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Issue #29 - April 26, 1998

OS: Ozzfest
OS: Mentos commercial on crack
OS: New MOTO cassette!!!!!!!!
OS: New MH items for sale
OS: oslo stuff...
OS: Re: Young Ones
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #28
OS as if!
OS: Re: Keyboards on Take the Blame
OS: Eat the Rich
OS: Lemmy in the Movies
OS: RE: Overnight Sensation Issue #28
OS: Request!
OS: The Reverend on WARPED OZZFEST
OS: SBL Review
OS: SBL what else?
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #28
OS: from sweden
OS: motorhead tour dates wrong
OS: Web site additions and a few more issues


Date: April 26, 1998
From: ace@nextlevel.com
Subject: os: ozzfest

Hello Again!

Well, it's official. Motorhead is on the Ozzfest. So far I have only seen dates in the eastern part of the US... I hope they get over to my side of terra firma.

As far as the tribute goes... I PROMISE to have it up before the end of May.

The Rockline show is up... tell me what you think!

Good news... as of this issue, our ranks have swelled to over 800 hard core Motorheadbangers!! Long live Motorhead!

Ace Trump
Taking you to the NEXT LEVEL

Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 12:43:10
From: Max Headroom - shluzas@hempseed.com
Subject: os: mentos commercial on crack

Right, Lemmy didn't respond to my cool idea for a Mentos commercial, so all of YOU have to read it! Ahahahaha!
Starts off with that annoying "do do do do do do do aaa!" that all Mentos ads start with. Then it shows Lemmy a-walkin' down the street. He gets up to the liquor store just as the guy inside locks the door. Lemmy makes faces and gestures indicating "Lemmy in, asshole!" The guy makes faces and gestures indicating "I can't! The stores closed. Nothing I can do about it." So Lemmy pops a Mentos and punches through the store-front window, walks in, picks up a vat of Jack Daniels and walks out. The store-guy is doing that 45 degree head shakey thing. Lemmy spins around holding up the Mentos, drops the vat, and starts "shouting and hitting things".
And that's the commercial. I think that commercial would kick a hell of a lot of ass. If you can tell me where the "shouting and hitting things" comes from, you get nothing, except maybe a "good job"...MAYBE.

And that little boy who nobody like grew up to be..... Roy Cohn. And now you know the rest of the story.

Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 12:17:01
From: Paul - motofuzz@rocketmail.com
Subject: new moto cassette!!!!!!!!

Hi folks!

Got a new MOTO cassette for sale! It's called TERRAMOTO!, and it's got songs!!!! At least 20, at least!
If you want one please send $4 (checks payable to Paul Caporino) to the address below! Please include a little more if you're outside the U.S.A. or just plain generous, or both.
The new CD should be out before the year is over! Fear not!


Paul! :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul Caporino
Box 578912
Chicago IL 60657 U.S.A.
- Motofuzz@rocketmail.com

Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 14:47:41
From: thesonics - thesonics@earthlink.net
Subject: new mh items for sale

hi Guys: I got ibn a few new MH items that are up for sale.
mail me privately for list.
for a cool SBL review hit my site!

The Sonics All Music Site. Editor: Jay Siekierski
>Reviews, Interviews, Contests & The collectors Exchange.
>Interviews Posted: Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones), Dave Davies (Kinks),
>Don Brewer (Grand Funk, Carlos Santana, Al Stewart, John Mayall,
>Justin Hayward (Moody Blues)THE DOORS >CD CONTEST IS UP!

Date: Sun, 12 Apr 98 23:52:10
From: zwentzen - gud@fiskaren.no
Subject: OS: oslo stuff...

>Tell me... Are Motorhead gonna play in Oslo? When?? hopefully soon... ;) ...and maybe bergen too - as last year..? And >where can I buy Motorhead on vedeo? if you're in oslo, why not try acer's mic? i think they've got a few vids there....or you can order from there. last time i visited oslo i found there 'the best of...' - a re-release of the original 1981(?) 'live' promo video....

- ketil@fiskaren.no

Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 00:32:27
From: "Carl Edlund Anderson" cea20@cus.cam.ac.uk
Subject: os: re: young ones

On Tue, 31 Mar 1998 Ian Fuller - ian.fuller@gecm.com wrote:
>You asked about Lemmy apperaing in a TV show called Eat the
>Rich with the young ones. There are two things getting
>mixed here:
>1./ Motorhead played on The Young Ones TV show in May of 1984,
the episode was the university challenge one called
>'Bambi' you can order the videos off the BBC, check out their website for details.

As an aside, I believe "Bambi" is the US title. In the UK, I believe the same episode is simply entitled "University Challenge" (after the quiz show).

>2./ Lemmy ( & cameo's from the rest of the boys) appeared in the film
>'Eat The Rich'. This was released in 1988 (If my memory is still OK).
>It was produced by Iron Fist & Peter Richardson. It starrred a lot of
>the same people who appeared in
>the Young Ones. (Hence the confusion)

Peter Richardson along with Ade Edmondson, Ric Mayall, and Nigel Planer (all of whom appeared in _Eat the Rich_ made up the male contingent of the old Channel 4 Comic Strip crew (Jen Saunders and Dawn French being the female contingent). One of their better known productions was "Bad News" and "More Bad News", and Lemmy (& Philthy) appeared very briefly on the latter. Motorhead posters and album sleeves appear randomly in the backgrounds on the show (along with items from other heavy rock bands of the time).

There is, incidentally, a web page for Bad News:


Carl Edlund Anderson
Dept. of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, & Celtic
St. John's College, University of Cambridge
- cea20@cus.cam.ac.uk

Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 00:49:03
From: "David Dylan" nobeard@xs4all.nl
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #28

Hi Y'all,

>Wendy O. Williams, lead singer of The Plasmatics, died Monday
>of a self inflicted gun shot wound to the head. She was >only 48

And some litle fuck posted pictures of her throughout child-porn newsgroups the very same day. If I get my hands on the bastard.... it won't be nice.

>My deepest condolences to all of Wendy's friends and family.

Same here.

>**Editor: My feeling is that Overnight Sensation should remain the name
>as a milestone marker of when we first all came together.
>But, this is not just my list, it is all of ours. What are your

I agree with you, the name is cool, keep it.

>Anarchy love & flowers

What we have here, gentlemen, is a genuine hippy! ;))

>P.S. Someone should make another mailing list about the mailing list word wrapping problem!

I recently switched to Win95 (don't start, I KNOW!!!) and guess what, I'm getting it also... as for a solution.... beats me.

> Greetings from Holland,
> Ice Thijs

(Wizard of) Ice won't like you taking his name in vain! Good thing he aint on this list buddy! ;))

By the way, I'm also a great New Model Army fan, and I recently got their latest 'Strange Brotherhood' , it ain't hard-rock, but I heard some songs that could have been performed by Lemmy, like 'Whites of their eyes' "raised in the fields in the back of beyond, I was holed into the position of prodigal son, I was not abel, I was cain, the kind you find a use for every now and again...//..You want to know one thing I advise? Shoot when you see the whites of their

-Justin Sullivan / New Model Army-

Tell me, am I right or am I right?

David Dylan;
Student Multi-Media design.
http://www.xs4all.nl/~nobeard | TRIBE MAGAZINE PAGE
Famous last words of the day:
fhh-'It's GUARANTEED against breakage!'

Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 20:48:12 (CDT)
From: goposta2@ix.netcom.com
Subject: os as if!

I am intensely grateful for this mailing! I am in a band called American Hate in Wisconsin (states!) and me (Bill) and Tom (guitar) are intense Motorhead fans. I will be adding my two cents in here as much as I can. Like Lemmy says.... "I just want the website I want, every fuckin night".

Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 18:52:09
From: "BL Young" blyoung@hotmail.com
Subject: os: re: keyboards on take the blame

>=46rom: supertzar@webtv.net
>Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 19:24:18
>Subject: OS: Keys on "Take The Blame"
>Who plays keyboards on "Take The Blame"?It's not listed in the credits.

I also wondered this for awhile, but on CMC international's website (http://www.cmcinternational.com), if you click on the Motorhead album, it has a little blurb on each song (written by Lemmy?) and it says that Howard Benson played the organ on the "Take the Blame" track.

I know he's produced a few Motorhead albums now, but where did he come from? What else has he done?
Also, anybody with any info on Paul Cobbold? I know of at least one Motorhead album he's produced, but he's also done the last 3 or 4 Hawkwind albums.
Getting way off topic some more, I know of at least three times when Motorhead and Hawkwind were signed to the same label. (United Artists - but they held back "On Parole", Bronze, and finally GWR.) If Hawkwind's Emergency Broadcast System label is about to be sold (hence I'm figuring EBS's future may be in doubt), is there any chance that CMC might sign Hawkwind to get them on the same label once more? They do have Blue Oyster Cult right now, so it's not impossible. (I don't know too much about EBS, but the BOC-Hawkwind mailing list has been discussing it lately.)

Thanks for the bandwidth,

Bryan Young CANADA blyoung AT bigfoot DOT com "Twenty minutes
-------------------------------------------------------- goes by really
http://www.geocities.com/Area51/7118 SF Reading Club fast when you're
http://www.geocities.com/Area51/6568 Hawkwind on a breakaway."
http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Track/6878 IFHL-FLA ~Lonny Bohonos

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Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 23:40:13
From: JD Shields - lemmy@bconnex.net
Subject: os: eat the rich

Hey everyone. Just reading the last issue of OS, and someone was inquiring about the movie 'Eat the Rich'.

I happened to pick up a copy of the movie at a local video store, and convinced the owner to let me buy it (a measly $5 Canadian). For anyone who has had problems locating it, I would be happy to send you a copy for the cost of postage and the blank tape (I'd do it for free, but alas, I am not a rich man!).

Keep in mind, this is a North American VHS video tape. I have purchased videos in the UK, and got them home to find out that they are on a separate format, so I can't guarantee that it will work if you are in the UK.

Feel free to send me an e-mail and we will see what we can swing.

My addy: lemmy@bconnex.net


Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 07:45:02
From: mstow@ica.net
Subject: os: lemmy in the movies

I can't remember the title of the movie, but it was a "porn" flick in which the story line was the woeful tale of the infamous John BOBBITT. Lemmy plays a guy walking along the road when all of a sudden comes upon Bobbitt's severed member by the road. Lemmy makes some comment on how the object "Looks like a dick", then "It is a dick". He promptly leaves the area after his discovery. It was hilarious but I can't remember the name of the movie or when it was done? Any help out there.
Mike Stowell
Toronto, Canada.

Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 08:12:52
From: RHeath - RHEATH@saharanet.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #28

Hey - I happen to be almost as big an Ice T fan as a Motorhead fan! (Well, ok, maybe not QUITE that much...) and I'd love to hear what this collaboration sounds like! Where did you hear this? Is it on an Ice T album? Fill me in!

Don't get me wrong - I'm not a rap fan. I just happen to like the Ice - his gangsta rap is cool and hard! I hope folks on this list aren't closed-minded enough to shut it out just because it isn't metal, or because they didn't like Run DMC or Cooliio or some other lame-o rapper they saw on MTV. Ice's music is NOT MTV material. It is closer to MH in spirit than you think.

I, for one, am interested to see that Lemmy is so broad-minded and (at his age!) willing to try new things and experiment! I may not like the result, but it's pretty cool to see Lemmy showing a lot of depth like this. Either that, or he just did it for a good laugh! In either case, I like it! Hope I can say the same for the music if I ever get to hear it.

The only band I like better than MH is the Ramones - and I do have to admit, I did not like the "I Wanna Be Sedated" dance remix.

-- Randy

> Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 17:27:30
> Subject: os: some crap.... eeeeeeeee!

> In other, less obsessed news, I was unfortunate enough to
>hear some of that Born to Raise Hell thing Lemmy did with Ice-T
>and some other nitwit. Two words: Lemmy rapping. It's one of the
>worst things I've ever heard. It's a full sonic attack. All you
>can do upon having your ear canals desecrated with this atrocity is scream
>"Aie!" and run away. I wish I could think of more
>words to describe it that weren't so vulgar you'd piss yourself, but I can't.
>Don't buy it. Don't listen to it. It's best not even to
>look at it. It's the worst song I've ever heard that has Lemmy in it,
>even worse than that techno Ace of Spades mix. Alls I
>can say is "Good God!"

**Editor: The track is on the Airheads soundtrack. I like Ice as well. I have had the opportunity to meet him on a couple of occasions... very cool guy!

Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 22:07:56
From: Vit.Drga@vuw.ac.nz
Subject: os: motorheadbangers world

In OS #28, Chris Sage (MHB 1157) put in a mention about Motorheadbangers World, the Motorhead fanclub which is run by Alan Burridge. I just want to back up what he said: it's an EXCELLENT fan club. In the mags, you get snippets (like on OS, though not quite in semi-real time), pix which MHBs have taken from gigs and so on, and words from the men themselves you probably wouldn't get to read otherwise. Plus every now and then, there's something extra special: the highlights for me were the fanclub flexi-disc, the Bastards print from Joe Petagno hisself, and particularly the T-shirt. [These aren't all freebies, but you get the offer through the club.] Most recently, Alan's talking about doing another T-shirt, IF there's enough interest, and there should be.

Alan puts a LOT of work into the fanclub, just like Ace does with this mailing list. Without the few like them, the many like us would just about only catch up with the band from the album sleeves. So support them. [Aside: OS and MHB World complement each other pretty well, I think.]

Out to lunch,
Vitus McD (MHB 452)


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 15:13:07 (CEST)
From: Francisco Manuel Lorenzo Diaz - lorenzo@hercules.uca.es
Subject: os: request!

Just met OS, Whant someone to tell me how i could get one video or tape about one concert of motorhead: june - 1995 on CADIZ (SPAIN) thanks,

Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 10:00:12
From: Aaron Caswell - aaron.c.caswell@uwrf.edu
Subject: os: the reverend on warped ozzfest

Howdy Ace

The Reverend Horton Heat performed last night at 1st Ave in Minneapolis and I had the opportunity to speak with the guys
afterwards. They are very cool, all three intoduced themselves formally, shook hands, signed autographs and just plain ol' shot the shit with everyone. Not suprisingly, they are Motorhead fans. "I'd love to be down front for Motorhead," said bass player, Jimbo Wallace. "I wanna see Ozzy too."
Jimbo, Scott Churilla (drums) and the one, the only Jim "Reverend Horton" Heat (guitar/vox) are going to part of the huge Ozzfest gets Warped show on July 18 in Somerset, Wisconsin along with Motorhead.
"I'd ahte to play the same time as Motorhead," said Churilla. "I hope they play R-A-M-O-N-E-S."
So look for the guys from the Reverend Horton Heat in the Ozzfest second stage pit.
"I'll look for ya down front," said Churilla.

Aaron C

Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 17:52:36
From: "Edward Reif, Proprietor" ereif@telplus.net
Subject: os: motorhead's keep us on the road-live cd

I just got motorheads keep us on the road-live import CD from Germany. I was wondering if ace or anyone else knows the date this CD was recorded. The CD booklet has no info on where or when it was recorded. All the songs are from the first motorhead albums(on parole,motorhead). The CD is raw and kicks ass.
The new snake bite love CD is great.

Chris R.

Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 19:16:16 (CEST)
From: lorenzo@heliogabalo.uca.es (Francisco Manuel Lorenzo DIaz)
Subject: os

Think i've written you already, anyway i write you to get in to your club, i dont understand how it works well, but i supose it will be easy. Some request for you:

Why Lemmy usually only lets to come into backstage women, so if i am a man i ont never meet him, dawn!

Why we have to accept that motorhead was the "big band" on a gig that will be on 1 april 1998 in madrid (i will be ther), but then offspring and pennywisse got into the gig to, and now they are the big bands, so they will play for two hours each one, and motorhead only play 45 ', fuck them...

Thanks for your support... see you...

Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 22:36:20 -0000
From: "Tim Shockley" ellentim@megsinet.net
Subject: os: sbl review

Greetings, fellow MHB's! If yer interested, my review of Snake Bite Love is at http://www.subculturemagazine.com Hell, even if you're not interested, check it out! Also, anyone have Rockline w/Lemmy on tape for sale or trade? Finally, anyone have any idea how long a set Motorhead will get when there's 12 other bands that SUCK on Ozzfest? Travel 100 miles for a 40 minute set? Most likely! Thanks! Tim Shockley MHB672(H)

Subject: os: sbl what else?

Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 13:39:37 (DFT)
From: "Daniel Gaunt" gaunt@pomerol.cribx1.u-bordeaux.fr

Well I finally got round to buying it, after winning 500 francs and I must say it gets better every time I listen to it, it was already exellent the first time! I'm talking about SBL for anyone who haven't realized! I'd already heard it a couple of times in the store(FNAC) I didn't buy it from(I bought it from virgin):) I spoke to soon in an earlier message in fact only Phil dedicates his playing to diana, and Lemmy wrote Dead and Gone forallhis friends and stuff who didn't make it, not just Diana, but it's obvious she influenced the song. It's starting to become my favorite for some reason... It's so full of emotion. I hope the play it on their tour( it's not the type of song they usuelly do play)just to see the effects on the crowd. This album is definatly my favorite, and about trying to link each of it's songs to an earlier album -for god sake- I'll tell you which album all the songs belong to:SNAKE BITE LOVE. THAT REMINDS me, I tried to put the albums in my order of prefference the other day, I got as far as the best and the worst(SNB and Bomber) but no farther!
Oh well,
Daniel the super-saiyan

Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 13:02:27
From: Bart - homer@snpp.demon.co.uk
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #28

-Ace O Trump - ace@nextlevel.com wrote about
>**Editor: Love to hear a report! Also, the latest word
>I have is that Motorhead is on the OzzFest...
Will they be appearing at the UK Ozzfest ?


Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 20:33:19
From: "Par Wallin" per.wallin@borlange.mail.telia.com
Subject: from sweden

I have bought the new album snake bite love . We are listening and drink a lots of beer and have a really good time. And the new album sounds pretty good. Back to the roots. Bye from Sweden, Par and Jimi. Have nice weekend per.wallin@borlange.mail.telia.com

Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 16:42:46
From: "Dan Sonesson" sonesson@algonet.se
Subject: motorhead tour dates wrong

I'm not shure that you are the one to talk to, but I discovered that one if your tour dates seems to be wrong. The 6th of june is supposed to be Karlshamn Rock Festival in Sweden! Well, hope you can fix that.
Thanks in advance
Dan Sonesson/Webmaster Karlshamn Rock Festival

Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 04:05:56
From: "Stuart Fleming"

I know your probably sick of people asking where motorhead are touring and they only tell you dates when their confirmed but I just wanted to know if Australia has ever been thought of for the new tour.

Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 17:40:34
From: Sarmad Sheikh - sarmadsheikh@compuserve.com
Subject: os: web site additions and a few more issues

Just a quick note to let you all know that two new sections have been added to my web site on http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/8273/http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/8273/motorhead.html

"Strange But True: A-Z of Weird Motorhead Trivia" section is up at last. A FAQ that focuses on the unusual facts rather than the usual facts you find on normal info files about the band. This section will be updated constantly as more strange facts are found. And check out the Lemmy animation I've made for that section (give anough time to let it load!).

"Special Guest: Skew Siskin". if you haven't heard about these heavy rockers from Berlin, then check them out! They're supporting Motorhead in Germany in May. As with bands like Girlschool and The Plasmatics, Lemmy has collaborated with them in the past, writing and recording songs together. This new section includes articles, photos and sample tracks including one with Lemmy himself as guest vocalist!

And before I sign off, a few more tit bits:

Where does Motorhead get their name from? Well the big man hiself hath at last spoken when Iasked him via "Lemmy Speaks" on the Official Motorhead website. He says it's American slang for speed-freak, but we're not talking speed as in amphetamine as many people have been misinterpreting. It's speed as in fast cars, etc.

Snake Bite Love: Best track for me has to be "Joy Of Labour". I just can't get it out from my head! And the fast paced last two songs give an excellent climax to the album.

By the way Ace, what happened about your phone interview with Lemmy that you were going to put on your site? Last we heard about it was last year (I think) when you said it was in the labs for processing.

Take care!
Sarmad Sheikh

The "Motorhead: No Sleep 'Til My Ears Bleed!" Web Site:

Editor: I'll try to put it up this week... so much Motorhead, so little time! :-)


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