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Issue #32 - July 5, 1998

Issue #32 - July 5, 1998
OS: Wonderful Things!
OS: Blah blah woof woofa
OS: just received SBL
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #31:response about motorhead experience
OS: several replies
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #31
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #31
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #31
OS: Argentinian Tapes!
OS: SBL / OZZFest / some suck version... / other stuff
OS: M.O.T.O. cities & dates
OS: Motorhead gig in Holland 22-5-1998
OS: The Loonies Are Out...
OS: Not a question
OS: MOTO show at Phyllis'
OS: Motorfest 98'
OS: Light bulbs
OS: RE: Overnight Sensation Issue #31


Date: July 5, 1998
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: wonderful things!

Hello Again Fellow Motorheadbangers!!


July 6 makes the first anniversary of the existence of this mailing list! As a bonus, we also added our 1000th member today! I want to thank all of you for making this list such a joy and pleasure to be a participant in. We have been running our first anniversary contest and I have had lots of entries. I will be compiling them this week. Thanks again to all of you!

OZZfest is upon us and as many of you already know, Motorhead is headlining the Second Stage for the North American portion of the tour. A fellow Motorheadbanger recently heard Gerri Miller (Metal Edge Magazine) on a radio call in show in Vancouver indicate that there was a chance that the OZZfest would be expanded to include dates on the west coast (Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle were specifically mentioned). Heres hoping!

One super cool thing for all of us with regards to the OZZfest is a new feature that will start very soon called THE LIQUOR STORE ADVENTURES OF PHIL CAMPBELL. Phil will be sending me a tour diary every few days for posting on the web site. For those of you that have never had the pleasure of meeting Phil, he is very witty and very funny. These logs are sure to be very entertaining!

Next, after much delay, blood, sweat, tears, etc, I am proud to announce that the tribute we have all been waiting for is finally ready! I have forwarded all of the files to the head designer at Next Level and they should be posted any minute. The files are in real audio and there are thirteen in all. Thanks to everyone for making this one of the coolest ventures ever!

Now that the tribute is done, I can concentrate on the FAQ we put the feelers out for a short while ago. Those of you that volunteered will be getting an e-mail from me very soon.

Ace Trump

Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998 17:30:28
From: Max Headroom - shluzas@softhome.net
Subject: os: blah blah woof woofa

> A reply to Mister Snaggletooth.

I assume you probably meant me, since I don't recall anybody else saying anything at all about anyone in the royal family.

> As one MotorFan who loves the Royal Family with all his heart,
> I would just like to say that your opinions about our beloved
> dead Princess are not welcome in this country.

Now, the question really is, WHY did you "love" your dead woman so much? You could easily claim nationalism, that you have to love your royal family since they are the embodiment of your country. The problem there is that the British royal family have long been mixed up with people of different countries (mostly the Germans). George I couldn't even speak English, for Lemmy's sake (just to make this all Motor-relevant)! The family also changed its name to Windsor during WWI 'cause their old name was too German (one of those gigantically long German names with all the umlauts and whatsamahoos). So nationalism's right out. They haven't done anything good for you, obviously. They suck tax money and spend it on everything classy. Hell, the queen is one of the richest people in the world. She could buy everything having to with Motorhead, including all the people on this list, and still have enough to purchase several Caribbean islands. Remember when one of those stupid castley houses burned down a couple years ago? Who do you think she wanted to pay for it? Why, the people, not whoever lived in it. It's the people's castley house right? The people can go in it when they feel like 'cause it's theirs, right?
Right, so that's right out. Now, why do you people love your royal family? Is it because the royal family in cooperation with the government owns the television stations and can air whatever kind of rubbish they want about how you should love your country and its leaders? Why, yes! It's the same bullshit we get on our televisions over here in the US. It's called "propaganda." There's no reason for you to love anybody with the kind of wealth and power that family has. Now, many people will tell me "no, I hate the royal family, but I loved Di!" Why again? "Because she did so much for the poor and the mine-victims!" Oh, yeah, those were her ideas. Her PR-guy didn't tell her "Now, if you do all this charitable crap people will like you and give you more money and stuff!" Then she went and got smeared across the inside of a tunnel, all because... her driver was drunk? Nope, the press did it. (I hate the press, too, so don't see this as an endorsement of star-chasing.) She was a beautiful (unless you're Kurt Vonnegut), wonderful, caring woman cut short in the prime of her life. She was a useful member of society who always did an honest day's work for her millions of dollars and excessive free time.

> If you do not respect the wishes of a still grieving population and
> pay respects to Her, please take your life and Motorhead
> collection elsewhere.

Why should I respect her? That's a crock, having to respect someone just because a bunch of disillusioned, brainwashed Brits think they liked her. The whole notion of respect is a sham. People get respect if they earn it, not if they die rich, famous and undeserving.

> We will never let her go.

Wise up and let her go.

The response I expect from you people is no more than "hey, fuck you", but in more words. Basically, just yell a lot and you'll prove my point completely. Oh, and don't see this as some sort of denunciation of all people in power everywhere. For that, listen to Take the Blame.

SbL is still in my stereo. It's June 6th. I bought it March 12th. Tee-hee. I think I'll take it out of there on the 12th, making it a full quarter of a year it's stayed in my stereo.

Oh, and Ace, bigfoot.com?

And that little boy who nobody like grew up to be..... Roy Cohn. And now you know the rest of the story.

**Editor: Hey, hey, hey, whats wrong with Bigfoot? I am tired of having to switch e-mail addresses because some local provider craps out on me. This way, it is a painless transition.

Date: Sat, 6 Jun 1998 19:34:45 -0300
From: "Jose M. Villar" josemv@cvtci.com.ar
Subject: os: just received sbl

Hi there Ace,
I have just heard SBL for the second time this afternoon. It has been pretty hard to find it here in Argentina, as it hasn?t been edited locally. My copy was imported from England (does the american edition come as picture disc also ????) My overall impression is that it is better than OS (their worst record ever) but worse than the precedings March or Die, Bastards or Sacrifice. It is not a bad record though. Seems the guys lost their "bearings" in OS, and in SBL they make an effort to find them. I hope my impression changes in the following days, and that I haven?t annoyed anyone of you with my personnal opinion.

Keep your good work Ace,
(AKA Gaucho from Hell or Dogo8)

PD: Ace, how is your name absent in the record ??? For all the excellent work you do with the site, you deserved a dedication at least.

**Editor: An oversight on the behalf of the management... I am assured it will be updated in the next release.

From: - Mouse1988@aol.com
Date: Sat, 6 Jun 1998 23:35:10
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #31:response about motorhead experience

Last year I got to attend two Motorhead shows when they were touring with W.A.S.P. The first one was on a Saturday night in Cincinnati, where there was a long delay to start due to W.A.S.P. But I still loved it. The next show was on that Wednesday in Louisville where I got to meet Phil and Lemmy and get them to sign my airbrushed shirt I had done especially for those two gigs. Again I loved the show, and ended up sitting next to Lemmy for the better part of the W.A.S.P. set in a bar behind the stage area, which has to be one of my all time favourite moments in my life. Even though I didn't want to bother Lemmy too much I was just thrilled to sit next to him and drink a Heineken while he played a little video game attached to the bar. Maybe next time I see him I'll have something worth saying to him, since I understand he reads alot of history on the world wars I would love to chat about it , but for now I am still able to look back and remember a very special night in my life.
Thanks to Lemmy and Motorhead. Thats all for now ,Jeff Black

Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998 21:04:28
From: "Martin Herraiz" martin_fast@hotmail.com
Subject: os: several replies

Whattup MHB's around the world? First of all, in reply to Jayson Sargent, who complained about Lemmy's answer to "the Wendy O'Williams (not O'Conner) question: I'm not quite sure what offended you, the words used by the question (and consequentially by Lemmy) or its very nature, perhaps found offencive since we're talking about the late O'Williams. In any case, I see each "Lemmy Speaks" question as a mere piece of a casual conversation between two people. Given that that was Lemmy's answer (and I don't think he meant no offence to Wendy herself or her family or whatever, since he's dedicating "No Class" to her at concerts), it wouldn't be honest to cut it off. To quote the Ramones, that's "Censorshit".Regarding Daniel Gaunt's opinion that we should all vote the same, I don't know about y'all, but I'll go with Overkill. He's also got a good idea of a question for Julie's husband David to ask Lemmy. By the way, to "Snaggletooth" (go get an original nicknmame!), I don't think Lemmy is the kind of person to do that kind of stupid generalization. I believe he hates 98% of the politicians-- the ones about which he wrote on "Take The Blame", "Just Cos You Got The Power", "No Voices In The Sky" and several others-- but hey, did you know Frank Zappa was a politician? Matter of fact, he was planning his candidature for U.S. presidency by the time he died. Regarding Martin Dietrich's report of the Bremen setlist, why the fuck do they only play 2 SBL songs? Where's "Joy Of Labour", "Better Off Dead", "Dead And Gone"? (uh, maybe forget about the last one for a Motrshow) I hope they consider those for the Brasil OzzFest! By the way, SBL kicks ass. APD is one of Motr's less great albums. I mean, it's probably a great Thin Lizzy album, but not Motr. Legalize pot-- NOW!! About me, I'm a brazilian Motrheadbanger (officially #1642), 18 years old. Check out my picture with Phil and war pig drawing (autographged by the band) on the April '97 MHB fanzine. I became a fan about 4 or 5 years ago (after Bastards was released). I was a Ramones fan, and after hearing both Joey and Lemmy say that Ramones and Motrhead were the greatest rock n' roll bands ever, I figured it was about time I bought Ace Of Spades. Then came Bomber, Overkill and you know the rest. The first Motralbum I bought at its time of release, however, was Sacrifice. I met Lemmy, Phil & Mikkey when they were here in '96 for the "Monsters Of Rock". Killer gig, unfortunately only 45 minutes long, but it kicked Iron Maiden's and Skid Row's asses!
Rock on, see y'all. Peace.
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Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #31

Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 09:14:28
From: Christer Jansson - e93_cja@nada.kth.se

Jayson Sargent wrote:
> I am not sure who to go to on this, so help me out here if
> you are the wrong person to bring this too.
> I was reading the "Lemmy Speaks" question today, and I
> though that mabye it would be a good idea to take the question
> off that asks about Wendy O'Conner.
> I'm not sure if you have any controll over this, but please do what you can.

Ace wrote:
>**Editor: I thought about this as well. This questions was, of course,
> posed and answered before Wendy's death. But, it
> was also the honest answer from Lemmy himself. What do think?
> Do any of you find it irreverant or in bad taste to leave up?
> Let me know...

I think:
No worse taste that putting it up in the first place. A person's death doesn't affect what's distasteful or not. I mean, what you can say about a live person can also be said about a dead person and vice versa. Whether the Q/A in question is in bad taste or not I leave to others to judge. It doesn't offend me anyhow.

Welll... no more irrelevant than lots of other postings... it is after all a forum for asking Lemmy (and now also, Phil & Mickey?) more or less personal questions and they are free to choose which questions to answer and how... One could question who is responsible for what, I mean it's Lemmy's words but Ace's site... my advice is (practically no advice): Ace, if you feel bad about keeping it up, don't. If you feel ok 'bout it, keep it. Trust your guts.

As Lemmy so wisely said: "Evil lives within ourselves/we don't need nobody else/we tell ourselves the best of lies" which I interpret as "You know what's good and what's evil, you feel it in your guts! (so don't try to blame anyone else)"

Live and prosper!


Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 09:53:10
From: Bart - homer@snpp.demon.co.uk
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #31

-Ace O Trump - acetrump@bigfoot.com wrote about
>A reply to Mister Snaggletooth.
> As one MotorFan who loves the Royal Family with all his heart,
> I would just like to say that your opinions about our beloved
> dead Princess are not welcome in this country. If you do not respect the
> wishes of a still grieving population and pay respects
> to Her, please take your life and Motorhead collection elsewhere.

Sorry, but I agree with MR S on this. There has been far too much attention been given to this. I personally was indifferent about Di, but regardless of your opinion people should let it fucking lie. Its been a year for fucks sake. Still the media is milking the whole deal.

Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 10:45:55 +0000 ()
From: Nick Widdows - N.Widdows@bradford.ac.uk
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #31

Fair enough, Di was the only Royal that did any good, but don't you think the reaction to her death was just a BIT over the top? Time to let it go. And what does a lack of respect for her or public hysteria have to do with liking Motorhead (surely an anti establishment band....) anyway?

Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 12:29:41 -0300
From: bach@netex.com.ar (Juan)
Subject: os: argentinian tapes!

Hi My name is Juan and I got Motorhead shows in cassette,the shows from Argentina,including the one with The Ramones.I?m searching Nina Hagen,where Lemmy sings,Lemmy on J.Bobbit film,Lemmy on New Ramones live CD (last concert)Lemmy sings Ramones perhaps another song and Motorhead live tapes from this tours:March or die,Overnight S. and Snake love bite.I?got some videos from Argentina too.
thank you.

PS:Anyone who want to mail me can do it!!

Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 17:50:13
From: David Weinsier - dweinsier@mindspring.com
Subject: os

OS: Does anyone else think that the Orgasmatron album is not only way overrated, but may actually be Motorhead's worst album? The production quality stinks, and the songs (except for "Mean Machine") aren't much better. Also, what's the big deal about the title track? I'll take similar-sounding "Liar" over "Orgasmatron" anyday.

It seems as though Another Perfect Day has been getting a lot of publicity on OS recently. Don't get me wrong, the album's good, but do you guys really think it's better than 1916 or Bastards (Motorhead's 2 best albums)?


Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 23:00:27
From: zughiaq@juno.com (me & me)
Subject: OS: SBL / OZZFest / some suck version... / other stuff

Snake Bite Love is a cool album. Not their best stuff but still, Motorhead-like. I was a little disappointed because when Ace first reported that a song contained a keyboard solo I was imagining something like what happened in "Don't Waste Your Time". Not only is there a lower case 'b' but also a lower case 's' and 'l' . On one of my many overnight scavenges on the web, I found a sound file titled "Motorhead". I was certain it was the song called Motorhead, which we all know. Curious as to which version of the song it was, I downloaded it. Well, It was definitely the song, but definitely not! Someone did a dance/hip-hop/techno/suck/whatever.... remix of the song. I don't really care who created this atrocity but if someone could identify it I will know who to put next on my hit list. I still have the file (in mp3 format) so if there is anyone stupid/brave enough to want to hear it e-mail me and I will send it. About that voting thing for the radio... I think that it's a good idea to get everyone who votes to vote for the same album (personally it wouldn't be Ace of Spades, but...) that way you don't get one vote for each Motorhead album there is.
I will be at first OZZFest gig at Great Woods (Mansfeild,Mass.) on July 7. Look for the idiot in the parking lot waving the notebook paper sign reading "OS" getting empty (full??) beer bottles thrown at him. (kidding)
>Same-loud-fast-loud-heavy-destructive what?

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Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 19:12:09
From: Paul - motofuzz@rocketmail.com
Subject: m.o.t.o. cities & dates

Hello there, how's things going? This is Dennis, bass player for M.O.T.O., writing to let you all and you sundry know of some upcoming M.O.T.O. shows.

The first is at the Lounge Ax on Wednesday (yes, Wednesday), June 24th here in Chicago. The other one we have to tell you about at this time is in Columbus, OH, I'm not sure where, but it's on July 18. More info on that one later.

Hope to see all of you there!

Paul Caporino
Box 578912
Chicago IL 60657 U.S.A.
- Motofuzz@rocketmail.com

Dennis Spaag
- motobass@ync.net

Art Kubin
- motoskins@ameritech.net
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Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 18:06:25 (MET DST)
From: Matthijs Withaar - mwithaar@dds.nl
Subject: os: motorhead gig in holland 22-5-1998

[Note for Ace: probably something went wrong - I didn't see my submission in the last OS issue, so I'm sending it again.]

Hello, fellow Motorheadbangers,

On May 21, the Dauwpop festival took place in Holland. On the 22nd, there was an extra Motorhead gig at the festival site, the only show in Holland.

On the 22nd, the big day was there: at about 4:00 pm my three friends and I stepped in an old Volkswagen to drive to the concert. After two and a half hours of musical mayhem and a dump at the world's filthiest toilet, we were pretty close (we thought) but couldn't find the festival site. We asked a long-haired cyclist where it was and we were lucky: he was going there as well. Never seen him again, though.

Anyway, by the time we arrived (the terrain was in the woods, in the middle of nowhere as Lemmy later on said) the support act was already playing. While walking to the entrance, I was searching for a place to hide my single-use camera. I wore it in my trousers nearly squeezed up my bottom, only to find out inside that this simple kind of camera was allowed.

The support act were an AC/DC tribute band called Action in DC; although it was a pretty good imitation, you can never beat the original. After a while we got hungry and went for some food and beer.

At 8:30 pm Motorhead was due to play and of course they did (they are not the Guns 'n Roses-like types that keep you waiting for hours). Man, what a show! I always wear ear plugs to prevent ear damage (I'm born with bad ears and don't want to make it worse than it already is), but despite that my ears were still ringing with noise. The audience went totally crazy and there was an enormous pit in the front of fans clashing into each other. The atmosphere was very relaxed, though; everybody that fell down was picked up immediately. I myself went down several times and I didn't worry for a second.

After a while, I managed to get to the front to take a closer look at Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey. After I took some photographs hanging over the fence, a security guy ripped the camera out of my hand. I thought it was confiscated, but he walked to the stage, took a close photograph of Lemmy and returned my camera. Thanks! After a while, he climbed over the fence himself and participated in the pit.

Motorhead played all the well known classics everybody knows, and a lot of more recent songs. I must say, I expected some more songs of the Snake Bite Love album. Lemmy dedicated No Class to the rememberance of Wendy O'Williams and the Plasmatics.

After about one and a half hours they left the stage, promising they would come back if we made enough noise. And, of course, they came back and played Ace Of Spades and several other songs. (I feel sorry for Lemmy; he's sung Ace Of Spades every night for 18 years now and still he can't leave the stage without having done it). On my way out I bought the Motorhead England T-shirt with the back saying Everything Louder Than Everything Else.

My leather jacket was soaked with sweat, my body was covered in black spots and my hair was soaked with beer. And I had a haircut only that morning. Damned! After the ride back home, I fell on my bed in a coma at 2:00 am. At 5:00 am my alarm clock woke me up: I had to get up and go to work. I've been walking around like a zombie all day ...

Greetings from Holland,
Ice Thijs

Waterpop, het gezelligste popfestival van Nederland

Waar: Hofpark, Wateringen
Wanneer: 15 augustus 1998 van 13:00 tot 23:00
Wat: Cords (NL), China Drum (UK), Heideroosjes (NL), Junkie XL (NL),
Septysed (NL), Supersub (NL), Travolta's (NL) en 4 andere te
boeken bands
WWW: http://www.caiw.nl/~mhmjutte/waterpop.html

Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 11:01:18
From: "Snaggletooth" mcfigrg2@fs1.ci.umist.ac.uk
Subject: os: the loonies are out...

>A reply to Mister Snaggletooth.

> As one MotorFan who loves the Royal Family with all his heart,
> I would just like to say that your opinions about our beloved
> dead Princess are not welcome in this country. If you do not
> respect the wishes of a still grieving population and pay respects
> to Her, please take your life and Motorhead collection elsewhere.

>We will never let her go.


>Mr G.T.Ebbrell

"Will somebody put Graham back on his chair?"

There's always one arsehole! Fortunately, I know this one! They only let him out on special occasions, and he's generally an OK sort of bloke. He also has a cool website at :-



P.S. No offence intended to any genuine royalists.

Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 00:21:29
From: Robert Petersson - rp@abc.se
Subject: not a question.

Hi there!

This is not really a question, just a little suggestion that you take a quick look at some Motorhead live pix from '89 that are out on the web. http://www.abbta.se/rp/live/concert.htm

In the future it would be nice to see some liveshots on the brilliant official page.
I would also appreciate a quick comment about what you think of the pictures from the Hultsfred-concert.


Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 13:17:10
From: Paul - motofuzz@rocketmail.com
Subject: moto show at phyllis'

Hello all you hearty M.O.T.O. fans,

As some of you, hopefully all of you, know, M.O.T.O. is playing this Friday at Phyllis Musical Inn. For an extended engagement with your dear M.O.T.O., please come on out. Paul will be singing songs and hawking tapes.

Hope to see you all there!

Dennis, M.O.T.O. bass

Paul Caporino
Box 578912
Chicago IL 60657 U.S.A.
- Motofuzz@rocketmail.com

Dennis, motobass@ync.net
Art, motoskins@ameritech.net
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Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 12:47:25
From: troglaw@ix.netcom.com
Subject: os: motorfest 98'

Just announced in Detroit: "Motorfest 98" on July 24 (the day after Ozzfest) at Clutch Cargo's in Pontiac. The opening act is Speedball, which knows how to rock. I think they're the best band out of Detroit in a long, long time. No, I've never met them, but (i) they opened for Motorhead the last time they were at Harpos, (ii) the guitar player jammed on one song on the WASP/IPP fiasco, and (iii) I have an interview where Lemmy cites them as one of his favorite bands.

Anyways, everyone should check their local listings. Ozzfest is never two days in a row. Apparently, the boys don't like to rest and are doing shows on the off days. They'd rather rock, and we're the benficiaries.

Waiting is the hardest part.


Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 17:58:33
From: "Oliver Cornfield" oliver.cornfield@virgin.net
Subject: os: light bulbs

"Q: How many internet mail list subscribers does it take to change a light
A: 1,331:
1 to successfully change the light bulb and to post to the mail list that the light bulb has been changed
14 to share similar experiences of changing light bulbs and how the light bulb could have been changed differently.
7 to caution about the dangers of changing light bulbs.
27 to point out spelling/grammar errors in posts about changing light bulbs.
53 to flame the spell checkers
156 to write to the list administrator complaining about the light bulb
discussion and its inappropriateness to this mail list.
41 to correct spelling in the spelling/grammar flames.
109 to post that this list is not about light bulbs and to please take this email exchange to alt.lite.bulb
203 to demand that cross posting to alt.grammar, alt.spelling and alt.punctuation about changing light bulbs be stopped.
111 to defend the posting to this list saying that we are all use light bulbs and therefore the posts **are** relevant to this mail list.
306 to debate which method of changing light bulbs is superior, where to buy the best light bulbs, what brand of light bulbs work best for this technique, and what brands are faulty.
27 to post URLs where one can see examples of different light bulbs
14 to post that the URLs were posted incorrectly, and to post corrected URLs.
3 to post about links they found from the URLs that are relevant to this list which makes light bulbs relevant to this list.
33 to concatenate all posts to date, then quote them including all headers and footers, and then add "Me Too."
12 to post to the list that they are unsubscribing because they cannot handle the light bulb controversy.
19 to quote the "Me Too's" to say, "Me Three."
4 to suggest that posters request the light bulb FAQ.
1 to propose new alt.change.lite.bulb newsgroup.
47 to say this is just what alt.physic.cold_fusion was meant for, leave it here.
143 votes for a new list alt.lite.bulb.

Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 16:14:28
From: "Brandon, Bil" Brandon.Bil@dorseylaw.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #31


Keep up the good work.

I don't think it is necessary to remove the Wendy O. Williams question and answer from the "Lemmy Speaks" section of the website. Unless, of course, Lemmy thinks you should.

Did anyone see the episode of "Beavis and Butthead" in which they made fun of Lemmy's complexion? Any idea what song Motorhead was playing?


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