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Issue #15 - October 28, 1997

OS: New Motorhead Soon...
OS: Airheads
OS: - UK Tour
OS: remark
OS: Pics Motorhead/Killer Germany '82
OS: It's All Coming Together
OS: Overnight Sensation Issue #14
OS: KBFH Sonics Motorhead Giveaway
OS: May I Help You?
OS: Lemmy's Line in Airheads
OS: Backwards messages
OS: Overnight Sensation Issue #15
OS: Brixton Concert
OS: Mickey Dee Rules
OS: Strange Cd
OS: Motorhead in the UK


Date: October 18, 1997
From: ace@nextlevel.com
Subject: os: new motorhead soon...

Hello All! I hope that this issue finds you all well. I had a wonderful weekend of music with friday night bringing me The Cramps and saturday bringing me Aerosmith from the middle of row 2! Fantastic!

Anyway, I have some wonderful news! The fellows have been in the studio and have begun recording the followup to Overnight Sensation. The as of yet unnamed disc is about half finished. The boys interrupted the proceedings to head over to England for a series of shows followed by Russia. The disc should be out in the spring. I will bring you news as I get it.

Also, at long last, I have the booking info for Motorhead that I have been promising all of you. Here ya go:
Contact; The Agency Group

For North America: Dave Kirby (212-581-3100)
For the World (less Noprth America): Neil Warnock-London 0171-278-3331

I hope that helps.

Also, to all the bands that have agreed to contribute a track to the Motorhead tribute, I will be sending you a special e-mail on the weekend to begin pulling things together.

Well, that about covers it for now. More news next time!

Ace Trump
Taking you to the NEXT LEVEL

Date: Sat, 18 Oct 1997 13:46:54
From: shluzas@juno.com (David R Kellerman)
Subject: OS: Airheads

At the end of Airheads it's shown that Chaz (or whatever the hell his name was. I don't care) was really named Chester. So he stands up on a car and says "I was a geek in high school. I played Dungeons & Dragons. I had a bug collection. And my name isn't Chaz. It's Chester." Then some guy in the crowd yells "I played D&D!" Then it shows Lemmy, standing there all cool as hell looking like himself, yelling "I was editor of the school magazine!" Then it shows some other jerk yell "I used to masturbate! Constantly!" and everyone hits said jerk. But Lemmy was the cool part.
They also, at some other point, demand to talk to a record exec. They test the first guy who comes to the door, Harold Ramis (he's Egon! Egon, I tells ya!) by asking him first who's side he was on in the Van Halen/David Lee Roth split. The guy says Van Halen, somehow proving he's a cop. He then asks for another chance, one more question afetr they kick him out. So they ask "Who would win in a wrestling match: Lemmy or God?" He says "God" and they throw him out. Then he says "Lemmy!" And they say "Wrong! Trick question! Lemmy IS God!"
Apart from those two things, the movie is merely ok.
And Orgasmatron would sound mighty cool in doom metal, all slow-ass and ultra-heavy.

-Bill Parcells

Hold it right there, El Guapo, or I'll fill you so full of lead you'll be using your dick as a pencil!

Date: Sat, 18 Oct 1997 19:12:43
From: MATINEESS@aol.com
Subject: re: os - uk tour

What a great idea this is - keep up the good work. UK surfers please note tour dates NOW ON!!!

Sunday 19th October- Nottingham
Monday 20th - Newport, S.Wales
Tuesday 21st - Wolverhampton
Thursday 23rd - Cambridge
Friday 24th - Portsmouth
Saturday 25th - Brixton

I'm going to all of these. If you see a sad old sod asleep in his maroon Vauxhall Vectra come and say hi! Else I'll be the stubbly one at the bar!!!! The original 'Dog Face Boy'.

Chris Sage

Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 18:50:41 (MET DST)
From: Matthijs Withaar - mwithaar@dds.nl
Subject: os remark

Hello Ace,
I just read the last OS mailing (issue #14). One contribution, send by Supertzar - WEZ@concentric.net (subject: OS: Live material needed!) was about exchanging unofficial live recordings on CD, tape and video. I don't know about other countries, but in The Netherlands this would be a problem: magazines that place advertisements from tape traders are warned and, when the warnings are ignored, prosecuted. Fans collecting this stuff and copying it for other fans can sometimes see their collection seizured. Don't you think it's wise to leave this kind of messages out of the mailing, just to avoid troubles with bands or music industry in general?

Keep up the good work,

Matthijs Withaar

** Editor: The whole issue of bootlegs is a huge can of worms that I view in this regard: I really can't blame fans for wanting a recording by Motorhead if it exsists. This is our favorite band and we want everything we can lay our hands on. I realize that it hurts the band in some small way. But, if it is fans exchanging recordings they made themselves, I really don;t have a problem with it. If there were dealers in bootlegs asking to advertise, I would probably not allow it. But, then the issue of censorship comes up. I created Overnight Sensation as a forum for Motorhead fans to discuss whatever they wanted to discuss within the context of the band and the events/people around it. Should I really police what people are talking about?

I would really like to hear from any and all of you on this topic. Your input here is vital.

Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 18:47:23
From: Crown Kocher - crown@dynamite.ch
Subject: pics motorhead/killer germany '82

Hi Lemmy,
Why do you not visite the KILLER Pics from our IRON FIST Tour in Germany 1982? We've played 10 Gigs with You..! it was a great Time, do you remember? See you at http://www.dynamite.ch

Greetings from Switzerland


Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 13:45:09
From: DICOM256@aol.com
Subject: re: os: it's all coming together

In einer eMail vom 97-10-18 18:01:40 MEZ, schreiben Sie:

> Did anyone catch any of the shows in Europe this month? Sure would love to hear about them if you get the chance.

I saw them playing at the open air in Wacken, Germany on September 8th. It was great! Though they played their usual set, you could see that they had very much fun that night. They made a lot of jokes and stuff like that. They were headlining the festival but playing before Rockbitch.

I wonder why none of the summer festival shows were mentioned on the Motoerhead web site. That sucked.

The last time before that I visited their show in Groningen, Netherlands. They aborted the show and left the stage after a few cans with beer were thrown on the stage. One of them hit Lemmy. They played Orgasmatron at that time. Few minutes later they came back and Lemmy said that if even a single thing would hit him or the others or even the stage, they would leave forever. They started Orgasmatron again and - again Lemmy got hit by a beer can. Without saying any word they left and did not come back!

=== Martin Dietrich - DICOM ===

Me despedi en Buenos Aires el 16 Marzo 1996

** Editor: As far as tour dates on the web page... we can only post what Motorhead's Management gives us to post. Our hands are tied a bit that way.

Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 15:12:15
From: Bart - bart@snpp.demon.co.uk
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #14

-Ace O Trump - legion@img.net wrote about
>Did anyone catch any of the shows in Europe this month? Sure would love to
>hear about them if you get the chance.

Saw them at Glasgow Barrowlands last night. My legs ache, my neck is stiff and my ears sre still buzzin-It was great!

They performed very few tracks from OS-which I was a bit disappointed about, but it was a great gig all the same. The played Capricorn, Bomber and Overkill-none of which ive heard 'em play for ages. I cant really post a set list, cos I dont remember all the tracks-or the order, but other titles were going to Brazil, Burner (that hurt), Ace of Spaces, Overnight sensation, No Class, You better Run, Orgasmatron, Iron Fist, Sacrifice, Killed by death, and probably a few more ove forgotten. All in all a great gig-but then what else would you expect ?

Homer Simpson (Local Boob)

Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 10:13:22
From: thesonics - thesonics@earthlink.net
Subject: kbfh sonics motorhead giveaway

Win Motorhead's new KBFH CD. (U.S. and Canada only). Go to The Sonics
KBFH Motorhead Live CD Reviewed. READ IT!

Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 18:01:48
From: SIMONCHAOS@aol.com
Subject: os: may i help you?


What is on the "May I Help You" tape? (I've only just stumbled into this party.) Is it a Motorhead item? Please explain for the new folk.

Also, I have 45 different Motorhead CDs and am always looking for more, particularly concert stuff (tape, video or CD) and other obscuruities. I have cool stuff to trade, including the Lemmy 50th birthday bash w/Metallica and a great German concert.

Anyone out there interested in trading? Reply to SIMONCHAOS@AOL.COM

J. B. Camel

** Editor: A little while back, Castle Records released a sampler cassette called "May I Help You?". On the cassette were eight tracks, one of which was Motorhead's Ace Of Spades. The label sent me a bunch of these cassettes and I offered them to the subscribers to Overnight Sensation. I still have a few and they are free. The only thing I ask is that you send me a little money to cover the postage and handling. In US/Canada, please send $3 US. Other parts of the world, please send $5 US. Send the money and your address to the following address:

May I Help You?
c/o Ace Trump
PO Box 599
Oroville, WA

Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 20:27:46
From: Andrew and Risa Bernstein - medusa@akula.com
Subject: os: lemmy's line in airheads

I think the line in Airheads was "I was the editor of the school newspaper (magazine?)"
Medusa Lair of the Gorgon: http://www.akula.com/~medusa
Blue Seat View: http://www.akula.com/~medusa/rangers.htm
GL Quake Screenshots: http://www.akula.com/~medusa/3dfx/3dfx.htm
Candid Quakeworld Camera: http://www.akula.com/~medsua/3dfx/glqw/glqwcamera.htm

ICQ UIN#1109813

Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 12:16:28 +-100
From: Vaughan James - jamesv@blythswood.org.uk
Subject: "os"

Hello again Ace

Just read "OS 14" and you asked if anyone had seen Motorhead recently. Well I did along with my wife on 18.10.97 (a Saturday) in Glasgow, at the Barrowlands. Lemmy just gets better and better. Phil is looking more and more smoother and getting better aswell. Mickey is just fuckin' brilliant, sheer poetry in motion. I ask myself from time to time if these boys could get any tighter and get any better. The answer is or must be NO. They are with out a doubt the best Rock 'n' Roll band on this tiny little planet and shall remain so.

I would like to say a big thank you to the lads for such an outstanding show. It was well worth travelling almost 400 miles to see them. GOOD LUCK and thank you!

All the best


Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 14:33:37
From: "Eric Chetkauskas" zughiaq@hotmail.com
Subject: os: backwards messages

I know this has nothing to do with Motorhead, but this answers a question asked earlier: At the beginning of "Still Life" There are two quick backwards messages which aren't really understandable even when played backwards. The first says "What ho sed de t'ing wid de t'ree bonce" Which means "What ho said the monster with three heads" The second says "Don't meddle wid t'ings you don't understand" and then ends with a belch!

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Date: Mon, 27 Oct 97 09:52:00
From: yvonne.gallagher@lawgram.co.uk
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #15

Review from London
As promised, here's a review of the gig at London's Brixton Academy theatre on 25th October

At 9.15pm(21;15) the ornate Corinthian columns adorning the auditorium of the Brixton Academy began to tremble with the onslaught that was a vintage Motorhead performance. Opening with "iron Fist," the solid wall of noise(courtesy still of amplifiers named "Murder One" and "killer ") was immediately evident as Motorhead took to the stage in their 2nd London performance this year before a capacity crowd.

They tore into "stay clean" before slowing down a touch with new material in the form of Civil War. The oldies were then reassured by the now 20 year old Metropolis.

Lemmy still looks fighting fit (shame the facial hair is still absent but each to his own) while speculation was rife that Phil's trendy back to front baseball cap conceals Agassi style thinning locks! Micky Dee on drums maintained a powerful momentum throughout(although were there a couple of "misses" here and there?)

The set overall (listed below ) contained a mixture of old and new with Overkill the most represented album.Fine by me (it's my favourite) but how does that compare with a show in the States these days? Another oldie was dedicated to Phil Campbell who has been with the band for and incredible 13 years! Hope nothing was meant by the choice of "no class" for this tribute("I'm afraid you're really tragic" for example!) A scary looking Orgasmatron with Lemmy bathed in ghoulish green light was followed by "that Metallica song" ( road crew) with the set closed out by a blistering Bomber. Did the Bomber lighting rig of old ever make it to the states?A fighter plane shaped affair with spinning lights that swooped and dived over the stage- How we miss it here!

A short break with the crowd roaring for more led to the return of the band , accompanied by Paul Inder(lemmy's son ) and a child by the name of Matthew (who he?) , practically a babe in arms, joining in to contribute manfully to Ace of Spades. A fabulous set was rounded off with a high octane Overkill including(oh happy day) Bass guitar as machine gun spot from Lemmy. The usual London audience, which really does come in all shapes and sizes, was duly despatched home, ears ringing , after another cracking show

Set list;Iron Fist, Stay Clean, Civil War, Metropolis, Nothing up my sleeve, I'm so bad, Chase is better than the catch, Burner, No Class, Overnight Sensation, Capricorn, Sacrifice, You can Run, Orgasmatron, Road Crew, Going to Brazil, Killed by death, Bomber, Ace of Spades, Overkill.

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 12:22:22
From: Mr Aaron E Eve - ph71ae@surrey.ac.uk
Subject: os:brixton concert

On 25th oct I went to my first Motorhead concert not sure of what to expect. Unsurprising though, it was completely excellent, and my ears were still ringing after two days!!

They played a massive range of songs with at least one from every album that they've made. The best bit of the night though was when they played Orgasmatron, the stage was lit dark green with a single light green light shining down on Lemmy, who was in his usual position of head swung back ready to growl out the lyrics. And when he started to sing the eyes of the motorhead banner, which was hanging up behind the band, lit up and shone red. It was the best concert that I've been to, the only shame being it was the only one they had in the London area this year.

Oh and if Lemmy or anyone linked to the band sees this E-mail, the recording of that night has just got to be released on CD. It would be a crime to with hold it from the world!

A well pleased geezer

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 05:50:32 PST
From: "MOTORHEAD ." lemmy_mh@hotmail.com
Subject: os: mickey dee rules

Hello Boys and Girls, I am a huge Motorhead fan looking for decent pro shots of Motorhead w/ Mickey Dee. I do not have much, but what I do have is Michael Schenker, Saxon, UFO and will go looking for any request. Happy Halloween everyone, any reviews coming from the European Shows???????

Michael Bennett

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Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 15:08:26
From: Matthias Gottloeber - mgottlo@gwdg.de
Subject: os: strange cd

Hi Ace,
A couple of days ago I bought an record from Motorhead called "Fast, Loose and Live".First I thought it is one of the about 2 Million compilations from Castle Communications ;-)(it's from the "Emperio Label" located in England, never heard of it) , but then I realized that it is very interesting: It have 16 tracks on it, some are bootleg-sounding live tracks, but the most interesting a some tracks from the Ace of Spades-era, which are no live recordings, but sound like demo-recordings: Love me like a reptile, Ace of Spades (very different version), Love me like areptile, Godzilla Akimbo, Hump in your back, Bastard, Dirty Love, Shoot you in the back, Waltz of the Vampire(=Dance), Fast and Loose. Unfortunately there are no further information about the tracks printed in the booklet, and so I'm very interested in getting more detailed information about it. OS rulez!
Matthias ( - mgottlo@gwdg.de)

Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 11:59:17 -0300
From: hvegas@netex.com.ar (Juan)
Subject: os: wanted tapes




Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 17:27:50 -0000
From: Stephen Cunningham - stephen.cunningham@Pegasus.co.uk
Subject: os: motorhead in the uk

Hi there

Just wanted to share with you my recent Motorhead experience. I caught them at Wolverhampton Civic Hall on Tuesday 21st October. I've seen them play many times, most recently at the same venue on the Sacrifice tour, and I was completely stunned at just how good they were. Better than ever. They blistered through tracks, old and new, with the enthusiasm of a band that had been together for just over a year. There is not a better band in the world today. They are everything rock 'n' roll should be but all too often isn't ('for real' springs to mind). Say it straight, Motorhead do not miss Wurzel and Mickey Dee is a better drummer than Phil Taylor. Lemmy aside, Phil Campbell is the longest serving member of Motorhead and played a blinder. What am I saying? Simply that the current line-up is the best Motorhead have ever had. Remember this when people trot out the old 'Oh, I used to like them before Eddie left' bullshit.

All the best

Birmingham, England


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