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Issue #22 - January 11, 1998

OS: I Love It When A Plan Comes Together
OS: new Motorhead album
OS: Arhhh!
OS: UK gig 1998
OS: Needed Info
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #21
OS: re: ages, nicknames and sheepshaggers
OS: ages, nicknames and sheepshaggers
OS: ages, nicknames and sheepshaggers
OS: girls, girls, girls
OS: Contest
OS: ages, nicknames and sheepshaggers
OS: Motorhead in TV
OS: Lemmy's Moniker & Other thoughts
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #21


Date: January 11, 1998
From: ace@nextlevel.com
Subject: os: i love it when a plan comes together

Hello All!

I hope that the new year has been good to you so far. Lots of stuff in your mail box this week. In addition to this, our 22nd issue of Overnight Sensation, I am also mailing out the official voting form to name the long heralded Motorhead Tribute that we have been working on. PLEASE take the time to vote, your input here is very valuable. There have been many excellent suggestions and I really need your input.

As most of you have noticed, I have been including the info on the tribute album in every issue of Overnight Sensation. It has been a very positive move, bringing in an average of one new band per issue. So, please indulge me, at least for a couple more issues.

The tribute project is coming along nicely. For those of you new to the list, let me recap...

We got into a discussion about the lack of tribute(s) out there in the world honoring our favorite band of bangers, Motorhead! So, being the kind of do-it-yourselfers that we are, we decided, what the hell, let's do it ourselves! The Overnight Sensation list is filled with lots of talented musicians. And, it is not to late for your band to participate. If you would like to contribute a track our Motorhead Tribute Project, please e-mail me at ace@nextlevel.com with the subject line reading OS TRIBUTE: I WANT IN!. I will e-mail you separately with details on submissions. If you are serious, you had better move, the deadline for finished songs is the end of January.

I would also like to start talking about another vast project that I need volunteers to participate in. We really need to create a comprehensive FAQ for Motorhead. If you would like to be part of the research/compilation team, e-mail me a note to ace@nextlevel.com with the subject being "OS: FAQ-I Can Help!". Thanks in advance!

Ace Trump
Taking you to the NEXT LEVEL

Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 12:00:42 -0000
From: Vaughan James - jamesv@blythswood.org.uk
Subject: "os"

Dear Ace
Many thanks for all your hard work in 1997, much appreciated. Have a bloody goody 1998, looks like it's going to be a belter of a year for both Motorhead and fans alike.

All the very best


Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 13:14:20
From: ALBERTO REAL - areal@ciberia.com
Subject: os: new motorhead album

Hello. I have just received my first issue of "Overnight Sensation" and I think it's great. I have one question for you Ace: do you know when next Motorhead album is due out? Do you know its title? I'm afraid I disagree with you; I don't think "Iron Fist" is the last good Motorhead recording. I think "1916", "Bastards" , "Sacrifice" and "Overnight Sensation" are great too. They have loud music and besides they have some musical evolution, which is even more interesting. Well, this is all for now. Thanks for making "Overnight Sensation" Ace. It's fucking good.

** Editor: The new album is scheduled for release on March 24 from CMC International. All reports say that it kicks MAJOR ass! It is tentitavel called ASSASSINS. As far as the Iron Fist thing, I assum you are refering to my quip in the startup message you get when you sign up to Overnight Senastion... it's just a joke... :-) And before you ask... NO, Lemmy is NOT my dad! ;-)

Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 15:05:54
From: "Daniel Gaunt" gaunt@pomerol.cribx1.u-bordeaux.fr
Subject: OS: Arhhh!

Oh dear some of the names for the tribute are really pathetic, including a couple of my own suggestions! Reading issue 21, low and behold, "Lemmy" himself had written, a miracle! but to my great disappointement after reading the first half of the first word I realised it was an imposter! there is only one Lemmy, and you profane his name; don't you take his name in vain. What's more this fake's suggestions were pitiful!

Oh dear my MHB membership is going to expire!MHB:1690.
Ace mate, I noticed some MHB have pinched my ideas for the tribute name. what will you do if a name gets picked which was suggested by several of us. see ya, Have Fun@!
Dan the super-saijan.

**Editor: If there were more than one person that submitted the winner, we'l' work something fair out!

Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 18:11:06
From: Sarmad Sheikh - sarmadsheikh@compuserve.com
Subject: os: uk gig 1998

I just read in this week's Kerrang magazine about Motorhead's plans for 1998. They mentioned the new album they're working on but said that it's unnamed yet. Obviously UK's top metal mag is not up-to-date with the top metal band, and thanks to Ace's fine work in keeping us up-to-date we already knew a long time ago that album does in fact have the name Assassins and we know the titles of some tracks from it.

The surprise news, however, is that Motorhead are touring the UK again in March/April! A bit soon considering they were last here in October. Only six months between tours. I don't know how Lemmy & Co can cope, but I know that by that time I still wouldn't have recovered from the excitement of October's Brixton gig. But that's all assuming that Kerrang were not misinformed about the new tour. Can somebody on this list please shed some light on this?


Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 18:46:51 EST
From: Madcow330 - Madcow330@aol.com
Subject: os: needed info

I haven't been a Motorhead fan for very long but have been turned onto their music by many of my friends.I unfortunately have become a fan after their fame has died out but I really like their music and am trying to get posters,t-shirts,etc. of Motorhead but can't find any info or place to get this. I am located in Boston, MA and was wondering if you knew any place to get Motorhead gear or catalogs for this. E-mail me back at Madcow330@aol.com

Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 19:21:45 EST
From: VGiova1007 - VGiova1007@aol.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #21

In a message dated 98-01-04 23:55:18 EST, you write:

<< period >>
SUBJECT OS: If there is going to be a MOTORHEAD tribute album, I want in. I am a diehard MOTORHEAD fan and I play a mean BASS. If you closed your eyes and listened to my growling, you would swear LEMMY was in the room. Although I am not as handsome as Lemmy, we cannot all be perfect. I live in the New York Area, so if there is a guitarist and drummer who are willing to go into the studio to record some songs for the tribute album e-mail: V Giova1007@AOL.COM. Also, I have hung out with MOTORHEAD 3 times. The second time I met them, Phil Campel invited me on the tour bus and gave me food and drink. He also gave me a free copy of SACRIFICE. The last time I met Phil Campel, I showed him a picture of my puppy which was dressed with a leather studded collar and a MOTORHEAD T-shirt and hat. Mikey DEE autographed a picture of my dog. I am willing to donate a the picture of my dog to the tribute album. Name the album: DOG FACED BOY.

Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 20:29:03 EST
From: Moon Vydeo - MoonVydeo@aol.com
Subject: os tribute: i want in!

I have an idea for the album title.
"Our Lawns Have Died" Playing on the now infamas quote of Lemmy's I would like to do the cover for the tribute album. To see examples of my work go to: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Gallery/5162/index.html I have did a CD cover for a band that broke up before they got anywhere, that is at the site.

Keep up the great work Ace
Meanwhile, Make Mine Motorhead!!!!
Talk to ya'll later
Tracy-Mark Gorgas

Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 17:21:39
From: Matthijs Withaar - mwithaar@dds.nl
Subject: os: re: ages, nicknames and sheepshaggers

>Subject: os: ages, nicknames and sheepshaggers

>Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 12:28:12 (SAT)
>From: mwalker@cs.uct.ac.za (MA Walker)
>Hi everyone
>Does anybody know how old Phil Campbell and Mickey Dee are?
>What about past band members such as Wurzel, Phil Taylor and Fast Eddie?
>Year of birth would do just fine. Lemmy is 52 of course.
>I reckon Phil Campbell must be about 40'ish and
>Mickey maybe in his mid to late thirties?

Phil Campbell: born may 17th, 1961 in Pontypridd
Wurzel: born october 23rd, 1949 in Cheltenham
Phil Taylor: born september 21st, 1954 in Chesterfield
As for the rest, I don't know.

>Who knows how the name 'Lemmy' originated? I heard that when he
>started out he was always broke and used to say to people:
>"Lend me some money". Get it? Can anybody corroborate this?

Lemmy's catchphrase used to be "Lemme a fiver?" for a while. It stuck.

>What about 'Wurzel'? German for 'root'. And what is his real name?
> Is it Mick, Muck or Micheal Burston?

What "Wurzel" is supposed to mean, I don't know. His real name is Michael Burston.

>Last question: who are the Cheltenham Sheepshaggers?

I don't know, sorry.


Greetings, Ice Thijs

From: - ola.nyberg@system3r.se
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 11:25:30
Subject: os: ages, nicknames and sheepshaggers

<Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 12:28:12 (SAT)> - mwalker@cs.uct.ac.za (MA Walker)
40'ish and Mickey maybe in his mid to late thirties?

Here are a few Motorhead birthdates (I'm not 100% sure of the places of birth):

Ian Frazier "Lemmy" Kilmister - December 24, 1945 (Stoke-on-Trent)
Fast Eddie Clarke - October 5, 1950
Philthy Animal Taylor - September 21, 1954 (Leeds)
Mick "Wurzel" Burston - October 23, 1949 (Cheltenham)
Phil Campbell - May 7, 1961 (Wales)
Pete Gill - June 9, 1951 (Sheffield)

I don't know when Mikkey Dee was born, but my guess is in the early/mid sixties, around 1964. I know that he's Swedish (like me), from Gothenburg, and that his dad is Greek (Mikkey's real name is Michael Delaoglou or something, check Mikkey's thanks list on the album inserts for the family name). I don't know when Larry Wallis (original MH guitarist) and Lucas Fox (original MH drummer) were born either. Can anybody help me out here?

Rumour has it that Lemmy never had any money (back in the sixties) and used to say "Lemme a fiver" to his friends whenever he needed some.

I believe it's Mick Burston.

Wurzel is from Cheltenham and I think the Sheepshaggers were/are a bunch of friends of his who used to turn up at shows in the U.K. flying a flag saying "Cheltenham Sheepshaggers Wurzel F.C.".

Best regards,


Mr Ola Nyberg (MHB 260)

From: - ola.nyberg@system3r.se
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 11:33:51
Subject: os: ages, nicknames and sheepshaggers

Hello again,

I just realised that I forgot one important Motorhead birthdate:
Brian "Robbo" Robertson - 1956 (don't know the exact date, but he was born in Scotland) By the way, Another Perfect Day (1983, featuring Robbo) must be the most underrated MH album ever.
All the best,


Subject: os: girls, girls, girls

Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 14:15:54
From: "Daniel Gaunt" gaunt@pomerol.cribx1.u-bordeaux.fr

Hi, it's Daniel the super-saiyan again...
Its a pity we don't seem to be getting much reply from all the girl fans out there! I know you're out there! so get writing-and if you're top tottie then you can write to me personally!; by the way does Lemmy read this mailing list,Ace? and if not why not...
have fun...

**Editor: First off, you should know that Lemmy does not own a computer, nor is he likely to in the near future. So, he does not subscribe to this list. BUT, I do take the time to print them out and mail them to him... if he reads them, I do not know.

Date: Wed, 07 Jan 1998 22:09:55
From: mrwizard@gzinc.com (Schurman, Donald L.)
Subject: os: contest

I'm not sure if I am too late at this, but how about this for the title of the Motorhead tribute album?
Make 'em Deaf - A tribute to the loudest band on Earth
Keep on 'banging!

nyrB ( - Mrwizard@gZinc.com)

From: - ola.nyberg@system3r.se
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 1998 10:14:47
Subject: os: ages, nicknames and sheepshaggers

Hello again,
I'm terribly sorry, but I got Fast Eddie's birth date wrong in my first message on this topic.
Here's the correct birth date:
Fast Eddie Clarke - October 5, 1950
Perhaps you can just correct it in my first message, Ace?


**Editor: Corrected...

Date: Thu, 08 Jan 1998 22:17:06 +0300
From: "Reijo Venlinen" repe@sci.fi
Subject: os: motorhead in tv

Hi Ace and MHBs,

There have been played Motorhead in the british comedy series called Men Behaving Badly. There's two guys who live in the same resistence and once the other guy was making some food and listened Ace of Spades at the same time! That was cool! This just came from finnish TV and I think it was from the first production season.


Date: Fri, 9 Jan 1998 02:44:23 EST
From: Grattor - Grattor@aol.com
Subject: lemmy's moniker & other thoughts

First off, in response to the question from:

- mwalker@cs.uct.ac.za (MA Walker)

>"Who knows how the name 'Lemmy' originated? I heard that when he
>started out he was always broke and used to say to people:
>"Lend me some money". Get it? Can anybody corroborate this?"

I'd always heard that Lemmy's (nick)name came from his old habit of asking folks to "Lemmy a fiver".... so your info was in the right neighborhood.

Plus I must apologize for the state of my last post. I wrote it in Word then pasted to my AOL mail & somehow wound up with the strange characters here n there. I'll try not to let it happen again (but please forgive the occasional typo as I still ain't quite perfekt).

I'd also like to add that I rented "Tromeo & Juliet" this past weekend.

Two reasons to rent it: It's from the wonderful folks at Troma (and If you gotta ask you probably don't wanna know....they're the brains behind such cinematic masterpieces as "Class of Nuke 'em High" and "The Toxic Avenger," along with all of their mutated sequels and bastard offspring), AND, Lemmy is the host/narrator for the flick. He doesn't have much screen time and not many more lines but it's always fun to see Lemmy in a movie.

His two minutes and what? two? three? lines in "Hardware" were worth the rental fee for the whole flick. And I was cheering right in my living room when he popped in the tape of "Iron Fist." (and says something like "ever hear this? They're pretty good") Also... I don't know if I can remember for sure, but I don't think anyone on this list has confirmed Lemmy's line in "Airheads." Again, I'm not sure, but I'm fairly certain he said "I was editor of the school newspaper" (yearbook???? can't remember) PLUS, there was a great Lemmy joke towards the beginning (used as a test to tell whether someone was with the music industry or a cop):

Q: If God and Lemmy got into a wrestling match, who would win?
A: Trick question! Lemmy IS God!

I apologize if this has been posted here... but I doubt anyone minds.
Well, my glass is gettin' empty, I'm gonna sign off for now.
Before I go, a quick recommendation to any of you bastards that enjoy comix, good storytelling, or both... read Hellblazer and Preacher.

'nuff said

Born to Lose
Live to Win
Out to Lunch

James Grattan
(my friends call me Gratty.... among other things)
- grattor@aol.com

Date: Fri, 9 Jan 1998 21:59:53
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #21

From: Christian.Bublic@t-online.de (Christian Bublic)

Hello Ace,
thank you for sending me the Overnight Sensation. It's great. Do you know if Motorhead plans to make a tour through Germany or West Europe. Would be great if you could answer me.

Thank you very much in advance, my eMail is: Christian.Bublic@t-online.de
With my kindest regards
Christian "The Watcher" Bublic

**Editor: I am sure that the guys will include a trek across Germany on the new tour. I will post tour dates as I get them.


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