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Issue #142 - 12, 2002

OS: Back In Black
Re: OS BINKY503@aol.com
OS: Motorhead in Houston and some biased opinions
OS Lemmy's militaria collection
RE: OS: Lemmy The Movie
OS: Shoot 'em down
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #141
OS: Re: Shoot 'Em Down
OS: Boneshaker dvd
OS: Review at ZWARP
OS: motorhead TV appearance - playing 'Brave New World'
OS: motorhead TV appearance - 2nd part
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #141
OS: Shoot ´em down
OS: Boneshaker
OS: Hammered
OS: motorhead review
OS: March or Die
OS: Another One
OS: On A Serious Note
OS: Turin - Italy - June 19, 2002
OS: imotorhead.com video format
OS: Song question...
OS: Lemmy's Book
OS: Torino:setting the record straigh
OS: great picture!
OS: tickets for concert in Pula Croatia
OS: john entwhistle
OS: Lemmy in german tv yesterday
OS: Motorhead TV Appearance
OS: Motorhead in Italy and photo album
OS: Sam Gopal
OS: Motörhead/Myofist

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Date: July 12, 2002
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: back in black

Greetings Fellow Motorheadbangers!!

Well, I kn ow what your saying... FINALLY and OS issue! WEhat the hell is up with Ace and why did it take so long this time. Well, first, I apologize for the delay. The summers are always the busiest time for me in my job and it seems that certain things get shoved to the side when they shouldn't. Not an excuse, just a reason. Anyway, enough of that B.S., on to OS!


The guys are on a small break right now before returning to Europe for more dates. I will post them as I get them from management. I am told that a full fledge European tour is in the works for Oct-Nov of this year. Details as I get them.

Jul 27 Pula, Croatia Medulin Club Aerodrome

** All dates are subject to change without notice so make sure that you call ahead before travelling a large distance. Dates will be posted on the website as I get them.


According to the SPV-USA website (http://www.spvusa.com):

THE ULTIMATE MOTÖRHEAD DVD "Boneshaker" will be released 09/03/02 !

One of the main events on this DVD is the 25. anniversary (2000) that has been celebrated in the sold out Brixton Academy in London, UK. ( filmed with 8 cameras in dolby 5.1. sound). Furthermore it contains old photos, tv shows and interviews, all commented on Lemmy himself. A bonustrack , the acoustic version of "Ain't No Nice Guys", fanmaterial, an EPK, video clips, ...


The Hammered tour has seen a few dates cancelled because the venues did not provide adequate support for the band and the world famous show they stage. Several of you wrote me angry letters about the cancelled shows. I showed them to Lemmy and he was saddened by their tone. One letter in particular regarding the Salt Lake City show resulted in the following response that I thought I would share with you all...

"Please don't judge me and my band until you've heard what DID happen. The venue rep told you we would not play 'cos it might rain? Think for a moment - have you EVER heard of us cancelling because of the weather - never happen, never has. The reason we cancelled was because we couldn't do a good show with the rubbish the gig supplied for us to work with and because the indoor place was too small, in OUR opinion. I'm sorry, we did let you down in one way, but not in another - we deserve your trust on this - I hate doing bad shows and I am proud to say that we have NEVER let you down. I will play Salt Lake City with pleasure, as we have before. Also, why would we cancel and lose the money when we were already there?! Don't sound realistic to me.

If we can find a good venue to play in Salt Lake City, we'll come back and do a GOOD show. But not a bad one. The promoter shouldn't have let the others play - was our name will on the marquee? He should have given you your money back.

OK, that;s it, but after 34 years on the road it sort of hurts me when people immediately accept the story that is against us. Find out both sides, then you can judge, OK?


I have posted several of the items from the US HAMMERED tour for sale in the Motorheadshop. There are several new items that I think your really going to love. I would also like to thank my dear friend Kim for modelling the items.

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: 3 Jun 2002 17:38:44 -0000
From: "ohm114" ohm114@email.msn.com
Subject: re: os binky503@aol.com

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to BINKY503@aol.com if I offended him and his friends whom I am sure were not among the people I was describing in my review of the Motorhead show in Providence. I wanted to make sure that he or she understood that I do make a difference between those who have a good time and go crazy and those who are basically just hooligans whose only purpose is to go to shows to hurt people. Those people are not Motorhead fans. These are fans of violence, something Motorhead doesn't stand for. To set the record straight it is true that there were some very cool people there too, which I mentioned but maybe should have emphasized more. I am just a little bit concern that those who are not cool are going to ruin it for us who are cool. After all you could be the victim of one of those idiots.
Regarding the body surfing and slamming, I still maintain that in such a tight place and on a concrete floor it might not be the wisest way of entertaining oneself.
Again my sincere apologies if I have offended you and any of the cool people who were at the Providence show, but I am sure that you knew that this was not directed towards you.
And by the way I will be back to any other Motorhead show. That show was great and the bass sound was pure undiluted Motorhead sound, but why isn't Phil using Marshalls?

Dr. Flye

Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 10:22:04
From: "Robin Handy" robinchandy@msn.com
Subject: motorhead in houston and some biased opinions

Oh great. I've been out of it for a while and just realized there was a new album out. I just bought it and tried to find out if they were coming to Houston. Now I see they came, (kicked ass I'm sure), and left. I can't believe I missed it!!! AAAHHHH!!!!

When were they here and what venue?
Houston, TX

Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 22:09:56
From: "Eric Gaumann" efgaumann@earthlink.net
Subject: os lemmy's militaria collection

Hi all,
Got a question for ya.
I've heard, more than once, that Lemmy collects German militaria. I've of course seen pictures of him wearing the EKII around his neck and a few other items decorating his jackets. Also are the album covers that share military themes, often Third Reich related. My question, as a collector myself, is does anyone have any info on his collection? What's he got, or where can info like that be found? Thanks for any help.
Eric Gaumann

PS. Ace, keep up the good work.

**Ace: I have seen the collection in person and it is formidable!

Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 22:41:06 EDT
From: Pvschuckmann@aol.com
Subject: re: os: lemmy the movie

HAI Tom Flynn and J.J. Connelly,
Thanx for writing these great reviews about the LEMMY-film. I posted them onto Peter's Website ( http://www.sempel.com ) hope that's OK with you... check it out!


Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 09:00:15
From: Andreas Roth - andreas.roth@vodafone.de
Subject: os: shoot 'em down

>I've come across a Motortrack called 'Shoot 'em Down', anybody know
>what this track is all about? Is it a b-side for .single?
>Nic MHB163

Hi, Nic. It's a Twisted Sister cover...

Tim MHB672

Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 15:08:54 EDT
From: LRon28@aol.com
Subject: boneshaker dvd


How the hell can I get my hands on the Boneshaker dvd? Are they already out of print? And do they actually work on American dvd players? Let me know something if you've got the answers.


Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 01:45:06
From: "Scott Alisoglu" salisoglu@cox.net
Subject: os: review at zwarp

I saw the show in Denver on May 10 and wrote a review for the Detroit-based website http://www.zwarp.com%3ewww.zwarp.com. This is a hard core, ass-kickin' metal site. Be sure to check it out. Click on "Reviews" to read the review. Of course, the show rocked!

Take care,


Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2002 10:00:51
From: Tim Steinhoff - tim.steinhoff@tu-harburg.de
Subject: motorhead tv appearance - playing 'brave new world'

Hello acetrump!

Just in case you did not notice already, motorhead are going to be on German TV at the show 'TV Total' on channel 'Pro 7' , next Tuesday June 24th 8.15 p.m.

I have it from the following link - unfortunalety in German



Tim Steinhoff

Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 14:49:19
From: "Tim Steinhoff" spades35@gmx.de
Subject: motorhead tv appearance - 2nd part

Hi, it is me again, Tim Steinhoff.
I just read on the spv web page that the TV appearance of motorhead changed to June 27th 10.15 p.m. channel 'Pro 7'.


Tim Steinhoff

Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 21:46:43
From: Alan32@myplace.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #141

I am trying to find motorheads logo to download,to use as a backgrond for the monitor.If you know of any such sites could you please get in touch.cheers alan.

Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 08:31:37
From: "Peter Andersson" peter.andersson@u.lrf.se
Subject: os: shoot ´em down

what this track is all about? Is it a b-side for single?"
"I've come across a Motortrack called 'Shoot 'em Down', anybody know It was mentioned here on the OS, about a year or two ago, that Motörhead was gonna do a cover of "Shoot ´em down" for a tribute to Twisted Sister album. I don´t know what happened with that album, if it ever was released or something else happened to the song. So I have been looking for that track myself. How did you happened to come across it? Radio? >From the question I take it that you don´t have it on a CD.

// Peter, Sweden

Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 15:59:56
From: Brustman & Dynarski - brustman@rcn.com
Subject: boneshaker

Hey Ace,

I'm Bob and have been a longtime fan of your Motorhead page and was on the mailing list years and years ago.

Introductions having been done, then, I was wondering if you know if the Boneshaker DVD was ever officially released in a format playable on US DVD players (Region 0 or 1 and NTSC)?
I figured if anyone would know, it would be you.
If you can spare a moment for an answer, assuming you have an answer,
I'd appreciate it.


Bob Brustman
- brustman@rcn.com

Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2002 09:47:49
From: Mario van - lemmymario@yahoo.com
Subject: os: hammered

Well in my opinion Hammered is sometimes very boring, lots of the songs sound like older MH songs. But that's always the problem with Lemmy & Co, next album can be a great one again..... Still MH is (and will be) my fav. LIVE band, so i'm going off next wensday to Germany to see the guys playing in Oberhausen. Hope to meet some of Motorheadbangers overthere. Lemmy rules even if not al the MH albums are that great!!! I'm looking for the CD version of Beerdrinkers &
Hellraisers, can anybody help me with that??? Greetings from the Netherlands & visit my website;
http://www.mariosmetalmania.tk. Cheers; Mario

Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 16:04:57
From: "Fazio, Lou" Lou.Fazio@disney.com
Subject: motorhead review

hey Ace:

nice article/gig review at anti-music.com:


Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 03:04:46
From: "Dwayne Harrington" Grudmon@netzero.net
Subject: March or Die

For Anyone who knows:
March or Die is my personal favorite Motorhead album. Why were no songs from March or Die on "Everything Louder..." or "Best of"? I know that Motorhead has a lot of songs to choose from but this album seems to be over looked.

Dwayne Harrington
- Grudmon@netzero.net%3eGrudmon@netzero.net

From: "John Kosack" freknout101@msn.com
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 16:02:12

hey im looking for a song of yours this isnt all that important but i need a title and what the title of the cd i think the songs called hardcore i heard it on crusty demonds of dirt its not see me burning though it has the words Hardcore nothing less nothing more

Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 00:24:07 +1000
From: "Cartoons And Chalkboards" twisted264@hotmail.com
Subject: big question needed answer urgently

whats that song motorhead play in the crusty demons 7 movie...?

its goes like this...

Born to lose, born to die, ask the questions tell the lies, electric shock, his the cool, his all and it . its unbeleivable.. his hardcore hardcore hardcore nothing less nothing more his hardcore..!


Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 02:52:16
From: Michael Mc Intyre - mrm420@enteract.com
Subject: OS: Another One

I have another story concerning Motorhead, this one involving my friend, The Good General. He has a job where he drives these fuckin' cleaning ladies to and from the office bulilding where they work. One day a couple of weeks ago, they told him not to eat anything because they had something for him. That night, when he picked them up at the offices, they gave him this jar that had a couple of psilocybin (psychedelic) mushrooms in it. They told him to try one. They said that it would not hit him until after he got home, and he'd be safe driving. Well, I know that if I was looking for information about psychedelic drugs, that I sure would not go to a bunch of fuckin' broads that clean Mr. Biusinessman's toilets for it. The Good General did not see it that way however, and tried one. He puked all over the joint from the awful taste of decay that thosoe fuckin' things have, so they gave him another one. How brilliant to give him these things when he's supposed to be driving you home, but shit like that is why these women clean Mr. Businesman's toilets for a living.
So, The Good General managed to not puke the second one up and away he went. Those fuckin' bags were right, it did not bother him while he drove their fuckin' stupid asses home. But when he went to a victules store to get something to eat, that is when things changed. He could not distinguish between any of the bills in his possession, he could not tell a 1 dollar bill from a 20. Luckily, the lady at the register knows him and helped him out, and he went out to his van to eat whatever he had. As he did so, he had Orgasmatron blasting from the tape deck. He had this on as he argued with St. Olaf about how he cut the hands of people that would not accept Christianity off and why shit like that is why I constantly talk badly about the scourge known as religion. But when The Good General turned around, he saw that he had another passneger in the van, There , sitting in the place wherfe the back seat should have been, was none other than Karol Wojtyla, aka Pope John Paul 2. The Pope was sitting there singing the words to Orgasmatron "I am the one Orgasmatron, the outstretched grasping hand..." The Good General said that it was weird hearing the Pope say "obesquious and arrogant" in that accent of his. So the Pope and The Good General were singing Orgasmatron as the General drove (yes, drove) away.
I thought that this was all a put on at first, but The General convinced me otherwise. I gave him a stern lecture about the sheer folly of listening to a bunch of fuckin' cleaning ladies tell him anything about any drug of any kind. I would not listen to those fuckin' idiots about a fuckin' cough drop, let alone psychedelic mushrooms. But it all turned out OK and gave me yet another preposterous story to tell here for the betterment of all mankind ( well, at least those that read this).
Thank You And Goodnight,
Michael Mc Intyre

Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 03:08:35
From: Michael Mc Intyre - mrm420@enteract.com
Subject: OS: On A Serious Note

For those of you that are distraught over the death of Dee Dee Ramone, there is a section over at his site http://www.deedeeramone.net where you can leave a message or whatever you wish to leave concerning Dee Dee. All that I will say about this is that this is what that fuckin' war of George W. Bush's has brought about, because he has sided America with heroin dealers that are flooding the country with the most inexpensive and most powerful version of their product ever. I fear that we shall see far too much more of these tragic deaths in the future.
Mike Mc Intyre

Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 22:23:23 (CEST)
From: Dirty Bikers - dirtybikers@yahoo.com
Subject: turin - italy - june 19, 2002

I just wonder what the hell ever happened with Motorhead gig that night, and why those management bastards ever moved yer show from Palastampa to that Supermarket dirty rathole place and last of all screw up the whole darn thing and made you leave Turin without playing not even a bloody note. That is all. Thankx men.


Dirty Bikers 1989
Via Celso Miglietti n.38 - 10070 GERMAGNANO (TO) - ITALY
e-mail: dirtybikers@yahoo.com - info@dirtybikers.it
URL : http://www.dirtybikers.it

Date: 21 Jun 2002 14:59:51 -0000
From: "kent Âge julnes" motorkent@hotmail.com
Subject: imotorhead.com video format

Any chance of getting the video bits on imotorhead.com in a Linux-friendly format? My machine here doesn't do Quicktime.

Appreciate your efforts re the list.

**Ace: Hummm.... let me think on that one...

Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 18:21:34
From: rtangent - rtangent@swbell.net
Subject: song question...

This question is for whichever of the guys that can answer... I've been a huge Motorhead fan, since high school (and I won't tell you how long ago that was), but I've had two friends that have *insisted* that y'all did a song that had something to do with "I wanna be a lifeguard". Has there ever been a song with those lyrics, at least one that you've done? It's been a total mystery to me, for years, and I just remembered to ask about it.

Also... Are y'all ever gonna make it back to Texas? I'd just about sell my soul to see y'all in concert!


Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 05:20:55 EDT
From: LAZZAFAIRY@aol.com
Subject: lazza`s rant #39

Subject: lemmy's book

Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 08:05:35

The Simon & Schuster UK website has the following listing as a November 2002 release:

Lemmy: The Autobiography
By Lemmy Kilmister
Simon & Schuster, November 2002, ( 320 pages, £16.99 )
Hardcover, ISBN: 0-684-85868-1

Maybe the wait is finally over.

Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 21:01:05
From: " stamborrato@inwind.it" - stamborrato@inwind.it
Subject: OS: Torino:setting the record straigh


Il concerto del 19 giugno che si doveva svolgere inizialmente al “Palastampa” di Torino è stato prima spostato al “Supermarket”, sempre a Torino, e poi annullato.

Fermo restando che quelli della “Live” (gli organizzatori) già iniziarono a dire che la decisione del cambio di posto è stata presa direttamente dai Motorhead a causa della scarsità di prevendita, ora si scopre che stanno dicendo in giro che l’annullamento del concerto è stato causato, anche questo, dai Motorhead. A richiesta di specificare quali fossero stati i problemi tecnici loro hanno risposto che era l’impianto audio dei Motorhead ad avere problemi e che loro stessi avrebbero dovuto preoocuparsi di controllarlo prima dell’inizio del tour europeo…

Tutto questo è completamente falso! L’impianto audio dei Motorhead funzionava benissimo come abbiamo sentito a Roma il giorno prima e a Venezia il giorno dopo.
La verità è che quelli della “Live”, decidendo il cambio di posto, non si sono preoccupati di una cosa a dir poco elementare, e cioè di verificare se al “Supermarket” (un posto orribile) ci fosse abbastanza potenza elettrica per l’equipaggiamento dei Motorhead!!! In poche parole l’impianto elettrico sarebbe “saltato” dopo i primi due secondi di concerto!! E ora ai signori della “Live” mi verrebbe in mente di cantare una canzone: “Don’t talk to me, I don’t believe a word…”.

Mandate questo messaggioa tutti quelli che erano a Torino quella sera!


The 19th July concert that was to take place at the Torino "Palastampa" was moved at the “Supermarket”, then didn`t take place at all.

First, the organizers (The "Live" people) changed to a different venue, the "Supermarket" (a horrible place if I may say so), due to the lack of pre-sale. They later were moaning the fans Motorhead themselves did want the venue change (patetic!).

The “Live” people blamed, under request of specifications, the equipment itself and added that Motorhead "should have tested it" before starting the European Tour!!

This is completely false! The same gear had performed faultlessly the day before (in Rome)and the day after (in Venice). The reality is that the "Supermarket"didn`t_ have_enough_electricity_power_to run the PA and the rest of Motorhead`s equipment. The PA would have blow off after two seconds of concert!!

Hey, do you remember the song?… “Don’t talk to me I don’t believe a word”.

Please forward this to all poor sods who went to Torino and didn`t get to see the gig.



Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 12:18:36
From: "Schumacher" schumacher.n@wanadoo.nl
Subject: great picture!

Hi Ace,
So we went from Holland to Germany on June 7 for the "Rock and Bike Festival" in Langenhagen/Hannover, and we were the only ones! They expected 10.000 people, there we 500 ....
Sad Sad Sad. A very expencive party. But it did not bother Motorhead, they played like there were 100.000 people. Anyway, because there was no crowd we were right in front of the stage, we could even hand Lemmy a beer! I had my small camera with me and started shooting, all through the end of the show. The last shot was probebly the best, as you can see for yourself. When the pictures were developed I saw how good it turned out and had enlargements made for me and my two mates, Rob and James, with who I went there. I have a bar called Cafe The Rose in Beverwijk, Holland, and the picture hangs there proudly behind the counter!
Now comes the better part!
June 22 there was the Waldrock Festival in Bergum, Holland. Ofcourse we went there and I brought along the three pictures, just in case. And yes, don't ask how we did it again, but we got back stage through 100 security people and made it to the tourbus. Mikkey Dee was outside and we showed him the pictures, asked if The Band wanted to sign them. Lemmy was inside the bus, said he had a headache (came out later, just before the gig, with two girls ....) so we could not enter the bus, but Mikkey took the pictures in and all three signed the pictures.
Then there is a rumour that Motorhead will play at the Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam somewhere in October. Can you confirm this, because on the website the tourlist ends in July.
OK Ace, bye for now, please stay in touch.
Johnny The Rose schumacher.n@wanadoo.nl
P.S. who won the Larry Wallis competition?

Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 13:45:25
From: fencer - fencer@xs4all.nl
Subject: os: tickets for concert in pula croatia

I've been to the waldrock festival last weekend and Motorhead gave a fucking great show! I'm thinking of going to the concert in Pula, Croatia as well on July 27. Does anyone know where I can get tickets in advance? I can't find it online, or will there be tickets available at the entrance? Thanks a lot!

greetz aya

ps. Ace the motorhead website is fantastic, thanks a lot!!

Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 10:28:35
hello Mr lemmy, i'm a bassist too and like you Mr Entwhistle was and rest an
From: "lionel.ganier" lionel.ganier@anpe.fr
Subject: john entwhistle

Example to be followed !!!
Shared sadness.
lio mhb 1907

Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 14:17:17
From: Peter Poellinger - bowman@lycos.de
Subject: lemmy in german tv yesterday

its a non permament link
the statio is called pro7 and the show is called tv total, its kind of a fun show about tv mistakes (they had manowar there also this year!)
please copy this to your archives as it may be gone soon!!!!

Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 20:04:52
From: "Tim Steinhoff" spades35@gmx.de
Subject: motorhead tv appearance

Do You remember my mail about Motorheads TV appearance on Thursday last week at German show TV-Total. Unfortunately You did not mention it on the news page. But fortunately Motorhead's appearance and the talk of Lemmy with the show moderator Stefan Raab before is available as a video for the realplayer.

You can check it out under http://tvtotal.prosieben.de . Click on the Lemmy pic, next frame click on the 'ansehen'-button underneath the small picture of Lemmy.

The talk is quite funny!
Tim Steinhoff

Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2002 18:46:03 (CEST)
From: Stefano - nuraxi@yahoo.com
Subject: os: motorhead in italy and photo album

Flying to the peninsula I have met a lot of friends who I did not see for a long time and that were coming from the most disparate parts of Italy. You cannot imagine how much amused me to hear all the various ways in which Italian is pronounced, we all have spent most of the time to mock each other for our way to speak! However, I want to mention at least Miki Demichelis here, who decided to follow Motorhead with me along the boot.

Rome, 18th June

Me and Miki have gone to the place of the concert the morning when the truck has arrived and it was begun to set up the equipment. While I was there I have seen people showing the medium finger and heard a varied assortment of fuck and fucking, it was clear I was close to Motorhead. Typically Anglo-Saxon to put fuck and fucking everywhere and to show fingers, all it seems fucked when I hear them speaking: the fucking stage, the fucking guitar, the fucking sound, the fucking aeroplane, the fucking hotel and so on. It’s quiet funny to me.

The first one we meet is Phil who walked away escaping from us, then we see Mikkey who tells us: “I’m sorry for the loss, the golden the goal is so brutal”. What? Ah, I have understood that he was referring about to the match Italy vs Korea that he was watching until few minutes before. Ma, I have answered him that I was not really thinking to football as 1/3 of Motorhead was in front of me! :-)

I give a look at the showtimes of the day, Motorhead will play the soundcheck the 4:30, but only Damage Case was chosen. At 7:00 play the first support band: Hardcore Superstar from Sweden, is an excellent band, play a kind of vintage rock’n’roll. I suggest you all to listen to something of them because they deserve attention. I had already seen them last year supporting AC/DC but I did not remember they are so good. The second band, at 8:30, were Gamma Ray from Germany, they deserve respect but they do not meet my tastes. Motorhead are at 10:00, then there is the curfew (what ?!) at 12:00. The flyer indicates also All Ages Show., what?! Yeah right! I remember that in the USA the rock concerts are prohibit to the younger!! This is something that for me is inconceivable. I find it ridiculous. I will never understand.

The concert begins and we hear the sound is lower than normal. The truck driver before has explained me that there was a limit of 95 dB, absolutely ridiculous for a Motorhead show. Motorhead average sound is 140 dB but June the 12th in Oberhausen (Germany) has reached 160 dB, terrible! They have played in an old factory there was nobody around who could be disturbed for such a loud sound! Thought I have read somewhere that an airlplane to takeoff develops 130 dB of noise and the Space Shuttle to take off develops 130 of dB!! However, 95 dB is too low and in fact Eagle, after the concert, has said me that Dave increased the sound approximately up to 125/130 dB! This time I have appreciated a lot the set list, finally some songs that I have heard too many times have been replaced by others that we haven’t heard a lot in past. I relate to Love For Sale, Ramones, Shoot You In The Back, Doctor Rock and Just ‘cos You Got The Power (two days later).

Finally Over Your Shoulder and I’m So Bad have taken a deserved rest. I was a bit tired to hear especially I’m So Bad, it was in the set list since April 1989 with to Going To Brazil (another song that should has a rest with Civil War), 12 years in the set list!! There are other rock’n’roll tunes that could replace Going To Brazil. Mine All Mine could be one of those. Anyway, the best for me was Doctor Rock, finally I’ve heard it at last, I think there was no hope. Brave New World has been the only song from the new album Hammered., its cover was showed in an enormous banner that made the background. The video (the Pope appears in it) was aired since three weeks from MTV here in Italy, along with Serial Killer. Ramones was dedicated to Joey and Dee Dee Ramone. Lemmy didn’t like the roar so repeats: “No, no, you don’t understand. Joey and Dee Dee fucking Ramone!”. The crowd answered louder.

About in the middle of the concert I have had a surprise. I felt somebody tipping my shoulder, I have recognized Flecha who has traveled from Almeria (Spain) until Rome with his girlfriend Rosa. I met him the 1st time in London for the 25th anniversary. He doesn’t speak English yet which, being a superfan , I think it’s a record. I have friendly blamed him for this: “you do not know what you loose not to speak with your favourite band”. The concert ends and then, me and Miki, about after one hour, were in the backstage with Lemmy, Mikkey and Phil. Finally we spoken also with Phil, Motorhead’s half Italian guitar player. I have said that they were nearly two years that I waited to speak with him… (me and Miki had no success in all the afternoon) Phil was quite sorry for this, was complaining for a flù.

I have given to all three something, even a collection of their TV appearances in Italy since 1996. I give it Phil and I say: “Hey Phil, you had the mad cow disease!. He watches astonished to me while I say again: “the mad cow disease!”. So he remembers himself about a TV show in ‘97 where he showed up dressed like a cow. He was therefore happy for receiving a copy finally. The flù has been forgotten! Mikkey next to him asks me if he got the same recording. Sure!

Time to go, tomorrow we have 800 km to cover in order to arrive to Turin. I only approach Lemmy for a moment again to give him my compliments for the concert and tell I found him in a very good shape.

Set list:
We Are Motorhead
No Class
Civil War
Damage Case
Love For Sale
God Save The Queen
Brave New World
Nothing Up My Sleeve
Doctor Rock
Shoot You In The Back
Sacrifice plus drum solo
Going To Brazil
Killed By Death
Iron Fist
Ace Of Spades

Turin, 19 June

Not a lot to say, as me and Miki have arrived Mikkey says us the concert is cancelled. Incredible but true, the Supermarket did not have enough power for Motorhead! Lemmy and Phil remained in the bus while Mikkey is outside meeting the fans and giving away promo black and white photos.

Marcon (Venice), 20 June

We had a beautiful surprise on the motorway to Venice, 80 km before Marcon. We were going fast because we had fear not to find the place or not to arrive in time. However, it was approximately 1:00 when we have caught up the Motorhead bus! We were comfortably following them but, before to reach the venue, shrewed that we were going altogether to the wrong way!

In Marcon was hotter than Rome, at 4:00 nobody was able to stay with the T-shirt on but Mikkey, incredible! Not only, he also wanted to play to football in a field next. Then I see Freddie who goes towards the bus with two bottles of Jack Daniels, one of Jim Beam and one of vodka. Easy to understand that Lemmy has been waked up from rests afternoon! At 6:00 the soundcheck begins and, with our big surprise, they performed Rockaway Beach by the Ramones, song that will appear in a tribute. Then parts of Rosalie, Just ‘cos You Got The Power and Cat Scratch Fever find room also. Mikkey then approached the microphone in order to say us all how much he likes CSF: “I hate this fucking song! It’s a shit! Fuck! Fuck!” (!). The concert begins and I was downstage to take photos, Phil has been therefore kind to me, posing for two seconds during the second song. Lemmy kicks off the show shouting :” We are Motorhead and we’re gonna fuck your head up”. He kept the promise After the first minutes I notice the sound was veeery loud.
I was not able to know how much dB we had but on ending I have felt pain in my left ear. Probably we have reached the 160 dB. The only thing I am sure is that it has been the loudest Motorhead show I have ever seen. The ears have ended to ring after six days!! The set list is the same of Rome, except for Orgasmatron that has been replaced by Jus cos You Got The Power, excellent!

Time to go and to say goodbye to all. To my friends who I have met everywhere, thanks for having help me not being exactly near home. I could not have made nothing without your invaluable help! I love you! Ha! Ha! Hello also to my friend from Moscow Artyom fucking Golew who hasn’t come in Italy for bureaucratic problems. And hello also to all the people I know who, for big impediments, couldn’t go to see Motorhead. Better you than me! Ha! Ha!

Now, those of you who had the patience to read this letter until the end can take an extra moment to click the URL below. It’s my new photo album about Motorhead in Italy: ‘Motorhead Caput Mundi’ (28 pics). See us in Italy, see Phil and Lemmy shirtless!


Also, always available ’25 Years And Still Horny’, my photo album about Motorhead’s 25th anniversary (35 pics), enjoy!


..featured in Sarmad Sheik’s site ‘No Sleep ‘til My Ears Bleed’: http://go.to/motorhead

Feel you free to e-mail me for any comment and suggestion: nuraxi@yahoo.com

Stefano Loi

Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2002 19:34:33
From: "Bob Blahunka" bobb@easyriders.com
Subject: overnight sensation?

Hey Ace, I'm just checking, I know that you are a very busy man and have many things to do. But, I was just wondering about the O.S. list, I haven't recieved one in a few months. I hope everything is allright.

You do one helluva job, and I for one appreciate the hard work and time you put into this forum.

Ace: I hang my head in shame... :-(

Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 18:32:11
From: "Christer Jansson" gandalv@telia.com
Subject: os: sam gopal

Hi all!
Just happened to stumble upon a copy of an album named "Escalator" by a band named "Sam Gopal", and some of you may wonder why this is of any interest to this forum.

Well, the singing bassist is none less than one Ian Willis, later to be known as Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister...

...and the album is pretty cool! No regular drums, just percussion, and yes the recordings are made in the late 60's, but nonetheless I think it's a pretty cool album although I haven't really listened in on it yet.

I strongly recommend to any real Lemmy freak to try and get your hands on it!

(One of the songs, namely "The Sky Is Burning", at times sounds suspiciously similar to the soft parts of "Dead and Gone", but, since our hero claims to have written the lot, maybe we can forgive him ;-)

(They say it's a sign of old age when you start repeating yourself)
(They say it's a sign of old age when you start repeating yourself)



Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 11:49:18
From: "Peter Andersson" peter.andersson@u.lrf.se
Subject: os: motörhead/myofist

Back in, I think it was 99, I wrote a message here on the OS and pointed out some similarities between Lemmy/Motörhead and a band called Myofist and a record called "Thunder in Rock" relesead in the early 80s. Somehow that message has now, three years later, reached bandmembers of Myofist and I´ve been hearing from them. Myofist was, they told me, actually touring with Motörhead and Krokus for a while back in 81, and during the end of that tour bandleader and guitarist Ron Chenier was approached by Lemmy about joining Motörhead.

As I´m sure this is something many old MH-fans and historicans would like to know I´m posting this information here on the SB. The following is taken from the mail I got from bandmember Laurie Curry:

"This is Laurie Curry from the Band FIST / MYOFIST. I was looking on the Motorhead head site and noticed you were finding similarities between Ron Chenier and Lemmy....

It is funny you mention that...

Back in 1981 "Fist"(Canada, U.S.)/"Myofist"(Europe)"Myo" added due to a European Fist already in existance", toured with Motorhead and Krokus on the Monsters of Metal tour (Can/U.S.).

Suprisingly Krokus approached our bass player (Jeff Nystrom) to join them as bassist and Lemmy approached Ron to replace his guitarist at the end of that tour.

All said, the member changes never transpired and Fist continues to record and are still around today. I am the Keyboardist who took over for Ivan Tessier back in 1983 and Ron (the Voice) is still our vocalist / guitarist .

Thanks for your thoughts,
Laurie Curry.



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