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Issue #40 - October 9, 1998

* Today's topics:
OS: False Teeth for the Deaf
OS: No lawns left in Southampton
OS: Motorhead in Austria
"OS" Motorhead experiences
OS: RE: Overnight Sensation Issue #39
OS: UK Tour and Backstage


Date: October 9, 1998
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: false teeth for the deaf

Hello Friends!!

Still working hard on Blast. It's starting to get pretty exciting! It is a new on-line music magazine that I am involved in and will be located at http://www.blastmagazine.com. I hope you will take a moment to have a look when it's ready.

The rumor mill has generated a little tid bit of info... the new Motorhead album might be called "False Teeth for the Deaf".

A lot of issues surrounding the website have been resolved and it should be up (with Real Audio intact!) very soon. Thanks for your patience and the tons of letters of support I have been receiving!

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 18:40:06
From: Andrew Meredith - meredith@iee.org
Subject: os: no lawns left in southampton

Hi Folks,

There are now large sections of formerly lush parkland in the Southampton area that have in explicably withered. The phenomena seemed to begin at around 9:30 last night and centred on the general vicinity of the Guildhall.

They're back

Lemmy and the chaps started pretty much on time. I was wondering if my ageing (32), abused and rather delicate ears were still up to an un-earplugged Motorhead gig. The opening explosion of sound woke partially fossilized mammoths for a 5 mile radius. The plugs were in by the end of the second bar. Hey, I'm not proud :) you gotta pace yourself if you want to make it all the way you know. Momentum doesn't work, you just crash harder.

Anyone wondering if they are still up to it? then stop it right now!
It was, as expected, a mind spludging experience. They're still as full on as the first time I saw them at the 10 Anniversary birthday party, Hammersmith Odeon, London, 13 (eeek) years ago. I can't go reeling off the set list. All I can say is that he played the stuff that it would have caused a riot if he hadn't. Having said that, it caused a riot when he did! This brings me to another great thing that hasn't changed. I was front and centre, in the middle of the moshpit, for Overkill, Motorhead, Killed by death and a bunch of other riotous behaviour. It was of course a blast! BUT whenever anyone went down, they were dragged back up to their feet again and sent back in to the fray. If you went down at some gigs I used to go to, you stayed down and left in a white van with blue lights. I double checked with the Red Cross guys after the event and they confirmed that the only fallout was self inflicted :) Anyway, I hope that those of you who are planning on going, enjoy the rest of the tour as much as Vic and I enjoyed last night. To those who weren't planning on going .. do it!

Andy Meredith - meredith@iee.org

PS I won't comment on the support acts, they were inevitably overshadowed by the main act, so it would be rather unfair.

Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 17:49:19 CEST
From: "RenE Miklas" macmiklas@hotmail.com
Subject: os: motorhead in austria


I just wondered if you could help me. There is a lot of fuss made around a Motorhead concert in Vienna, which (according to poasters all around the city) should be on November 5th. Now I wanted to buy a ticket and they told me that it wasn't sure the concert would be then. I now wondered, whether you know anything exactly about when and where in Austria Motorhead are going to play?
Thank You

RenE MacMiklas

e-mail : macmiklas@hotmail.com

homepages: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Arena/1333

Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1998 14:58:36
From: "Vaughan James" vaughan@clara.net
Subject: "os" motorhead experiences

Hello Ace

This story is most probably a bit too late in getting to you but I'd like to share this story with you anyway.

For purposes I cannot divulge to you, the word "Hells Angels" has been replaced with "Bikers" so as things stay as simple as possible. Incidentally, I've only shared this story with one other person who is on your mailing list, a very good friend of mine.

I've tossed the idea of sharing this story for quite a while, but it's a very funny story in some respects, so here ya go.

I used to live in Southampton, England before moving to the West Coast of Scotland and was very lucky one Saturday afternoon to have a load of Bikers turn up on my parents doorstep. One of the blokes handed me a tape that I was later to find out was specially recorded for me. The tape was recorded by a band called Fester and the Vomits. This band were a biker band who were very good friends of Lemmy and the lads.

Any way, Motorhead had just finished headlining Donnington Rock Festival back in 1985 (if memory serves correctly) and came to Southampton to do a "one off" show for the Bikers and friends. I was very fortunate to be invited as a guest to this gig.

The tape was given to me so as I could get clued up on Fester and the Vomits music which is hard blues music. The Fester band were a three piece comprising of Fester - drums, Gus - Bass and Bruce lead and rythm guitars. An absolutely brilliant band to see live. They were to support Motorhead as special guests at this small gig.

So, at 7pm I turned up at the club, then called the Mayflower Suite. I was early and there were hardly any people proping up the stage and so I mouched my way down to the front. Once I found myself comfortable standing, brandishing a beer in one hand, a cigarette in the other I started chatting to the few round about me and inhailing the atmosphere.

7.30pm soon came upon the small crowd and on comes Fester and Co and tore straight into their aural assault of heavy rythm and blues. Absolutely first class. They played for about half an hour. By the time they were two or three songs into their set, the club atmosphere became electric and the place was full to capacity. A blinding stage show, simple but very effective, the whole stage including the band were bathed in electric blue lights with strobes going off every now and again.

When they'd finished their set and came back on stage for two encores everbody made a lightening dash for the bar for a quick beer before the main attraction. I was fairly close to the bar and so beat the throng of people so as to retaikn my place at the front. While most people were getting liquid refreshment courtesy of Carling Black Label I did a quick tour of the place and met up with Fester and Co, had a quick drink with them and they signed my tape that they'd recorded for me. Soon, things were quietening down and people were getting ready to have their ears assaulted. I was stood right next to a couple of Lemmy's bass bins. They were so bloody big, and I found myself standing bent a little inside of one and whilst doing this the lights dimed and on strolled the man. He ran his fingers over his bass strings thus blowing me out of his bass bin. It was pretty friggin loud. They played for about an hour and promoting their new album Orgasmatron which they played about five songs from. They took the whole club by storm! They were that loud that the ballroom glass ball that you get on the ceilings fell and shattered.

They were absolutely stunning to say the least.

Once they'd stopped playing and retreated to the bar backstage I managed to get invited for a couple of drinks before making my way home.

There you go Ace, hope that didn't bore you too much!

All the best


Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1998 17:49:57
From: Bertil.Hedaker@sbs.siemens.se
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #39

Hi There Fellow Rock Brethrens!

Motorheads greatest album is, without any doubt what- soever, "Ace of Spades"! On the other hand I would like to rank "Bastards" as second & "Another Perfect Day" third. As you have propably reckoned I am only counting 'real' releases (if there's such a thing...;-) & not compilations of various kinds & brands, 'cauz then "No Remorse" would be second and "No Sleep 'til Hammer- smith" third if you haven't gathered...;-) But I do, however, agree that there's been quite a quality rise in the releases during the ninties - Keep up the good work, fellows!

Can't wait 'til October 27'th when they're arriving at KB, Malmoe (that's in Sweden, brethrens...;-) & starts rockin'
away again...:-D...:-D...:-D

//Bert 'Turn Me Down' Hammerhead

> From: David Weinsier - dweinsier@mindspring.com
> Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #38

> Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 14:20:20
> OS: Once again "Another Perfect Day" rears its ugly head to be
> called
> Greatest Motorhead Album. I simply don't get it. While Robbo's
> fret-work
> is first class, how anyone can rank "APD" with the likes of
> "Bastards",
> "1916", and "Sacrifice" is beyond me. Let's face it, Motorhead's best
> work
> has come in this decade, and I think Lemmy will attest to that as
> well.

Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1998 10:17:03
From: Sarmad Sheikh - sarmadsheikh@compuserve.com
Subject: os: uk tour and backstage

Motorhead's current England tour is going extremely well. Alan Burridge, president of the UK-based Motorheadbangers Fan Club, attended the first three dates and he told me that each gig was better than the last. What a killer show I can expect by the time they hit London on the 17th October!

Contrary to much anticipation, Skew Siskin unfortunately will not be supporting the one-off date in London even though that was advertised at one point. Though Motorhead and their management tried their best to get this band aboard, the tour promoters had different ideas to everybody's disappointment.

On a very exciting note, Lemmy & Co have taken notice of the UK-based Motorhead web-sites - namely the Official Motorheadbangers World site (maintained by Oliver Cornfield) and my Motorhead Backstage site - both our sites which collaborate from time to time. Oliver and I have been invited backstage and Lemmy's all up for us doing some 'Net coverage of the London gig for the web-sites - watch out for us with cameras, camcorders, etc! (please note that there won't be a live broadcast of the gig because we don't deal with that) I'm planning to do a major change to my web-site layout as I add the new stuff from the London gig. We're hoping to interview the big man himself (time depending) - we've drawn out a list of questions and conversation topics. If anyone has any ideas of topics they would like us to bring up with him in addition to our planned questions, please don't hesitate to email them to me!

See you at the London Brixton Academy, 17/10/98!



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