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Issue #23 - January 17, 1998

OS: Snake Bite Love
OS: New Album
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #22
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #22
OS: American tour dates??
OS: Bollocks and bollocks again...
OS: Lemmy's line in Airheads
OS: comix
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #22
OS: Re: Tribute Titles
OS: G+g+g
OS: Arhhh!
OS: os, I think?
OS: The chase is better than the catch....
OS: Essential reading
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #22
OS: Overnight Sensation
OS: ages, nicknames and sheepshaggers


Date: January 17, 1998
From: ace@nextlevel.com
Subject: os: snake bite love

Hello All!

SNAKE BITE LOVE... that is the name that they have finally settled on for the new album. I preferred Assassins, or even Damage A Trois (the name it was originally delivered to the record label under). Many of you would have gotten my emergency post on the details of the new album. Alas, even your faithful editor is not immune from errors. In my haste to get you the info, I mentioned that Motorhead would be playing with Judas Priest on Feb 30... obviously not possible. The actual date is March 1st at the Universal Amphitheater in Universal City, CA. It is sure to be a show that will go down in history!

In any case here is the details I know...

Motorhead has delivered the new album to CMC. The final title they seem to have settled on is SNAKE BITE LOVE. It was going to be called Damage a Trois, but no one seemed to get it! :-(

The album is absolutely fantastic! It is definitely one of the best produced Motorhead albums ever. Lots of multi-tracked Lemmy vocals so he harmonizes with himself. Phil's guitars are right out front where they should be. The style of the album is exactly what I had hoped for. Good old rock and roll sped up a notch to make it Motorhead. There is even a song with a keyboard solo in it! The first track on the list is Love For Sale. I believe the album is released in North America on March 24. I do not currently have any info on European release dates.


The entries have begun arriving. So far, I have the following tapes in my possession:

Decayed Remains Iron Fist Canada
Raw Deal No Voices In The Sky Finland
Notorious Grumble Metropolis USA

I sent out ballots for voting on the name for this project last week. Thanks to the hundreds of you that have already responded. I will tell you that the race is VERY close between about four entries, so those of you that have not yet voted, it is definitely worth it... you could make the difference.


The initial response to FAQ volunteers has been great! For those of you that missed it last issue, here is a recap... We really need to create a comprehensive FAQ for Motorhead. If you would like to be part of the research/compilation team, e-mail me a note to ace@nextlevel.com with the subject being "OS: FAQ-I Can Help!". Thanks in advance! Those of you that have already responded, thanks! As soon as things slow down a bit on my end, I will send out the first organizational post. Thanks for your patience.

Until next issue!

Ace Trump
Taking you to the NEXT LEVEL

Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 12:05:30 EST
Subject: re: o.s: new album

Greetings Ace,
I was wondering if O.S. subscribers get to get their hands on the new album before it hits the stores. Not to many of the stores that sell music around here where I live have never even heard of MOTORHEAD let alone stock it.

Keep up the fine work!
"The Rube"

**Editor: I do not know if it is possible, but I will ask!

Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 17:16:29
From: "Nobeard" nobeard@xs4all.nl
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #22

The subject was Overnight Sensation Issue #22 but Ace O Trump wrote:


> ** Editor: The new album is scheduled for release on March 24 from
> CMC International. All reports say that it kicks >MAJOR ass!
> It is tentitavel called ASSASSINS.

I'm editor of Tribe Magazine, is there a chance of me getting my hands on the thing in time for a pre-release review? Or just a 'shortly after release in the USA' review? (Which is the same thing if you're in europe.)

**Editor: Your best bet here is to contact CMC Records directly.
> Try mroper@bmg.com and explain your situation and that I sent you.
> Who knows, they may accomidate you.
> Hi, it's Daniel the super-saiyan again... Its a pity we don't seem
> to be getting much reply from all the girl fans out there! I
>know you're out there! so get writing-and if you're top tottie
> then you can write to me personally!; by the way does Lemmy
>read this mailing list,Ace? and if not why not... have fun...

YES! I agree... I've been single way too long (I've also been non-single way too long, feel like all I haven't been is LP) any nice Motorhead-fan girls out there, in the Amsterdam area..... I'm not desperate, but did I tell you how great I am in bed? Age groups: 18 to 25 around 25 anyway, under 18... only if it's no more than a few days! Hahaaaaa, can you tell I'm a bit silly today?

> **Editor: First off, you should know that Lemmy does not
> own a computer, nor is he likely to in the near future.

Why? Ask him! Computers are cool! (xept the ones I work with, those are shitty machines, even the Silicons, by default.)

> Q: If God and Lemmy got into a wrestling match, who would win?
Lemmy, he's got a few scores to settle methinks.
> A: Trick question! Lemmy IS God!
I'm not Lemmy.

][ http://www.xs4all.nl/~nobeard ][ TRIBE MAGAZINE
Magazine for the Tribal lifestyle. (RPG/Music/Etc.)
Famous last words of the day;jei-'I attempt to disbelieve'

Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 17:16:30
From: "Nobeard" nobeard@xs4all.nl
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #22

That tribute CD thing is great, but you know what I'd *really* like to see? Well, gonna tell ya anyway...

A Motorhead CD-ROM multi-media production! With history, music, pic's, flics, 3D animations of lemmy doing unspeakable things,etc. One clip that would HAVE to be in there is the interview he does where he says 'This is the first ever interview I did speaking into a Hamster' , also because he goes on to give his view of kids listening to music and then blowing their brains (??) out.

A common CD could contain up to 650 megs of data, which translates to (using latest MP3 tech) several full-length music CD's + more film one can eat.

Personally I think
1 thrd: unreleased (live) recording (With maching picts)
1 thrd: released (live) recording (also)
1 thrd: other media, pictures, interview fragments, text, etc.

Imagine a Motorhead encyclopedia that you don't just read, but while you read it, relevant film and/or sound plays! (A CD-rom can easilly be made useable on both the Mac and IBM platform, in my school we do it all the time and if you really want, it's possible to put the music on the CD in regular CD format as well, but it eats more space because you can't compress.)

Anyway, I'm not in a band, I am however Majoring in Multimedia development, so this would be something I could be in on!


][ http://www.xs4all.nl/~nobeard ][ TRIBE MAGAZINE
Magazine for the Tribal lifestyle. (RPG/Music/Etc.)
Famous last words of the day; jjf-I kill it.

Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 11:08:16 -0800
From: "Jim Taylor" jtaylor@theworks.com
Subject: os: american tour dates??

Hello all of you fellow Motorheads! I've been reading in OS several posts from around the world about inquiries into whether Motorhead is coming to their town AGAIN in 1998. For heaven's sake, why don't we start with every single gig in America that they cancelled (Thank you Mr. Buttplunger Lawless!). It seems like Motorhead definitely owe us plenty more than all of those spoiled brat Europeans that think that they are deprived if they only get to see them once a year. Quit your cryin! I have routinely travelled around California attending every gig they play on the rare occasion that they choose to grace us with their presence over the years.

I think that Lemmy and the band definitely owe it to their legion of American fans to play here first while they are fresh and revitalized, not after they have already been around the world, drank 700 varieties of drinks, enticed countless women and are just plain dead-dog tired.

Ace, I hope that you send this message to Uncle Lemmster for me and all of his adoring American fans. Thanks.
Jim in California

**Editor: Consider it done...

Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 11:32:51 PST
From: "Max Headroom" shluzas@hotmail.com
Subject: os: bollocks and bollocks again...

Geez, seems like I have to quote Airheads every few issues, but, hey, what the hell?

Toward the end, everyone is gathered around the radio station, and people are yelling things about how geeky they were in high school. Some gimpgopod yells "I played D&D!" Then Lemmy yells, in his super-accent and all, "I was editor of the school magazine!" Then some idiot yells "I used to masturbate! Constantly!" and a bunch of people hit him. I think they knock him off a van.
And the joke "Who would win in a wrestling match: Lemmy or God" was towards the end of the movie. In fact, I think it may even have been after Lemmy appears.
Now this whole thing raises a couple interesting questions. The movie, as far as I can tell, takes place in L.A. Lemmy takes place in L.A. So if this sort of thing was happening, and they invited a bunch of Los Angeleseses down to party in front of the radio station, is it not possible Lemmy would go? So, is it not possible that he COULD'VE been editor of the school magazine? Maybe somebody could find out. Somebody apart from me, 'cause I really don't care all that much.

-Bill Parcells

Hold it right there, El Guapo, or I'll fill you so full of lead you'll
be using your dick as a pencil.
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Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 13:59:36
From: Kerry Jones - nitro@ionet.net
Subject: os: lemmy's line in airheads

I believe Lemmy's line in Airheads was "I was editor of the school magazine." If I'm wrong, just kill me.

Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 20:51:42 EST
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #22


First of all, Motorhead rules and kick anybody's ass. Anyway, I've always wondering what the hell happen to Fast Eddie. What is he doing these days?


Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 23:43:18 EST
From: Motrhead66 - Motrhead66@aol.com
Subject: re: tribute titles

This letter is one of the main reasons I keep an internet provider, keep it coming!!
I have a few ideas for the tribute album title, how about
"An Ace in the Hole"
"Dead Man's Hand: A Tribute to Motorhead"
"'Till Yer Ears Bleed: A Tribute to Motorhead"
Anyway, somebody mentioned Troma pictures, and though this doesn't relate to Motorhead, I'm sure Lemmy would love this game called "Redneck Rampage"....throughout the game world, you encounter lots of promo posters for Troma flicks (Rev. Horton Heat is on the soundtrack). The rest of the game you get real drunk on whiskey and moonshine and kill, kill, kill.
Keep rockin'
Dwight ( - Motrhead66@aol.com)

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 10:04:50
From: "Daniel Gaunt" gaunt@pomerol.cribx1.u-bordeaux.fr
Subject: G+g+g

Ah-ah! but he does have a super nintento!( NES) meditate on that for a year and your brain will melt!
SEGA rule! have fun
Dan the super-saiyan.

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 14:05:28
From: "LEMMY" lemmy@mail.wwnet.fi
Subject: re: os: arhhh!

> Subject: os: arhhh!

> Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 15:05:54
> From: "Daniel Gaunt" gaunt@pomerol.cribx1.u-bordeaux.fr

>Oh dear some of the names for the tribute are really pathetic,
>including a couple of my own suggestions! Reading issue 21,
>low and behold, "Lemmy" himself had written, a miracle! but to my
>great disappointement after reading the first half of the
>first word I realised it was an imposter! there is only one Lemmy,
>and you profane his name; don't you take his name in vain.
>What's more this fake's suggestions were pitiful!

**Edited **I must tell him something he don't know about Motorhead or myself! MY REAL NAME HAPPENS TO BE LEMMY and my suggestions "I Crap On All Religion" and "If We Moved Next Door - Your Lawn Would Die" are something The God Himself once said.

** Rest of post edited **

E-MAIL: lemmy@mail.wwnet.fi
WWW : http://wwnet.fi/users/lemmy

**Editor: I HATE editing posts. I know things can get emotional, especially when talking about our favorite band, but there is no need to bring racial slurs into the game. Please tone it down a little... thanks!

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 15:32:35 (EET)
From: Terjo Vihersalo - tervih@utu.fi
Subject: os, i think?

Well, Firs of all id like to say you are doing a wonderful project on the tribute and That is the thing Im mailing about.

The deadline is comming closer and the CD should be done in a while, right? So It got me thinking, Now would be a good time to "brushup" The ordering rules/directions; Who gets What and for what prize!
I am a part of the tribute mailing list, but unfortunately couldnt be part of the album. We are doing our own record, so there just isnt enoungh time nor money. I would of loved to be a part of it tho! So Id like To order the record when its finnished, among a lot of other people, so how can I do that??? You have probably told them in some issue, but I lost a lot of my mails in a "computer crash".

"Thy Semblance"
Just Wait For It!!!

**Editor: This project was bornof the Internet and it will initially only be available onthe Internet (Real Audio). Once the project is complete, I will have more news about an eventual CD release. Be patient...

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 08:38:25 -0800
From: "Julian R. Olsen" olju6257@rogaland-f.kommune.no
Subject: the chase is better than the catch....

Do you know if Mr. Ian Kilmister and his dirty Rock n' Roll trio will do any shows in Norway this year? In that case, when and where? By the way, when is the new album released?

All best,

Julian R. Olsen, Norway.

**Editor: New album comes out in North America on March 24... I have no tour dates at the moment except the one in California with Judas Priest

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 18:28:06 EST
Subject: os: essential reading

Check out the latest issue of Esquire magazine (February 98 issue). They sent a reporter on tour with the band in October and have published the results now. An excellent read.

Chris Sage

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 23:15:38 EST
From: METALHED4 - METALHED4@aol.com
Subject: os.motorhead stuff



**Editor: Try contact the Motorheadbangers through their web page (address at the end of this newsletter). Also, we may soon be offering some cool merchandise off of the website. I'll keep you posted as things develope.

Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 14:26:32
From: Andrew Meredith - meredith@mot.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #22

Hi There,

Please please please would you reconsider doing a non digested version of the OS list. I am on quite a number of different lists, and have suitable Netscape Messenger filters set up to move the mails into their own folders on receipt. I can then read the threads I am interested in and miss out those that I am not so bothered about. I am by no means unique in this, most active Net users I know do it this way. Maybe not with Netscape Messenger, others use "Inbox assistant" in the M$ offering, others still use procmail under UNIX, the result is the same.

It takes me three times as long to read the limited amount of content on your list as it does to read other lists over 3 times as dense.

Andy M
Andrew Meredith BEng AMIEE http://www.ecid.cig.mot.com/~meredith
Lead Engineer Tel: +44(0) 1793 565377
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GSM Products Division Mobile: +44(0) 802 389007
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16, Euroway, Blagrove Txt Pager: +44(0) 1523 523523
Swindon, SN5 8YQ, UK Email: meredith@mot.com
______________________ Working from Home ____

**Editor: I will consider it.

Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 12:11:27 EST
From: SAMOAN666 - SAMOAN666@aol.com
Subject: lemmy

Lemmy...I just neded to ask you a quick question

There is a rumor that you got thrown out of the "HELLS ANGLES" for being to rowdy..
Is there any truth to this?
Is this possiable?
Could someone actually be to rowdy for the infamous "Hells Angles"? thats it
Jim (Kill your Idols)

Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 23:13:23 EST
From: SniderMann - SniderMann@aol.com
Subject: overnight sensation

I heard about your newsletter about the very best heavy metal band in history and of course I talk about MOTORHEAD, the one and only. I have had the pleasure of seeing Motorhead 3 times and I look forward to seeing them again very soon, March 1 to be exact at the Universal Amphlitheatre in LA and I cant wait. I already had tickets for their last show until that asshole blackie lawless fucked with Lemmy and the guys quit the gig, I will never, never forget, nor forgive wasp or lawless for screwing up my change to see the greatest, meanist, nastiest, loudest band on the planet. Oh well, now I look forward to the new Cd, the new Concert and becoming a part of your mailing list, so please sign me up as soon as possible.

In lemmy we trust,
Steve aka Snidermann@aol.com

"I know I'm going to lose, cause gamblings for fool, but that's the way I like it babe, cause I'm not going to live forever"

Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 13:16:46 -0000
From: Stephen Cunningham - stephen.cunningham@Pegasus.co.uk
Subject: os: ages, nicknames and sheepshaggers

Hello everyone,
In an interview with Q magazine a few years back, Lemmy said that his nickname 'just happened' and that he himself later quipped it was to do with 'lend me a fiver'. By his own admission this backfired on him, was a mistake, and that he has been kicking himself ever since.

So nothing to do with him lending money, and everything to do with his razor wit.
All the best,
Birmingham, England.


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