Issue #71 - July 30, 1999

OS: I'm Back!
OS: Thanks to Motrhead
OS: Motorhead in Belgium
OS: Motorhead and morals
OS: Lemmy's Mustache
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OS: Lemmy -> Travelling Punkberries!!!!!
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OS: Buenos Aires 1995?
OS: "Everything Louder" sucks!
OS: Listen to a rare Lemmy track: "Countdown" from 1984!
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Date: July 30, 1999
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: i'm back!

Motorheadbangers Everywhere!!

Greetings all! First, I must apologize for the tardniess of this post... I have been doing a lot of work in the past several weeks and OS just seemed to take a back seat. But, I'm back baby!

Next, the t-shirts. As previously stated, I delayed production on the shirts in an effort to garner more orders and meet the minimums for the silk screener. That having been done, the shirts are at the printer now and I should be mailing them out within the nest coupla weeks. Thanks for your patience and support! For the new people on the list, check out http://www.imotorhead.com/tshirt.htm. Remember, the shirt is fully endorsed by the band, making it an official product!!

* When I went out on the road with Motorhead, one afternoon Phil and I sat down before a show and did a formal interview. That interview is available now in Real Audio format at: http://www.blastmagazine.com

I spoke to Lemmy a couple of weeks ago and he gave me the low down of the European tour. They had a lot of great shows. But, when they returned to Germany during the week, the routing of the tour did not really let them have any time in the studio... so nothing was advanced on the new album front. But, the guys are back in Germany right now... I should know more in a few weeks.

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 00:35:08
From: "Fredrik Svrd" fredriksword@swipnet.se
Subject: thanks to motrhead

Hi. I will thank Motrhead for the energy they add to our parties. Motrhead stands when other falls. We have converted about 20 friends both cocksuckers and bitches to be Motrhead fans. Lemmy is a statement
. Its never Too late,Too late. / Swedish Guinness Club(Fredrik)
P.S Im sorry that Motrhead is not playing in a city near Kping(Sweden)

Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 23:39:06
From: alain poncelet - poncelet.alain@skynet.be
Subject: OS: Motorhead in Belgium

Hello Motorheadbangers,

Ace, the new "imotorhead.com" looks great, you did an excellent job ! I'm looking forward to see the new things to come.

Now, here's the report of Motorhead's gig at the Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium: it rained the whole fucking day -> Belgium, you know ;-) But Motorhead did play ! The band was as wet as we were,they had to change their instruments very often. The sound was good and very loud ( as usual ) . They played only 1 hour, but all the "classic" songs were performed, here is the setlist ( as far as I remember ) :

No Class
Over Your Shoulder
I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care)
Take the Blame
Going to Brazil
Born to Raise Hell
Iron Fist
Killed by Death
Ace of Spades

And, as usual, after having seen Motorhead live, there's only one thing to say:
" Thanks guys, you're the best band in the whole world ! "


Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 07:51:08 +0300 (EEST)
From: "D.I.M." dim@kirahvi.joensuu.fi
Subject: os: motorhead and morals

What thou wouldst highly,
That wouldst thou holily; wouldst not play false,
And yet wouldst wrongly win.
- William Shakespeare -


Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 08:58:39
From: Greg Havemann - ghavemann@wii.com
Subject: lemmy's mustache

When I saw Motorhead on the recent tour He had his Mustache in Chicago on 05/21/99. I also have a video from Pittspurgh on 05/24/99 and he has it. But on 05/29/99 when i saw them in Milwaukee I was right in front of Lemmy and he was clean shaven again like he was for thr first time when the Overnight Sensation Album came out. Between 05/24/99 and 05/29/99 he lost the stache again. Does any body know when he lost it? Or was Milwaukee the date he went clean shaven again. Also i am looking for good quality video from the recent tour or any shows from the late 96-97 tour.
PS. My new Illinois Car plates came in LEMMY 33 I had to have a # on it to keep costs down so I picked my old football #. They are going on the car today.

Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 23:00:02
From: mondo_zombie@juno.com
Subject: re: os metal prejudice

>In high school I incessently got asked, "Do you worship the Devil?" When I would respond "No" People would say, "well
>don't those rock groups worship the devil?"

I'm 32 years old and was recently out to lunch with a my wife and two friends of her (19 and 24). I mentioned I was going to see Rob Zombie and they asked me if he worshiped the devil. I replied no without having to think about it. They then asked me if I was sure and were a little ticked off when I asked them to provide me proof to the contrary. Since the 1950's rock music has been branded the devil's music...has it dawned on anybody that Satan would most likely think of a style of music that is universaly hated by all mortals, such as telephone hold music or elevator music?

>who are responsible for all the rumors regarding Marilyn Manson ( the killing puppies,

Will somebody convince the religious right to think of a new story. When I was in high school it was Ozzy who was doing this. My sister-in-law told me that in the 70's it was Alice Cooper. Bad news folks, no puppies have been harmed or killed in order to bring you Marilyn Manson, Ozzy, Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, MOTORHEAD, Twisted Sister, Kiss, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath or any other metal band. These are Urban Legends and people would be wise to recognize them as that. I did however have a cat that would run from the room any time Journey came on the radio (see the above comment).

A little over a month ago Motorhead came to Portland and delivered the perofrmance of a lifetime to a packed house. The crowd was excited, but under control. Nobody was harmed, no fights broke out and all dogs left in perfect health. Can't wait for the next time they come through Portland.

**Editor: I am still wiping the tears from my eyes from the laughter this post brought me! I love the comment about Journey!! :-) You summed up this whole thing beautifully. Urban Legends these are... and I can vouch for the canine health status at the Portland show... :-)

Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 17:48:39
From: MCCARNA@uk.ibm.com
Subject: os: lemmy -> travelling punkberries!!!!!


Saw this on Tha Damned web page.............

According to Ian Grant Management former Damned guitarist Brian James has signed a deal with Track Records and is currently in Los Angeles working on a new project, tentivly titled The Travelling Punkbury's with Wayne Kramer of
the MC5. Other guest musicans taking part in the project include Stuart Copeland (Ex-Police), Lemmy (Motorhead), Duff McKagan (Guns N'Roses) and Joan Jett. Sounds like a good 'un. More details soon.

Anybody deny/confirm this?????????

Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 16:21:37
From: Eric R Chetkauskas - zughiaq@juno.com
Subject: OS: Site's new look, Music videos

I must say, the changes you made to the site are impressive. I almost didn't recognize it when I got there. Anyway...someone mentioned something about Motorhead videos in the last issue. Now I know how rare it is to see one (I have been fortunate enough to see two!) and I was wondering if there was any video collection they released/will release with all their videos on it. Music videos would also be a great addition to the download section of the new site [hint, hint] unless of course there are some copyright-type laws forbidding it.

**Editor: Working on it... I do not currently have facilities for capturing images on my Mac. Any computer pros out there that use a Mac and can give me advice on the hardware I need to acquire?

Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 09:04:52
From: "You Know Me" rpcjr@hotmail.com
Subject: os: t-shirts

I'm sorry you didn't get more orders for your T-Shirts; they were fine EXCEPT for that URL included at the bottom of the back-side of the shirt. That was the only thing that stopped my brother and I from ordering a few. We've been following Motorhead since their very beginning but still, even though things have "changed" somewhat, I'll never get used to the idea of a
reminder of the internet on a Motorhead shirt...

**Editor: Change is inevitable... if the band can embrace it.... can't you?

Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 21:25:35
From: "Dima Babkin" vikor@cityline.ru
Subject: from artyom:happy birthday to motorhead!!!

Hello Ace!
Hello to all of you!
Are you ready? well, no: ARE YOU READY?! ARE YOU READY TO CELEBRATE THE MOTORHEAD BIRTHDAY ON THE 20 of JULY?! In case if anyone has forgot a little: MOTORHEAD was born on that day in 1975, they played their first concert on that day 24 years ago in the Roundhouse. Let all of us,in the different corners of the world will drink some beers, vodka, whisky, tequila, wine, etc. - anything anyone of us prefures - and GLORIFY MOTORHEAD on the evening of forthcoming Tuesday, the 20 of July!

All the best for everybody,
Artyom from Russia,
MHB 1916

Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 14:03:08
From: "Turner, Karl J. (EXCH)" KJTURNER@intermedia.com
Subject: os: motorhead cd's for sale

For sale : Motorhead CD's


WELCOME TO THE BEAR TRAP. Autographed by Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey in 1999. 20 track UK import compilation, e-mail for track list. $18 includes shipping


OVERKILL 1996 re-issue. $16 includes shipping.


BOMBER 1996 re-issue. Autographed by Lemmy, Phil & Mikkey in 1999. $25 includes shipping.


This is not a joke !!! I have all of the tracks on the aforementioned albums on many other CD's, and I'm just trimming down my collection, and I figure that this is the best way to reach true Motorheadbangers to give them a good home. Both are in excellent condition.

E-mail me at kjturner@intermedia.com . I only have 1 copy of each, so first come, first served. If you live in the US, I'll even give you my phone number in case you have questions.

Stay Clean,
Karl Turner
Syracuse, NY USA
- kjturner@intermedia.com

Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 16:43:37
From: Leslie Lady Strange - nyrockr1@yahoo.com
Subject: o.s. newsletter help

I'm desparately searching for St Valentines Day Massacare Been looking for it for the past 16 years I would like it on cassette or Lp can you help me find it Or could you please post this in your news letter.? Any help would be greatly appprciated!!!

Live to Win
Leslie "Lady Strange"
- nyrockr1@yahoo.com
N.Y.C. Rules
N.Y. Islanders #1
Motorhead Rocks!!

Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 14:51:28
From: Sarmad Sheikh - sarmadsheikh@compuserve.com
Subject: os: bits 'n' pieces

OzzFest UK update:
In an attempted letter to Barry Phelps, I wrote: "Dear mister nasty pollertishan, pleez stop riting horribal tings abowt us metallas..." then I had to stop writing because I'd run out of crayons. Unfortunately, Ozzfest-UK '99 has been cancelled, partly because of Barry Phelps's thoughts about us metallers, our IQ (or lack of it), valgarity, drug-taking and criminal intentions we'll bring to London. He must think OzzFest is the return of the Bubonic Plague or something. Other reasons for the cancellations include problems encountered in resheduling the UK event because of the extended USA dates. To compensate, there will be two Black Sabbath farewell gigs in Birmingham, England, at the end of the year and an OzzFest-UK next year with Ozzy headlining.

Motorhead Promo Videos:
Just my thought for the week. On various interviews, Lemmy said future Motorhead promo videos are most unlikely because they're a waste of time and money if the music programmes on TV don't show them. It's a shame that things have come to this halt because I must admit that it was the video to "Hellraiser" that made me want to concentrate more on Motorhead and which turned me into a fan. Of course every rock 'n' roll fan has heard of Motorhead but you'll be surprised when you learn that most of them think that that Lemmy & Co have disbanded. A lot of people have the "No Remorse" collection or "Ace Of Spades" and think that Motorhead stopped there. When I saw the "Hellraiser" video on MTV I realised that I was wrong to have regarded them as a background band. The video made me realise that Motorhead are still out there, alive and kicking ass, and that made me want to delve more, buying the old albums and not missing out on a single new one. Their music rocks and TV/radio airplay certainly doesn't go amiss with winning more fans for them. VH1 Friday Rock Show is the only place where you're guaranteed to see a Motorhead promo video in England these days and the presenter Tommy Vance is very faithful to the band in the frequency of airplay he gives them. If only more rock TV presenters can be like him, knowing what good music is and keeping away from the commercial crap that has the nerve to call itself metal when all it's doing is killing the style off. Each time I see one of Motorhead videos on VH1 FRS, the first thing that strikes my mind is the possibility of a few new fans being born this very minute, watching this particular airplay and then going out the next day to buy a Motorhead album so they can hear more of the music that just captivated them - as it had done so with me when I first saw that "Hellraiser" vid. But putting VH1aside, I had no idea that lack of Motorhead promos on TV worldwide was as bad Lemmy said it was. Because of the majority TV "rock shows" worldwide not co-operating, Motorhead making a promo loses money when the video does in fact have the potential to make more money for them.

Take care,


Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 15:36:20
From: nuraxi - nuraxi@yahoo.com
Subject: os: buenos aires 1995?

I would like someone to write me which day Motorhead played in Buenos Aires in 1995. Thank You
Stefano Loi (Cagliari, Sardinia)

Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 17:11:45
From: Stephen Cunningham - stephen.cunningham@pegasus.co.uk
Subject: os: "everything louder" sucks!

He he he! Now I have your attention: Good evening people, hope you are all well....
I stumbled across this site (apologies if it is old news), and in particular this interview with The Great Man. The guy who does the interview also gives the glorious ELTEE a good write-up elsewhere on the site......


However, please berate the authors of this site for calling Lemmy "Lenny". Can you believe people are STILL making this mistake?

All the best,

Stevie C, England.
PS Stunning work, Ace - keep it up, and thank you.

Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 14:48:55 +0300
From: Ville Ukkonen - ville.ukkonen@pp.htv.fi
Subject: OS: Listen to a rare Lemmy track: "Countdown" from 1984!

When visiting Finland in 1984 (actually the first gigs with the four-man line-up), Lemmy joined Finnish guitar hero Albert Jrvinen in studio.

He was originally supposed to produce his single track "Countdown" but he ended rewriting the lyrics for the track and also singing it!

I've upped the track in MP3 format to this link (it's also zipped):

I think it's worth checking out!

Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 15:22:00
From: "fill" prosthetic-heads@clear.net.nz
Subject: os links

Ace, Do you know how to contact the guy that runs the "Catch My Smoke" page, I can never get it to load. I was wondering if it still exisits or not. Any info would be really cool. Guff..Just managed to buy Snake....in New Zealand, purchased Everything louder over the net and received it in 8 days from CD Universe (no affiliation). It rocks!! However..I purchased Bastards on vinyl in NZ no probs contrary to Lems comment on the Album. Barstards is totally awesome!. Cheers and beers
Phil Gemmell New Zealand prosthetic-heads@clear.net.nz


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