Issue #69 - July 2, 1999

OS: New Look
OS: portuguese concert!!!
OS: Motorhead gig 13-6-1999
OS: heavy metal revenge!
OS: Re: Rickenbackers
OS: What's Words Worth
OS: A number of issues
OS: New Album
OS: Fast Eddie
OS: What's Words Worth.
OS: Metal Prejudice
OS: Play it Loud: The Best of Motorhead
OS: Re:Attitudes
OS: Corn exchange date and more....
OS: Argentinian Motrhead Fan
OS: Bits and pieces
OS: Regarding Issue #67 - Jun
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #36
OS: Subscribe
OS: yet another lemmy sighting by the Anal Lemmy Sighting Brigade!
OS: Nummirock


Date: July 2, 1999
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: new look

Motorheadbangers Everywhere!!

Whew! What a coupla weeks I have had. The good news is that the new look to the Official Motorhead site is up and running. I am adding to it all the time, so keep checking it out.

Well, when all was said and done, I got a total of 40 t-shirt orders... out of 1700 of you on the list. Based on the response from the initial question, I was expecting atleast 150... but no matter. These look like they are going to become rare collectors items. You can still order them, but XL is the only size that I will make available for now. Those of you that have emailed me that payment is on the way and have requested special sizes, no problem... I have made arrangements. For the new people on the list, check out http://www.imotorhead.com/tshirt.htm. I will announce the winner of the poster in the next week or two. Remember, the shirt is fully endorsed by the band, making it an official product!! * When I went out on the road with Motorhead, one afternoon Phil and I sat down before a show and did a formal interview. That interview is available now in Real Audio format at:

The guys are in the studio working on tracks for the new album. I hope to have an update for you very soon.

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 01:09:30
From: "Pedro Morgado" rop10180@mail.telepac.pt
Subject: portuguese concert!!!

hey, the portugueses heavymetal fans want to thanks the excelent concert that you give to us in the 12/06/99 in coliseu!!! a had an question, why dont you have any kind of merchendising in you tour??? i think is bad becouse i want more than everthing one of yours t-shirt, speacilthat one whit you simbol, thats one fucking great t-shirt!!!!! see you on the road!!! i wish the beast days of your live for the nest concerts!!! thanks once again, thanks to you i have an imazing neeck pain!!!!!! MOTORHEAD!!!!!!!!!!! MOTORHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 20:15:04
From: Matthijs Withaar - mwithaar@dds.nl
Subject: os: motorhead gig 13-6-1999

Yes ... after weeks of looking forward to the event, the day was finally there - Motorhead was in the Netherlands again! In Dinxperlo, at the Dutch/German border; it meant a cross-country journey (in America you'd say "nextdoor"). I went there with two friends who had never seen Motorhead. One of them likes Motorhead, the other came for the other bands. When the gig was over, they both had to agree that Motorhead performed phantastic; Lemmy rules!

At the festival, Wycked Mystic, Kamikaze Freak Show, Primal Fear, Saxon and Dio played; Motorhead were (of course) headlining. We missed the first band and came in when Kamikaze Freak Show were on stage. It turned out to be some kind of Jim Rose Circus Side Show rip off; lifting heavy stuff with chains attached to piercings and stuff like that. But it was some good fun anyway.

Primal Fear was really horrible. I don't like the traditional heavy metal stuff with vocals that sound like the singer has been Bobbittised, and this was the classic example of a "heavy" metal cliche. Saxon was better, but not fantastic either. Dio was reasonably good, especially since he put his autograph on everything that was thrown on the stage. While singing!

While Dio was on, we met some guy that was dressed up too chique to be a metalhead; he gave me a photo of Lemmy that he made. It turned out he was making/had made a movie and that Lemmy was cooperating. When Motorhead were playing, I saw him recording with a film camera and later on with a video camera. (Ace: I will be happy to scan the photo for you for use on the website; just contact me. It may present a copyright problem, however ...)

Finally, dusk had come and Motorhead went on stage. They kicked off as if every minute they played would be their last ever; they blasted as if they wanted to hit the crowd in the face like a sledge hammer. At one moment, Phil thanked the other bands they had missed because they were in the hotel. Was this a piece of sarcasm? ;-)

The crowd went really crazy, in the front, people were trashing the place. Unfortunately, some large guys with the physics of gorillas thought they owned the place and kept bullying people. One of them started beating up a boy that can't have been much older than 16 or so, and another one started fighting with a girl that physically was no match at all. Hey, assholes - seek someone of your own size! The reason we go to Motorhead is Motorhead, not fighting. Luckily, these were just incidents that didn't get anybody really hurt. But I don't like people that behave agressive and spoil the pleasure of others.

When Motorhead were playing the last song (Overkill), Lemmy's bass broke down. While playing in the air they continued the song, and a roadie switched instruments so that Lemmy could continue with his old bass (I recognised it from old concerts). I must say, I like the sound of that one better. Unfortunately, that one went out of order as well - again, the instruments were switched; the problem had apparently been solved, and Lemmy finished the song with a working instrument.

After nearly 1 1/2 hours (pretty long for a festival), it unfortunately was over again and time had come to go home. We turned the car radio on, and played a tape with all Motorhead classics and sung out loud. A perfect way to end Another Perfect Day!

Ice Thijs
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Liquido (D), Skinny (GB), Soulwax (B)
When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.
(Henny Youngman)

Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999 15:34:57
From: - thesonics@earthlink.net (Jay Siekierski)
Subject: lemmy interview

you can read a good interview I did with Lemmy last year. he discusse's his gear.

Thxs J
Click on my link below.

The Sonics All Music Site Published By Jay Siekierski
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The music does not dictate what our life-style
>should be or how we behave. If there is an association then
>this is the fault with the person(s) involved and not with the music.
>What do others think?

Damn right - I'm no drunk crime loving good for nothing bum, I'm an intelligent person who just happens to live for heavy metal. Just look at my email address! People judge metal by the few jackass fans who ruin it's reputation, and also by the few jackass musicians who also ruin it's reputation, like Marilyn Manson. People see him killing puppies and giving himself a BJ and they think that's what all metal manics do. They don't realize that most of us are down to earth people, and I am often judged solely on the Iron Maiden shirt I'm wearing. People think "Oh, his shirt has a green evil corpse on it - he probably worships satan and drinks lambs blood." Well they can kiss my ass! Sure there are some metalheads that are asses, but there are asses everywhere, in every social class and every area of music. If you can tell me that every single person who likes Frank Sinatra is a kind loving person, than you're just a dumb as the people who say all metalheads are low lifes. I mean, I may not like some other forms of music, like Sinatra, but I have a lot of respect for what they do. People don't often believe me when I tell them my favorite band is Queen, cuz they know that Queen is, to them, "regular" music, and they can't associtate it with my love for headbanging. I know plenty of assholes who love alternative and stoner rock - more assholes than I know that are into metal. Metal fans have kind of an invisible alliance towards each other, because we all live for the same thing, and we all understand how dumb it is to judge people by their music, like long lost siblings. I think that kind of alliance should be more common in this world.
Joe Howansky
- Metallica218@Juno.com

**Editor: I am a fan of Manson and know a great deal about him... to my knowledge, he has never killed any puppies or given himself a BJ on stage. Don't listen to the runour mill....

I have a friend who hates metal and refers to Motorhead as "Semenhead". If anyone would like to send him a threat, or just express your feelings towards him, please do so, I'm sure he'll appreciate it, as will I, greatly. His address is For_the_ages@yahoo.com. Hahahahahahahaha!
PS - Please don't actually try to kill him.

Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999 17:04:46
From: Bradley Beving - bbeving@digx.com
Subject: re: rickenbackers

>Never seen a Lemmy signature model in person yet. I'd like to give one a spin, but I would never abandon my beloved
>'76 4001 for anything else!
Lemmy's been playing one live for awhile. When I saw them last year at Ozzfest he had one. I know that they sell for about $2,000 here in the US, which puts them well out of my reach!

> Any other Ric-owners out there?
I'm the proud owner of a metallic cherry red 1985 ric. Plays great, sounds great (with alot of tweaking on my amp!). Although Lemmy is one of my ispirations he is not the reason I wanted a ric. I've had a poster of Generation X since I was a kid, and in it Tony James is standing behind Billy Idol with a really sweet 4001. Staring at that poster for 15+ years finally made me get one for myself.

Unfortunately I've recently come down with severe carpel tunnel syndrome so playing is painful right now.
-Rev. Bradley E. Beving
- bbeving@digx.com

Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999 18:57:16
From: "Doug Darnell" ddarnell@nyx.net
Subject: what's words worth

>Subject: what's words worth.

> Anyone know anything about this tape I found in a dumpster
>the other day? It's called What's Words Worth, was
>printed in Holland with no date but seems to be a live show
>from the On Parole tour.

It is from an early MH gig 2/18/78 at the Roundhouse where MH played as "Iron Fist & The Hordes From Hell".
It has been released on CD, but not under the title "What's Words Worth"...
It can be found on the Cleopatra label titled "Iron Fist & The Hordes From Hell Live at the Roundhouse 1978", Catalog #CLEO9413-2
Cleopatra, 8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Ste. D-82, Los Angeles, CA 90045 USA
Amazon.com lists the cd, but states that the label is out of stock. See:
Keep checking chain stores like Circuit City...eventually you'll find it.

Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 09:45:22
From: Ian Fuller +44 116 256 1597 - ian.fuller@gecm.com
Subject: a number of issues

#From: MurderU2@webtv.net
#Date: Sun, 6 Jun 1999 12:56:02 (CDT)
# #Subject: os - wurzel


Dear "Murder"
I know the e.p. you mention as I've got it , The one with "People think I'm crazy & Midnight in London as well as Bess"
Very good, Bess is used in the film Eat the Rich, as for getting hold of a copy, I think you'd be lucky, It didn't have too much chart success ! Ahem ! You could try Andy's Records in Cambridge England, they have a whole floor full of 2nd hand records and I have unearthed various Motorgems there, alternatively mail me a cassette and a post paid envelope and I'll record it for you.

#Hey Everybody, I just picked up the cd On Parole, and I think it's awesome.
#It's really cool to hear Lemmy sing in a normal voice. Almost every song I
#can recognize the singer as being Lemmy, whith the exception of two:
#Vibrator and Fools. The voice sounds nothing at all like Lemmy, while on
#others like Iron Horse/born to lose and Lost Johnny I can recognize the
#voice and inflection as being Lemmy's. What's the deal here,Is it Larry
#Wallis singing, even though it says in the liner notes that Lemmy did all
#the singing? someone Let me know, Laters Kelly

I've always thought that it must have been Larry singing, I'm sure that I read in an interview once that Lemmy said he ended up singing by default and as Larry left then this could fit in

#Hi Ace,
#I'm Reiner from Germany, I'm searching some history informations for my
#own archive. Maybe you can help me to find it, or to find someone who
#knows it.
#In 1979 Motorhead has their Bomber Tour through England. Now, I'm
#searching for the data of the concert at the Cambridge Corn Exchange.
#I would be glad to get a helpfull information from you.
#Many thanks
#( - rtk@iis.fhg.de)

Dear Reiner
I grew up in Cambridge sadly I cannot recall the date of their concert ( I was only 9) but what I can tell you is that not long after MH & Iron Maiden & Saxon all played the venue was going to be refurbished.

When they started to refurb the place they realise that serious structural damage had occured to the roof as a result of these concerts, opinion is divided as to who was responsible but at that time MH were in the Guinness Book of Records for being the loudest band in the world. and when MH were going to play a festival in Cambridge in 1981 they were banned by the council, rumour had it that they blamed MH for the damage, can't be sure as I was only starting out on the MH path

It took them about 6 years to complete the job and MH have been back a few times since it reopened

#Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 13:40:59
#From: "Scott Hubanks" grahamchapman@mailcity.com
# # #Subject: what's words worth.

# Anyone know anything about this tape I found in a dumpster
#the other day? It's called What's Words Worth, was
#printed in Holland with no date but seems to be a live show
#from the On Parole tour.

As far as I recall, It was released when Mh were very popualr back in the early eighties, MH have always had a problem with all sorts of people releasing their stuff, It was recorded at the Roundhouse in London sometime in 77

#Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 13:47:15
#From: Sarmad Sheikh - sarmadsheikh@compuserve.com
#Subject: os: attitudes towards metallers

# "Never Judge A Man (Until You're Standing In His Shoes)"

Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 11:30:30
From: Stuart Hamilton - stuarthamilton@connectfree.co.uk
Subject: os: what's words worth.

An awful live album (but not as bad as Blitzkrieg on Birmingham) recorded at the Roundhouse, London on 18 february 1978.
Zeitgeist - Reflections Of The Underground - e-zine and freezine
PO Box 13499, Edinburgh EH6 8YL, UK
"Never Judge A Man (Until You're Standing In His Shoes)"

Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 13:51:30
From: "Oliver Cornfield" oliver.cornfield@virgin.net
Subject: os: metal prejudice


I was interested to read your comments in OS 68. Here are my thoughts on the subject. I think it's optimistic to hope that your average politician is going to have had any education in popular culture, so assuming he goes by what he reads in the press his view is entirely justified. The problem is, he is in effect representing his constituents and voicing their views publicly. Thus it is most definitely society's general view on metallers which is the problem.

The fact is, no-one can be judged by the type of music that they listen to (as you said yourself). I'll give you a couple of examples. The best is probably me- My music tastes are enormously varied. Motorhead are my fave band but I also listen to a lot of classical and jazz music, and it would be equally harsh for you or anyone else to judge me on the basis of that. Were
it a performance of Handel's Messiah I imagine Mr Phelps' view would be very different.

The second involves the tale of a guy I knew some time ago who only listened to classical music. He got straight 'A's at school, went to a good university etc. Recently I heard he had got 15 years for armed robbery! Good going for the former school captain.........

But I think that society is always going to judge a group by its extremes. You'd think a politician of all people would know this- I mean look at the stigma attached to the Tories in this country (tory=right wing politician for all you non-Britains). Are they really all Nazis? Probably not.

Another thing I can equate this problem to is the phenomenon of "Road Rage" in this country. The coining of the term "Road Rage" by the media seems to almost excuse the actions of some mindless thug stabbing a man to death. "Well, he did it because he was pissed off at being in a traffic jam". Of course, happens to all of us, doesn't it.......Talk to your average Millwall fan and he'll probably encounter similar prejudice to us.

In the end it's about what you expect from a particular group. I'm not convinced that there wouldn't be more mindless cocks at an Oasis gig or whatever than at a Motorgig. After all, we have to accept that we are a minority- I am regarded as quite individual in listening to motorhead, but I know I have got the intelligence and the willpower not just to follow the herd and listen to what "all me mates like".

I'd be interested to hear people's views in other countries- is there the same stigma attached to the 'head in South America, or Eastern Europe, for example?


Oliver Cornfield
Motorheadbangers World UK

PS What's Words Worth, in reply to someone's query, was recorded in 1978 at the Roundhouse, where Motorhead appeared as "Iron Fist and the Hordes from Hell". It is now available on CD named just that, on Cleopatra records.

Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 23:39:12
Subject: Play it Loud: The Best of Motorhead

I recently found a tape at my local record store for $1.99 and lo and behold it was From: crazy willie - crazywillie@hotmail.com
Motorhead's "Play it Loud: The Best of Motorhead". I guess it is part of a seris called Metal Classics (This album is #8). I popped it into my tape player and was shocked by the sound of this record. Lemmy's bass was turned way down, the first record I have by them where the guitar can be heard better than the bass. The music is also wierd, sounds sorta of like '70s boogie rock/heavy metal. It is however a very excellent tape (incredibly great songs) and I love it, it is just not the regular Motorhead I am used to hearing.
The songs on it are:
1. Leaving Here
2. The Watcher
3. Vibrator
4. Iron Horse/Born to Lose
5. City Kids
6. Fools
7. Motorhead
8. Lost Johnnie
Any information on this album and why it sounds so different would be greatly appreciated. Oh yeah, this record was made in 1990 on EMI Records, but the songs were recorded in 1976, was this a collection of their earlier songs? Maybe they were like Judas Preist in that before they started the NWOBHM, they still flirted around with '70s heavy metal/hard rock. DFFD,
PS- Anyone have a MOTORHEAD TOUR T-SHIRT Size: Medium? I'd be willing to pay top price for it!!!

Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 23:24:15
From: "Dr.Rock N Roll" orgasmatron_0@hotmail.com
Subject: os: re:attitudes

>From: Sarmad Sheikh - sarmadsheikh@compuserve.com
>Subject: OS: Attitudes towards metallers

and his comments about people's attitudes toward metal fans; It's all got to do with ignorance. People don't understand us, so they have some sort of superiority (inferiority?) complex when it comes to our personalities. I work at a small privately owned company. One day, just for the purpose of casual conversation, my boss asks me "What kind of music do you listen to? You're not one of those metalheads are you?". Obviously, I replied, "Well, yeah actually, I am." Needless to say it was very awkward there for a while afterward. I don't even fit the physical description of most metalheads, I have short hair, no tatooes or piercings, I don't drink or drug. So he didn't have a problem before he found out. (I was even going out with his daughter at the time). After a while he seemed to realize that I'm just a normal guy who likes a specific type of music. (Well, scratch that, I'm not normal, but I think you get the point). Although I am still a long way from being able to listen to Motorhead on the job...

-Dr. Rock

Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 18:26
From: homer@cix.co.uk (Homer Ramone)
Subject: os: corn exchange date and more....

Reiner asked the date of the Motorhead gig at the Corn Exchange during the Bomber tour. According to the Tshirt (Gloat) they played Camb. on Dec 14th. I guess thatd be the corn exchange :-)

Another interesting note is that the played Newcastle Twice, Once on Nov 18th and then Again on Dec 2nd. By the looks of it they played when they passed en Route to Scotland, and then again on the way back :-) Those were the days.

To quote Lemmy himself from the Mayfair gig last year "We played here til you were fuckin' sick to death of us, and now we havent played here for years. Glad to be back".

He also left stage saying "See ya again real soon.." here's hoping !!

Homer Ramone

Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 22:02:17 -0300
From: "Leo Helguera" leo_helguera@hotmail.com
Subject: argentinian motrhead fan

Sorry for my english I'm writing from argentina, I've been a Motrhead fan since 1989, after these years I still have the same passion for their awesome sound. Redundant is to me say that Lemmy is a genius. Lyrically, Lemmy does a brilliant job. But I think that to explain my passion for Motrhead is not so interesting for all of you, everyone of you loves Motrhead, and that's enough. Ace: I think that you must censor some words >from Lemmy. I think that is not good to some young boys read what kind of drugs does Lemmy use, because many of them think that Lemmy it's a king of god, and everything he does is right. I know what is not good for me, but everybody can't know. Drugs have ruined many of my friends lifes, and I hate them. I do not believe in god, I'm not a satanic terrorist, I'm not a fucking priest, but I want a better world for me and my son. FUCK DRUGS I'd like to see on your site a gallery of Motrhead pictures (Live, Lemmy, Phil, Mikkey). That's my advise to your great site, wich is the only one that I've ever come back. Good luck. P.D.: I didn't meant to offend anybody with my thoughts.

**Editor: It is not my place to edit this material. As far as Lemmy's comments go, that is what they are.. HIS comments. What right do I have to censor them? Why would I want too? So that people get a clouded perception of the man and his music? Ultimately, the choice rests with the individual... it is your choice to read or not to read... to listen or not to listen... I am not interested in a sanitized version of events. Give me the real thing everytime.

Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 10:24:18
From: Sarmad Sheikh - sarmadsheikh@compuserve.com
Subject: os: bits and pieces

**Editor: Sarmad... I do apologize! :-) I guess that PROVES that I too am human! :-)

Date: Sat, 26 Jun 1999 02:29:31
From: Harindran Menon - harimenon@yahoo.com
Subject: regarding issue #67 - jun

>Ace O Trump - acetrump@bigfoot.com wrote:
> Issue #67 - Jun
>does any one know what happened to "FAST" EDDIE CLARKE since he left Motorhead in '82?Thanx

As far as i know Pete Way ( I guess of SAXON) and "FAST" EDDIE CLARKE formed a band called FASTAWAY. I saw an album of theirs back in 1994 in a mall in Nicosia,Cyprus.

No news since then !!!

Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 15:34:52
From: "Oliver Cornfield" oliver.cornfield@virgin.net
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #36

Checkout the new screensavers to download at MHB World Online:


From: KRYS PARADIS - motorhead_666@hotmail.com
Subject: "os: subscribe"

Well, Hello!

At first I have something to tell you. I missed the Motrhead Finland gig a couple of days ago (25.06.99). Cant find the word to describe my feelings! I came too late they were just finishing. (I drove like mad over 100 miles to be in time without succeeding.) Why was the time of the gig changed?
Now I am extremely sad and more. I have been waiting for Motrhead visiting Finland so long. In fact from the first time EXPERIENCE 21.07.85 at Nrpi Finland.
1988 Motrhead recording No Sleep at All (live) is the last time I have seen and heard they play in Finland.
(A year later I visited Hultsfred Festival in Sweden because of Motrhead.)
(I got the tickets to Helsinki gig 12.10.1995, it was cancelled).
Could you tell me about Motrhead tour dates in future. Of course I can look dates on the web page. I just like to know if they are visiting Finland in near future?

Do you know the set they played 25.06.99 in Nummirock. I heard
"Overkill" when driving into the area and then the gig was over.

Best Wishes
Eija Lahdenranta
- lahdenra@vtoy.fi

Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 18:49:16
From: Not Lemmy - notlemmy@hotmail.com
Subject: yet another lemmy sighting by the anal lemmy sighting brigade!

That's right! No matter how small, iffy, or insignificant any Lemmy sighting must be instantly reported by the Anal Lemmy Sighting Brigade!
my report: the latest issue (well, FAKK2:movie special) from heavy metal magazine (drawn by the awesome simon bisley) has lemmy in the background of some bar scene, performing onstage.
(s'matter of fact, there're usually motorhead refs in anything by mr. biz)

Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1999 10:55:47
From: Patrick "strvm" zstream@hotmail.com
Subject: os: nummirock

Hell-o! ...still can't believe it, just how fucking great can a rock band be!? Yes, I was at the Nummirock festival in finland, saw and heard Motorhead kick some serious ass. Inspite of the ridiculously early time of day (they started at about 15:00), it didn't seem to bother Lemmy and the guys at all, but they pulled of the best rock show I ever witnessed. After seeing Motvrhead, no one in his right mind can say that rock'n'roll is dead. The setlist was great, starting of with Bomber and No Class and continuing with faves new and old. The crowd was very good too, moshing pogoing and what not right from the start, me too inspite of the hangover I had aquired. (Interesting, Motvrhead actually cures hangovers! (I think it's good for everything else too!))
Not much more i can say...well, all finnish Motorheadbangers unite. We gotta get them back here soon! Please excuse the incoherence and bad spelling...but hey, I'm finnish! (that's a good excuse for anything.)

Long live Motorhead!


Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1999 19:31:44
From: Night Eidolon - arachne13@hotmail.com
Subject: o.s.

i live in louisville, the largest city in the hick/country state of kentucky. i was in a cd store that featured "all types" of music (this means country, rap and the backstreet boys) i was up on the second floor checking out the posters when lo and behold, i see......a motorhead t-shirt! black w/ "motorhead" and the orgasmatron in silver, it was BEAUTIFUL!! taking it lovingly down from next to a n'sync poster, i went to ask how much it was. 15 DOLLARS!!!!! i was trilled!! yet upset?!?! yes! i was upset! how can one of the greatest...if not THE greatest band of all time be reduced to a $15 dollar piece of dust and cloth awaiting it's doom beside a n'sync poster in an attic??? KEEP MOTORHEAD ALIVE!!
stay evil,


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