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Issue #3 - July 19, 1997

OS: Good News!
OS: T-shirt?
OS: Motorhead Tab page
OS: Motorhead Set List
OS: Overnight Sensation Issue #2
OS: I love Motorhead!!!
OS: The southamerican tour
OS: Motorhead/Wasp in Pittsburgh
OS: Metal Dreams Magazine's Lemmy Interview & OS Review
OS: My first (and most memorable) Motorhead experience
Re: OS
OS: subscribe
OS: Subscribe to Motorhead mailing list


Date: July 19, 1997
From: legion@img.net
Subject: os: good news!

Issue three and going strong. We are now up to over 125 subscribers to this mail digest. First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their kind words about Overnight Sensation (the mailing list). It definitely is a labor of love.

I have some good news for re-issue fans... Castle Records will be releasing No Remorse. I do not have a copy yet, but I expect it this week. I will give you a full report on the package next issue.

As far as http://www.imotorhead.com goes, we will have some new stuff for you to see this week. Lemmy has answered a few more of the LEMMY SPEAKS questions for us this week. And, just to answer one of the most asked questions, yes, it really is Lemmy answering those questions. All I do is fax them to him.

WASP has finally issued a reply to the statement released by Motorhead a few weeks ago... I have included it here for your pleasure (or amusement).

Ace Trump
Taking you to the NEXT LEVEL

Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 14:45:07
From: WASPpress@aol.com
Subject: wasp press release

17 JULY 1997

Motorhead have recently issued a press release outlining the reasons why they pulled out of W.A.S.P.is current KILL FUCK DIE tour of America which they were iSpecial Guestsi on. The Press Release they issued is an amateurish attempt to cover up the facts behind their departure and is a complete fabrication of the events that took place.

The accurate series of events is as follows:

*In April this year W.A.S.P. were asked by The Agency (both bands mutual U.S. agents) to consider taking Motorhead as their iSpecial Guestsi on their forthcoming tour. In an effort to give their fans value for their money W.A.S.P. agreed.

*Motorhead accepted the iSpecial Guesti slot and requested that W.A.S.P. give them co-headlining billing. W.A.S.P. granted the request out of respect to Motorhead and their achievements in Heavy Metal history. At the same time it was made clear that the tour was controlled by W.A.S.P. and all decisions relating to it would be W.A.S.P.is alone. This was agreed by both bandis management and it was understood that this was a condition of the tour taking place.

*Throughout the weeks leading up to the tour Motorheadsis management made it very clear that they were having financial difficulties in general and these were compounded by problems they were having making their budgets work. Subsequent to this and following a commitment by W.A.S.P. to pay some of their costs (for a monitor system W.A.S.P. did not need) Motorhead decided to proceed.

*The first few days of the tour were a logistical nightmare as is the case for most tours. This was compounded by a general bad attitude on the part of key members of Motorhead who were obviously not happy to be on the road again particularly in light of the commercial failure of their recent album.

*The night before the New York show Motorhead were thrown off the tour as a result of their unprofessionalism, being abusive to crew members and general inebriated state which made it very difficult to deal with them and put on a good show for the fans.

*The day of the New York show a conference call took place between the bandis respective managements and agent where Motorhead asked to be allowed back onto the tour. Once again in an effort to give the fans the show they were promised W.A.S.P. relented after an undertaking from Motorheadis management that they would be professional and straighten themselves up. Further to this it was also a condition that Lemmy would personally apologize to those crew members shared by both bands that he had been abusive to or lose their services. Lemmy of course being the big man that he is couldnit bring himself to apologize. Those crew members continued to work for W.A.S.P. and Lemmy was forced to put himself deeper into debut by hiring additional crew members for Motorhead purely because he couldnit act professionally.

*The week following the New York date and conference call went off smoothly with only minor glitches and a mutual respect rebuilding between both parties.

*Just as it seemed that things were going to work out and that Metal fans were going to continue seeing the best package of the summer Motorhead called in with the news that they had to pull off the tour after the Chicago date. If they pulled out at the time they stated that they would lose $40,000; if they continued to the end of the tour their loss would have been even greater. This example of poor planning on Motorheadis part not only robs the fans of the show they were promised but is completely indicative of their complete lack of professionalism.

*Following Motorheadis decision to pull out W.A.S.P. elected to cancel the next five shows as the fans in those cities were not going to see the package they bought tickets for and there wasnit sufficient time to advertise the correct package. The last three shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Santa Ana took place with the public fully aware that they were going to a
show that did not include Motorhead. Motorheadis insinuations to the contrary are libelous and a fabrication.

*Motorhead are complete amateurs who after twenty years still canit plan a tour properly and professionally and are fabricating stories to excuse themselves for not giving Metal fans the show they were promised.

*Blackie Lawless said iItis the fans that are losing out and them we feel sorry for. Weill never allow Motorhead on one of our shows again.i

*If Blackie Lawless is Mike Tyson as Motorhead state in their press release then Lemmy must be Frank Bruno as when it came time for fisticuffs Lemmy crossed himself ten times said his Hail Maryis and ran the 100 yard dash faster than Donovan Daily. Blackie Lawless said iBeating up on Lemmy would be like beating your grandfather. In hindsight Iim just glad he had the foresight to run. I come from the school that says donit kick a dog when heis down and let me tell you heis down and beaten.i

*W.A.S.P. are planning a live album for release in 1988 which was recorded on their final dates of the U.S. tour and from their Japanese tour in September.

Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 21:54:00
From: "Goran Pettersson" - goran.pettersson@mbox301.swipnet.se
Subject: os: t-shirt?


Great to see there's finally an M-head list. Can someone please tell me where I can send for the classic Motorhead England t-shirt? I've had this last one for some six or seven years and it's beginning to fall apart. Can't seem to find a place who sell them t-shirts here in Sweden. Is there a mailorder company somewhere?


Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 23:55:17
From: ktulu@cs.mcgill.ca
Subject: os: motorhead tab page

'Ello lads,

As you may or may not know, there is a website on the net entirely dedicated to Motorhead tablature (guitar and bass). We have almost 100 tabs, so if you're a player visit Catch My Smoke - The Motorhead Tab Page http://www.cs.mcgill.ca/~ktulu


Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 22:58:42
From: "tim shockley" - ellentim@megsinet.net
Subject: os: motorhead set list

Hello again, MHB's! Forgot to mention Motorhead's set list from Chicago's
Vic Theatre, June 27,1997.

"Iron Fist", "Stay Clean", "Over Your Shoulder", "Metropolis", "Civil War", "I'm So Bad", "The Chase Is Better", "No Class" (which Lemmy dedicated to guitarist Phil Campbell!), "Overnight Sensation", "Sacrifice", "Orgasmatron", "(We Are) The Road Crew", "Going To Brazil" (which Lemmy dedicated to my wife and I! Thanks, Lemmy!!!), "Killed By Death", "Bomber".
Encore "Ace of Spades" & "Overkill".

This was the last show of the second leg of the North American tour. As you know by now all remaining dates were cancelled due to the atrocities committed by ageing has-beens WASP. It was also near where the Overnight Sensation Tour began almost exactly eight months ago! Til next time... Stay Clean and CHEERS! Tim Shockley MHB672(H)

Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 17:19:08
From: "Nigel Wells" - Nigel@wellsworld.demon.co.uk
Subject: os: overnight sensation issue #2


good to see you've started this service. Motorhead really smashed the place up at the Astoria in London earlier this year. They have got a bigger following than ever in the UK and I am glad to see that they will return for a few dates in October. If they had not been prepared to do a few more dates in the UK then they would have lost a lot of respect. However, for those people who go to see bands such as Sepultura, Fear Factory and Machine Head they are still completely shocked by the shear ferocity of a Motorhead gig. They should not play the astoria again as it was too small and loads of people didn't get to see the show. The best venue in London is the Forum in North London .. which they have played at on a few occasions.

Keep that Motorhead news coming.


'we live within this charnel house'

Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 00:20:58
From: "tim shockley" - ellentim@megsinet.net
Subject: os: faq

Question for Lemmy- What the hell does it say on the long-sleeved Overnight Sensation shirts? And what language is it??? Thanks. Tim Shockley MHB672(H)

{Editor's Note: If you really want Lemmy to answer this, enter it through the web site on the LEMMY SPEAKS section}

Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 11:51:12
From: "Marie Hardy" - prplmary@maine.rr.com
Subject: os: i love motorhead!!!

Greetings fellow Motorheadbangers!!!!!

Hi. My name is Marie and basically...I love Lemmy and Motorhead!!! I am a 45 y/o mom living in the wilds of Maine with a home full of metalheads and my 7 cats. I haven't been a fan for long, only since I found Lem's remarkable wit and wisdom on the pages called Motormouth in RIP Magazine...(which appears to have evaporated from at least this state's shelves).

I had the privilage of seeing Motorhead up close in the Hampton Beach Casino with Tiamat and Black Sabbath and it was the most exciting experience of my lifetime...phew!!!! The sexiest man alive without a doubt, Lem Kilmister!

My favorite Motorhead CD? hmmm, can't do it, but I do have favorites off each CD...I Don't Believe A Word and Overnight Sensation off OS.

I am wondering if anyone out there remembers seeing on VH-1 (or possibly eMpTV) a show called "No Turn Left Unstoned" with Lem and Chrissie Hynde????? Been looking for this for what seems like forever, starting to think it was just an acid flashback or something...or a flash forward LOL.

If anyone has any info about this I would love to hear from you...as I said, I haven't bee a fan of Motorhead for very many years and I have no memorabelia to trade, but I would love some information on this. :-)

I am so excited to have the Motorhead mailing list.

THANKS ACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 21:22:51
From: "Oscar Garcia Verastegui" - trashboy@amauta.rcp.net.pe
Subject: os: the southamerican tour

Does anyone knows when the band is goin to play in southamerica?.Does anyone has guitar tab sheet from the band and from Eric JOhnson,Tesla,Steve Vai and Van Halen?.

Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 23:05:56
From: GSim1@aol.com
Subject: re: os: motorhead/wasp in pittsburgh

June 15, 1997 was D-day for the Metropol in Pittsburgh as Motorhead kicked our collective asses. Ironically, the facility suffered fire damage the week following the show. Needless to say, Motorhead was the true highlight.

Yet, word must be said of W.A.S.P. The first half of their show was not bad as they played many of the songs from their "Best of" album. From there, it got totally bizarre. The show ended with the beheading of a fake pig and flying feathers amidst strobe lights. When the lights came on with no encore (I wonder why), the remaining crowd stood around with a collective "what the hell was that all about?" attitude.

That is why Motorhead is better off without Blackie. No nonsense rock and roll.


Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 08:49:39
From: MTLDREAMS@aol.com
Subject: os: metal dreams magazine's lemmy interview & os review


This is a great idea!!!! Motorhead is one of the few bands that doesn't jump on any current musical bandwagon. I saw them 3 times on the OS TOUR. I just wanted to let all your readers know that I conducted an interview with Lemmy not too long ago (but before the whole WASP thing!) for my magazine, Metal Dreams. We also gave OVERNIGHT SENSATION a 5 out of 5 on our Battle-Axe Review Rating Scale!!! Every Motorhead Fan should have this album!!!! If anyone has interest in getting a copy of Metal Dreams Magazine please e-mail us at MTLDREAMS@aol.com. The interview is very cool and the in depth review of OS will definitely sell you on the album!

Chris Dugan, Editor
Metal Dreams Magazine
E-mail (MTLDREAMS@aol.com)

Date: Wed, 16 Jul 97 09:03:00
From: "Karl Turner" - KARL@msmail.emi.com
Subject: os : my first (and most memeorable) motorhead experience

Greetings All !!

My name is Karl Turner, and I've been a Motorhead fan for about 10 years now. My late induction to the ranks was simply because of lack of hearing the band on radio or MTV. Being a metal fan and having heard maybe 10 of their songs, I went to their concert at the Lost Horizon here in Syracuse, N.Y. back in December '88. I brought a magazine with me (in case I could
get an autograph) and sure enough, there was LEMMY sitting at the bar (surrounded, of course). He was happy to sign the magazine, and even asked respectfully if he could read the MH interview. I was happy to oblige.

I then went across the street to the used CD store (showtime was still about 5 hours away), and there was Philthy Animal going through CD's. He was happy to sign the aforementioned magazine.

Later I went back to the club, and Lemmy, Philthy & Phil Campbell were in a booth doing an interview. Word was that Wurzel was on the bus sleeping. Anyway, the man conducting the interview had a press kit, complete with glossies (promotional photos of the band), which all 3 present happily signed.

I got 1 for me and 1 for my brother, who sadly missed the show because he had to work. Mine hangs framed in the spare room of my apt. to this day. I gave the magazine to a friend. Lemmy then went to the bar for a round of drinks. He brought the interviewer a Corona, only to be informed that he didn't drink ! So Lemmy gave it to me. I have since then only drank about 2 Coronas since I wanted the memory to be special.

The show kicked a**, which I saw from the front row. I saw them again in Auguse '91, again in the front row. Last year their show here got cancelled due to a bad snowstorm.

Please pardon the long post, but I love telling the story, especially since I know so few MH fans.

Thanks & God Bless !!

Karl Turner (kjturner@intermedia.com)

Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 14:14:58
From: "william rowan" - wrowan@inst-sun1.jpl.nasa.gov
Subject: re: os

Hey Motorheadbangers,
I remember when Ace of Spades came out (on vinyl) thinking this is the fastest metal I've ever heard,then when I saw them live that same year I thought Lemmy sang and looked like a pirate. I got my picture takin with Lemmy and Fast Eddie after their opening set. They were walking around but nobody knew who they were or didn't care.I remember some people were booing and Lemmy yells,"What do you listen to here,the fucking Eagles?" The headliner for this gig was The Blizzard of Ozz w/ Randy Rhoads.

Another memoriable gig was on their 10th anniversary tour in Detroit. I also met Lemmy and Joey Ramone at the Cathouse in Hollyweird in about 91. I've seen'em about 10 times and they never disappoint. I'd like to find out where Lemmy's apt.is and just sit around talking about war and whatever is on his mind.I think 1916 is one of the great songs of all time, like Imagine and Stairway to Heaven,etc.My fav cd is Another Perfect Day. Who can out drink who Lemmy or Robbo Robertson? Well thats it for now gotta go rock, BILL

Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 20:12:11
Subject: os: subscribe

From: "satan b zelbub" - dayth@juno.com

I AM A Motorheadbanger. i want any and all things on Motorhead you can give me. all past and future stuff. i will be a vocal participant. Motorhead\Dio was the first concert i ever attended and i have been personally aknowledged (blessed?) by The Most High Lemmy. twice. i have sent this on to many other motorheadbangers in the area and i have a feeling they will all subscribe.
you guys are so cool for putting this together for the metal community.


Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 11:50:07
From: "Christopher Adrian Anderson" - caanders@acs.ucalgary.ca
Subject: subscribe to motorhead mailing list

I just received the e-mail about the Motorhead mailing list, and shit yeah, I am interested. Put me on the subscribers list ASAP. Thanks
Chris Nelson
P.S Is the nasty rumor true that Motorhead is doing one more album then calling it quits?

Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 21:22:15
From: "Fred Rogers" - rogerscf@execpc.com
Subject: o.s best motorhead lineup

I've been looking forward to something like this ever since I've been on line, a chance to see what kind of fans the band has. so Ive been a fan going on eleven years now and theres not a non kick ass line up my favorites got to be when mickey deejoined and before wurzel left,a close second would be the same line-up with phil taylor,I coundn't tell that he was screwing up.anyway I'm sure there are plenty of people who disagree, I can't wait to see why

deaf as allways fred


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