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Issue #55 - March 6, 1999

OS: Lemmy on VH1
OS: metal buzz
OS: Drugs
OS: New York Times Magazine front cover
OS: Bastards/T-Shirt
O.S.: We NEED Input
OS: Drugs
OS: THANK YOU from Japan
OS: T-Shirt
OS: T-Shirts and/or All the Aces os:jukebox of spades
OS: T-Shirts
OS: Tribute CD
OS: Lemmy to present UK TV program


Date: March 6, 1999
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: lemmy on vh1

Hello All you Bangers!

The date draws near. Everything Louder Then Everyone Else will soon be unleashed on the world.... I CAN'T WAIT!

Only one small bit-o-news for ya this week... Lemmy taped an episode of VH1's "Where Are They Now?" recently. I am not sure when it will be broadcast, but it will be soon.

I only got a couple of link submission for the new LINKS section of the official website. If anyone that has a Motorhead website, please send me the following:

* Description of the site (50 words max)
* Graphic/logo representing your site

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 15:09:41
From: punchmaster@webtv.net (Jan Topolski)
Subject: os: metal buzz

I think the best drug to go with Motorhead would be your own personal favorite. I prefer speed, but consider speed and Motorhead to be a deadly combination. You could try to mellow out with some pot or downs, but you could never stop your head from banging or your foot from tapping when combined with Motorhead. I recommend just plain ole Motorhead with a beer or two. A metal buzz is the best buzz of all!

Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 14:36:43 PST
From: "Bort LicencePlate" bigoognaboo@hotmail.com
Subject: os: drugs

>Recently, an "ask Lemmy" question was posed to Him.
>It was enquired of Him what drugs go well with Motorhead.
>He replied "all of 'em, except heroin.",

I believe it was "anything but DONWERS and heroin."

> an excellent response, but hardly specific.
>This is an interesting question. I used to think that Motorhead wasn't particularly
>marijuana-friendly, but upon smoking a joint and listening to
>Sacrifice, i changed my mind. They are certainly alcohol and
>speed-friendly. What other drugs? Physcedelics? I think this is a
>good topic, both for reminescing, and debate. Let 'er rip, boys.

I agree that they are really good stoned, particularly the older stuff. Feeling goofy helps the goofy lyrics. I've also tried a little Motorhead tripping (about 15 seconds of Sacrifice). Granted, it's not a very good test of how well the music did, but it still sounded so off that I had to shut it off. It sort of dropped the trip into first gear. It sounded hollow and just seemed to be kind of grey. It was more depressing than anything else. Never listened to 'em on anything else, owing to my not having tried anything else, as most of the other stuff fucks your body up badly.

Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 19:33:37
From: Dave - dhmusic@warwick.net
Subject: os: new york times magazine front cover

Hi all,

I picked up the February 28, 1999 issue of the New York Times Magazine and what I thought I saw was an album sleeve from a Motorhead album! A nasty looking dog or wolf or monster with the fangs and all, breaking through some sort of paper or other illusion. The story was on humans and the evolution of fear. The monster was supposed to be fear. The cover looks so much like a motorhead album cover, I had to mention it. SO if any of you have access to the NY times magazine, take a look at that cover.
No Sleep til March 23rd!!!!


Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 16:39:43 -0800
From: troglaw@ix.netcom.com
Subject: os: bastards/t-shirt

Bastards frequently appears on e-bay -- the final price varies, but usually it's around $15. I've gotten a lot of cool Motorhead stuff from e-bay: a Motorhead watch, ring, condom, books, etc.

Count me in for a T-Shirt!
Keep up the great work, Ace.


Date: Mon, 01 Mar 1999 00:34:05 PST
From: "D K" buta_62@hotmail.com
Subject: o.s.: we need input

Hey Ace & all headbangers near 'n' far,

I'm just wondering when everyone is going to give some input to our friend Ace about the 50th t-shirt idea! Last issue stated that only 20-30 folks seemed jacked about the idea! Let's get the word to Ace people,remember we are over 1000 strong, and should be at least 100% honored to be associated with the Motorhead boys & Ace!! Ace busts his ass to get these issues to us...so let's give some effort back!


Date: Mon, 01 Mar 1999 12:06:47
From: Matthijs Withaar - mwithaar@dds.nl
Subject: os: drugs

>But I do tell my friends who take things like coke and extasy(xtc)
>that they should try saafer things like marijana and magic
>mushrooms, which are fun drugs and natural too.

Both (crack)cocain and heroin come from plants - the fact that it's natural doesn't really mean a thing. XTC can be harmful when used frequently, but incidental usage isn't really dangerous.

By the way, Ace: I'll definitely order an OS T-shirt!

Ice Thijs

* Ice Thijs' foute moppen pagina Ice Thijs' bad jokes page

* The authorised Lovebite page

* De 22-ste Waterpop, zaterdag 21 augustus 1999
13:00 tot 23:00 uur, Hofpark Wateringen
Sex is like nose picking. It's fine as long as you practice it yourself,
but it's disgusting watching someone else doing it. (Roald Dahl)

Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 00:37:23 +0900
From: "shuhei hasegawa" shuhead@alles.or.jp
Subject: thank you from japan

Hello,Ace Trump.

Thank you very much for sending me an "Rest of world" I am Japanese motorheadbangers !

I went to the Brixton Academy at 17th Oct 98. I was very excited to hear the opening sound effects, an bomber engine sound.
I talked to motorheadbangers. I felt motorhead were the king or lord in London. This is what I wanted to say-"Real R&R"
In the Japan tour, I wanted to be a friends with lot of foreign fans.(motorheadbangers)

------My favorite songs----------------
shine, crazy like a fox, civil war, take the blame, live to win, I'm so bad, eagle rock, stone-deaf in the USA, damage case,
fire fire, dogface boy, (we are)the roadcrew, & Ace of Spades**Burner**Bomber**Ironfist**Overkill

I playing guitar, my band "TYSON".please look to it. http://www.pdfworld.co.jp/tyson/

My site is English change OK. my pix click, click!!

Thank you
very much, Sincerely Yours,

- shuhead@alles.or.jp

Date: 01 Mar 99 09:21:35 -0800
From: Marc Brown - mbrown@mail.pinnaclestudios.com
Subject: t-shirt

I'll second the "Give Me some Motorhead" T-shirt the one Lemmy's wearing on the sleeve of the No Remorse album. whatever the Idea Motorhead shirts are pretty hard to come by so i'm waiting with check or mony order on hand.. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!

Date: Mon, 1 Mar 1999 17:14:32
From: Eric R Chetkauskas - zughiaq@juno.com
Subject: OS: T-Shirts and/or All the Aces

I think the t-shirt is a cool idea. It should be plain and simple as mentioned by others with the war pig on the front and either the list of names or "Born to lose, live to win" on the back. The shirt must definitely be black.

Someone said:
>It's the re-issue of the 1993 Castle"The Best Of Motorhead - All The Aces" but now it's a double enhancedCD:

Is it just my memory playing games with or was "All the Aces" the name of a 6CD box set with a bunch of the old songs (as with any Motorhead compilation)? If I'm right, is this new one the same thing, only shorter...or is this the re-issue of something totally different? If I'm wrong, what was the name of that boxed set?

Date: Tue, 02 Mar 1999 01:07:20
From: Janie Marie Gantt - c13bones@mindspring.com
Subject: os:jukebox of spades

hey there ACE
just wanted you to now about a club here in ATLANTA GA. called 9LIVES SALOON---- the jukebox is totally loaded with MOTORHEAD and i guarentee that you here ace of spades at least 13 or more times a day!!!!!!!!!!!as well as many other HEAD songs!!!!!!!!!there is also a tribute band in the works down here called KILLED BY DEATH who are hoping to be up in running come may--- so if your in the this neck of the woods ( or any won else for that fact ) please know there is a place for all us MOTORHEAD fans to pound a few pints and turn up MOTORHEAD together!!!! also a OS SHIRT is a def. in my book count on at least 5 for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Tue, 2 Mar 99 09:49 GMT
From: homer@cix.compulink.co.uk (Bruce Nesbit)
Subject: os: t-shirts

The Tshirt idea is cool. The idea of having names on the back is cool too, but suspect there wont be anought space for all concerned ! The born to lose live to win idea was pretty good to, but there needs to be some reference to the mailing list somewhere on it or itll just look like a tour shirt (Perhaps thats not such a bad thing.)

Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 11:49
From: ton@ur.se (Nissila Tommie)
Subject: os: tribute cd

Hi, Ace & the rest of all you Motorheadbangers out there... I'm just curious on how the work with the tribute CD is going or/and if you're gonna put the contributions out as mp3? It sure would be great to hear all the bands with better sound quality.
Part from that I think you're doing a great job! Oh, btw, sign me up for a T-shirt... "I love rock'n'roll, it satisfies my soul!"
- tom-e@verymetal.com

**Editor: Still working on the idea of the CD release. MP3s would be released only after the album (CD) was for sale for a while.

Date: Wed, 3 Mar 1999 12:14:48
From: Sarmad Sheikh - sarmadsheikh@compuserve.com
Subject: os: lemmy to present uk tv program

Hope this message gets out on time.

Lemmy is to present a heavy metal TV programme showing on Saturday 6th March in the UK. It's at 9:00pm on Channel 4 (I think). The show has Lemmy sitting with his Jack Daniels as he introduces the songs.

OS: T-Shirt: A great idea to have something exclusive to subscribers and that spreads the word of OS! I like the "Born To Lose, Live To Win" logo suggestion but since OS is internet based I was thinking of also adding the words underneath "Shake The World Wide Web" and printing the URL to the official web-site - after all, the T-shirt is to promote OS on the Net. A cool front photo, something I saw in a Motorhead fanzine, would be a Terminator-style picture of Lemmy's face, one side with his skin ripped away to reveal the steel warpig underneath - gives the whole thing a futuristic computer feel without being to geeky. And of course, not forgetting the Motorhead logo on top.

Take care,



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