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Issue #20 - December 20, 1997

OS: Happy Birthday Lemmy!
OS: aaron c's GOT THE NAME and more
OS: Lemmy on TV! (and more..)
OS: MH extras reduced.
OS: Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #19
OS: Tromeo And Juliet-soundtrack
OS: Ace Of Spades
OS: Re: Lemmy & SF Writers
OS: Chris Sage/Tromeo And Juliet
OS: Overnight Sensation Issue #19...
OS: "Tromeo & Juliet"
OS TRIBUTE: I've got the name
OS: i've got the name
OS: Motorhead/Lynnot jam
OS Tribute: I've Got The Name
OS: New Motorhead Bootleg


Date: December 20, 1997
From: ace@nextlevel.com
Subject: os: happy birthday lemmy!

Well, for those of you that do not know, Lemmy's birthday is on December 24th. I wanted to take a personal moment to first of all thank Lemmy for breathing life into Motorhead... the band that we have all come to love and the music that has meant so much to us. But, I also want to thank all of you. Overnight Sensation has truly been an exciting project for me. It is so cool to have all of these diehard Motorhead fans e-mailing me their thoughts and feeling about this, one of the most influential bands in heavy metal. For goodness sake, in the town I live in hardly anyone has even heard of Motorhead, let alone listen to them!

As we enter 1998, I take a brief moment to look back on 1997.... some fantastic shows, the birth of Overnight Sensation (Mailing List), the birth of our tribute project, the birth of Assassins. Holy Crow, I can't WAIT to see the wonderful surprises that 1998 will hold for Motorhead and all of their fans.

Thanks to everyone that particiapted in the "Design the new Motorhead Cover" contest. I have submitted the entries to the management. If any one of your selections get's picked, I'll let you know!

The tribute project is coming along nicely. For those of you new to the list, let me recap...

We got into a discussion about the lack of tribute(s) out there in the world honoring our favorite band of bangers, Motorhead! So, being the kind of do-it-yourselfers that we are, we decided, what the hell, let's do it ourselves! The Overnight Sensation list is filled with lots of talented musicians. And, it is not to late for your band to participate. If you would like to contribute a track our Motorhead Tribute Project, please e-mail me at ace@nextlevel.com with the subject line reading OS TRIBUTE: I WANT IN!. I will e-mail you separately with details on submissions. If you are serious, you had better move, the deadline for finished songs is the end of January.

The suggestions for the name of the project continue to pour in and there are some great ones! Once the entries are all in, I will put them up for a vote to the entire list. Who ever gets their submission chosen will also receive a copy of the "I Don't Believe A Word" promo single. This is not available for sale in stores. It contains both the album and the edit versions of this track. So, if you have a name for the tribute project we are assembling, send me your ideas for the name of this collection of tribute songs. E-Mail me at ace@nextlevel.com and make the subject line OS TRIBUTE: I'VE GOT THE NAME!. Send as many as you can think of. I am now putting a deadline of December 31st on this project. On the 31st, I will send out the final list to everyone to vote on. By the 7th of January, we will have a name and will begin our search for the cover artist(s).

I wish all of you the best of the season and look forward to Motorhead's World Domination in 1998!

Ace Trump
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Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 13:16:19
From: aaron.c.caswell@uwrf.edu (Aaron Caswell)
Subject: os: aaron c's got the name and more

hey ace

aaron c (the dude interested in cover design from river falls, wisc.) here. two of my favorite ideas are on the current OS:
- "dancing on your grave," we could be clever and pander to lemmy's sence of humor and call it "dancing on his grave" w/ an illustration of lemmy's gravestone.
-"we are the road crew," an obvious but cool none the less choice. here's a version of one that was on the list:
-"'head of the (no) class," with this idea we could play off the expression
"lemmy is god."
which brings us to my final suggestion:
-"LEMMY IS GOD!" i hope no explanation is necessary. all woul of course be followed w/ "a tribute to motorhead" or some facsimily of that. no matter what name is picked, i'd really like to be a part of the cover design. i volunteer my services as an illustrator (think comic book art). please use me.

thanks ace, keep up the great job.
anarchy love & flowers

aaron c

p.s. i gotta agree with john the lawyer that american heavy metal is lame. with one exception: motley crue. sure they had a lame record in '85, but the rest of them smoke. kiss, aerosmith and alice cooper are cool too (their old stuff). but, they aren't really metal (their newer material is considered metal, but that's the stuff that sucks). and like motorhead, i consider all these bands way more punk than i do metal. i'm sure this opinion will make me very popular.


Date: 13 Dec 97 17:54:24
From: "James Caygill" jamesc@enterprise.net
Subject: os: lemmy on tv! (and more..)


First off; did anyone see Lemmy on TV last week? He made an appearance on "All Rise for Julian Clarey", and commented on the Eurovision Song Contest. It was mentioned in most TV guides, so you've got no excuse :-)

Oh, I also remember hearing Ace Of Spades being played on ITV police drama thing 'The Bill'...it was playing in the van being driven by some drug-pusher. He made a (really bad) attempt at singing along with it, it really looked as if he thought it made him look like a double hard bastard or something....but due to the fact he got all the lyrics completly wrong, and his timing was even worse... he didn't.

I was going to lay claim to being the youngest subscriber on this list, but I've been pipped at the post by someone two years my junior...gnuk.

I found it rather amusing to see Top Of The Pops and TFI Friday refer to Metallica as "one of the greatest rock bands of all time"....when they've completly ignored the for the past 15 years...

So much for the amazing standard of the British music industry, eh? In a country where the likes of Mr Blobby and the Teletubbies get to the #1 spot with minimum effort....I can't see what's so great about it.
Bah. Then you have rock magazines like KERRANG! that seem to concentrate more on 'bands' like Marilyn Manson and the Insane Clown Tossers... eh? Motorwho?

I nearly got to see Motorhead in October, the people I was going with all pulled out at the last minute..... and I've just read *Metal Hammer* and found it got Gig of the Year....I'm well and truly gutted now... :^(
let's hope they tour again after the new album :)))

Oh, I've been looking all over for a copy of '1916'...none of the shops I've tried stock it.. and when I enquired about ordering it in HMV, they said the album was priced at ?20 (!!!) + P&P...which seems rather high.... was it really that expensive?

hmm...sorry for the boring tone of this post.... :-)

One last thing.... I did have a #Motorhead channel on DalNet IRC.. (it's currently been stolen...but I'm in the process of getting it back..) I was just wondering how much interest there would be in having some organised IRC meetings between all us fans?

I'll send a msg to this list when I've got the channel back (prob'ly in a week or so...) then we could perhaps arrange time/days to all meet up ?

Just a thought 8^)
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Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 09:57:44 -0800 (PST)
From: thesonics@earthlink.net (Jay Siekierski)
Subject: mh extras reduced.

Hi Jay here; I'm reducing all my MH extras by $5.00 for the holidays. Mail me privately for a list if interested. Thxs

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Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 22:19:36
From: "Nobeard" nobeard@xs4all.nl
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #19

The subject was Overnight Sensation Issue #19 but Ace O Trump wrote:

> **Editor: I had the good fortune to meet one of the
> Spice Girls when I was in Las Vegas for the Billboard Music awards...
> you may not like their music, but you gotta like their looks! :-)

Ugh! No thanks, I like REAL women not plastic dolls with faked teen-looks. A bit more meat on 'em, half the make-up and natural hair and maybe, just maybe I'll give them a suporting role in a wet dream.


**Editor: Each to his own :-)

Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 19:22:54
From: Matthijs Withaar - mwithaar@dds.nl
Subject: os: tromeo and juliet-soundtrack

>Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 19:33:06 EST
>Subject: re: os

>>From Chris Sage -
>Can anyone throw any light on the following soundtrack album
>I came across listed on an Internet CD store? Soundtrack to the
>film "Tromeo and Juliet". Track 2 is Sacrifice apparantly.
>Anyone seen it - know anything about this?

Here's some text that was in Overnight Sensation issue #12:

Hi everybody,

I'm a new member of this Motorheadgroup so I don't know if anyone has mentioned this before. Lemmy is acting as a story-teller in a movie "Tromeo & Juliet", which is the new version of Shakespeare's old theme. It is released year 1996 by the firm Troma. It also contains music of Motorhead. Also one interesting film is "She" which is directed by Avi Nesher and released in 1981? (I'm not sure about the year..). It's a barbarian movie genre and contains also music of Motorhead.

Eat the Rich!

Apparently, Motorhead (or at least Lemmy) contributed to this movie. It's very likely that Motorhead is on the soundtrack as well.

Ice Thijs

Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 19:22:53
From: Matthijs Withaar - mwithaar@dds.nl
Subject: os: ace of spades

>Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 20:47:00
>Subject: os : umlaut-less

>From: wiggedywak@juno.com (Bri C Sullivan)
> Although there is some hope for the younger generation {mine}, there is not much. I'm 14 and have been a Motorhead fan for about 3 years, but I always get a "Who?" when I mention Motorhead to my peers. Unfortunately my generation was breast-fed to the likes of Spice Girls, New Kids, Bush, and so forth. The radio spews out Green Day and New Metallica {ugh!}, wasting valuable air waves.
> Well, enough about my forlorn generation. My first concert, was about a year ago in Providence, and it was Motorhead/Dio both kicked ass! However I am somewhat disappointed with the set, so many of the newer songs were left out, for instance Liar, Lost in your Ozone, Bad Religion, March or die, Out of the sun, Make 'em blind, and some of the old stuff {'cause they're not considered "classics"} Shoot you in the back, Black heart, Sweet Revenge, etc. I know I'll probably be the target of excessive amounts of hate for this, but compared to most Motorhead, the song Ace of Spades isn't ALL that great!
> The not so mad Umlauter

Excessive amounts of hate? No way, I agree! Ace Of Spades is a good song, but so are lots of other Motorhead songs. Having heard Ace Of Spades several hundred times, I feel sorry for Lemmy (and Phil and Mikkey) that can't leave a concert without having played it. Personally, my favourites are Motorhead, Please Don't Touch, Emergency (Girlschool cover, I think) and a lot more of old AND new stuff.

Ice Thijs

Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 11:57:21 PST
From: "BL Young" blyoung@hotmail.com
Subject: os: re: lemmy & sf writers

>> Trivia: Who can name the book (published by DAW) which was
>> to Lemmy? It's not SF, but fantasy...
> Not me! It was a Moorcock one, though--presumably one of the
>Elrics, but I may well bbe wrong. I remember dedication to Lemmy and
>other rockers who hit the second-hand book shops ...
Yep, it was Moorcock, but it wasn't really a "novel" of Elric per se. It was entitled "Elric at the End of Time", and had only one Elric story in it. The rest of the book contained juvenile stories about Sojan the Swordsman. The dedication after the copyright page is to Lemmy. Published by DAW in North America, but not really worth the effort to find.

Bryan Young CANADA blyoung@bigfoot.com
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Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 18:16:53 -0800
From: Frank Skalsky III - mtlhd666@gte.net
Subject: os: chris sage/tromeo and juliet

To Chris Sage:

The soundtrack is for the movie Tromeo and Juliet...released by Troma pictures (Toxic Avenger, Class Of Nuke 'Em High). I've read about it on their web site: http://www.troma.com . It's a spoof of the Romeo & Juliet movie, with Lemmy listed as the Narrator. I'm still trying to find this movie, as it just came out on video a few months ago. Now I've got to try to find the soundtrack!

I also just want to say that Motorhead RULES!!!!!!


P.S. Will there ever be a re-release of the GirlHead (or whatever the name of the Girlschool/Motorhead collaboration was) "St. Valentine's Day Massacre"? I became a big fan of Girlschool a few years ago, and have all but maybe four of their releases (and trying to find their shit on CD is more frustrating than finding it on vinyl). Does Lemmy still talk to any of them? Are they still even around? Just wonderin'.

Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 13:11:07 (EET)
From: Tsarmpopoulos Nikos - it9548@macedonia.uom.gr
Subject: os tribute : i ve got the name

That's my second suggestion:


Date: Mon, 15 Dec 97 12:44:00
From: yvonne.gallagher@lawgram.co.uk
Subject: re: unread external:overnight sensation issue #19...

Re the Vaughan correspondece. Many thanks James for apology. Re the other Vaughan note in issue 19, can I just comment as have a number of other subscribers, that of course all are welcome to their own opinions and indeed it's good to hear differing views. I have no problem at all with the fact that others may not like my thoughts on Mikki's drummung or indeed on any other matter. Personal abuse is another issue. The only thing we all know about each other is that we have an interest in Motorhaed- surely a cause for celebration rather than slagging off? I'm sure the editor will conclude that it's high time this correspondence closed but I woul d just remind that references to "behaving like big boys" do rather assume that we are all boys- it ain't necessarily so!

** Editor: This is becoming tiresome... lets all just let it rest. I think the important issues have been covered.

Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 10:43:42 -0800
From: Tom - tomd@subpop.com
Subject: os: "tromeo & juliet"

In response to Chris Sages' inquiry about this movie, while I don't know much about the soundtrack I do know that it's a schlock version of "Romeo & Juliet" that is narrated by Lemmy himself. I hope that helps.
Tom Dower ( - tomd@subpop.com)

Date: Tue, 16 Dec 97 07:22:17
From: "Jordi Marti" bastard@mx2.redestb.es
Subject: os tribute: i've got the name!

Hi Ace,
Here are some names for the tribute CD
Tribute To The Gods - A Tribute To Motorhead (Yes, sounds a few viking but I think can be a good one)
It?s Only Rock?n?Roll - A Tribute To Motorhead or 100% Rock?n?Roll - A Tribute To Motorhead

Jordi Marti (MHB 1684)

Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 11:33:03 EET
From: "Hermanni Virtanen" tohevi@hotmail.com
Subject: os tribute: i've got the name

My suggestion is "The Ugly One Get's It - Tribute to Motrhead"
And on that suggestion about "All The Aces": I have a collection record from Motrhead named either "All The Aces" or "All The Access" I can't remember which is right. I bought that CD from St. Petersburg (Russia) so it might (hehe) be pirate version.
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Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 13:02:14
From: "Daniel Gaunt" gaunt@pomerol.cribx1.u-bordeaux.fr
Subject: OS: i've got the name

here's a few ideas:

-Marching of to war.
-the servants are the players now.
-Born to praise lemmy.
I'm your Fan (no that one's a bit daft init!)
-the anti-Spice girls tribute to motorhead.
or how about :-A tribute to motorhead, by the fans!(?) see ya, have fun, and don't waste your time...
Daniel, the super saiyan.

Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 11:52:56
From: "Optima Sport" optimasp@algonet.se
Subject: motorhead/lynnot jam

Hey! Just been in looking at the Motorhead page and it looks great. If you are interested in rare stuff, I have some unseen good quality pictures from a jam with Motorhead and Phil Lynnot. There are both live pics and backstage pics. These were taken in Sweden during the european tour in Sweden 1982. Send me a note if you want them for your page. My e-mail adress is croam_the_band@hotmail.com Regards/M. ALMSENIUS

**Editor: ABSOLUTELY! If you are sending scans, send them attached. If you are sendng pictures, e-mail me privately and I will send you an address.

Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 20:10:42 EST
Subject: re: os tribute: i've got the name


Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 11:53:56
From: "tim shockley" ellentim@megsinet.net
Subject: os: new motorhead bootleg

There is a new Motorhead bootleg from Japan called Lemmy's Lunch Box! It is 3 CDR set that comes in a metal can. It features live radio broadcasts from 5/26/79, 8/16/86, 9/5/86, & 10/13/87. Odds are it's a reissue of previous boots, but how 'bout that title?!

Tim Shockley MHB672(H)


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