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Issue #63 - April 30, 1999

OS: I Am Off!
OS: great t-shirt design and a request for help....
OS: New England
OS : Booking Motorhead
O.S. : Great Shirt!!!
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #62
OS: Not much of a tour
OS: just wanted to tell you this ...
OS: motorhead show
OS: Fave Songs
OS: Motorheadbanger Ted
Re:OS: Ozzfest!
OS: where Motorhead is playing
OS: Motorhead belt buckle
OS: Vancouver
OS: Official Motorhead T-shirts
OS: alive not dead
OS: meeting at the shows
OS: AD ON...
os-tour date in toronto
OS: Motorhead tour


Date: April 30, 1999
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: i am off!

Motorheadbangers Everywhere!!

The tour is upon us!!!

TOUR DATES! Tour dates... get your tour dates here. As always, they could change at any minute.

Mon 03 May Edmonton ALB Cowboys
Tue 04 May Calgary ALB Cowboys
Thu 06 May Vancouver BC The Rage
Fri 07 May Seattle WA Ballard Firehouse
Sat 08 May Portland OR Roseland Theater
Sun 09 May San Francisco CA Maritime Hall
Tue 11 May Los Angeles CA The Palace
Fri 14 May St. Louis MO Pop's
Sat 15 May Detroit MI Harpo's
Sun 16 May Cleveland OH Odeon
Tue 18 May New York NY Irving Plaza
Wed 19 May Old Bridge NJ Birch Hill
Fri 21 May Chicago IL Riviera/Expo Extreme
Sat 22 May Lackawanna NY Sideshow Music Hall
Mon 24 May Pittsburgh PA Metropol
Wed 26 May Montreal PQ Metropolis
Thu 27 May Kitchener, ON Lyric Theatre
Sat 29 May Milwaukee WI The Rave
Sun 30 May Somerset WI 93X Edgefest
Mon 1 June Washington DC 9:30 Club

Sun 06 Jun Milan

Yours truly will be attending the all the shows from May 3-8... hope to see you there! Don't ask me about ticket sales, I have no idea. Also, I emphasis again that these are TENTATIVE! That means they are SUBJECT TO CHANGE for ANY REASON.

I am off this morning to head to Edmonton. I am sure that I will have lots of fun things to report upon my return!

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 16:02:45
From: "Ed Trautz" hivoltage@erols.com
Subject: os -- where do i get regular t_shirts???

Can anybody tell me where i can order regular MOTORHEAD t-shirts??? I have looked everywhere but can't find any,

- hivoltage@erols.com

Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 14:10:21
From: "JAMES LEROY" jamesleroy@hotmail.com
Subject: motorhead #1


Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 21:33:10
From: "Ketil Svendsen" ketil.svendsen@fiskaren.nhst.no
Subject: os: great t-shirt design and a request for help....

> Editor: For a sneak preview... go to

i like this!! aggressive stuff! ......so; what will the "flip side" look like? myself i've just been visiting my favourite bar way up in northern norway ...it's been about four years since last time. last thing i remember tuesday night, was "overkill" being played on the juke box. then all was darkness.... "blaa rock" in tromso: 5 star rock'n'roll joint...! oh, and a question: can anyone here help me with information on 1972-era video appearances by hawkwind? or even - gawd allmighty! - copies?

cheers you lot!
ketil svendsen, norway

Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 23:51:47
From: "Anders Larsson" no.remorse@lindesberg.mail.telia.com
Subject: "os"beltbuckle

I`ve just bought a beltbuckle here in Sweden,it?s a guy that sells old hm records and stuff,perhaps he could help you,mail him and ask. Here?s the adress: micke.persson@mbox302.swipnet.se

Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 19:01:17
From: Robert J Schulze - rschulze@student.umass.edu
Subject: os: new england

I agree with all the guys in the last issue! The only band that matters must hit Massachusetts, RI, or even NH... there are so many good places and so many good fans. It would be a damn shame if they had to pass (I could be forced to cry in my beer). Sigh.

Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 00:24:02
From: Evil Clam - ironfist@capitalnet.com
Subject: os : booking motorhead

Hey all,
In the last OS, someone asked why Motorhead plays Kitchener and not Ottawa, or Hamilton, so I thought I would try to answer the question. I tried to bring them here to Ottawa, I had a venue ready to go and everything, but it was just a matter of economics. The package is Motorhead with 3 other bands, and they want (and deserve!!) a lot of cash to do the show. Unfortunately, it's too much money for the venue to support. So, I am now trying to work out a deal to get them here on a "one-off" gig by themselves with a local band (my band FALLOUT, heheh) opening for them. If we can work it out, I'll let you all know! Ace, I checked out the picture of the TShirt, and I have to say it KICKS! Very cool, bro!
Keep on Motorheadbanging!
See ya... Clammy

That's it !!! I'm calling the "SCARY BALD GUY"!!

Check it out at :

If you like it HEAVY, it's the place to be!!!

Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 23:08:52
From: "D K" buta_62@hotmail.com
Subject: o.s. : great shirt!!!

Hey Ace & fellow 'Headers, What a great job on the shirt design! Kick ass ,professional,& most important of all...from the creativity of folks from OS!!! To the point at hand,I haven't been able to score tix thru ticketmaster yet for the Chicago show. I'll be tryin' again soon,...maybe I'll bug the local TM office enuf so that they might cut loose with a sale date (with any luck). To Sarmaad, I appreciate all your insight on the band, but if Lemmy & the boys don't play Chi-town...what a bitch that'll be! Thanx Ace for this site. Haven't been so keyed up to see a Motorhead show since the last one I saw in '81 !!! If & when the show is confirmed,anyone who would like to party before the show can E-mail me at Buta_62@hotmail.com


**Editor: If any of these pre/post show get-togethers occur, PLEASE someone take pictures and/or write OS about it. We would all LOVE to hear about it!

Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 23:38:49
From: Horribly Mistreated Mankind and Socko - lucas@cc.wwu.edu
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #62

I'd like to meed anyone crazy enough to see the Canadian show and then go to Seattle to see them at the Ballard Fire House. I'm in Bellingham washington, and I havn't bought tickets yet, but if I had a ride and some company I would be love to see the band.


**Editor: Tell ya what Lucas... I'll stop at that big mall you have there... I will head on over to the pretzel shop there and if you are waiting... you are welcome. I will not be coming back that way... you would be on your own. Also, I do not know what time it will be... you takes your chances...

Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 07:36:28
From: Randy Walton - waltonrandy@yahoo.com
Subject: os: not much of a tour

Hi all, I'm so hopeful that these aren't the only dates for this tour. From posts on the last list, it sounds like they're doing a studio album now, which could explain the lack of shows. Motorhead hasn't played Arizona in quite awhile, the last Ozzfest didn't make it hear & they cancelled a headlining show a few years back. I believe the last time they played here was 1985. Could more dates happen with the 25th anniversary looming next year? I can only hope. The L.A. show is the closest but its on a Tuesday night. I am really bummed about it. Could anybody going to any of the other shows pick me up a XXL t-shirt? I'll send the money before you go. Anyway, another hot depressing summer looms ahead with no Lemmy in sight. Randy from Tucson

Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:57:53
From: Matthijs Withaar - mwithaar@dds.nl
Subject: os: just wanted to tell you this ...

Hello Ace & everybody else,

First of all, the T-shirt design (?) on http://www.imotorhead.com/ostshirt2.jpg looks cool to me ... a good combination of the Snaggletooth, a computer and the mailing list. Maybe some more ideas can be worked out and posted on the website? Maybe then we could make a voting form or something like that to pick out the best design!

Secondly, I was told Motorhead will be playing june 13th in the Netherlands (Dinxperloo) with Saxon. Where did we here that name before ;-) As always, nothing's sure until the gig is over ...

Third, the Hellacopters are indeed a really cool band that sounds a bit like/have the same attitude (musically speaking) like old bands such as Motorhead, AC/DC, Kiss etc. I've seen them nearly two years ago now, but they impressed me.

Ice Thijs
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Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 13:20:45
From: "Caswell, Aaron, BMG - Minneapolis" aaron.caswell@bmge.com
Subject: os: motorhead show

hey ace

man, i don't mean to give you a hard time, but a promoter offering the band money to come to venue and play isn't the way it works. first avenue, in mpls, put an offer in with motorhead's management to play a headline set at the club after edgefest. their call wasn't even returned. granted, motorhead may not be able to do the date due to scheduling, but at least call back and say so. in the mean time everyone here who knows about it is excited about the idea of something that still may happen, because we don't have an official no. plus, edgefest sucks! it's a radio station sponsored concert that features over 20 bands in two days. motorhead doesn't even get airplay on the station that's bringing them to town. and they'll only get a shitty half hour set. i'm going to milwaukee to see them do a full set. but, i will be at edgefest too. first avenue shares a table with the radio station and will be selling tickets for other shows, so i'll be working that. if anyone from the list wants to make the first avenue table the OS party meeting spot at edgefest that'd be cool. i should be able to find out their set time and which stage they play. i'll be wearing a motorhead t, c'mon up and say hi.


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 23:13:36 EDT
From: Deltwo@aol.com
Subject: os: fave songs

Hey all Motorhead in Chicago, I'm there that would rule big time. the Real reason for My posting was in Response to Alain Poncelet's posting about the favorite songs. I think that if you post your favorites also include something about WHY It's so cool. this thread came up on a bunch of the other lists I'm on and it got extremely old. as for some of my favorites, Here goes, no particular order though.

The Hammer- Definitely my favorite Motorhead song, an awesome Riff, right in your face song, gets ya bangin right away, IMO a perfect song to open a set with Sharpshooter- Awesome riffery, cool leadwork by Fast Eddie, little bit of a punk rock groove going on there. kinda the way I would write songs Stone Dead Forever- More punk, killer feel, Production right in your face, Excellent Chorus Deaf Forever- Just love the Gang Vocals on the verses All The Aces- Awesome lyrics (And you make me vomit, And I aint far from it You know you can rob me But you cant stop me), killer Riffage Snakebite Love- Just a wonderful exercise in Speed Metal brutality Traitor- The riff, the poetic lyrics just slay me Stay Clean- Man, that bass solo Metropolis- Love the way it lays back and catches the groove I'm so bad.... the ultimate Badass statement That's it for now, you get the Idea I really cantlist them in any kind of order because all of the songs are so awesome. Laters, Kelly Harrison, - Deltwo@aol.com

Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 20:27:43
From: Linda Schai - lschai@sk.sympatico.ca
Subject: motorheadbanger ted

Hey Ace
I know it's tough to come up with an idea for T-shirts that everyone will like. Just checked out the sneak peak offered in issue 62. Motorhead's been rockin bold an straight on for over two decades, we should keep the OSers image the same...bold an straight on. White on black, Snaggletooth with "Motorhead" across the top on the front an "Motorhead Overnight Sensation On Line" on the back. Let's hear it from the rest of the OSers out there.
Ace, can ya send me back issues #50 to #62. This fucking computer froze up an I lost all of 'em. Sure would appreciate it.
Any chance Lemmy an the gang will be comin through west central Canada again soon. Can't make it to the Edmonton, Calgary gigs...gotta be in court. Tryin ta keep my ex ol' lady from gettin her mits on my hog... bitch!
Hey Tinman...drop me a line.
Motorheadbanger Ted

Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 19:57:11
From: "Martin Hachen" hachen@orange-web.com
Subject: re:os: ozzfest!

> From: "kate williams" katewade@hotmail.com
> Subject: os: ozzfest!

> Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 15:07:15

> Did anyone hear that Black Sabbath is headlining Ozzfest?!?!?!
> I wish Motorhead would play it this year! What a line-up that would be!

I don`t think that Black Sabbath is headlining the Ozzfest because they dont`t play with each other again. The music magazine METAL HAMMER said that Ozzy has problems with his neck. I think only Ozzy alone ist headlining the Ozzfest. Sorry, my english is not very good `cause I`m comin`from Germany in the near of cologne (very cool Metal-Acts). If anybody want to knew more about Germany just write an eMail to me.

Metal will never die !


eMail: hachen@orange-web.com
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Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 14:14:55
From: Greg Havemann - ghavemann@wii.com
Subject: where motorhead is playing

I think anybody complaining about where Motorhead is playing should thank their lucky stars that they are playing anywhere in the states. Thay do not get the respect they are do here in the U.S as it is. If they were not playing Chicago or Milwaukee I would find a way to see them play a headline show anywhere in the U.S.

Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 14:18:10
From: Greg Havemann - ghavemann@wii.com
Subject: motorhead belt buckle

Have you heard of that place in Vancouver that sells that item you had posted in os:62. I am very interested in buying one.

Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 21:42:30
From: "Steve Flach" flach@bc.sympatico.ca
Subject: os: vancouver

Hope all you fans in Vancouver buy tickets now. Its been 13 years since I last saw them (in Toronto). Has Motorhead ever played in Vancouver? Wich venue? anybody? Last year they cancelled cuz of the WASP crap. I'll kill myself if they cancel again. Steve F
**Editor: I think they played on the Bomber tour... at some community hall in Coaldale(?)

Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 05:01:58
From: Sarmad Sheikh - sarmadsheikh@compuserve.com
Subject: os: official motorhead t-shirts

I've had many enquiries regarding where to buy official Motorhead T-shirts, especially the classic "Motorhead England" shirt.

I've asked Alan Burridge (Motorheadbangers Fan Club) president about this and, unfortunately, official T-shirts are not on sale at shops, etc. They are only made to be sold at gigs, so I'm afraid a Motorhead gig is the only place where to buy them. There are occasions when exclusive T-shirts are made to be sold via fan-clubs but that doesn't happen often. The band had considered in the past to licence T-shirts companies to produce such merchandise, as with many other bands have already done so. But Motorhead trashed this idea because they were getting ripped off too much. Making T-shirts available only at gigs is the safest bet for Motorhead. If you do see one being sold at a shop, it's most likely to be a bootleg.

Take care,


Subject: alive not dead

Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 14:43:36 (DFT)
From: "Daniel Gaunt" gaunt@pomerol.cribx1.u-bordeaux.fr

Hi all,
The new live has just come out this week in France(23 april) that's a month late! It is Motorhead! and if Skew siskin's singer looks as cute as she sounds, then she must be! Look what mr Ramone says about the band members (1 out of 3 ain't bad!) :)

About the songs Motorhead sould play to celebrate year 25, there sould be 1 or 2 from each album, I tried to choose my favorites but it's too hard. the best bet would be for them to play ALL their songs (about 200) but I guess that it's not possible, even for Motorhead!

Motorhead are the best, and Lemmy deserves to become a billionaire and devellop bad habits so lets all boycot the web and tell everyone in the world how good they are. There's never any advertizing when a Motorhead album comes out in france,I don't know if it's the same thing everywhere else...So let's advertize for them. why can't the distibutors do their job right?


Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 17:51:51
From: "Buddha" buddha@itw.com
Subject: os: meeting at the shows

I will be going to the may 19 old bridge NJ show...as soon as i saw tickets for sale i had to go (since there is no other show near philly)...just look for a big guy with no hair, a torn up Motorhead Sacrifice T, and tattoo's of a celtic cross on one arm and snaggletooth on the other...


Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 17:00:19
From: "JAMES LEROY" jamesleroy@hotmail.com
Subject: post this


Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 16:55:59
From: "JAMES LEROY" jamesleroy@hotmail.com
Subject: ad on...


Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 13:08:20
From: "jim and arlene godby" jim.godby@sympatico.ca
Subject: os-tour date in toronto

hi Ace, Great job on the new and improved website. Thought I would pass on to the OS Road Crew that The date in Toronto at the Warehouse is confirmed for May 28 @8pm. All ages event tickets available through www1.ticketmaster.ca

Enjoy the West coast shows Ace and give us a Review if you have time.

jim in Peterborough Ontario

Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 17:20:05
From: "Rev. Thomas J. Brommage, Jr." tbrommag@mville.edu
Subject: motorhead tour

I'm going to be in France when Motorhead is touring for this new album. Do you have any idea when they are playing NY, PA, MA other than 18 May?


**Editor: See tour dates at the top....


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