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Issue #42 - October 23, 1998

OS: Motorhead comps and different tracks
OS: Brixton Blitz
OS: shite support acts
OS: Rogue Male
OS: London Brixton Acedemy review


Date: October 23, 1998
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: participation

Hello Friends!!

First, I want to thank all of you for being a part of Overnight Sensation. Over the past few months, I have made several efforts to make this list more of a forum for all things Motorhead. Your biggest request to me was to have OS sent out on a more regular basis. Unfortunately, the result has been less and less participation in the list by many of you. I find it almost inconceivable that out of over 1000 hard core Motorhead fans, there was only a handful of messages. Remember, without you, there would be no Overnight Sensation. If this forum is not used, it will surely die. I welcome you to speak your mind and connect with other fans all over the world! I do want to thank all of the regular contributors, you make this endeavor worth while!

Thanks again to all of you. I get tons of great comments on this list from all sorts of people. You are the best!

Ace Trump
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Date: Sat, 17 Oct 1998 11:33:19
Subject: os: motorhead comps and different tracks

From: brianj213@juno.com (Jordan Buck)

I have two Motorhead compilation discs that I've never seen anywhere else and I'd like a little info on them. The first is called Fistful of Aces, and it has a small sampling of tracks from Bomber, Ace of Spades, No Sleep Til Hammersmith, etc. Surprisingly, it doesn't have Ace of Spades on there. It came with an Import sticker on it, but all the addresses on it were located in the US. The second is a 2-CD set called Take No Prisoners. I bought it in Canada, and it has damn near all of their best songs (save for Metropolis and Emergency) on it. There's a nice storyline insert with it, too.

Also, TNP has different versions of Stone Dead Forever and We Are The Roadcrew than on No Remorse. Roadcrew, on No Remorse, has this insane wahed-out guitar solo and a bit cleaner production. Stone Dead Forever has different vocals (the TNP version has a phased Lemmy whisper instead of No Remorse's typical growl)


http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Frontrow/5213 (Main Page)

Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 10:02:38
From: Ian Fuller +44 116 256 1597 - ian.fuller@gecm.com
Subject: brixton blitz

Dear Ace.

I am sure you'll get other reviews of the London gig, but here's mine anyway:

The wind howled around the Brixton Academy twisting the piles of litter and leaves into a face cutting intensity, 'Care in the Community' had obviously released a few inmates especially for the gig........................................And then I got in. The beer wasn't too bad and the merchandise was quite Marks & Spencers. The bands: The first support (I think they were called Radiator) weren't too bad, at least they just played their tunes and tried hard, the bass player even apologising after mistakenly berating some punter. The second support: Odd bunch, came on dressed in white cowboy suits complete with 10 gallon hats. They managed to thrash their way through one number before consigning the hats, shirts and jackets to the floor. The drummer then felt the need to inform someone that his house was being robbed by his mate and his girlfriend was being shagged by someone else. That set the tone for the rest of the set. Whilst the music wasn't intrinsically bad, the attitude was awful, I wonder if they were the same act mentioned by Phil Tyler on his Manchester report of issue 41 ??. The set ended with the guitarist telling us that we were 'Fucking shite, the worst audience he'd ever known' . Nuff said. Motorhead were wonderful, by the this point the consumption of Red Stripe and Vodka had reached such lengths that I couldn't even try to give you a full set list. It was one of the best Motorhead gigs I have been to in 14 years of attendance. Nice to see 'Shine', Dead Men Tell No Tales, and a lot of other stuff from years ago. I was amazed to see that the set lasted for over 1 & 1/2 hours. I even managed to survive well over half the set right at the front (I'm old, indulge me !!) Sadly I have yet to convince the better half of the benefits of 'Lemmy Life' so I had to crawl back without assistance.
Cheers Ian

Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 11:45:21
Subject: shite support acts

I'm just writing in in support of the bloke complaining about motorheads support bands - the first band were crap in an anonymous sort of way, whilst Groop Dogshite ended up resorting to abusing the audience the way they apparently have done at other gigs! Some people are just never satisfied are they - just another group suffering from bollocks support group syndrome! You musn't get me wrong however, most support groups are quite modest and humble and I think the crowd appreciates that even if the group happens to be a bit shite. Actually its not unknown for some support groups to actually be OK - well noone even starts their career as a major headliner with extensive back catalogue, etc. But I have to say that Motorhead are quite consistent with their support bands - there all pretty crap but how much do you expect for ?12!
As for Motorhead themsleves they were orgasmic as usual. The Brixton gig I have to say was one of the loudest I've heard - my ears are still buzzing 2 days later! Everyone else seemed to think so too - everyone on the way out was shouting "THAT WAS LOUD WASN'T IT?!" and the people they were talking to were replying "WHAT?" - oh well, you get the general picture!

Anyway that's all from my good self,

E-Mail: CRG004@unl.ac.uk

From: David Weinsier - dweinsier@mindspring.com
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 17:33:09

OS: For those of you who haven't heard, Metallica will be covering the following 4 Motorhead songs on their new release, "Garage Inc.", due out November 24:

Stone Dead Forever
Too Late Too Late
Damage Case

On another topic, Ace, can you or any of our Motorhead friends rank the albums by number of sales? Are you close enough to the inside to obtain this type of information?


**Editor: I'll see what I can do! On a related topic, CMC Records is about to release ECW: Extreme Music. It is a CD based on the ECW Wrestling show. LOTS of heavy music here, the highlight being Motorhead's cover of Metallica's Enter Sandman. It's a treat to hear Lemmy growl out this classic.

Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 19:31:31 (CDT)
From: goposta2@ix.netcom.com
Subject: re: os: rogue male

Hey Frankie Savage, I remember Rogue Male. I believe that "First Visit" was also their last visit. They we're pretty good and reminded me of Motorhead a little too. I saw them and Savatage at the Metro in Chicago sometime around '85 or '86. They were a great live band (opening with a full fucking tilt "Crazy Motorcycle"). I have, however, never heard anything about them after that.

"We shoot to kill, and you know we always will"

Keep up the good work Ace! See ya on Halloween!


Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 22:26:32
From: Sarmad Sheikh - sarmadsheikh@compuserve.com
Subject: os: london brixton acedemy review

It's about 4:30pm at the London Brixton Academy. The warpig backdrop looms above the stage as it stares out into an empty and silent auditorium. It knows that in about two or three hours time, the doors will open and the prey will come flocking in. The wall of silence is suddenly broken by the sound of Motorhead's sound check bursting through. They are playing "No Class". I arrive with Oliver Cornfield (Motorheadbangers World web site) just in time for the sound-check and we stand at the hind region of the stage - it's very loud from here but certainly not as loud as the awaited audience will have to endure with the speakers facing their way. Over here we meet up with the other guests including Mick Stevenson and Nigel Moore who contribute to the fan club. Nigel is talking about how the UK tour has generally been getting better and better at each gig. The Manchester gig seems to be the best so far according to him. "Great sound-check!" Phil Campbell praises the rest of the band as he and Mikkey Dee come over to greet Oliver and I. Lemmy in the other hand rushes off the stage in a hurry, not realising that there are new guests on the scene. He has a very tight interview schedule this afternoon with Kerrang and Metal Hammer magazines and other press media.

We leave the stage and go to the production office to await our passes. Wayne Cossins the tour manager is sorting those out. Everything is hectic with management and crew rushing around. Things seemed a lot more calmer when Motorhead played this very venue last year. As we wait we hear Lemmy's voice: "Hey, here comes trouble!" as he approaches us. He has lost a surprising amount of weight. Back in 1995 his stomach was made for resting his guitar on it - but now that bulk of fat has disappeared. We talk for a while and it's good to see that he still remembers us from last year. He then hurries off to his dressing room where he gets ready for his interview.

We collect our passes and head for the auditorium where the support bands in turn do their sound checks. Nigel joins us for a chat. It's ridiculously loud in here so he takes us to somewhere quieter. He's a veteran who's been following Motorhead around, touring with them since the early days and tells us many stories about the band, the Hawkwind days, Robbo, Wurzel's drink and drugs problem, etc. When the noise in the auditorium subsides, we return to see the last support band's sound-check. There are a few more guests inside the hall now to see this particular band. I go over to the sound mixer where Phil is at the controls. "That's my son's band," he tells me as he points at the foursome grouping up on the stage. They are Psycho Squad playing a one-off gig on the tour. "Doors are opening in 10 minutes!" Phil shouts out to them, so time is very tight for them to complete their sound-check. As the Psychos get ready, Phil and I have a quick chat. One of the things we talk about is his involvement on the official Motorhead web site. He's only written one episode of his "Liquor Store Adventures" but then decided not to allow it on the site. "It was too depressing so I'm going to have to do it again," he tells me. Psycho Squad race through half a song and quickly clear the stage just in time before the punters start rolling in.
Oliver takes the balcony where he can take photographs. I pick the best spot in the front before anyone else can get it. We both opt not to go into the photographers' pit since they are only allowed in there until about the third Motorhead song before the bodies start being carried into there. At least in our chosen locations we can get good shots throughout the show.

When the venue is filling up, Psycho Squad are soon on the stage as the first act, introducing themselves as "the support-support-support-band". They are followed by Radiator, the best support band on the bill. A mosher standing close behind me gets a bit aggressive and pushes hard into the guy standing next to me. A fight breaks out as a result and this is broken up by people nearby. Groop Dogdrill, no doubt the worst support band for Motorhead in years, then come on stage dressed in light coloured suits and hats which they remove as the set proceeds. They get very irate at the hecklers in the audience who throw glasses at them. "Don't throw me an empty glass, throw me a full glass!" the singer yells, but the audience don't want to waste good beer on this band. At one point the singer picks up a full can he's kept with him and throws it aggressively into the troublesome crowd. It looks like they can't accept the fact that are playing in the wrong gig - blame MCP for choosing inappropriate support bands. "You're a fucking shit audience!" he yells as the band storm off the stage.

Roadies now fill the stage and quickly set up the equipment for the headlining band. The crowd do not have to wait long unlike previous tours. The removal of the white sheet to unveil Mikkey's drumkit sends a cheer from the audience as we know that the main act is about to begin very soon. As the roadies clear themselves away, dry ice fills the stage.In the meantime, Oliver is ushered from the balcony by a steward. Apparently people are allowed on the balcony when a support band is on but not while Motorhead are playing. It's a strict safety measure because the balcony cannot support the weight of people at the same time as trying to cope with the destructive vibrations from Motorhead's merciless amps!

The awaited three piece band soon come onto the stage. The intro has changed: the famous "We're Motorhead and we're gonna kick y'r ass tonight" from Lemmy has been ditched and replaced by the sound of sirens. The band stand in their positions for some time, the sirens carrying on, dragging the audience into a teasing wait - until when they suddenly kick in with the awesome Bomber. In turn the audience go wild and the Motorhead mosh begins in the front rows.

This is followed by "No Class" with no dedication this time. I thought it would've been good to have done this one in memory of the late Wendy O. Williams. Motorhead whiz through the entire set list like it's all too easy for them - and who can complain about that, they've been doing this for over two decades and tonight demonstrates their perfection in the mastered art. A good emphasis is put on the old classics. As surprise elements, three songs that weren't done on stage for at least 15 years are resurrected on this tour - Shine, Dead Men Tell No Tales and Stone Dead Forever. Motorhead had done a great job in digging up those old relics, blowing the dust off, polishing them and making them sound as good as new.

At one point Lemmy asks the audience if the sound's loud enough. Despite whatever's the crowd's reaction is, he turns the amp up anyway showing us that the loudest band in the world can still be even louder! And top marks have got to be given to sound quality. Tonight was the clearest sounding Motorhead gig I've ever been to.

A good mixture of songs are played to make up the 90 minute set - ranging from the old roots to the very new material - all which fit snugly alongside each other. From the current Snake Bite Love album, we have "Take The Blame" (which Lemmy warns is a fast one) and "Love For Sale".

Phil and Lemmy are very animate tonight as they move along the very front of the stage on many occasions to get closer to the audience. There's the famous moment when the stage darkens to pitch black, the band and equipment disappear in this darkness, Mikkey's steady drumbeat is the only sound that can be heard, until when a single tinted ground-borne light finally comes to life to unleash a ghoulish green Lemmy performing Orgasmatron.

"Killed By Death" was another memorable occasion, with Lemmy's bass breaking down during the song and him still carrying on singing while a panicking roadie is changing the guitar over for him. The replacement is still malfunctioning, Lemmy has to sing with no bass guitar keeping his arms busy, and the poor roadie is running around like a headless chicken trying to find one that works. There are up to four changes before a properly working Rickenbakker can finally join in that song. Lemmy is laughing throughout. Whether this was a stunt or real, it was still very funny.

The band leaves for a few minutes interval before returning for the encores - "Ace Of Spades" (driving the audience completely wild!) and finishing off with "Overkill" before Motorhead give their farewells and exit the stage.

Tonight's show has proven that Lemmy and Co have certainly not lost their magic. They don't fail to satisfy and they look like they still have many more years of enjoyment inside them to provide to their fans. And now they are sounding better than ever.

Oliver and I rejoin as the punters clear the auditorium, and we head backstage for the after-show party. The VIP bar is already busy with a lot of guests here. I've been warned that London backstage parties are always the busiest. The support bands are there mingling with the crowd. I meet up with Psycho Squad and tell them how good their set was - but they can't hear me, their ears are obviously fucked from Motorhead's set. And so are mine - this was certainly a louder-than-normal show. After about half and hour, Phil Campbell arrives, the first Motorhead member to join the party. I go over to Phil and we talk about the show. Someone then comes over to join us. "Do you remember me?" he asks Phil. "You're from a band, aren't you?" Phil says, "The Almighty". The man nods.

Phil is then joined by about five women. They chat for a while before he takes them off to his changing room. There is soon talk around the VIP bar about Phil going off for a marathon shagging session.

Oliver and I are joined by some drunk 40 year old woman who introduces herself as Loraine. She keeps telling us about how Lemmy hates heroin - as if we already didn't know that. Next thing she'll probably tell us is that Lemmy is Motorhead's lead singer. She then takes us into Mikkey's changing room. He's in there with many guests including a large and lovely selection of blonde women. I don't know where he got them from but I later find out that those are locals. The band like to go clubbing after a backstage party, so they often invite local people inside so later on they can show the band the good night-spots. Wayne Cossins soon arrives and asks everybody in the room to make their way to the bar. Lemmy joins with all of us at the corridor as we head back upstairs. He is holding a pint of Jack Daniels and Coke.

The party is in better atmosphere when Lemmy and Mikkey get there. Women are gethering around Mikkey by the herd - he's the playboy of the group. Lemmy is walking around, women coming to him one-by-one and asking "Do you
remember me?" and he just throws his arms around them and says "Yes of course I do remember you!" before giving them a snog. I don't think he really does remember them, he just wants a snog out of them. When correct moment finally arrives, Oliver and I grab Mikkey for a photo. As with last year when Oliver's camera malfunctioned when we met Lemmy, the same thing happens again. My camera is used instead for the shot. We then go over to meet Lemmy. "You look in good shape for a 25 year old," I joke with him. "Fuckin' Hell," he replies, "It so happens that I'm 21 y'know!" I start talking to Lemmy about the band Skew Siskin we're both interested in, but the conversation gets disastrous because my ears start to hiss badly and I can't make out what the Hell Lemmy is saying. We pose for photos before he moves on. Lemmy has a lot of people to meet tonight and he's trying hard to see everyone before the night is over.

The lead singer from Groop Dogdrill is spotted leaning back against a wall and not looking too healthy as his alcohol starts to disagree with him!

After a couple of hours, Oliver and I decide it's time we start making tracks. I have my sister's wedding the next day so a late night debauchery is certainly out of the question tonight. As we leave, Mikkey spots us through the flock of female groupies around him and shouts out at Oliver "Is your camera working yet?"

A great night, flawed only by the 2.5 hour night-bus journey home - but it was all worth it. The severety of my hearing was put to the test by two groups of people arguing on the bus and I couldn't even hear them! My ears only started getting better the next evening at my sister's wedding. I think ear-plugs are in order if they play at that higher-than-normal-for-Motorhead volume again!

Verdict: Motorhead is living proof that rock 'n' roll is not dead. Lemmy. the grand-daddy of heavy metal just seems to get younger. And the band can still pull women!


PS: Keep an eye on my web-ste where my photos from this gig, both on-stage and backstage will be posted very soon!


**Editor: Sarmad, I just wanted to say thanks for that FANTASTIC review of the gig. I felt like I was there! For all of you readers, make sure to check out Sarmad's site... it is an excellent work of art!


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