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Issue #5 - August 3, 1997

OS: Moving Hell!
OS: General response
OS: wasp why bother
OS: No Remorse Remaster
OS: MTRHDRUBE catalog Question.
OS: MOTORHEAD/ W.A.S.P. @ The Irving Plaza, NYC
OS: T-Shirts and other stuff to stain with beer
OS: Motorhead on the Road?


Date: August 3, 1997
From: legion@img.net
Subject: os: moving hell!

Oh Oh, a day late again. Well, my excuse this week is that I have spent the last several days moving into my new home. The good news is that it has a swimming pool (one of my lifelong dreams). The bad part is that the move has made me fall far behind on my e-mail. Apologies to everyone. Everything should be back on track now.

Now, onto my little surprise. A short while ago, Castle Records was very generous and sent me a whole bunch of copies of a new sampler cassette they put out called "May I Help You". It has seven tracks (as follows):

Side One

1. Iron Maiden - The Trooper
2. Slo Burn - Pilot The Dune
3. Salmon - Dome
4. Lit - Beginning

Side Two

1. W.A.S.P. - Killahead
2. Masters Of Reality - (Song Title covered by sticker)
3. Motorhead - Ace Of Spades!!

This tape is not sold in stores and is intended to be used as a sample of some of the bands on Castle's label. It is a promo only and therefore has some collectors value.

OK, here is the deal... we will start with Overnight Sensation members in North America. If you would like one of these sample cassettes, just send me $3 US. This money is to cover the cost of the bubble envelope and the postage. I am not trying to make anything off of this, but this is the best why I can think of to get you people the tapes without putting me in the poor house.

I am not sure how I am going to deal with the European members. I will check with the local post office this week to find out how much it will cost to mail one of these babies to Europe. I promise to get that info by next issue. Don't worry, there are lots of tapes to go around!

Just send the $3 US to the following address:

Ace Trump
PO Box 599
Oroville, WA

I will mail them out ASAP. For now, I will limit it to one tape per person. If there is any left over when EVERYONE has had a chance to get one, I will offer them again to anyone that wants them.

I hope you enjoy... I also hope to be able to do more of this sort of thing in the near future.

Also, in the last issue of Overnight Sensation, one member reported that Motorhead were going to call it quits. I had a long talk with Lemmy's manager a few days ago and he assured me that there is absolutely no truth to this rumor. MOTORHEAD FOREVER!

One last note, I want to thank those of you that have entered the MOTORHEAD FOR LIFE tattoo contest already. For those of you that are hesitating, I would like to extend the deadline to the end of August. I GUARANTEE that EVERY participant is going to get something SUPER cool. What are you waiting for... SEND IN YOUR PICTURES!

Until next issue...

Ace Trump
Taking you to the NEXT LEVEL

Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 20:02:23
From: "Bri C Sullivan" - wiggedywak@juno.com
Subject: os: general response

Truth of the matter is that W.A.S.P. cancelled their tour cause no one really cares what they do! Ace, could you include the Motorhead press release in #5, which describes the REAL reasons Motorhead left the tour. Regardless of whether the general public bought Overnight Sensation, it is Motrhead's best album-musically and lyrically. Motorhead's music is timeless and Wasp's is a joke! Who ever the fuck Blackie Lawless is, he isn't one of the five people on the earth who could possible stay standing with Lemmy in the ring for five minutes! The Motor tab page kicks ass,thank you Gus. Lemmy, if you read this, DON'T QUIT! I've only been listening for three years and been to a Motorhead concert once and it ain't enough!


(Editor: Motorhead's press release with regards to the WASP situation is permanently posted on their website at http://www.imotorhead.com)

Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 22:43:11
From: "Fred Rogers" - rogerscf@execpc.com
Subject: wasp

o.s. wasp why bother
from fred rogers mhb1262
date 29th jult 1997

After reading wasps press release I was left thinking these guys are nothing never did much and if it wasn't for tipper gore no one would even be talking about them.I hope that this brings motorheads name back in the rock press,that can't hurt.but as for fighting the bands battles I'm sure the people who book the shows and promote them know who the real assholes are,and I wouldn't want to give wasp an extra hit on their web page. and f.y.i. I've got the first 6 or 7 remasters and both the on parole and iron fist sound fantastic,but they all do.the no remorse is cool as well, nice package.has anyone seen the new "protect the innocent" box set I guess its a 4 cd set with a book and poster 1975-1992 any one anything

deaf as allways fred

Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 18:44:52 +0300
From: infidel@vip.fi (Timo Palonen)
Subject: os: no remorse remaster

"Cursed Productions" - cursed@michianatoday.com wrote:

>I guess I must have an import of this, but I do already have it!
>It's a 2 disc set, with the Wendy O stuff, the 2 "Under the Knife"
>cuts from the Roadrunner version, and a
>song I'd never heard of, called "Masterplan."

I have "Masterplan" on a disc called "From The Vaults". It is a song originally recorded by The Plasmatics, Wendy's band. The Plasmatics then made a version of "No Class" (it kicks some serious butt).

"From the Vaults" contains "The Golden Years" -EP and some B-sides and live versions of the songs. Then there's a song which Lemmy did with the Young & The Moody Band called "Don't Do That" (Lemmy played bass on it). Oh yes, it also has the Under The Knives and Stand By Your Man stuff.

As to the remasters of the older albums, they were released almost a year ago here in Finland. I have only bought Another Perfect Day, 'cos I already have everything else. And I think the sound is _worse_ on the remaster than on the old CD's. Though it must be admitted that the Perfect Day has a different sound than the other albums, anyway. (Don't have the original version of APD).

Keep Bangin' :)


Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 14:29:34
From: THiney5726@aol.com
Subject: os: mtrhdrube catalog question.


there is a book sold in some bookstores, Barnes and Noble carries it, The Illustrated Collector's Guide To Motorhead. This book is excellent. I got mine with a best of set.

The book has pictures and info on all the bands line-up changes, and releases. It also contains stuff about solo work by various band members.

The book is almost complete with the exception of a compilation album I found a couple of years ago. It's called "A Quiet Night In" , Featuring Motorhead and other UK bands. Quite nice.

Check this address for the guide (It is on back cover):

Collector's Guide Publishing
Box 62034
Burlington, Ontario, L7R 4K2,

PS, anyone with Motorhead Collectables for sale can Contact me at: thiney5726@aol.com

7" vinyl, 12" vinyl, CD's, Posters, Ect. Ect. Ect.

Date: Wed, 30 Jul 97 13:41:26 EST
From: "Michael Bennett" - mbennett@sm.glasgal.com
Subject: o.s: motorhead/ w.a.s.p. @ the irving plaza, nyc

6/13/97 New York City

Friday the 13th in New York, the normal dregs of the Earth are out, add in WASP & you have a night of complete freaks. I don't get the WASP thang, but we will get to that all in good time. As the lights dim, we can see Lemmy, Phil and Mickey take there spots on the stage, as Lemmy screams, "we are Motorhead", you knew it was full throttle into the night. They opened with "Iron Fist" than right into "Stay Clean", as Lemmy gargles something about the "Sacrifice" album, they go into "Sex and Death". As the crowd lets out a roar to the pleasurable grinning Lemmy. "Civil War" gets a few overly drunk friends into a pit, by the bar. As "Metropolis" gets a rousing applause, they break into "I'm So Bad, Baby I Don't Care", ya gotta love a song that starts off, "I make love to mountain lions", only Lemmy can get away with something like that. As Lemmy goats some sweaty pit people into screaming at him, they bust into some old school Motorhead, "The Chase Is Better Than The Catch". As the army of Motorhead cladded shirts gets ready for the next assault on the stage, Lemster proclaims that the next song is the fastest song ever, "Burner". Finally, Lemmy gets to the new album, "Overnight Sensation", I don't get why FM radio will not give this man a chance, he has such a soothing voice. Next was a song he should have dedicated to Blackie Ball Less & Co., along with the Irving Plaza, "No Class". "Sacrifice" and one of my favorites, "Orgasamatron" were next, I love the way Sepultura does this, but nobody does it as well as Lem. "Road Crew", "Going To Brazil", "Killed By Death" & "Bomber" end the set with Lemmy screaming to "make some noise". After a few minutes, Lemmy emerges to the joy of the crowded hell hole of the Plaza. Not one to disappoint, Lemmy starts pounding to the open riffs of the "Ace Of Spades", ending the night with "Overkill". The show was great, not as many bodies carried off this time, or I was just enjoying myself too much.

As we waited for WASP, I spoke with a bunch of Motorheads, they were all saying the same thing, what the hell is Motorhead opening for WASP? The only answer I had was WASP had the larger set, and more bullshit of a stage set, this was not a good enough answer, when the hell are these guys gonna get a headliner billing???? Unknown to how long we waited for WASP, but there was plenty of room to move around, the place just emptied out. When WASP finally started taking the stage, a small cheer into a Motorhead chant, this did not sit well with Blackie & Crew, you could see the drummer giving the finger to a group of disorderly Motorhead fans. To quote a friend, "what the hell was that exercise bike that Blackie was using as a mike stand???? It looked to be a motorcycle handle bar to a chopper that he used to swing on when he wasn't singing. Blackie, wearing a black skin tight outfit, looking like he dragged it out from that Circus tour they did opening for Kiss. Chris Holmes, I thought they locked him up in a Betty Ford Client for life, after his stirring acting debut in Decline of the Western Civilization. His flabby out of shape body almost popped out of his outfit, I could not see myself staying long for this one. They opened with "On Your Knees", than without missing a beat right into Humble Pies "I Don't Need No Doctor". "Hellion", "Wild Child", "Fuck Like A Beast", (oh boy, doesn't have the same effect it use to), than this ended my night, "Love Machine". What a joke, who are these guys kidding? I wonder if Motley Crue choose there opening band yet? Long Live Lemmy.

Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 16:24:12
From: "Michael Styburski" - styburski@hotmail.com
Subject: os: t-shirts and other stuff to stain with beer

Hi !

As someone wrote in the last issue, it would really be great if someone that knows of ways to get Motorhead stuff could tell us how. It's really hard to find T-Shirts with Motorhead (or any other bands worth listening to) printing. So if someone knows a good mailorder company or something like that, why don't you let us know? It would be nice.

Rock on!

Subject: os: motorhead on the road?


you said in issue #4 that the boys would be on the road soon and back in the studio in Sept. On the road to where? Are there any plans to finish the part of the tour that was cancelled? I am in the LA area and was looking forward to another House of Blues show. I caught them there on the Sacrifice tour. Any chance for an LA show soon? Thanks, John "Damage Case"

Editor: Sorry, Motorhead is finsihed with it's North American tour for the forseeable future. The road dates are all in Europe including a big festival in Germany next week. Sorry... I was pissed off too as my town was one of those cancelled as well. Oh well...


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