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Issue #51 - January 25, 1999

OS: T-Shirts
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #50
OS: Anniversary T-Shirt Idea
OS: Slow Motrhead....
OS t's? YES!!!
OS: Everything Louder Than Everything Else
OS: OS T-Shirts
OS: New Live Album
Re: OS Thanks


Date: January 25, 1999
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os:

Hello All you Bangers!

WOW! Initial response to the t-shirt idea was great! I will now persue the logistics (and legalities) of pulling this off.

I am heading to Los Angeles next week to attend the annual NAMM show. So, there will not be an issue of Overnight Sensation next week. I hope to come back with news and maybe even a review of the new CD (hoping to hear it when I am there).

Until next time...

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 02:22:13
From: Eric - wbjrace@mindspring.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #50

Hi fellow Motorheadbangers!
50th issue of OS updates. Congradulations! Anyways, Ace, someone mentioned Tshirts for subscribers and you answered that if there is enough interest, then it might happen. I'm definitly interested. I'm sure others will be too.

To the guy in Barcelona, thanks for reminding us that Lemmy is a Rock And Roll Soldier until he dies. It's great to hear about the dedication that Lemmy has towards his music and his fans (not that I would doubt his dedication). There aren't that many bands that would play when a member is sick. Rock and Roll will never die and Lemmy will never die!

Anyways, I want to trade Motorhead live audio tapes. I have a few shows plus shows from other bands like AC/DC, Sabbath, Maiden and Metallica. I'm on a desparate quest to get Motorhead shows from the Fast Eddie Clark era (78-81). Any help would be appreciated.

Cheers and more beers
- wbjrace@mindspring.com

Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 11:44:03
From: Kaburoglu Grigoris DIS - zouz@dissoft.gr
Subject: os: anniversary t-shirt idea

Hi Ace!

WOW! 50 Issues - this is big considering the fact that many projects like this going around on the net but not so many last along the way. Hope we can make this thing work for a long long time... Some fellow MHB in issue #50 had an idea about Anniversay OS T-Shirts. Personally i find it very interesting and i think (if there's a good average response from the whole OS list of course) that you should definitely go for it. Anniversary OS/MH Shirts(!) - Cheerz to the guy that came up with it...
Anyway, keep up the good work - as long you have the mood to keep this thing rolling we will be around to support.

Greetings and respect


PS: 2 Motorhead gigs lost month here in Athens - the first after 8 years. Both of them absolutely fucking brilliant, though i heard from a very reliable source some very ugly things concerning the MH management, things i'd like to believe that have nothing to do with Motorhead....

Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 14:36:31 EET
From: "Hermanni Virtanen" tohevi@hotmail.com
Subject: slow motrhead....

Hiya folks!

Just wanted you to know this....

I have winamp 2.04 and there is this plugin which enables tempo changes. ...So put all your favourite MH songs (preferably the faster ones) on the playlist, turn the tempo down 10-15 % and hit play. Lemmy sounds really BAD and i don't mean the quality of the sound.

Get ready to get depressed....

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the integrity of this communication cannot be guaranteed.

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Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 10:04:49 PST
From: "Aaron Caswell" aaronccaswell@hotmail.com
Subject: os t's? yes!!!


Congratulations to everyone who's participated for getting us to the big 5-0! Motorhead fans are the best!

I think an OS t would be awesome! everyone on this list is always looking for Motorhead t's and this would be the next best thing to an official tour shirt.

Additionally, I've already got a great snaggletoothe design of my own that I'd love to donate. I'm a poster illustrator for club in Minneapolis and have been trying desperately to get Motorhead to play there. I'd be happy to design the T for nothing (other than a garantee that I'll get one. I'll still pay for it, I just want to make sure I get one before they're gone).

As far as my quest to get Motorhead to MPLS goes, thanks Ace for the phone number. I'll keep you posted.

Keep up the great work

Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 16:02:33
From: David Weinsier - dweinsier@mindspring.com
Subject: os: everything louder than everything else

Can't wait until March!

Before seeing the set list, I was afraid that we'd simply get to hear all the old stuff again. Good to see that the CD will be heavily ladened with 90's work (13 of the 25 songs come from, in my opinion, Motorhead's best decade). I understand it's impossible to release a Motorhead compilation without "Ace" and "Overkill", but I must say I wish we got to hear "Sex & Death", "Liar", and "No Voices in the Sky" instead of "Stay Clean", "Metropolis", and "Killed by Death". All of which we've already heard live on No Sleep at All. OK, maybe I'm getting a little greedy.

By the way, I see this "Today" album everywhere and it only costs $5.99 (a strange price for a full CD). It's simply half of Sacrifice and half of OS. If you already have both albums, which I assume is a given, "Today" offers you nothing new. Karl, good luck trying to get $20 a piece for them.


Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 01:05:40
From: "M Glick" glick@wizard.net
Subject: os: os t-shirts


OS t-shirts would rock the house down! Why shouldn't the best newsletter on the net have an official T? Put me down for one!

Keep up the great work - and thanx for the update on the new record (I think I'll continue to refer to it as 'False Teeth for the Deaf'!


Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 12:17:39 -0800
From: Greg Havemann - ghavemann@wii.com
Subject: new live album

The new album set list looks great with a good mix of old and new. Any reason why they did not include Shine, Stonedead Forever, and Too Late Too Late, Road Crew. I saw some reviews from shows in england on your news letter and they were doing these songs supposedly. I hope it is a double album they deserve it. Well just wanted to let you know I still support the greatest band in the Universe!!!!!!! Also, ace they should be eligible for Rock 'n Roll hall a fame next year. You might want to get a fan drive going for this world wide. Deep Purple has one going on their Highwaystar web page for Deep Purple.

Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 17:53:39
From: Rube - rmr@csj.net
Subject: re: os thanks

Hi gang!
First I'd like to thank Sarmad for the kind words about the tribute. Me and the guys in REVELATION would do it again in a heartbeat. It's exciting to know that alot of Motorheadbangers are listening to it. (At least they better be) Ace, man I don't know how you find the time to do all of the things you are into....but I'm glad you are cause you are providing a whole lot of people mucho entertainment. Keep up the great work! Someone mentioned the tshirt idea....not bad xlarge for me please! hahahaha



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