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Issue #34 - August 25, 1998

OS: More Changes
OS: Re-sent M'head Story
OS: Jim (Skew Siskin)
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #33
OS: How my "review" of OzzFest is doomed never to be seen by anyone
OS: daddy's slithering foreskin
os: cancalled show
os: Dauwpop Festival
OS: OzzFest in Orlando
OS: OzzFest 98
OS: Ozzfest
OS: Intro to my Motorhead history
OS- Did Lemmy wanna slap Craig Kilborn on the Daily Show?


Date: August 25, 1998
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: more changes

Hello Again Fellow Motorheadbangers!!

Well, I think that I have finally found a new home for the Motorhead webpage. Once it is set up, you will FINALLY get to hear the tribute.

I have set things up so that I will be doing a new newsletter EVERY friday night from now on. Hope that helps.

For the winners of the First Anniversary contest... I will be mail out your prizes this weekend. Thanks for your patience.

More next time...

Ace Trump

Subject: re-sent m'head story

Date: Mon, 3 Aug 98 18:13:00 +1000
From: Mark Brooks - brooks@tig.com.au

Howdy Ace,

Your recent Motorhead annecdotes reminded me of a weird New Zealand tour which found the band playing every one horse town you can imagine. The band I played in were lucky enough to support them in Christchurch. I had been a fan of the Lem since Hawkwind (when I was just a nipper). The group were drawing crowds of around 300-400 a night and as I was about to offer commiserations I was shocked to discover they were actually really happy to be drawing that size crowd. "I mean it's our first time here" quipped Wurzel during the soundcheck. The crew were bragging about getting 158 db front of house with just the back line Marshalls (PA off!!)

Lemmy was on stage checking his amplifier. I was surpised at how clean he was ...his hair was freshly washed and his bellbottoms had been ironed!! He hit a chord on his old Ricky Bass that sounded like the biggest traffic pile up in the world then turned to me and said " Its not very loud is it??!!?

Keep up the good word
Mark Brooks

Date: Mon, 03 Aug 1998 12:31:11
From: monongo - monongo@snafu.de
Subject: jim (skew siskin)

Hi Ace,
the music from the tribute album has not been uploadet.
What happened?
A lot of people asked me the same question as well.

**Editor: Thanks for the note Jim. I have published your note here so that I can address this issue all at once (I have received several questions). It's this way... my split with Next Level was not what one would class as harmonious. I uploaded the files and about 2 days later they deleted them. So, some people where lucky enough to catch the first couple of days, the rest got errors when they tried to listen. Anyway, this will be resolved shortly when we move Motorhead to it's new home.

Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 05:08:12
From: Richard Goodchild - richard_goodchild@yahoo.com
Subject: os: re: overnight sensation issue #33

Just a quick note from a concerned OS reader:-

Has anyone else noticed that OS is no longer just a forum for opinions on all things Motorhead, but contains a growing number of emails which are thinly veiled attacks on other readers. I agree wholeheartedly with Ace's policy of no censorship, but can't we just leave out the backbiting and concentrate on writing about the fastest rock 'n' roll band in the world? There are far too many other dickheads out there who almost make a living out of shitting on rock music from a great height, without us bitching amongst ourselves.

Any views on this, Ace?


**Concerned Editor: Yes Rich, I agree wholeheartedly with you. It has been a struggle for me to stick to the "no censorship" policy we all agreed on a while back. But, there is a great danger of people leaving our little family becasue of abuse. The reality is that we are here for our mutual love of music, specifically Motorhead. A further reality is that with the list now surpassing 1100 members, there are going to be personality conflicts. All I ask is to keep those conflicts off of the list. We are here to talk serious tunes, not slander.

Date: Mon, 03 Aug 1998 11:11:09
From: Max Headroom - shluzas@softhome.net
Subject: os: how my "review" of ozzfest is doomed never to be seen by anyone

> Also, I have been having a LOT of trouble with my e-mail over the past
> 6-7 weeks. I figure that I have lost hundreds of e-mails. So, if you
> have e-mailed me within the past 6-7 weeks and either didn't get a
> reply from me or did not see your letter on this list, please re-send
> it ASAP and I will rectify the situation.

And your e-mail problem was only one of the problems my story of the OzzFest was forced to submit to and be thoroughly defeated by. I wrote about three pages (which is starting to seem like my average post) describing in ridiculous detail pretty much everything that happened at OzzFest, including how me and three others met Lemmy (and someone name of dayth@juno.com missed meeting him, after waiting about 40 minutes, by going to the bathroom for five minutes). Anyway, I had just finished writing this monstrosity and pushing the good old Netscape "send mail" button, when, for no good reason, Netscape performed an illegal operation or some such nonsense and had to be shut down. I lost everything I wrote. So I reopened Netscape, complained for a paragraph, and sent it on its way. And now it's not here. So, damned straight I'm saving this before I send it.

> 1./ Leave it alone, I have to read about this shit everyday.

Don't read newspapers. Don't watch the news on TV either. The whole point of either media is to control your thought processes. The news reports on subjects most Americans don't really care about. They completely ignore anything coming from any other country in the world. (One megadeath in some loser country receives the same media coverage as the death of some jerk who lives in the suburbs. Remember, megadeath is a word made up for situations not unlike this.) By not listening to those idiots you don't have to put up with Di crap or any other kind of crap. Good news: I also hate popular culture! And America! And ravers! And the Christian Coalition! And smarmy, condescending kids shows! And scientologists! And that crappy Friends show! And Elvis!

> 2./ Max, you expected to be told 'Fuck you', I wouldn't do that I would just
> prefer that you worried about the problems in American society, we can
> look after this neck of the woods.

I hate when people tell me "Ignore them and just look out for yourself." (and don't say I just said that about the media, 'cause you know I didn't mean it in that way) The problems in American society are plentiful. Luckily, as humans, we are naturally endowed with a brain that is able to concentrate on more than one thing at once (Microsoft calls it "multi-tasking"). I think a lot about all the problems we have in this country. Then I think about the far more serious problems people have in other countries. Shouldn't we think about those people and not how "much" (*coughlittle*) some adulterous British git meant to us, even though she didn't really benefit us in any way, especially if we're British? And even if we're really patriotic bastards, can't we think of both? Why solve the problems in America when the rest of the world is being used as America's toilet (literally, too!)? Why make America heaven on earth (like that's gonna happen ever) when we can fix the whole fucking world at one time? Well, then, why bemoan the death of a leach on society? See, normally I wouldn't be ranting about this, but I really, really hate when people say "just drop it. let them worry about it. just take care of yourself." I hate all this "take care of yourself" shit. I'm fine. Now I'll start trying to educate others. See, it's maddening being the only sane person in a room full of people. Similarly, it's maddening being one of the few people in an entire city that has any idea at all what's going on. Forget fixing the problems in America. We can fix world hunger right now. There's enough food in the world. In fact, there's more than enough food for everyone. America just doesn't want to give it away because that looks bad. Why don't we concentrate on that? I say we should stop bitching about the dead princess. Yeah, she's dead. And our lives are no richer for her having lived. The thing is, there are many more important matters. I say it's not people like me that should be told to forget it and move on, it's those that are still carping over her. Those are the ones that should move on.
Anyway, unless something truly stupid comes through in the next issue this is the last you'll hear from me on the matter (chances of something stupid coming through: fairly high, considering Ace's mail troubles).

By the way, if anybody knows who Roy Cohn was (or foolishly thinks they can guess) tell me. Whoever gets it right gets nothing but the satisfaction in the knowledge of an obscure figure in American history well-named. My friends can't answer 'cause I've probably already told you. Unless I haven't. You can specify that in your e-mail. Shut-up, me, I can't stand any more of your poorly thought-out, mediocrely-written ravings. Go listen to Motorhead in your air-conditioned room.

And that little boy who nobody liked grew up to be..... Roy Cohn. And now you know the rest of the story.

**Editor: Well, I'm glad there was some mention of Motorhead in there :-)

Date: Mon, 03 Aug 1998 12:12:38
From: Chris Giunta - cgiunta@voicenet.com
Subject: daddy's slithering foreskin

>Date: Sun, 07 Jun 1998 21:46:40
> >Subject: daddy's slithering foreskin

>I've been a lemmy head for several years after first "discovering" him and Motorhead in the film "Eat the Rich." Saw 'em twice, fucking great, the real thing. I finally found a copy of Bastards and was AMAZED at "Don't let Daddy Kiss Me". What an incredible song! The acoustics, singing, beautiful leadwork, razor sharp lyrics, and sheer POWER of the arrangement: absolutely fantastic! I love the other stuff, but this album is phenomenal, and also the only one wif Wurzel, Zoom and Mikkey Dee, besides a few cuts on Sacrifice. I'm surprised it's so hard to find, I think it's my favorite along wif Sacrifice. Keep up the good work OS!!
**Editor: One of my favorite moments was sitting in the Rainbow Bar and Grill listening to Bastards with Lemmy and him giving me his views on each track, specifically that one.

Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 14:13:45
From: "Turner, Karl J. (EXCH)" KJTURNER@intermedia.com
Subject: os

OS: Greetings, fellow Motorheads !

For Sale : Snake Bite Love promotional poster, $12 US, includes shipping & sturdy poster tube. Approx 1' x 2', MINT condition, has new album cover & band picture, as well as logo & "Available on CMC International Tapes & CD's". Only have 1, and would like this to get a good MOTORhome! Continental US, please, as overseas shipping's expensive.

Contact kjturner@intermedia.com

Date: Mon, 03 Aug 1998 17:25:24
From: Janie Marie Gantt - c13bones@mindspring.com
Subject: os:cancalled show

any info on to why MOTORHEAD cancalled the show in atlanta ga. on the 28th of july? and will this be made up in the near future?!

**Editor: Sorry, no word yet.

Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 23:02:24
From: "Bram Nijp" frok.visser@wxs.nl
Subject: os: dauwpop festival

Hello all you MH-Bangers, I went to the Dauwpop Festival in Hellendoorn (The Netherlands) in May this year. It was really great! I have been to 5 concerts up till now, last year October I went to Brixton in Great Brittain to see them. Also a smashing gig! In Hellendoorn I was almost picked out of the crowd, you must no, I don't like stagediving. So I always stay in front of the stage (first row) but to the right. No need for stagedivers to piss me off there, one would think. But for the third time someone put his foot in my face and I got really mad. I got hold of his shirt and tried to smash his kidneys. Well, security did not approve of my action and tried to pull me out of the crowd. Sure, try to get me out of there, a member of the MHB-fanclub and totaly in to Motorhead. So I stayed. At first the guys of security thougt I was a nice girl....sure! I have to agree with Mark Karl, Bastard is a good album. Especially " Don't let daddy kiss me" and "Liar" are my favorit songs. I am not going soft on you, but you have to admit, by listening to "Don't let daddy kiss me", you would really like to kill the Bastard! The text is extremely good, the music fits right in. You can almost see what's happening with that litle girl. My favorit album is 1916. Because of "Love me forever", "The one to sing the blues" and "No voices in the sky". Not many MHB are too crazy about the song "1916", but again you have to listen to the lyrics to enjoy it. Well, for now, I am going to get a good night sleep. Many kind regards, Frouwkje

Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 16:35:25
From: Johnson - wbjrace@mindspring.com
Subject: os: ozzfest in orlando

I paid 35 dollars to see one band play for only 25minutes. I didn't really give a damn about anyone else on the bill except for Ozzy but I fell asleep during his set.

A fair amount of people gathered around the second stage for Motorhead. During the day, the sound was low for the other bands, so I was worried. My fears were crushed when Motorhead came on with Iron Fist. The sound was LOUD. Even though it was 98 degrees outside, Motorhead were dressed in the usual shirts and jeans. I don't think I could play for longer than 25 minutes in 98 degree weather. They seemed to be in good spirits and played a surprising set. Everybody was angry about the short amount of time. The crowd demanded more. I geuss the organizers didn't want Motorhead to disrupt the delicate sounds of Tool.

Iron Fist
Stay Clean
-A new song from Snake Bite Love
No Class-Dedicated to W.O.W.
Killed By Death
Ace Of Spades


Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 17:57:19
From: David Weinsier - dweinsier@mindspring.com
Subject: os

OS: A sad story. Motorhead was scheduled to play here in Atlanta off the regular OZZFEST tour on Tuesday, July 28. In addition to the concert, the club was offering an opportunity for all fans to "swill beer with Lemmy" from 5:00-7:30 before the show.

Unfortunately, because of lack of ticket sales, the club cancelled the show the day before it was to occur. Apparently, Motorhead sold less than 100 advanced tickets for the concert and the club didn't feel it would make back the $5000 Motorhead was asking.

How can a city the size of Atlanta have so few Motorhead fans? Heck, Dio was here a month ago and sold 800 tickets for a Sunday night show.

And to top things off, since the show was separate from OZZFEST, we would have heard a full set, unlike the wimpy 7-song sets like I'm reading about.


No Fun At All.

Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 23:38:26
From: zughiaq@juno.com (Eric R Chetkauskas)
Subject: OS: OzzFest 98

Wow!!! Motorhead's OzzFest gig (July 7, Mansfield, Ma) kicked so much ass I can't even tell you how much ass it kicked. I got a spot up front, within 15 feet of the stage (I got even closer as the show went on). Lemmy & co. walked on stage casually and with 100% confidence he shouted "We are Motorhead, and we're gonna kick your ass". They were thorough at doing so. The following is their set list and I'm pretty sure it's in the right order (if it's not I'm sure there will be someone to correct me):IRON FISTSTAY CLEANOVER YOUR SHOULDERLOVE FOR SALESACRIFICEKILLED BY DEATHACE OF SPADESOVERKILLLemmy seemed to be pissed off (he almost seemed insulted) at the fact that he only had a half hour to play. I expected him to continue playing beyond the 30 minutes allowed. But, uncharacteristicly he didn't. I believe this was the first time I got the words to Love for Sale right the whole song through. I usually get confused. I almost got Lemmy's pick. It hit the hand of the dude next to me and fell to the ground. We both went down to get it. The difference:
He went down to his knee, I just bent over, so when he pushed me I fell. ( Stupid Sean, I hate you). Luckily he "was" a friend so he let me touch it. The guy on the other side of me seemed more disappointed that I didn't get it than me. Motorhead also killed my Ozzy-high that I was on for the week before the show. Even though it was only 30 minutes long, it was good enough for my first Motorhead show.

Date: Wed, 05 Aug 1998 08:08:49
From: David Weinsier - dweinsier@mindspring.com

OS: If Motorhead's next album is to be a live one, I hope they don't include all the old songs that we've all heard live already. Hopefully it will include only music released in the 90's (1916, March, Bastards, Sacrifice, Overnight, & Snake).

In my opinion, Motorhead's best music has been written in this decade. The album could be called "No Sleep in the 90's".


Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 11:49:44 EDT
From: Killdrums6@aol.com
Subject: ozzfest

Great job with the news letter! I havent received one in a few months

I have a complaint. I attended Ozzfest in Raghlie NC on Aug 1 soully to see Motorhead. Well from where I live its a 5hour trip and I had to work late the night before. So I got up early the day of the show and made it to the sight in 4 1/2 hours. I was flying down the road to say the least. I was so excited , my girl freind loves Ozzy so it was the first time we had seen him together. Anyway , long story short as I was walking up to the sight I hear Ace of Spades,.... Oh No !!! No Motorhead is HEADLINEING the SECOND stage acording to everything ..right!? WRONG!!! They opened up the Main stage!! So I got to here Ace of Spades and Overkill from the line to get in the show. I was heart broken, kickin' my self for not going ahead and driving up the night before... :-[
I know it has nothing to do with Motorhead but this happened to me also 6 yrs ago at the Oporation R n R show in Charllote NC That time The HEAD were Cancelled by the venue on the day because of curfew.... What is that! They didnt know what the show was all about?????? Also in charllote at a club called Jeromihas on the Sacrofice toure, Show Cancelled!! I have made 5 attempts to see Motorhead live and only 1 has come to be, The Masquerade in Atlanta Ga. on the Overnight Sensation tour. It was awsome! They put on the best show , but even that tour was cancelled when Wasp & Lemmy got in to it. Againe Im not mad at Motorhead but it seems to me that, to serve there fans and the venues patrons, they ( the venue) would make changes more know .
Any how I bought two Head shirts and talked to some people who said they were Killer. If you could please send me the set list from the show and any other Dates for the east coast USA. Also if you know of anyway to get other shirts Like a Sacrifice one , that would be great!!!

Thanks for your time
Brett Goode
- Killdrums6@aol.com

**Editor: Brett... apprently, the way OZZfest was structure was that one of the second stage bands got to open the main stage every night. The second stage bands rotated so that they all got a chance. You just had the bad luck to go to the one show that Motorhead opened the main stage. :-(

Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 11:30:56
From: Randy Walton - waltonrandy@yahoo.com
Subject: intro to my motorhead history

Just an intro to my Motorhead history. The first exposure to MH was No Sleep Till Hamersmith. After hearing the absolute brutality, I had to see 'em. So the first time I saw MH was June 1982 at the Hollywood Palladium. Krokus & Fist opened. I was a senior in high school & about thirty people from school caravanned to the show. It was an anti-prom outing where people that couldn't afford the cost of the senior prom got to go out. We had a helluva lot more fun. It was one of the first shows with Brian Robertson. Never did see MH with Eddie. The show was incredible. And over the years, I've seen the boys about 5 times. Did get to meet Lemmy at a record store appearance in 1983 before a show at a roller rink in Fullerton Ca. called Billy Barty's Roller Fantasy!!! And, yes, Billy Barty (the world's most famous midget) was greeting everybody at the door. The looks he got from Motorheadbangers was classic. Anyway, I gave Lemmy a full bottle of Jack Daniels as a gift & he rewarded me with a picture of the two of us. He was grabbing a handful of my hair & I had this horrible ugly face. It sits on my desk at work. Its been a few years since I've seen them. They don't get down to Arizona much. OZZfest missed us this time. Hopefully soon.
Take Care. Randy the Desert Dog.

Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 11:36:25
From: Randy Walton - waltonrandy@yahoo.com
Subject: os- did lemmy wanna slap craig kilborn on the daily show?

Any feedback on how either bored or pissed off Lemmy looked on the recent Daily Show appearance? He did do well with five questions. Maybe the band should have played & rendered Kilborn Stone Deaf

**Editor: I didn't catch it... did any one else?


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