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Issue #62 - April 23, 199
OS: On The Road Again!
OS: Show get togethers
OS: ISO Motorhead MD's and DAT's
OS: Motorhead touring Japan?
OS: Portland Show
OS: May 18th
OS: Motor-bitz
OS: T-shirts
OS-us tour/west coast
OS: Hellacopters
OS: Motorhead Belt Buckles & pins
OS: tour dates
OS: Must come to Boston!
OS: Motorhead plays at Finland!
OS: Ozzfest!
OS: Motorhead Tribute
os t-shirt
OS: review of Dead Forever: Tribute to Motorhead
OS: Bomber rig
OS: Motorhead Tour Dates
OS: Lend me a fiver for the t-shirt.
OS: Motorhead / Enter Sandman
OS-tshirts & seattle show
OS: St. Louis and Chicago Shows
OS: Motorhead gigs..
OS: Lemmy, the bomber rig, and sirens...
OS : Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #59,#60 & #61


Date: April 23, 1999
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: on the road again!

Motorheadbangers Everywhere!!

The tour looms ever closer!

TOUR DATES! Tour dates... get your tour dates here. I want to emphasis that these are not CONFIRMED and could changed from minute to minute. There have been a few changes since last issue... look close. But, for what it's worth, here they are:

Mon 03 May Edmonton ALB Cowboys
Tue 04 May Calgary ALB Cowboys
Thu 06 May Vancouver BC The Rage
Fri 07 May Seattle WA Ballard Firehouse
Sat 08 May Portland OR Roseland Theater
Sun 09 May San Francisco CA Maritime Hall
Tue 11 May Los Angeles CA The Palace
Fri 14 May St. Louis MO Pop's
Sat 15 May Detroit MI Harpo's
Sun 16 May Cleveland OH Odeon
Tue 18 May New York NY Irving Plaza
Wed 19 May Old Bridge NJ Birch Hill
Fri 21 May Chicago IL Riviera/Expo Extreme
Thu 27 May Kitchener, ON Club Denim
Sat 29 May Milwaukee WI The Rave
Sun 30 May Somerset WI 93X Edgefest

Sun 06 Jun Milan

Yours truly will be attending the all the shows from May 3-8... hope to see you there! Don't ask me about ticket sales, I have no idea. Also, I emphasis again that these are TENTATIVE! That means they are SUBJECT TO CHANGE for ANY REASON.

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 06:23:15
From: Randy Walton - waltonrandy@yahoo.com
Subject: show get togethers

Hey Ace, the idea of show get togethers & rides is really good. But the people who say that they're going to be at a certain place at a certain time HAVE TO MEAN IT!! I was on the Black Sabbath e-mail update page and they did the same thing. They put all the shows on the list and had anybody who wanted to put there seat location so people could meet. After the tour was over, the site master asked how many had actually met & it turned out to be about 10%. So if somebody says they're going to be at a certain place, they have to be committed to do it. How about the band meeting some of us before or after the show? How about a sound check party? Randy from Tucson

**Editor: I cannot make commitments on behalf of the band. But, I know that if you manage to find them, they are really cool about meeting fans. Hope that helps...

Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 00:29:49
From: Paul Rafanello - intone@warwick.net
Subject: iso motorhead md's and dat's

Anyone out there have MD or DAT recordings of live shows? If so, email me to trade.

Paul Rafanello
- intone@warwick.net

Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 21:38:55
From: "DINESH RAJ" berthachrist@hotmail.com
Subject: os: motorhead touring japan?

Hello Ace,
I'd like to know if Motorhead will be touring Japan this year?


**Editor: You'll know when I know....

From: mstarkweather@webtv.net (Michael Starkweather)
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 02:27:10
Subject: os: massachusetts / rhode islinde shows????

Hi Ace. I hope the tour dates listed in OS 61, are REEEL TENTATIVE! MA and RI are not on the list and i would rather not have to drive to new york or main to see the band. I would if it came down to it. Thare's no way i would miss a MOTOR HEAD TOUR. I would just like to see it a little closer to home. Boston and Providence have some great vunues to play. May be if thay played both states the real fans could see them twice.
Thanx Ace.

Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 23:41:54
From: BennyKatz@webtv.net (John A. Robinson)
Subject: os: portland show

Hello all, John from Portland Oregon. Firstly since my last Motorhead show was in 1981 I am particulary looking forward to March 8th. Secondly I hope to meet Ace and any other fans at the show. I have been out of music for many years and see this as a great chance to really jump back into the music scene. Regards John

**Editor: Sounds cool! If you are from the area, how about organizing something close to the venue...

Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 23:46:03
From: Keith Vixie - chopperdaddy@yahoo.com
Subject: re: os;not fucking harpos

I must rally all support to get a change of venue for the tentative Detroit date at Harpos. The last time I went to see Lemmy and Co. there there was NO security and the crowd was totally infested with shit head skins who had nothing better to do than pick fights in a pack and ruin the show for everyone. Later after my friend and I had left a guy was shot and killed in the lot outside. Fuck Harpos.

Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 05:04:37
From: "F**K DALLAS" ihatedallas@hotmail.com
Subject: may 18th

May 18th, who is going??? NYC, I can't wait, I know it was talked about, but if anyone is interested we can have a pre-MOTORHEAD tailgate at a bar. Have not posted in awhile but want to welcome all that have come aboard since the inception of the fourm. Ace, great news about the shirts, I do like the idea about the pocket for cigs, just a thought.


Editor: For a sneak preview... go to http://www.imotorhead.com/ostshirt2.jpg

Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 16:28:57
From: Sarmad Sheikh - sarmadsheikh@compuserve.com
Subject: os: motor-bitz

I hate to be the demon that bringeth bad news but I'd heard from another reliable source that Motorhead will not be doing the USA dates in April/May as proposed, because of the new studio album they're recording in Hamburg during May. Jim Voxx (Skew Siskin) was told that by Lemmy himself a week or two ago. It might be out- of-date news I'm giving by the time Ace gave out the dates in OS #61 - which I hope it is, because I definately won't be happy if a Motorhead gig gets put off in my area. It's certainly about time Lemmy's done a Motorheadlining tour Stateside. Last tour I saw them, their performance was just smooth and flawless. I have noticed them getting better and better every year and it's about time the States are treated to a full 90 minute show of perfection, rather than a hurried 30 minute set the 'Heads were restricted to doing at OzzFest 98. Ace, can you please confirm those dates for the deserving USA fans. The Europe dates still seem to be go-aheads because they're not too far away from the studio when Motorhead want the odd break from recording sessions.

**Editor: The dates are on....

In response to Chris Sage's post last week, I spoke to a close friend of the band at the last London gig and he seems to be definate that the famous Bomber lighting will return next year when Motorhead do their 25th anniversary gig. The lighting rig is being stored in Norfolk, England, at the moment. I too was knocked for six at the air-raid sirens starting off the show on the last tour before revving into Bomber. Being a Motorhead fan only since this decade, I was not aware that the sirens would be the intro to that particular song. The sirens made me think they were about to sing "Emergency" for some reason. And having "Bomber" was a good change to "Iron Fist" which I was getting too much used to as being the opening song.

The sirens came on like a warning telling us to either evacuate the venue or endure the megatonne blast of sound that's about to start. It was the perfect opening - thanks for suggesting that to the band, Chris!

T-Shirts: Combining various suggestons sent in, how about this idea: A metallic Snaggletooth-spider hibrid on an electrified spider-web, with sparks flying where the spider's legs touch the web. Have a part of of the Snaggletooth's face blown away to reveal a bit of Lemmy's face underneath, gritting his teeth to give an evil grin. Have some smoke coming out of that portion to make it look like the damage was brought about by this electrical overload. Have the "Motorhead" name above that picture, of course. Then as a slogan, either on the back or at the front below the picture, I liked the following suggestions: "Shake The World-Wide-Web", "Killed By Net", "Internet Sensation", "Net Forever", "Eat The Net", "Please Don't Byte", "Overnight Sensation: We Are The Internet Crew", or any other appropriate alteration of a well known Motorhead title. "Born To Lose,
Live To Win" is another great idea.
Take care,


Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999 12:46:28 +1000
From: Conrad Standish - Conrad@access.net.au
Subject: os: t-shirts

You realize don't you that you'll have to soak them in amphetamine sweat first, then tear a hole in em before you can send any out... It's just not a Motorhead t-shirt otherwise.

**Editor: That brought a smile to my face! :-)

Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 23:34:08
From: jmw1265@webtv.net (michael whitney)
Subject: os-us tour/west coast

whoooooooaaaaaaaaashit!!!!!!hey ace and everyone out there in motorheadland(great idea for a theme park,huh?) good news....... i just got tix to the may 7th show for seattle @ the ballard fire house !!! anyone else going? let me know,sounds like a good time for an OS party! sure hope tshirts are ready by then!(hint,hint!) ok,ok i'm still talkin' and not doin' enough rockin' gotta go, get in touch

still crazy and lovin' it

**Editor: Why not organize something close to the venue....

Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999 17:02:31 +1000
From: Conrad Standish - Conrad@access.net.au
Subject: os: hellacopters

Is anyone on the list familiar with The Hellacopters? They do a great cover of Speedfreak on their Disappointment Blues EP. They're all big Motorhead fans and it shows in their songs. They have that same gritty understanding of rock that Lemmy and co. possess. Anyone who doesn't know em should definitely check em out.


Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999 11:29:49
From: mortum - ksmith@smartt.com
Subject: os: motorhead belt buckles & pins

Hi there,
Just a quick note about the belt buckle Chris was referring to there is a shop in vancouver called Super Rock Novelties that carries them I got mine for about $100 thats canadian though. I know they order this stuff form a company called "Alchemy UK" (in england of course) that still makes them and loads of other kick ass goodies.


From: "Guran Headbanger" unholy_666@hotmail.com
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999 19:11:39 GMT

Sign me in for a tee when you're ready with 'em, Ace. It should be in XXXL so I can live in it for the next month (I live in the streets). I've done another Motrhead sightin on the cover of Metal Edge. One of the Monster Magnet-band members is wearing a Motorhead England-T-shirt. I've spotted some MotorMerchandise here in Sweden at a record store that sell only metal records and other metal stuff. Here's the stuff I've seen: Belt buckles,a belt with the text "My girlfriend gives me Motorhead" and a big metal sculpture of Snagletooth. So if you're lookin for some Motorhead stuff don't stop 'coz whatever you want it's out there somewhere.

That's All, Folks
See you around,

The Sonnuvabitch

Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999 13:25:26
From: MT - misanthrope@powersurfr.com
Subject: tour dates


The venues for the two Alberta shows (Edmonton & Calgary) suck. Cowboys is the lamest place a band could want to play. Aside from the fact that its a country/western bar, they've recently features bands such as Vanilla Ice and RunDMC.(I know it sounds snotty, but f*ck I don't wanna go and hang out at the same place as the Vanilla Ice fans!) It is a small place too. Motorhead could easily handle the Edmonton Shaw conference centre or one of the arenas. Even some of our halls, like the Polish Hall, would be much more suited to the band and audience. At least with the above mentioned venues, minors can come out and see the show as well as those people that want to get rip-roaring smashed. Unfortunatly, I have no idea how tours are organized or how a venue and a band come into contact. I guess I just really wanted you to know that Edmonton has a lot of Motorhead fans from every walk of life and quite the range of ages. I think that one night at Cowboys is insufficient as there are more fans than twice the capacity of the bar. I hope you really enjoy playing here in May so much that you'll return and play at some of our other venues.

Thanks for your time,

P.S. - Sorry to continue with a cynical tone, but there was a rumor expressed that the Edmonton tour date must be a hoax because "[Motorhead] would never play at a f&*king fag bar on a Monday night..." Just for the record, I really don't think Cowboys is a fag bar...=)

**Editor: I am jus happy that they are playing in our neck of the woods at all!

Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 12:04:59
From: "Lee, Paul E." Paul.E.Lee@fmr.com
Subject: os: must come to boston!

I'm nervous here, I'm really hoping that Motorhead swing through Boston or atr least somewhere in NewEngland. Last time they played at Axis before WASP on the "Snakebite" tour. Before that, they played opening for Sabbath or someone which I missed and before that they played Providence for the Bastards tour with Wurzel.(got to meet them then, supremely nice guys).

Anyhow, for those of you in and around NewEngland, spread the word. We want MOTORHEAD!!!
Loving life like a reptile,


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 23:27:12 +0300 (EET DST)
From: Janne - heathen@tuusniemi.fi
Subject: os: motorhead plays at finland!

June 24-26 at Nummirock summer festival! More info about festival etc.: kauha.kauhajoki.fi/nummirock

Every OS. members from Finland must come there =)

Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 15:07:15
From: "kate williams" katewade@hotmail.com
Subject: os: ozzfest!

Did anyone hear that Black Sabbath is headlining Ozzfest?!?!?! I wish Motorhead would play it this year! What a line-up that would be!

I'm up for meeting OS-ers at the San Francisco show, on Sunday May 9th, if confirmed!!!


Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 01:44:25
From: Glen Crane - motorhead@usinternet.com
Subject: motorhead tribute

Hey Ace

Once again thanks for all you have done to bring the tribute to the internet. Ive been noticing a few people have been asking if it is ever going to be out on CD, I know you have been looking into this and I was just wondering if there was anything me and my band (Harsh Reality) could do to help this happen.

Also would like to ask you how we would go about contacting Motorhead to get permission to put the song on our CD version of our EP kinda like a bonus track type thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh yea and Ill have a go at one of those T-shirts as well, perhaps even more if I can get the rest of the band to find their wallets...

Thanks again

Glen Crane
E-mail Harsh Reality
- motorhead@usinternet.com
Or Visit Our Web page

Forty days in the wilderness
And forty nights
Ive been chaseing the beast so long
Think Im going out of my mind

R.I.P. Kurtiss Bretwieser founding member Harsh Reality 1989-1990, re-joined 1994-1995, and 1996-1997
His song ended much too soon, 3/4/1999

**Editor: All I can say is that the CD release to OS MEMEBERS ONLY is looking good.... :-)

Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 01:28:32
From: "jorgen westerdahl" jorgenwesterdahl@hotmail.com
Subject: os t-shirt

Hi Ace !
When you are ready wiyh the t-shirt,please scream it out so everybody can buy one or two.If you hear about any tour-dates in Sweden or Danmark please let me know. Have a great banging day!!!

P.S listening advise:there is a live album with Robbo from `83 were they play a lot of the "another..."-album.The record is just titled "1983 live" D.S

Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 09:53:05
From: David Weinsier - dweinsier@mindspring.com
Subject: os: review of dead forever: tribute to motorhead

I recently picked up the Motorhead tribute album. Apparently, all the bands are from Dwell Records, and I have never heard of any of them. They all seem to play a type of music which I call "Growl Metal", where the only qualification you need to be a lead singer is that you must have vocal chords, that's all. Some of these guys make Lemmy sound like Frank Sinatra. Set list:

coffin texts steal your face
deceased stay clean
hate theory bad religion
acheron don't need religion
hostile intent ace
vile love me like a reptile
blood coven deaf forever
tchort chase
tyrant killed by death
noctuary fist
engrave road crew
decay of salvation motorhead
black witchery overkill

I must admit, it's pretty cool hearing a different band play Head songs. They each put their own little twist into each song. I especially like the inclusion of keyboads in "Deaf Forever". If anyone else has picked up this album, let me know what you think.

Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 16:59:52
From: "Oliver Cornfield" zckls04@ucl.ac.uk
Subject: os: bomber rig

>Incidentally I am told that the Bomber rig is in storage.
>Should we start a campaign to get it reintroduced?

According to Lem, the Bomber rig is in storage in a shed in Norfolk, rusting into oblivion, presumably. I have been told that the band have plans to resurrect it for the year 2000, so here's hoping, eh?

Have to disagree with the guy who said "Hammersmith" was the best of the live albums. Although in my opinion the sound quality was as good, the fact that "everything" is a double disc with nearly 2h of Motormusic makes it win hands down. My only complaint is that the cover was a bit lacklustre. Would have been nice to see a photo of the band on stage as in "Hammersmith".

I also got the "limited edition" digipack mentioned by someone last ish. It had a sticker saying "Motorhead- 25 jahre" or something on the front. Only trouble with digipacks is that they fall to bits- and mine has been thoroughly overused already!!

Definitely up for meeting some fans on the next UK tour (Oct, presumably- have you heard anything Ace?). I will probably go to 3 or 4 gigs, including the London one. See ya'all there!

Oliver Cornfield

Motorheadbangers World Online:

Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 12:11:04
From: jdshields@simcoecas.com
Subject: motorhead tour dates

Just curious, and was wondering if you knew the answer to this, but why do they always seem to play in Kichener, ON? It just strikes me as weird that they play there on a regular basis and not other bigger cities such as Ottawa or Hamilton?

Thank you for posting the tour dates in the newsletter and on the website. It made my month! Just waiting for the morons at Sam The Record Man to finally get the new album in (I ordered it three weeks ago).

Keep up the good work Ace!

JD Shields
Barrie, ON

*Editor: It comes down to this... a promoter agrees to pay MH money to play... MH plays where the promoter wants them to play. That is it in a nutshell.

Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 18:26:00
From: "A Z" thunderstick@hotmail.com
Subject: os: lend me a fiver for the t-shirt.

Long life to Motorhead!!!, give'em hell!!

The T-shirt deal is great, the feds are in the mail. My idea is that the T-shirt should come with a Overnight Sensation worded Snaggletooth backpatch, and the front of the T-shirt can have Philthy, Lemmy, and Fast Eddie playing from the front of No sleep til Hammersmith record and it should have an attached Iron molten Motorhead mask from the back of your Iron Fist record.

Live to Headbang, Headbang to MOTORHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denim and Leather forever!

Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:00:56
From: Harry - drty__harry@yahoo.com
Subject: motorhead / enter sandman

Not sure if you've seen it yet, but the ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) Extreme Music CD is online (for RealPlayer) at http://www.broadcast.com/jukebox/Albums/E/ECWExtremeMusic_2820.stm
This one contains Motrhead covering Metallica's 'Enter Sandman'. It's the only place I've found this song available for a listen online; maybe you've seen it elsewhere.


Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 17:10:16
From: jmw1265@webtv.net (michael whitney)
Subject: os-tshirts & seattle show

whooooaaaaashit!!!! just me again ace! two things; are you going to the seattle show?(like to buy ya a beer!!) and how the hell will i know who you are!? o.k. thats two , sorry i guess it was three things!!!! will the t-shirts be available in time for the may 7th show!?!?!??!?!?!?!!!!! o.k. o.k. , make it four things!!!(hey, what do you expect fro a nut case?) does any one want to organize an OS party before, during, or after the show?!! if you're going to the seattle show , E-mail me and we'll try to meet prior. well, thats it. no, really. i promise. for real. o.k.o.k.o.k.!!!!! i'm outta here.....
crazier than ever!!!

**Editor: Yes, I will be at the Seattle show. Check out my other website at http://www.blastmagazine.com and go to the Blast Waves section to see what I look like... I am a pretty big guy... you won't miss me.

Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 12:16:26
From: "Jeff Vance" vancejeff@hotmail.com
Subject: st. louis and chicago shows

Has anybody heard anything about the St. Louis and Chicago shows. It looks like all of the other dates are on TicketMaster's homepage, but there isn't jack shit about Chicago or St. Louis. Surely to God, they can play Chicago. If I miss this tour, I won't be able to live with myself.

Please come to Chicago or St. Louis!! You have more fans in the U.S. than you think!!

Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 11:14:27
From: Reijo Venalainen - rvenalai@edu.espoo.fi
Subject: os: motorhead gigs..

Hi all fellow MHBs!

I just got great news, Motorhead will play in Finland at Nummirock-festival 23.-26.6. (I don't know exact day yet)! They haven't been in Finland since 1993. I hope our band will get a gig from the same festival. Check the website; http://kauha.kauhajoki.fi/nummirock/ohjelma.html It's only in finnish, but there's one nice picture of Lemmy! Oh yes, I also bought Tromeo & Juliet -video 6 $. That's great! Long live Lemmy!


Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 20:27:54
From: Lord Gorgagmoth Scumflagon - dayth@juno.com
Subject: OS: Lemmy, the bomber rig, and sirens...

There's been talk of bringing back the bomber rig. Personally, I don't care one way or another. One of the things I always say about Motrhead is that they don't need sets or lights or any of that shit. All they need are their Marshalls and they're all set. But anyhoo, I was thumbing through a book of Ross Haflin's photography and saw some Motrhead pics. The caption contained an amusing story that went something like this: "I saw Motrhead play at the zeppelin field at Nuremburg, once. Lemmy came onstage and said 'Here's a sound you haven't heard in about thirty-seven years!' and these loud air raid sirens started blasting, then they jumped into "Bomber". At the end of the song, there was deathly silence. 'Oh come on! Don't you have a sense of humor?'
Lemmy asked. Silence"

Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 20:35:20
From: alain poncelet - poncelet.alain@skynet.be
Subject: OS : Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #59,#60 & #61

Hello OS fans,

Re: Stefano Loi - nuraxi@yahoo.com
>>3) The date printed on says "25.5.1998 Docks Hamburg"...
>>Hey! But didn't they play there May 21st? Does anyone from
>>Germany want to clear up?
Yes, they played Hamburg on May 21th

Re:"Jeff Vance" vancejeff@hotmail.com
>>I would love to see Motorhead on tour with the new Iron Maiden
>>lineup featuring Bruce Dickinson this summer
This would be great, but it's Megadeth who's gonna be support act for Maiden; the killing tour ;-) I'm dreaming to see Motorhead and AC/DC together on the road, that would be the ultimate rock'n'roll tour !

Re: 100.296811@germanynet.de (Andreas Roth)
>>The band could ask their fans via Internet for their favourite
>>25 Motorhead songs, which then could result in the setlist for
>>this special tour.
Good idea, here is my choise:
1. Motorhead
2. Crazy like a fox
3. Snake bite love
4. Bomber
5. Iron fist
6. Bad Woman
7. Poison
8. No class
9. Mean machine
10. Overkill
11. Burner
12. Death or glory
13. Stone dead forever
14. Stay clean
15. Boogie man
16. Sacrifice
17. On your feet or on your knees
18. Born to raise hell
19. Going to brazil
20. Shine
21. Die you bastard
22. The hammer
23. Orgasmatron
24. Snaggletooth
25. Ace of Spades

By the way, Motorhead is gonna play in Belgium ( in Dessel) end of june at the Grasspop Metal Meeting Festival.



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