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Issue #64 - May 14, 1999

OS: What a Trip!!
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #63
OS: Montreal show
OS t-shirts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OS: New England Show
OS: Ungrateful twits
OS: Eddie Clarke on vocals
OS: Finally Montreal Confirmed
OS: CD's & Pitt. show
os: Motorhead in Portugal
OS: Motorhead Live 1983
OS: SF Show & Booking
OS: Motorhead Stuff
OS: Motorhead belt buckle
OS: OzzFest UK
OS: Aimed @ Lemmy Fm mdobson@netactive.co.za
OS: Motorhead, of course
OS: Acid Jazz..
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #63
OS: Vancouver Show kills!
OS: Motorhead in San Francisco
OS: MHB meeting at Nummirock?
OS: Tour Date weary ?
OS: motorhead Ts
OS : Ticketbastard to the rescue
OS : Lemmy and Hawkwind ?
OS: Motorheadbanger Ted
OS: Motorheadbangers


Date: May 14, 1999
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: what a trip!!

Motorheadbangers Everywhere!!

WHat a wonderful time I had. Eight days on the road with one of the greatest bands in the world! I especially enjoyed meeting so many of you at the shows... Debbie... Psycho Mike... Budda... lots, lots more... you know who you are. It was great to start putting faces to the screen names. Meeting you all reminded me how great it is to be a part of this family.

I keep a journal of my travels and experiences that I will be posting on the website in the next few days. In addition, there will be plenty of pictures to wow you!

The shows were all fantastic! A great set that included some classics that were pulled off the shelf and dusted off just for you.

I also got the opportunity to talk to the band about a lot of the ideas that have been spawned on this list and I know you will see a lot of them come to light. The band is very supportive of us and their fans in general.

TOUR DATES! Tour dates... get your tour dates here. As always, they could change at any minute.

Sat 15 May Detroit MI Harpo's
Sun 16 May Cleveland OH Odeon
Tue 18 May New York NY Irving Plaza
Wed 19 May Old Bridge NJ Birch Hill
Fri 21 May Chicago IL Riviera/Expo Extreme
Sat 22 May Lackawanna NY Sideshow Music Hall
Mon 24 May Pittsburgh PA Metropol
Wed 26 May Montreal PQ Metropolis
Thu 27 May Kitchener, ON Lyric Theatre
Sat 29 May Milwaukee WI The Rave
Sun 30 May Somerset WI 93X Edgefest
Mon 1 June Washington DC 9:30 Club

Sun 06 Jun Milan

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: Sun, 02 May 1999 10:47:55
From: "patricia baker" lamfdtk@hotmail.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #63

os:where can i get this belt buckle everyone is talking about??i cant wait for 5/18 show in nyc.motorhead rules!!!...mike somewhwere in nyc

Date: Sun, 02 May 1999 18:47:07
From: Radicart - radicart@globetrotter.qc.ca
Subject: os: montreal show

Hails to all,

Just wondering if there is anyone on this list planning to go to the Montreal show at the Metropolis. Seems that there is not a ton of Motorhead fans here and therefore it should be a great thing to meet there.

If you plan to get there and want to meet other MH fans, just reply to this email. We could arrange the whole thing then.


Eric massicotte

Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 18:55:02
From: jmw1265@webtv.net (michael whitney)
Subject: os t-shirts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whooooooaaaaaaashit!!!!your killin' me here ace!
still want ta buy ya a beer at the firehouse show gettin' crazier and countin' down the days!!!!!!!!
TILL 5/7

**Editor: Hey Mike! Great meeting ya... !!! We HAD this discussion :-) ... as always... patience...

Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 09:19:34
From: "Joshua Harting" jharting@amlewa.com
Subject: os: new england show

I must agree with the other bangers about a New England show. There are plenty of places (The Orpheum, Lupo's, etc) for the most kick ass band of all time to perform. Anything we can do??

**Editor: I don't really know what to tell you.... these places have to be willing to put the show on....

Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 01:39:26 +1000
From: Conrad Standish - Conrad@access.net.au
Subject: os: ungrateful twits

Someone said in OS #63
>I think anybody complaining about where Motorhead is playing
>should thank their lucky stars that they are playing anywhere in the states

Blood oath... but what about us Motorhead starved fans in Australia? The chances of the boys making it out here are about a zillion to one, so as for all you whiny bastards in financially lucrative touring spots, well you can all bend down and bite yer bum.

Get grateful,

Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 08:28:16
From: "d.spijkers" d.spijkers@fsr.nl
Subject: os: eddie clarke on vocals

Hi Ace,

I was wondering if you or anybody could help me finding Motorhead songs/mp3-files with Fast Eddie Clarke on vocals. I only have the well known Step Down from the Bomber-album, and I have recently downloaded the mp3-file Stone Dead For Ever of http://www.motorhead.comhttp://www.motorhead.com . He sings very good, though he's not Lemmy. Do you have any suggestions where I could chase songs with Eddie on vocals, or are there any official released songs in which might not have been released in Holland?

Dirk Spijkers - d.spijkers@linfosys.nl

From: "yaffa elling" yelling@sprint.ca
Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 18:28:05
OS: Finally Montreal Confirmed

I'd like to know why Motorhead is going to play with the Drop Kick Murphy's, of all bands, here, and why Montreal was one of the last dates announced on the tour. They are playing Toronto, on my birthday-thankyou Lemmy!! But we weren't booked until last Thursday. That strikes me as crazy since Montreal loves Motorhead, punks and Metalheads, alike. Also would like to know if the new album "Everything Louder Then Everyone Else" is being released on vinyl to any stores, or can be ordered. I hate this CD shit vinyl rules, but the only Motorhead I find on wax seems to be at used record stores. Also, are they releasing anymore picture disks? I have three I found by fluke in old record stores, but I'd like to see more. Are you going to sell the t-shirts in small sizes? Us girls would like to have ones that we don't have to wear as a dress, besides, I am sure Lemmy is an ass man-wouldn't want to disappoint him.. -Yaffa

Date: Tue, 04 May 1999 22:57:03
From: Joe - sugarhil@ccia.com
Subject: os: cd's & pitt. show

First of all, this is my first post on the best newsletter going today. It's great to finally find a group of Motorhead fans.
I recently picked up the new live album, and I must say, it definately kicks ass. In my opinion, Orgasmatron & Overkill take the cake on it though. Speaking of Motorhead albums, I found a double CD of them called All the Aces. It's basically a greatest hits album and a second CD of the band playing songs from other bands. But you can also play it in the computer and watch videos, look at pics, check out Motorhead albums, and all that sort of thing. The store said it was an import, I don't know how true that is. It was a bit costly, but it was well worth it. Also, keep an eye out next time your at a flea market, while I was at one, I picked up the Overtime Sensation album for only $3.
Also, I'll be attending the Motorhead show at Pittsburgh on May 24 when they play in the Metropol.


Date: Wed, 5 May 1999 08:04:50
From: "Alex Rodrigues" red.eagle@mail.telepac.pt
Subject: os: motorhead in portugal

Hi there, i?m writing from Portugal just to tell that Motorhead will be here in Lisbon, capital of Portugal at the 12/June/99. Tickets are already on sale and i?ve got mine just now in my hands while i?m writing this. For more than 10 years that Motorhead won? t come to Portugal and we are looking forward to this GIG. I? m telling this because on the tour dates at the official site there is no mention to this. Thanks.

**Editor: I've said it before and I'll say it again... I am usually the last to know....

Date: Wed, 05 May 1999 03:13:54
From: "king lerxst " lerxstsound@my-dejanews.com
Subject: os: motorhead live 1983


First off, many thanks to Ace for putting the OS mailing list together, it's awesome!

Second, I hope you American fans are enjoying the shows. I could have seen the 'head here in Manchester last October, but something else came up and after getting hold of the new live album I am kicking myself!!

So next time I'm first in line......

Now, to the main reason for this post. Someone mentioned in OS 61 or 62 they had heard of a 'head performance from
1983 featuring Brian Robertson and a lot of numbers off ANOTHER PERFECT DAY.

There is a King Biscuit Flower Hour CD of this line up which I did have, but I returned it because the sound quality is SO awful.

A couple of months later I was in a used record store and saw this tape of a Sheffield University show by this line up, so I got it. It is EXCELLENT. Brian Robertson was a bit of a strange guy, for instance he apparently refused to play BOMBER, OVERKILL and Ace....(which was why Lemmy sacked him) but he couldn't half play. For those people who like the PERFECT DAY album I would recommend this wholeheartedly. There are excellent versions of I GOT MINE, DANCING ON YOUR GRAVE, ANOTHER PERFECT DAY, ROCK IT AND SHINE, among others.

The whole set list is;


I haven't seen a copy of this recording since and so it seems to be quite elusive. If anyone wants to trade something for a tape copy (I cant copy onto CD) of this mail me at " lerxstsound@my-dejanews.com" and we'll work something out.

Live long and fester, all of ya,


Date: Wed, 05 May 1999 12:31:25
From: Michael Garnica - design@abelgraphics.com
Subject: os: sf show & booking

Hey All You Metal Crunching Freaks !!

I am fiending for some eyepopping, ear bleeding sounds from the Masters of True Metal, this Sunday in San Francisco. Who else is going to the show, let me know.
If anybody manages to book a show with Motorhead; Man, I have the perfect band to put on the bill!!


A guy can dream can't he !!


Date: Wed, 05 May 1999 10:24:19
From: "noel l" noel60@hotmail.com
Subject: os: motorhead stuff

Hello Fellow Motorheadbangers,
i was just wondering if any of you had any idea where i can pick up motorhead t-shirts, albums, cd's, anything to do with the band. i have been trying to get a hold of a lot of their early stuff but as you know, it is very hard to come by. if anybody can give me information on where i can pick up anything to do with motorhead, please let me know. i'm waiting for info on when i can purchase the new OS: t-shirt. looks awesome!!!! i am anticipating MH's new album. thanx.....

Date: Thu, 06 May 1999 01:01:00
From: Glen Crane - motorhead@usinternet.com
Subject: os: motorhead belt buckle


Took the advice some one posted here and checked out Suns in minneapolis for the Motorhead belt buckle. Well worth the hour it took me to find a parking spot in the same zip code as the store. They had only one left and now its mine, made by alchemy metal in england, very expensive but well worth it very heavy metal consturction, the thing will probibly outlast me.
On a side note they had tons of other motorhead related stuff and seemed very willing to order anything I needed including the famous bullet belt that Lemmy seems quite fond of. They arnt cheap but they did have stuff I havent seen anyplace else no matter how hard I looked so if your in MPLS stop in and check em out 1111 hennipin ave.

And to who ever clued me into checking there my thanks goes out to you (Id look it up in the back issues but Im just too damn lazy).

Glen Crane
E-mail Harsh Reality
- motorhead@usinternet.com
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Ive been chaseing the beast so long
Think Im going out of my mind

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Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 06:02:09
From: Sarmad Sheikh - sarmadsheikh@compuserve.com
Subject: os: ozzfest uk

OzzFest-UK is on, London Earls Court, 14th-15th August. Some of the bands have been confirmed but the report in Kerrang magazine stressed that there will also be a "Very Special Guest" slot which is still to be announced over the next couple of weeks. Could that be Ozzy's old mate Lemmy & Co, who toured with OzzFest-USA last year and who didn't make it when the Fest came to UK? And to see Lemmy and Ozzy on stage together (now, why didn't this happen at OzzFest-USA '98, because I think it'll be a great idea) playing their collaboration songs like "Hellraiser" and their duet "I Ain't No Nice Guy Anymore" would be amazing to see live.

Last thing I heard from the Motorhead camp, the USA tour is definately on with no clash from the new album recording schedules. I hope you lot out there in the States have a great time enjoying the shows, and I look forward to reading some reviews on here.


Date: Sun, 9 May 1999 11:26:52
From: "Matthew Dobson" mdobson@netactive.co.za
Subject: aimed @ lemmy fm mdobson@netactive.co.za

Since obtaining 'Overkill' @ the ripe old of 12 (and selling my 'Red Kryptonic' skateboard wheels to obtain 'Ace of Spades' on gold vinyl a few years later on!!) I have bought and listened to and your stuff all the years in between. It's brilliant. Unfortunately, I ain't seen any live shows since 'Ace up your sleeve' (from Sheffield orignally and now live in South Africa working the Far East!!), but can't wait to crank 'Everything louder than everything else' up!.

Keep it up Ian {and the rest of yer} . . .'til yer balls are tired!!.


Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 02:03:10
From: Eric R Chetkauskas - zughiaq@juno.com
Subject: OS: Motorhead, of course

Well, I finally got EVERYTHING LOUDER THAN EVERYONE ELSE and I must say it really kicks ass. The cover looks awesome. Kinda expensive, but what can I say, I'm a sucker for double live albums, along with most anything Motorhead, so it was well worth it. I like the fact that it is mostly newer songs with a few classics thrown in there. A subject that was going on a long time ago back in somewhere around issue 10 which recently resurfaced is sighting of Motorhead, T-shirts or music on TV and movies. Well, I found one that I believe wasn't mentioned before (but don't quote me on that). I recently was fortunate enough to see the video for Guns N Roses "Yesterdays", toward the end of which there is a one-second shot of someone in a Motorhead shirt. All I could see was the shirt so I don't know exactly who was wearing it.

Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 10:30:56
From: Reijo Venalainen - rvenalai@edu.espoo.fi
Subject: os: acid jazz..

Hi again,

I heard yesterday that somebody has done acid jazz -version of song Motorhead. Have somebody heard it? I'm curious how is it like..

Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 10:45:03
From: "John Nicholson" John_Nicholson@notes.teradyne.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #63

Hi Ace-

I hope your shows were great. I am going to NYC (it is the closest venue to my home in New Hampshire) to see Motorhead on Tue, May 18 at the fabulous Irving Plaza. I don't know the area, so I can't recommend a meeting place, but I am hoping the show goes on as scheduled (all my sources indicate the dates are tentative). Please send out a issue of OS asap, so that we can read about your adventures.

Thanks for keeping me upto date, as I found out about the shows thru your mail list. Note to other motorhead fans, http://www.ticketmaster.com is how I purchased the tix, and http://www.mapquest.com is how I got the maps I will use.

"killed by death...ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!."


Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 09:24:06
From: "Eos Sales" sales@photomodeler.com
Subject: os: vancouver show kills!

Lemmy, Phil, and Mickey put on an awesome show to a sold-out crowd at the Rage in Vancouver May 6. Its the first time I have seen them since the Orgasmatron tour in TO 1986. Watching Lemmy and the boys, it felt like I was watching true legends on stage. Opening with Bomber was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Other highlights: Nothing up my Sleeve, Going to Brazil, and Overkill. Phil was totally cool and Mickey is an amazing drummer with tons of energy. What can I say, it was an amazing concert I'll never forget and it was good to see the show sold out. Any other Vancouver fans? How about Edmonton and Calgary?


**Editor: I agree with those highlights, throwing in Orgasmitron for good measure!

Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 11:58:26
From: "kate williams" katewade@hotmail.com
Subject: os: motorhead in san francisco

Hi all!
I saw Motorhead last night & all I can say is WOOHOO! It was great! My ears will be ringing for days to come! I was especially glad to hear Shine & Orgasmatron! Lemmy & the boys are THE BEST!

Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 17:29:50 EEST
From: "Hermanni Virtanen" tohevi@hotmail.com
Subject: os: mhb meeting at nummirock?


I was just wondering that since Motorhead is coming to Nummi I guess that there is a LOT of us fans and we should meet there. We just have to make the appointment and maybe try to arrange meeting with the guys on behalf on OS-Finland. What do you think?

Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 16:11:51
From: "Turner, Karl J. (EXCH)" KJTURNER@intermedia.com
Subject: os: tour date weary ?

Greetings fellow Motorheads !

Karl Turner here again. Big shock, Lemmy and the boys aren't playing anywhere near me for the 8th year in a row. Actually, Lackawanna , New York is a fair distance, but manageable. Problem is, "Subject to change without notice" tour dates leave a bad taste in my mouth, and I have neither the time or resources to piss away on Saturday, May 22.

The road trip would be fun, and I know my car'll make it, it's just that I've checked all the Buffalo (nearby metropolis) radio station web-sites, with no mention whatsoever of Motorhead. I can't imagine a promoter wouldn't have local radio stations put it on their web-sites.
Any assistance and or mutual bellyaching anyone could offer would be cool !

Stay hard !
Karl Turner

Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 17:55:18
From: jmw1265@webtv.net (michael whitney)
Subject: os;wow!!!!!!!

whooooaaaashit!!!!!!!!! and man do i mean it!!!!!
saw motorhead at the ballard fire house in seattle.(about a 500 capacity venue!) this was absolutely the best show i've seen in a long time! the addition of DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES to the set was great. if you ever get a chance to meet and hang out with the road crew, consider another part of your life fulfilled! these guys are the best! got to say what's up to phillip and passed on some reeses pb cups from the good ol' usa, which he thought was pretty cool! got som killer autographs for myself and my twin 11 year old sons.(one plays drums the other guitar and motorhead is thier favorite band! ) imgine the looks when i handed them thier strap and a stick signed by LEMMY,PHILLIP AND MIKKEY!!!!!! the music was loud the beer was cold and it was another perfect day with everything louder than everyone else! the highlight of my night was getting to meet ACE!!!!! this guy rules! his heart and soul are with motorhead. and if you only knew how dedicated to the overnight sensation site he is......man it would blow your mind!!!!! ACE , YOUR THE BEST!!!!! it was a pleasure to meet and hang with you. may the wind be always at your back and may our paths cross again someday(soon!) (uh, t-shirts? :-)crazier than the last time i said i was gettin' crazier,and lovin' more than ever!!!!!!!!

**Editor: Thank you so much for the kind words... I really enjoyed hanging out with you too... it's great to hang and talk to fans that love Motorhead as much as I do... I am so glad things worked out for your boys... :-) We WILL meet again soon!! ;-)

Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 11:37:27
From: "Wolf, Frank" Wolf.Frank@tci.com
Subject: motorhead ts

I've been looking to buy a Motorhead T-shirt. Do you know where in gods name can I get one by mail order or otherwise?

Frank Wolf
InterPlex Maintenance Analyst
AT&T Broadband & Internet Services
- wolf.frank@tci.com
(303) 712-5771

**Editor: The good news is that official Motorhead shirts will be available thought the web site.... VERY soon! Keep watching!

Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 14:54:34
From: "Turner, Karl J. (EXCH)" KJTURNER@intermedia.com
Subject: os : ticketbastard to the rescue

Well well well ! After an extensive and fruitless search of Buffalo radio & concert web-sites, good old Ticketbastard's web-site has the Lackawanna concert on sale. Tix are $16.50 each (does that bring back memories, I paid $10 back in 1988). Too bad nobody I know besides me loves Motorhead. Oh well, that's Syracuse, NY for you.

Still, my initial complaint remains : Promoters better get to work promoting Lemmy and his lads, lest we NEVER see them on tour instead of the usual rarely.

I may make the trip solo or accompanied. Anybody sees me, say Hi ! I'm the 6'-3" guy with the brush cut & goatee drinking Heineken !

Cheers !
Karl Turner
- kjturner@intermedia.com

Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 16:59:21
From: Bruce Ryland - BRYLAND@compuserve.com
Subject: os : lemmy and hawkwind ?

Whats this I have read this week about Lemmy doing a few reunion gigs with Hawkwind. According to Classic Rock, Dave Brook dropped in to see Lemmy in LA and suggested it to him, which he was supposed to have said ok. Can you Tell me anymore.


**Editor: Lemmy never said a word of this to me... but I have always known that if the opportunity presented itself and the conditions were right, Lemmy would love to do some Hawkwind shows.

Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 09:10:28
From: "Turner, Karl J. (EXCH)" KJTURNER@intermedia.com
Subject: os: lackawanna concert

Anyone form Syracuse, New York interested in sharing a ride Saturday, May 22 to the Lackawanna show?!

E-mail me ASAP kjturner@intermedia.com

Karl Turner
Syracuse, NY
- kjturner@intermedia.com

Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 16:34:44
From: "Vaughan James" vaughan@vcjames.freeserve.co.uk
Subject: "os"

Hello Ace, Howzit going. I thought that I'd better let the rest of the OS crew know about a Lemmy T-shirt offer that I found whilst arsing around on the Internet. The address is: http://www.cannongate.co.uk/tshirts/Lemmy If anybody has trouble getting at this site, try typing in the following: http://www.Altavista.co then type in Lemmy and the t-shirt offer is among the results. Hope that helps you out. ps. Please, when it's the appropriate time, could you put my name down for an OS t-shirt.


Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 00:34:16
From: Linda Schai - lschai@sk.sympatico.ca
Subject: os: motorheadbanger ted

Yo Ace
How were the shows? Dumb fucking question! Bet ya had a blast. Hope you had a safe trip. Give us some feedback.
OSers, here's what I've been listen'n to...
CD's...Bomber, Ace Of Spades, Overkill, Bastards, The Birthday Party, No Sleep At All, Overnight Sensation, Take No Prisoners, The Collection, Orgasmatron, No Remorse, Anthology, 1916, March Or Die, Sacrifice, Snake Bite Love. Cassette...Rock 'N Roll. Albums...No Sleep Till Hamersmith(yo Tinman, I forgot that one), Orgasmatron, No Remorse(Leather Bound Collectors Edition).
I put the turn table away years ago so the albums don't get played any more. Last time I gave 'em a spin they were in pretty good shape,(surprising considering all the booze involved when listen'n). I listen to all the CDs all the time. I'm fucking adicted to Mthead. I want 'em to play "Locomotive" at my funeral cause wherever I'm goin when I'm "Stone Dead Forever" they're gonna have to make tracks cause I'll be comin through...SMOKIN!!!
Keep up the good work Ace. This website is the best. Hey all you Motorheadbangers...give us a list of what your listen'n to. I love this!
Motorheadbanger Ted

Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 15:16:10
From: "Per-Arne Grade?n" p-a.graden@ebox.tninet.se
Subject: motorheadbangers

I?m a big fan of Motorhead and just wounder how I can be a member of the fan club Motorheadbangers.

Pleas send me some information to

- Roefv@hotmail.com

**Editor: Check out their official website (great job Oliver!) - link is listed below or is on the links page on the official website.


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Subject: os: lemmy is my dad

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