead Forever" cd is as follows

1. Nightmare (actually "Like a Nightmare)
2. Treat Me Nice (blues tune, sounds a lot like "You Better Run", Maybe
early version)
3. Stone Dead Forever (Has Fast Eddie on Vox, does good job)
5. You ain't gonna live forever (Another bluesy one)
6. The Hammer (Eddie uses wah on solo)
7. Bomber (Backing vox on chourus part.)
8. Love me like a reptile
9. Fun on the Farm (Instrumental, Lots of Fast Eddie soloing throughout)
10. Tear ya Down (can barely make out words)
11.Fire Fire (different Lyrics, Lemmy losing voice badly)
12.Louie Louie (sSame low vocals as "Tear ya down)
14.Step Down

Any detected oddities from original album versions are noted. In the inlay there is a brief overview of the history of the band, concentrating mainly on the classic era with Fast Eddie. The last paragraph of the booklet makes it seem that the band reunited with Eddie and Philthy in '97 to do this cd saying: "In fact it was during recordings for a new solo LP that Eddie contacted ex-cohorts Lemmy and Philthy and both agreed to come and 'help out' as tracks ? and ?? on this release show, the 'something that made Motorhead so magical is still very much in evidence so who knows...... maybe it's again time to lock up yer daughters, for one of the greatest British Heavy Metal Bands of all time could soon be back in town."

I don't know. I've seen "Stone Dead...." with Eddie on Vox and "You aint Gonna Live Forever" up on the sounds page of the unofficial page for the longest, so I don't know what's up with that. BTW it has moved to a different address, which is http://www.openface.ca/~prh/motorhead.html Does anybody know what the deal is with these. If they do , let me know,

Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 17:12:16
From: "Artyom Golew" artyom1916@mail.ru
Subject: os: bootlegs and hardcore fans

In reply to:

> >**Ace: Stealing is stealing... and bootlegging is stealing... 'nuff said.

I absolutely agree with Eric Gaumann ( - gaumann@webtv.net), who wrote:

>>I know the band does not make a dime but does this really piss a guy like Lemmy off ? it's stealing, from the greedy record companies.

MOTORHEAD even don't have a right of voice when all their songs are re-issued,all of us know that Lemmy is not happy with some things on Castle/Essential re-issues, at least he said that it's a bullshit the tracks with no vocals,he would never issue such not finished stuff, yes, these gems are very interesting for us the hardcore fans, but it shows the real attitude from the record companies to MOTORHEAD, sometimes the band get information about new releases from the press and they are are not informed from the record companies. Please,Ace,don't call us,those who look for years and buy bootlegs,a 'stealers',those who are ready to pay at least $20(more than official releases cost) for a CD/LP with a poor quality recording usually try to get EVERYTHING on MOTORHEAD,they buy all the official releases,all the official merchandise,etc. so those who buy bootlegs don't want to steal,they only show by bying bootlegs that their love to THE BAND has no boundaries,and if we would have an opportunity to by this recording on official release,we would do it.
All the best,
Artyom MHB1916

**Ace: I said my piece earlier.... :-)

Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 17:26:05
From: "Artyom Golew" artyom1916@mail.ru
Subject: os: motorhead/manowar

In reply to:

> From:> Nicolas McCartney MCCARNA@uk.ibm.com
> Blimey, I wouldn't have thought that Motorhead would support
> Man'o'war!!!!!!!!!!

Hey,but who of us will care much about Manowar after MOTORHEAD will play?! It would be not bad to see those self-proclaimed 'kings of metal',but all of us know who are THE REAL KINGS!
All the best,
Artyom MHB1916

Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 10:56:03
From: "Artyom Golew" artyom1916@mail.ru
Subject: long-suffering 'march or die' drumming

Hello once again!
In reply to:

> From: "John A. Norris" jn1@zdnetmail.com

> Does anyone know exactly what was happening behind the kit during the recording of this album?

According to 'Illustrated Collector's Guide To MOTORHEAD' written by Alan Burridge with Mick Stevenson, Philthy had time to drum only on one track - 'I Ain't No Nice Guy',then he quitted,THE BAND recruited Tommy Aldridge to record all other drum parts with the exception of 'Hellraiser' where Mikkey drummed. Tommy Aldridge had never got credits on the inlay,I guess that was because of the contractal obligations, only among 'special thanks' list there is some Tommy,I guess it's him.

All the best,
Artyom MHB1916

Date: Sat, 25 Sep 1999 15:57:51
From: MCCARNA@uk.ibm.com
Subject: os: sam gopal cds

In reply to:

> From: "Ketil Svendsen" ketil.svendsen@fiskaren.nhst.no

> oh, and - can somebody lpease help me with more information on Sam Gopal (and his/dream)? ....i've got the 1st press LP, >but miss some info on this.... tell me where i can get the cd version as well

Wow,you have a first pressing of Sam Gopal! Congratulations! As far as I know,first pressing costs about $100 (burn all the copies of 'Record Collector' book,'cause all the robbers in second hand shops use 'recommended' prices from that foliant!),and bootleg LP pressings cost about $50. I got the CD some years ago for about $30,it was issued by TNT Enterprises (cat. #: TTE 004 CD),on CD there is a note that the recording is 'stereo playable mono'(!), and it's different from the original recording - Sam Gopal added some tablas/percussion in December'88 (20 years after the original!). Not so long ago it was reissued again in Great Britain, the 'new' CD contains the original mixes of the album and two bonus tracks from the single - 'Horse' and 'Back Door Man',so we have to look for it again! For those who don't know,Lemmy was known those times as Ian Willis. In my oppinion,it's possible to find Sam Gopal CDs only at music fairs and small second hand CD shops.
I can suggest to everybody who needs such information about such kind of stuff to subscribe to 'Motorheadbangers World' Magazine,which is issued by Alan Burridge,the head of MOTORHEADBANGERS CLUB,each issue contains lots of information on various releases and everything about MOTORHEAD. You can find Alan's address on all good MOTORHEAD Internet sites.

All the best,
Artyom MHB1916,

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Subject: os: lemmy interviews l7

Motorhead and L7 may represent different generations, genders, and cultures, but the musical kinship between them is etched in stone. Those about to rock salute each other.
By Sandy Masuo. Interview by Lemmy Kilmister. Photographs for Request by Alison Dyer.

Legend has it that L.A. rockers Donita Sparks and Suzi Gardner formed L7 in 1985 after a five-day speed binge during which they listened to nothing but the title track from Motorhead's Orgasmatron, "Orgone Accumulator" by Motorhead progenitor Hawkwind, and "Sex Bomb" by San Francisco punk band Flipper.

The members of L7, like Motorhead before them, have dedicated themselves to rock so staunchly elemental that it defies labels like "punk" and "metal". L7's raucous reputation is based, in large part, on a devastating live show, and like its forebear, the band spent years trying to capture that energy on a studio album. At long last it has succeeded. Produced by L7, Joe Barresi, and Rob Cavallo (Green Day), The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum strikes a perfect balance between crafty compositions and exuberant playing.

With L7 having recorded an album that finally does its justice and accepted a high-profile opening slot on Marilyn Manson's current tour, the time seemed right to bring the band's members together with one of their heroes. As it turns out, Motorhead main man Lemmy Kilmister has been an L7 fan since the release of the band's 1991 debut EP, Smell the Magic, and an air of mutual admiration looms around the free-ranging conversation. Over an assortment of beverages and an endless chain of cigarettes, Sparks, Gardner, and drummer Dee Plakas (L7's new bass player, Gail Greenwood, is out of town) compare notes and tattoos with the transplanted Welshman at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in his adopted home turf of Los Angeles.

Lemmy: What's the biggest single influence on you ever? How'd you choose your lifestyle, what you do, what you think?
Plakas: Oh, Jesus. Sparks: That's a f-ckin' tough one. Plakas: Song or single? Lemmy: Not neccesarily musical. What was the biggest single influence on you--why do you live like you live? Who was it that made you do that? Gardner: Too hard.
Lemmy: No, it's not too hard. Sparks: Could you answer that question? Lemmy: Yeah. Plakas: Who was your person?
Lemmy: Buddy Holly. Sparks: Really? Lemmy: That was when my life changed, you know. Sparks: All right. Then I will say Joey Ramone, because I think he's got a sense of humour and I think he totally rocks. Lemmy: He understands rock 'n' roll.
Sparks: He understands rock 'n' roll, and he also has a heart. Lemmy: Still. Sparks: Yeah. I dig him a lot, and back when I first heard the Ramones, that was, like, a life-changing experience for me. Lemmy: Me too, absolutely. Plakas: For me, my life changed when I started listening to punk rock. I mean the Ramones were a big favourite band of mine, but... Lemmy: Just the thing itself. Plakas: Just the whole musical idea of it is what gave me the inspiration to play drums. It was like, "Oh, I could do this," yo know. So punk rock changed my life. Lemmy: It's like, "I have to do this," isn't it? Plakas: Yeah. I can do this, you know. Lemmy: No, but whether you can or not, you have to do it. It's not like a career move, it's a vocation. Like the priesthood, you know.[to Gardner] What about you? Gardner: Oh God, I don't know. It just would be when I heard rock 'n' roll music when I was a kid. Lemmy: No particular artist? Gardner: When I was really little, I think who made me want to rock was probably the Rolling Stones. Just that whole mystique and how good they were and... Lemmy: The sleaze factor. Gardner: The sleaze factor. Like, Jagger and Richards I think were really just so cool. Lemmy: They pissed your mom and dad off the worst. Gardner: Yeah. They were why my mom wouldn't let me sleep with the radio under my pillow, because I was getting told satanic messages. My radios kept disappearing. And as it went on, you know, just all the other great things that happened in rock: the Sex Pistols, Motorhead, on and on and on and on. L.A. punk rock. Lemmy: L.A. punk rock was very good for a while there wasn't it? I don't know what happened to L.A. I think L.A. sort of bit itself to death, you know what I mean? They got worried about whether they should be changing, and then they did, without thinking of any [better goals].
Sparks: So, Buddy Holly and who else? Lemmy: Buddy Holly changed me when I started, but then it was Little Richard, Eddie Cochran...and that was the first wave. Then the Beatles came. I was a Beatles person, see. Or, I was a Beatles man. It's funny isn't that? Like, "chairperson." What the f-ck is that? Is it a man or a woman? If it's a man it should be a chairman, if it's a woman it should be a chairwoman. I don't like this "person" shit. Like "person-hole cover," you know. Excuse me?
Sparks: Person-hole cover? [laughing] Lemmy: Yeah, they do that. How about "sefem" instead of "semen," so you won't have to worry about the "men" in it? Sparks: Seamen? Lemmy: Yeah, sefem. Sparks: Seafem? Like a military person? Lemmy: No, like come. Sefem instead of semen. Is that f-cking pathetic? Sparks: [laughing] I thought you were talking about a Navy person, like a sailor. Lemmy: [laughing] There you go. You've been too long away from it. Sparks: I know, no sh-t.
Lemmy: [laughs] Sparks: Oh, Lemmy, you can see right through me.

Lemmy: Are you f-cking tired of being expected to be rabid feminists even if you're not in the mood? Like when you don't want to talk about it at all and that's the first question. Is it still? Sparks: Yes, it is. Sometimes. It's some of our baggage that we have to f-ckin' tote around. Lemmy: You have no idea, when you pick that sh-t up, that you'll have to carry it the rest of your life. Sparks: Yeah. I mean, we are feminists, but that's not really our agenda. Our agenda is to rock. Lemmy: You can't help yourselves. You have to say what you're thinking at the time. And then they just write the f-cker and that's it forever.
Plakas: Right. You want to talk about your music, and they want to talk about your political stance on things. Lemmy: Do you think, perhaps, you're overdoing this "we are not sex objects" thing? Sparks: Overdoing it? But we are sex objects.
Lemmy: Everybody is. Plakas: People hate us 'cause we're beautiful all the time. Lemmy: Everybody is a sex object to somebody. Sparks: They want to kick our @$$ cause we're so goddamn sexy. Lemmy: Once you say you're not going to be one, you sort of get webbed up in it though. It's like that feminist thing. Everybody concentrates on that. Like, "Look how unsexy they look." Do you know what I mean? Sparks: Well, I think we're just the way we are, and there are probably some people out there who do think we're sexy and... Lemmy: The trouble is they aren't sexy [laughter all around].

Lemmy: Who does most of the lyrics? Sparks: Suzi and I. Lemmy: [Judging from the lyrics] we haven't been that lucky in relationships, have we? Sparks: [using a Homer Simpson voice] Doh! [laughter] In love relationships and in general relationships, you know what I mean? We feel disappointed by a lot of people. I think the human race is pretty crap. Lemmy: I went past that. I'm starting to feel outraged and disgusted by it. "Disappointed" didn't last long with me. Sparks: Well, "disappointed," I suppose, is a charitable word. Lemmy: Far too charitable. I f-cking hate them sons of b-tches. Gardner: Bitterness is sinking in. Lemmy: You've got to make it humorous, though, you see. Sparks: Yeah, yeah. Which we do.
Lemmy: You have to do that or else you're dead. Because if I hadn't got that black English sense of humor, I'd have been gone by now. Plakas: Yeah. You gotta laugh to keep from cryin'. Lemmy: The tears of a clown...I always hated that f-cking song.
Sparks: Lemmy, are you in a relationship? Lemmy: No, I have the same luck with you guys there. Hopeless. Sparks: All right, what is Lemmy short for? Lemmy: It's not. My name is Ian. Sparks: But how'd you get Lemmy? Lemmy: 'Cause I used to say, "Lend me a quid till Friday" to everybody. And I made a joke out of it and it's been backfiring on me ever since.

Lemmy: Rock For Choice, right? I was in England, as you know, for years, and we must have played the most benefits I've ever seen any band play. We played for the Stoke-Newington Eight and people like that who nobody else had heard of before except for the Stoke Newington Eight. We did all these f-cking benefits, and we found out that most of the money just went in the pockets of the people who put it on. Do you watch where the money goes? Plakas: With Rock For Choice?
Lemmy: Yeah. Are you after it? Cause you've got to be after it, cause they'll f-ckin' rob you--all them friends of yours that are doing it for you. Sparks: We know where the money goes, and the office it's out of is a nonprofit organisation. Lemmy: I know, but that won't stop people from skimming some of the cream off. Sparks: I don't think anybody's skimming. Lemmy: I would hate to think so, believe me. In my case, we found all our friends that we'd known for years and trusted with our lives--you know, once you trust 'em with five thousand bucks they immediately got venal and f-cking grabbed it.
Sparks: One of the women who is charge of Rock For Choice is also in charge of the Feminist Majority Foundation and donated 30 million of her own dollars to get RU486 into the country, so she's... Lemmy: She's great. Sparks: She's awesome.
Lemmy: I'm talking about the [briefcase manager]...when you see the guy going out the door with a little case at four in the afternoon, you have to watch that sh-t. Sparks: I think they're fine upstanding people. Lemmy: Hey, look, I hope you're right.
Sparks: Now the other benefits we played--you know we've played a sh-tload of benefits for other organisations, too--we don't really know. Lemmy: Friends of the Earth was our bloody staple. We were down in bloody Cornwall every three months. Sparks: Lemmy, I had no idea that you played so many benefits. That's awesome. Lemmy: That's why I don't do any now. 'Cause we found out that the people get about a quarter of the money that we f-cking worked for, so I just got completely pissed off. Sparks: I can see how. Lemmy: Well, it is kind of depressing. Sparks: Yeah, very much so. Lemmy: Like that Live Aid thing: They got all the food, but when they got it [to Ethiopia], nobody'd thought to buy trucks, so it rotted on the wharf. Gardner: That's awful. Lemmy: Disgraceful. I'd be interested in doing a Rock For Choice benefit, actually.
Sparks: That would be awesome. Lemmy: I would becaue you know most of the press has got this idea that Motorhead are like these sexist f-ckin Hell's Angels or something. I took the first all-girl band [Girlschool] out on tour in England. We gave them the break 'cause I always said, if they're good enought to play on stage, they're good enough to be forgotten about, as far as that goes.

Lemmy: If you had to be an animal, what kind of animal would you be? Sparks: Oh, this is such a Barbara Walters question.
Lemmy: No, I want to know, really. What kind of animal would you be? Plakas: OK, what kind of animal would I be?
Lemmy: I'll give you an idea: I'd be a f-cking wolverine, 'cause nobody f-cks with them. They'll eat the legs out from under you as you're charging, you know. Horrible little bastards. I'd be one of them 'cause you'd get very little trouble. Sparks: I'd be a seed-eating bird. Lemmy: Would you? Sparks: Yes. Lemmy: Wolverines would kill you. Sparks: I'd fly away from them.
Lemmy: Not if two of them got in the way, one on each side--difficult to pop up into the air. Sparks: I'd want to be a seed-eating bird because then I could fly and I wouldn't have to eat any worms. Gardner: See, if we're talking about animals here, we don't want to think about reentering back into the food chain. Lemmy: Don't we? Gardner: No, you're describing it like we have to enter back into the food chain. That scares me. Lemmy: Everything is the food chain. You're sitting on the food chain. I mean, you can't help it. There it is. Gardner: God, I don't know. Dee, do you know what animal you'd be?
Plakas: I think I'd be some sort of a cat. A big cat. Lemmy: A snow leopard. They're good. Plakas: Yeah, like some kind of a leopard. I'd be a... Sparks: But then you'd have to eat the wildebeest. Lemmy: No, no, not the snow leopard. The snow leopard lives right above the snow line. Sparks: What do they eat? Gardner: Rabbits. You'd eat rabbits. Snow rabbits.
Lemmy: OK [turns to Garnder], what about you? You'd have to be a neutered pussycat if you don't want to get into the food chain. Gardner: Yeah, I think I'd be a house cat. Lemmy: That's a pretty cushy job, isn't it? Just lay around on the sofa and put on weight all day. Gardner: Probably not a good chance of reentering into the food chain. Lemmy: Everything is the food chain. Believe me, we are in it. That's why we've got teeth.

Lemmy: When I was with the Rockin' Vicars in '66, '67, I couldn't play lead. See, I was supposed to be the lead guitarist, so I faked it. I auditioned during a gig--most of us did in those days. So I set the fuzz on full and the volume on full and I just hit it very hard and moved my fingers about very fast, and I jumped on the piano and that collapsed, and I smashed me guitar on it, and they thought it was f-cking huge. They said, "Hire him" on the spot, and I played with them for a year and a half, and I never played any lead worth a damn, but I was good spectacle, you see, and this is what they were looking for. So, what I wanted to say is it doesn't matter--playing a million miles a minute--'cause it really isn't important. As long as what you do fits the song. Gardner: That's kind of how I started playing lead, too--by faking it and seeing what sounded good. I've always admired, like, Keith Richards, who could play a one-note solo, like, play one note four times in a row, but the band has so much soul in it that one note captivates me way more than... Lemmy: A million notes a minute. Gardner: Yeah, with no soul.
Sparks: I've been fakin' my way for f-ckin' years as far as playing lead. Lemmy: Actually, we all are. I mean, I'm such a good guitarist I'm a bass player! Sparks: Exactly. I really like a lead that you can sing, you know what I mean? As opposed to, like, deedle-deedle-deedle [singing a rapid flurry of notes]. I like a lot of guitar solos that are melodic, that you can sing and they're actually quite simplistic. Lemmy: It can be two notes, if it's played right...The last song on your new album sounds like Hawkwind to me. Sparks: "Lorenza, Giada, Alessandra" sounds like Hawkwind? Lemmy: Yeah. Sparks: All right. That's awesome! Does it sound like a specific Hawkwind song? Lemmy: No, no. It sounds like what we used to do. Sparks: But see, that didn't start out as anything really. Those are three Italian fans of ours, and I was trying to remember their names by just, like, repeating them over and over again, 'cause we were calling 'em uop on stage and the only way for me to remember was to go, [chanting]"Lorenza, Giada, Alessandra," and then they were, like, clawing their way up to the front of the stage and we just started playing that song. So it's just a jam--it's repetitive and it's almost like a mantra or something, but, God, that it sounds like Hawkwind? That f-ckin' rules! Lemmy: Yeah, I mean, Dave [Brock] used a lot of fuzz guitar. I don't really use effects, but I used to have a side cabinet that was as good as the ones I have now, but it used to be fuzzier with Hawkwind, the three-piece rock 'n' roll band. The trouble was Nik Turner. You see, we couldn't get the saxophone off him, and when he had it he'd play it all the time. Even when he was singing he'd play it, you know. Sparks: Did you see any of the Hawkwind Revisited tours? Lemmy: Well, Nik Turner's going around calling himself Hawkwind, but he isn't. Dave Brock is Hawkwind. Dave's band would always be Hawkwind, whatever he calls it. Sparks: That song you said sounds like Hawkwind? That's the only song we did completely live on the record. It sounds like a riot to me, like a riot's about to break out. Lemmy: It sounds like you're enjoying yourselves. Sparks: Definitely. Is your new album out yet? Lemmy: Yeah, it's been out a couple months.
Sparks: What label is that on? Lemmy: CMC [International]. We actually shipped the record before we signed with them, can you believe that? Sparks: They were confident. Thank God it worked out. Lemmy: [They] gave us the benefit of the doubt. We might not have signed. You don't get that anymore. I was impressed, and then they got into a [deal] with BMG, so now we've got distribution. We've sold 200,000 already. That's big for Motorhead in America, you know. Our last one sold 20,000.
Sparks: In the U.S.? Lemmy: Yeah. Sparks: Oh, you're f-ckin' kidding. Lemmy: Nobody buys our stuff. We're legends. That's the trouble with being a legend: Nobody buys your new sh-t.

Sparks: Thanks for writing such good questions. Plakas: Yeah, they were really good questions. Sparks: Thanks for f-ckin' interviewing us. Lemmy: I've never done it before. Gardner: Really? Plakas: We're your first? Lemmy: You broke my hymen, baby. Plakas: [cracks up] Lemmy:I don't know what the f-ck I'm going to do now. I want to get married one day and [you've] ruined it.


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