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Issue #50 - January 16, 1999

OS: BIG 5-0
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #49
o.s. favorite lemmy quotes
OS: Motorhead on Leno
OS: Re:#49 No sleep at all
OS: The best of Motorhead video
OS: real story about Lemmy playing sick
OS: Stuff
OS: Old songs
OS: live Cadiz 1995
OS: Re: 50 issues
OS: Motorheadbangers World Fanzine
OS: Motorhead-Today CD
OS: Live


Date: January 16, 1999
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: big 5-0

Hello All you Bangers!

Well, Overnight Sensation reaches it's 50th issue! I wanted to take a moment to relfect back on the past 50 issues. This list has made me some of the best friends that I have. It has let me particiapte in a forum that brings together some very special people to celebrate a very special band. Thanks to all of you... your the best.

To the band... you the reason we are all gathered here. Without you, this would not exist. Keep doing what your doing... you may not sell millions of records, but you do make a signifigant part of the music world very happy!

Onward to issue 100!


The new live album will be called "Everything Louder Than Everyone Else", not "False Teeth For The Deaf" as previously reported. The set was recorded at THE DOCKS in Hamburg, Germany on the Snake Bite Love Tour. It is also now going to be a double CD. The track listing is as follows:

Disc One

1) Iron Fist
2) Stay Clean
3) On Your Feet Or On Your Knees
4) Over Your Shoulder
5) Civil War
6) Burner
7) Metropolis
8) Nothing Up My Sleeve
9) I'm So Bad, Baby I Don't Care
10) The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
11) Take The Blame
12) No Class
13) Overnight Sensation
14) Sacrifice

Disc Two

1) Born To Raise Hell
2) Lost In The Ozone
3) The One To Sing The Blues
4) Capricorn
5) Love For Sale
6) Orgasmatron
7) Going To Brazil
8) Killed By Death
9) Bomber
10) Ace Of Spades
11) Overkill

They finished mixing the album today. It apparently sounds KILLER! (What else would you expect). It is still scheduled for a March 1999 release. Cover Art is going to be by veteran Motorhead artist Joe Patagno. The band is planning to tour North America in April-May of 1999 and Europe possibly in June... some of the dates in Europe may be with Metallica... we'll keep ya posted!

Lemmy has signed a book deal for the publishing of his long awaited auto-biography. It will have lots of great stories about his life and the music. He is writing with Janiss Garza and we can expect the book in 2000.

On December 31, Los Angeles' own ROCK CITY NEWS presented Lemmy with a life time achievement award. Lemmy was on hand to receive the award, arriving in a limo with supermodel in tow!

A Motorhead tribute is being worked on by Victory Records, and will bring the following bands: Groovie Ghoulies, Dropkick Murphys, Skarhead, Electric Frankenstein, Zeke, Integrity and many more. The band tells me that they are not supporting this effort.

That is it for now... until next time!

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 15:14:48
From: Rube - rmr@csj.net
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #49

Hi gang!
Wow Ace #50 cool as hell man! Great job, and a hearty thanks.(And I think I speak for all OS members) I know what you could do for #50, get all of the names in your OS address book and send it to CMC and ask them to add a special thanks to OS subscribers on the guy's next album. That would be cool. (Maybe have them mention the tribute) Anyway for me personally Ace I want to thank you for introducing Motorhead to a new generation of headbangers. And believe me you have my friend!

Rock On!


ICQ# 19092805

**Editor: Thanks so much! One of the coolest things in doing this is I get to work with people as talented as you!

Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 16:36:29 PST
From: "brandon maynard" a6663db1@hotmail.com
Subject: o.s. favorite lemmy quotes

my favorite quote would have to have been from when i saw them at the masquerade in atlanta on the o.s. tour (great fucking show, by the way). someone threw a cup and it hit lemmy's bass. he walked to the edge of the stage, pointed at the fucker, and said, "don't throw shit at me, sonny, or i'll come down there and fucking cripple ya". we all cheered. unfortunately it didn't happen. however, i got to meet lemmy after the show, so that more than made up for it.


Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 20:16:03
From: punchmaster@webtv.net (Jan Topolski)
Subject: os: motorhead on leno

Hello fellow headbangers! I was watching an old videotape I made a few years back. As I worked on consuming a case of my favorite brew, what to my wandering eyes should appear but Lemmy and the boys on the Tonight Show! They played two great songs, although I can't recall which they were right now (foggy head). Then Lemmy sat and chatted with Jay Leno. Was wondering if anyone else saw the show. They really rocked the house! A pleasant surprise indeed!

**Editor: Yes, I have this episode on tape. They started off with Hellraiser. Lemmy had a great conversation with Jay. Later they played Going To Brazil. VERY COOL STUFF! Lemmy said that Jay was a total gentleman. He also added that he did not feel as positively of David Letterman.

Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 21:30:58
From: Dave Hultgren - dhmusic@warwick.net
Subject: os: re:#49 no sleep at all


I think that GWR records who produced No Sleep at All may have added two bonus tracks over the years. My copy has twelve songs and is under the roadracer revisited label. It might have been originally a ten song album. Im not sure.

As far as re releases, CMC International has only put forth all motorhead albums since sacrifice. Bastards was put forth by ZYX--a german label, and all the classics from Motorhead to No Remorse (including No Sleep til Hammersmith) were remastered by essential records, a division of castle communications, plc. in England. MOst have bonus tracks added. I thinkmost of these were remastered and released in 1996. I think all are imports and are available widely on the internet (through CDNOW, Ultimate Band List, Music Boulevard.

here's a few sites to try if yo're interested


I got them at very reasonable prices.

Hope this helps.

**Editor: I am also setting up links on the main website to allow people to buy MH CDs thorough Amazon.com and the payback they send to me will help fiance the website.

Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 21:42:22
From: Dave Hultgren - dhmusic@warwick.net
Subject: os: the best of motorhead video

Hi all you motorheadbangers!!!!

Am I seeing things or is "The best of motorhead: video a lip synched recording? If it is, its well done, but all the tracks I'm hearing are studio tracks and you can see in several instances where they are wearing gear for Overkill material then the same for another album. Motorhead is at their best being a live band, but this reminds me of MTV glam stuff where Def Leppard stood in front of the mike and acted.
Did motorhead make the decision to do this, or was it a cut and paste operation that the band had no knowledge of? How in heck could they get that studio sound in those clips in the first place? Just curious. Does anyone know the story behind this video?

Deaf Forever


Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 15:58:58
From: SILVIA GRANDIO - silviag@ctv.es
Subject: os: real story about lemmy playing sick

Last May I sent a post explaining how lemmy had played in barcelona, Spain while being sick. As I'm a friend of Lemmy I promised to tell the press about what he had done. The letter-article appeared in June's issue of the Spanish Rock magazine "Popular I". I called Lemmy on the day of his birthday and promised to send him the article translated into English. This is it:

Club Zeleste, Barcelona. Monday, May 4, 9 p.m. Only around 30 people hang around the venue. I can hear from outside the opening band, some guys called Left. Although nobody knows who they are or even where they come from, they should be glad. They've been chosen to open Motorhead's show in Barcelona.

This is absurd. There're only around 500 people inside. I realize most people can't pay for the shows of all the bands that are gonna play this month in Barcelona and, they must choose some over the others. I also realize it's Monday. But, damn it! The band playing here tonight is Motorhead. It's a band that almost every r'n'r devotee admires. It's a band that has been high up for more than 20 years. And, taking in account Lemmy's unhealthy habits, you never know if this may be the last time you are gonna be able to see them live. Moreover, have you guys listened to their last record? With "Snake bite love", Motorhead have excelled themselves; something that after all the stuff they've already recorded can't be easy at all. Even Joe Ramone has written a review in which he showers on praises on the record. That gives you a kind of guarantee of quality. The lyrics of the record are worth a whole article apart. Contrary to what many brainless illiterate thinks, what Lemmy writes ain't some tactless shit spitted out by a male chauvinist or a crazy nazi. Many people have been fooled by the simple statements wrote by some ignorant journalists. Lemmy isn't a kinky boor. If you take some time to translate his words, you'll easily see what I'm talking about.
Anyway, this article isn't about last Motorhead's record nor about Lemmy's lyrics' content. Let's go back to the venue where the band had to play.

I tried to forget about the crass mistake done by the ones who are at home. I'm here and I'm gonna enjoy myself, as I did it four days ago when the band played in Festimad in Madrid. Or... maybe I won't?
David Hilsen, Motorhead's tour manager tells me Lemmy is really sick. Lemmy sick? I can't imagine that mule getting sick.
Few minutes later, I get proof that David was saying the truth. Lemmy is sunk in a sofa in the dressing room. He has a high temperature, is soaked in cold sweat and is pale as snow. He looks as not having strength enough to lift a pencil. Immediately, I realize he won't be able to play. If he does it, the show's gonna be a disaster and the critics are gonna crush the band. I try to be realistic and get in my head that the concert is gonna be canceled. In his condition, I wouldn't even be able to put my panties on. Bye bye show. Or...maybe not?
Lemmy is half human and half animal. He struggles to get up and says softly that it's time to play. He then approaches Phil and Mikkey (drums and guitar) and adds "I won't be able to do it without your help". While I see him walking towards the stage, I realize that the idea of canceling the show has never gone through his mind. Stupefied, only the wildness of the first notes of the classic "Iron Fist" take me back to reality. Alone, still in the dressing room, I hear how the shrapnel perforates the ears of the audience. When I reach the stage, Lemmy has already turned again into THE BEAST. I'm happy to see that now the venue is almost full. The second song is played and the audience surrender. As loyal soldiers, Mikkey Dee and Phil Campbell are doing their job magnificently. Mikkey is beating the drums faster and stronger than ever and Phil is tearing our ears apart with the sharp strings of his guitar. There's no doubt that Lemmy was right when he chose these guys as his comrades-in-arms. They're two real experts. As well as their tour manager, David Hilsen, a hell of a man always ready to help.
No more whispers. Lemmy's vocal cords are roaring now lurid grunts while the deep and heavy chords from his bass seem to come from a damned graveyard. The show ends with the triumph for the band. Nobody has noticed that the fever and especially the energy spent have depleted the little strength that Lemmy had left.
It doesn't matter. One more night he's carried out his task. Now he can rest. You know? When someone is so fuckin' sick, you don't even have the strength to fake. That's why after this show, I know Lemmy has never represented a role. Now I'm sure that whenever he's on stage he simply behaving like what he is: THE R'N'R IN PERSON.

Down in the dressing room area, Lemmy's feeling so sick that he ends up fainting and has to be carried to the band's bus.
Inside, Lemmy shakes his head in front of a broth that he refuses to ingest reasoning that putting something so healthy into his body would take him to death. In its place, he drinks some bourbon and lights a cigarette.
I ask him how he can be so crazy as to pretend to play next day in Lyon. He shows me a huge and beautiful metal made replica of Motorhead's fanged skull and answers "You see it? A boy just gave it to me. THIS is why I'm going to play". A chill goes through my body.

The bus is about to leave. Before I say good-bye, I promise to write THIS article so everybody knows all he's willing to do for his band and his fans' sake. His last words are "Thanks, just make sure the kids know how fuckin' sick I was"

Most of us would be already in the other world if we had been playing with fire half the time he's been. But he's a "rara avis ". When he dies, he should donate his body to the Science. Maybe, they discover an indomitable super gene. But, we're gonna have to wait many, many years until that day arrives. Lemmy may be right when he says that is alcohol what has kept him healthy all these years "like all those grandpas from Soviet Georgia who live to be 150 by gulping daily fifths of vodka. When your liver has that much booze in it, Lemmy figures, "No diseases can get past it."

Let it be Lemmy the one that wraps up this article with a couple of his usual self-explanatory and witty sentences:

"We're still here, because we shoulda died a fucking long time ago, but we didn't"

I'm not old. I happen to be 50, but I don't know that. I don't understand 50. I feel like I'm 22 still. I'm not going anywhere.

by the way, the day I called Lemmy, he told me Phil was almost recovered from the lesion he had suffered in a hand's tendon and the band was gonna be playing again by the end of '98.

Date: 11 Jan 99 21:01:04 -0800
From: Marc Brown - mbrown@mail.pinnaclestudios.com
Subject: stuff

>I was cruising the Internet looking for Motorhead stuff and found a cool

>page which I believe sold
>Motorhead wristbands & other paraphinilia. then the Boss walked in and I

>had to make a quick escape
>now I can't find the damn place any ideas ??????
>Ace Great job with the Tribute any chance of a CD
- marcb@pinnaclestudios.com

**Editor: It is still my dream... patience...

Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 16:09:10
From: Francisco Manuel Lorenzo Diaz - PROVISIONAL - lorenzo@hercules.uca.es
Subject: os: old songs

Does anyone knows why the cover artwork of march or die is not from Joe Petagno and its from someone unknow. This pseudo-snaggletooth is very horrendous. Same thing with Live At Brixton: The snaggletooth is from someone called Hiro Takahashi, who is that men who strikes the God Petagno, thanks... Waiting impatienly for the live album...

Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 16:28:35
From: Francisco Manuel Lorenzo Diaz - PROVISIONAL - lorenzo@hercules.uca.es
Subject: os: live cadiz 1995

Do anyone know where i cant find(i dont care for the money) a concert in Cadiz (spain) on may-jun 1995? I was there and i would like to listen to again...

Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 21:08:32 PST
From: "mark skaar" mas50436@hotmail.com
Subject: motorhead castle remaster catalog

Greetings Ace and Happy 1999!!!

First of all, thanks for the updates every week and looking forward to the live MOTORHEAD disc. I and I'm sure many fans would like more information on the Motorhead Castle remaster series. Could you please list all the albmus that are included and their respective catalog numbers? I have four of them already and would like to seek out the rest. For those that don't know, each cd has lyrics, photos, extensive liner notes and bonus tracks. They are very nicely packaged and I can't say enough about them. Thanks for your help Ace-Mark.


Here ya go! I also tok the liberty of looking up some links on Amazon.com where these can be purchased. I do not know if the links are the actual Castle releases, so check things out.

Bomber - DOJO 3031-2
Extra Tracks: Over The Top, Leaving Here, Stone Dead Forever, Dead Men Tell No Tales, Too Late, Too Late
To order, go to: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0000072DK/blastmagazine0c

Overkill - DOJO 3032-2
Extra Tracks: Too Late-Too Late, Like A Nightmare, Louie-Louie, Tear Ya Down (Instrumental), Louie-Louie (alternate)
To order, go to: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00000592J/blastmagazine0c

Ace Of Spades - DOJO 3033-2
Extra Tracks: Dirty Love, From St. Valentines Day Massacre EP: Please Don't Touch Me, Emergency
To order, go to: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0000072DH/blastmagazine0c

Iron Fist - DOJO 3034-2
Extra Tracks: Remember Me- I'm Gone, (Don't Let 'Em) Grind Ya Down, Lemmy Goes To The Pub, Same Old Song-I'm Gone, Young and Crazy
To order, go to: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000006ED5/blastmagazine0c

No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith - DOJO 3035-2
Extra Tracks: Over The Top, Capricorn, Train Kept-A-Rollin'

Another Perfect Day - DOJO 3036-2
Extra Tracks: Turn You Around Again, Hoochie Coochie Man, (Don't Need) Religion
To order, go to: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00000592T/blastmagazine0c

Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 09:11:06
From: alain poncelet - poncelet.alain@skynet.be
Subject: Re: 50 issues

hello motorhead-freaks,

>>>>Ace wrote: 50 issues! WOW! Does anyone know what we should do?

We could create a special " Overnight Sensation " T-shirt for all the OS members ... or we could ask Lemmy, Phil & Mikkey to join the OS mailing list for the next issue...

I heard Metallica would give a concert on december 31,1999; is it true ? If it is, does anybody know where it will take place ? A Motorhead concert that evening would be even better... hey Lemmy, why not ?

**Editor: Shirts... cool idea. How about everyone that would be willing to buy one (probably $15-$20) drops me a note and I will see if there is sufficient interest. As far as shows on New Years 1999, I am not sure.

Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 15:56:01
From: Sarmad Sheikh - sarmadsheikh@compuserve.com
Subject: os: motorheadbangers world fanzine

Hi Ace,

A couple of topics grabbed my attention in the latest (December) edition of Motorheadbangers World, a magazine issued by Motorhead's official Europe-based fan club.

Firstly, they did a mention of this great email list and the brilliant tribute album that spawned from it. Fans are determined to listen this exellent effort by all the bands who contributed, but not everyone have Net access. That includes Alan Burridge, the club president. He knew about the mail list from word-of-mouth and only sometimes gets Net access when he visits a friend with a PC - but they cannot always get the Net browser to work. One thing Alan was very interested in knowing was if the tribute album will be released or at least available on some other medium other than Internet, to make it more acecessible.

Live album: The fanzine did a mention of that but it's old news what they printed by the time it was distributed. I spoke to Alan Burridge about this last night and he confirmed that it's a March release and no longer January as published in the fanzine. However he and the rest of the UK-based Motorhead possie are convinced that it'll be a double-CD and not a single CD as mentioned in OS #45. Ace, can you shed some light on this?

Web Site - after I showed Alan Burridge my photos from the Brixton 1998 gig that I'm using on my web site, he noticed
something that really surprised me - something I didn't realise at the time I took the picture. If you access the 1998 gig review on my site, find the backstage photo where Lemmy is standing side-view and talking to some bald bloke, the short girl on the far right talking with Nigel Moore (the man famous for postponing his wedding for a Motorhead gig he didn't want to miss!) is Denise Dufort the drummer from Girlschool. I'm going to have to make changes in my article now...

Take care,

Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 16:01:34
From: "Turner, Karl J. (EXCH)" KJTURNER@intermedia.com
Subject: os: cd for sale

Greetings fellow Motorheadbangers. I have in my possession 2 copies of a CD entitled "Motorhead : Today". It is a collection from the last couple of years (Sacrifice, Overnite Sens....;) . A fellow hobbyist got me 2 copies, but I have all the songs on it. Both are unopened and in mint condition, and I'll sell them for $20 a piece, including shipping. Please e-mail me at kjturner@intermedia.com for complete song list (10 total). Album cover has group photo.
Karl Turner - kjturner@intermedia.com

Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 08:28:59
From: "Turner, Karl J. (EXCH)" KJTURNER@intermedia.com
Subject: os: motorhead-today cd

Here is the complete track listing for Motorhead-Today CD :

Sex & Death
Crazy Like a Fox
Civil War
Order/Fade to Black
Dog Face Boy
Overnight Sensation
Them Not Me
In Another Time
Out of the Sun
Listen to Your Heart

I have 2 unopened copies sitting around, Please e-mail me if interested in buying one.
Karl Turner
- kjturner@intermedia.com

Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 10:07:46 GMT
From: "sid hell" cragnet@hotmail.com
Subject: os: live

Hi all,
Finally some true fans to discuss the 'Head with.I went to see them in Portsmouth and they were fucking brilliant i loved it.Could someone please tell me something about the new live album cause i don't know anything about it, there is not one bit of advertising here.There should be as we all know they are the best live band ever,But i suppose not every body is ready for the loud noise.I shall be at the next concert that is nearest to my home.

**Editor: I think my opening comments will make you happy!


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