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Issue #141 - May 31, 2002

OS: Onward To Europe
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #140
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #140
OS: Where is the DVD !!!!!
OS: Montreal gig!!
OS: Motorhead back in Dublin!
review from the chance in pougkeepsie,ny
OS: Motorhead in Providence, RI..(.The real story)
Hammered on vinyl
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #140
OS: Lemmy's US status
SF Show
OS: gimme absolution/ get outta me
OS: Words Of Warning
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #140
OS: A sad story
April 27 Toronto Gig at The Docks
OS: Ramones cover
OS: My ears are still bleeding.....
Hammered review at Ink19.com
OS: Motorhead story
OS : Shoot 'em Down ?
Vote Lemmy????
Vote Lemmy!
OS: hammered
OS: Oh Man
OS: Motorhead in Houston and some biased opinions
OS: LONG DeKalb/Chicago reviews Hammered
Re: Overnight Sensation SPECIAL REPORT
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #140
Hammered of Japanese
Re: Overnight Sensation SPECIAL REPORT
OS: Peter Sempel's documentary, LEMMY
LEMMY documentary review: correction
Missing hat
heres you hat
OS: Ouch, my neck!
video of 5-17-02 SF
Deaf Forever
Search on DVD
Boneshaker dvd...
OS: Lemmy The Movie

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Date: April 27, 2002
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: onward to europe

Greetings Fellow Motorheadbangers!!


The US tour in support of HAMMERED is now one for the history books. The tourwent well and by all accounts people enjoyed the shows. The guys are preparing for several dates in Europe.

Slash joined the boys on stage at the last show of the tour. The house of Blues on Sunset was the scene and Slash kicked it with the guys on a blistering rendition of "Born To Raise Hell". Many rock luminaries were in attendence. I saw Bobby Blotzer, Johnny Ramone, Slash, Ron Jeremy, Paul Gorgano and many more.

Jun 7 Langenhagen, Germany Bike and Rock Festival
Jun 8 Solvesburg, Sweden Sweden Rock Festival
Jun 10 Hamburg, Germany Docks
Jun 12 Oberhausen, Germany Turbinehalle
Jun 14 Zurich, Switzerland Volkshaus
Jun 15 Graz, Austria Orpheum
Jun 16 Vienna, Austria Arena
Jun 18 Rome, Italy Valle Giulia
Jun 19 Turin, Italy Palastampa
Jun 20 Venice, Italy Marcon Sport Arena
Jun 22 Bergum, NET Waldrock Festival
Jun 29 Dublin, Ireland Xtremefest
Jul 3 Athens, Greece Rockwave Festival
Jul 6 Leipzig, Germany With Full Force Festival
Jul 27 Pula, Croatia Medulin Club Aerodrome

** All dates are subject to change without notice so make sure that you call ahead before travelling a large distance. Dates will be posted on the website as I get them.



Legendary heavy metal trio Motorhead played Club Townsend in San Francisco, CA, on Friday, May 17, 2002, as part of its U.S. tour to promote the Metal-Is/Sanctuary CD 'Hammered' and, unfortunately, the distinctive hat owned and worn by vocalist/bass guitarist Lemmy was stolen from the backstage area. The theft occurred during a 30-minute window between the beginning of the encore and the end of the show. He'd worn the hat on stage for the main set.

Lemmy bought this black hat -- a cross between a pirate hat and cowboy hat -- at a truckstop while on tour many years ago, and he
personalized it with his own original decorations and designs. The hat is made of brushed, soft cloth although it is "hard" and maintains its shape.

The rocker's famous hat became a trademark. He's often been photographed wearing it, and he always wears it when performing in concert.

Lemmy would like to have his hat back. Individuals who have information about the hat's whereabouts may send an e-mail to Ace Trump, the web master of Motorhead's official web site -- http://www.imotorhead.com. Tips should be e-mailed to Trump at: acetrump@bigfoot.com. Tip providers may remain anonymous. A reward is being offered.


I have posted several of the items from the US HAMMERED tour for sale in the Motorheadshop. There are several new items that I think your really going to love. I would also like to thank my dear friend Kim for modelling the items.

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: 29 Apr 2002 16:37:54 -0000
From: Denis Punch - dpunch@javanet.com
Subject: os: where is the dvd !!!!!

Is it EVER going to be released in America and if so, WHEN !!!! Just a few lines else to ramble about Hammered and the BRILLIANT guitar work of one Mr. Phillip Campbell. Am completely stoked on the new disc, a great big cheers to the Motorlads for an outstanding disc. To all involved in the making of Hammered and especially to the band, do take a bow ! Amazing guitar work, am speechless. If you do not have a copy of the new disc, RUN don't walk to your nearest shop and buy 2 copies ! That is all.

P.S. Your contributions to O.S. are incredible Ace. A big wet sloppy kiss to you ! Well, maybe just a hug or a headbutt. Ace, how about a line of T Shirts and bumper stickers: What Would Lemmy Do.

Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 18:13:27
From: Clammy - evilclam@rogers.com
Subject: os: montreal gig!!

Hey all,

Just got home from the gig in Montreal, and all I can say is WOW!!
Another kick-ass Motorhead show!!!

The weather, on the other hand, sucked ASS! We got a winter snow storm complete with blowing wet snow, and freezing rain on APRIL 28!! What The FUCK is that!?!? Ah well, the show more than made up for the lousy weather.

Due to Motorhead's tour bus breaking down on the way to the show, they didn't arrive at the venue until 5 pm, and that caused the doors to open an hour and a half late. By the time they started to let us in, the first band, Speedealer was already playing, and by the time people finished getting in, Voivod had already played, and Morbid Angel were about halfway through their set. Needless to say, I'm VERY glad my friends and I got in at the head of the line.

During Speedealer's set, my friends and I hooked up with Motorhead's perennial light man, and all around SUPER nice guy, Tony Beeton, and wound up hanging out with him for the rest of the night talking about the current tour and generally just having a ball. My thanks and appreciation go out to Tony for letting us hang out with him in the sound booth, where he performed his lighting magic, giving us the best seats in the house!!!

The venue was PACKED, and the set featured a great mix of newer Motorhead and classics, including some songs that they haven't performed in a while such as Damage Case, Just ''Cos You Got The Power, Nothing up my Sleeve, etc...

Lemmy kicked off the festivities with his signature line "We are Motorhead, and we're gonna kick your ass!", and the band ripped into "We Are Motorhead". The venue's security must have not known about the fans exuberance as the barriers that were set up at the front of the stage were woefully inadequate and during the song they were completely overrun. As the boys moved into "No Class", fans were jumping onstage, and security was going nuts trying to keep them from getting to the band. About halfway through the 3rd song, "Bomber", security got over zealous with one fan while trying to remove him from the stage, almost tackling Phil Campbell, and actually toppled one of Phil's guitar stacks. At that point, Phil took his guitar off, and left the stage, while Lemmy continued with the song. Lemmy didn't notice what had happened until the part near the end of the song where the guitar plays alone while Lemmy does some bass shots, and when Lemmy stopped playing, there was complete silence. When that happened, Lemmy looked over to Phil's side of the stage, saw what was going on, and with a laugh, continued through the majority of the rest of the song. Towards the end of the song, the soundman said something to Lemmy, and he (Lemmy) said into the mic, "We'll be back in a couple of minutes", then he left the stage as well. The road crew brought in a replacement stack for Phil, while security re-established the barrier, this time reinforcing it with 2x4s. After about a 20 minute delay, the boys hit the stage, continued on as though nothing had happened, and the rest of the set went on, without major incident, and RIPPED!!

We were all very happy that few drunk assholes didn't ruin the show for everyone, and the band deserves MAJOR kudos for taking it all in stride!!!

The rest of the set was :

Civil War
Damage Case
Love For Sale
God Save The Queen
Brave New World (off of Hammered - a fucking AWESOME song!!)
Nothing Up My Sleeve
Stay Out Of Jail
R.A.M.O.N.E.S. (dedicated to Joey Ramone)
Born To Raise Hell
Shoot You In The Back
Sacrifice (with a KILLER Mikkey Dee drum solo!!)
Just Cos You Got The Power
Going To Brazil
Killed By Death
Iron Fist
Ace Of Spades (Encore)
Overkill (Encore)

When the band hit the stage for the encore, Lemmy said (this is a paraphrase, hehe) "We've been on tour for 3 weeks, I haven't said this yet, but you are the best fucking crowd we've had, I love playing this city, and we'll be back sooner this time!!". The last time Motorhead played Montreal, was about 2 years ago.

After the show, Tony and us went to this little shithole punk bar for a couple of beers and were joined by Mikkey Dee.

All in all, another GREAT Motorhead experience!!!!


That's it !!! I'm calling the "SCARY BALD GUY"!!

FALLOUT's Official Website!
Check it out at :

Also check out FALLOUT's home on MP3.com:

If you like it HEAVY, it's the place to be!!!

Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 23:29:18
From: "Pete Murray" petemurray@iol.ie
Subject: os: motorhead back in dublin!

Just thought I should let you know that Motorhead are coming back to play in Dublin, Ireland @ R.D.S. on Saturday 29th June. I'm really looking forward to it as the show last May was absolutely brilliant! The show also features One minute silence, NOmeansNO and about 6 other bands. Tickets are ?45.

Roll on June 29th!!

Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 19:17:54 EDT
From: BINKY503@aol.com
Subject: review from the chance in pougkeepsie,ny

the show at the chance in pougkeepsie was my tenth motorhead show but it ranked among the best great set list band was full of energy place was packed to the rafters. only show i can say was better was my second motohead viewing in 1982 at playdium in new york which had full show(bomber lighting set). also just to add new album is a top effort also.

keep on bangin
the yardog

Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 19:39:04
From: "The Imperial Fla" fla_x@hotmail.com
Subject: motorhead in providence, ri..(.the real story)

Hey Motorheadbangers!
I just wanted to set the record straight about the show in my home town of Providence. That ignorant fool that was saying it was like a neo-nazi rally is out of his fucking mind. Are you just so out of touch that you think anyone with a shaved head is a nazi? Providence doesn't stand for that kind of bullshit, catch up with times and have some fun. I am almost 30 and I've seen Motorhead many times, but I must say I've never been surrounded by so many good people that were all there to have a good time and see their favorite band do what they do best. I danced with friends, made new ones, and couldn't have possibly been any happier. I also got to hear a great story from the girl that was working the desk at the hotel Lemmy and the boys were staying at, it's a strip club downstairs and a hotel upstairs (rock n' roll!) she wasn't much of a fan so she gave me an autographed glossy that Phil gave her!! What a night....why did it have to end? So anyway, fuck that guy for trying to tell the world that Providence is a breeding ground for Nazis, couldn't be further from the truth, I guess Motorhead fans are just too much for you to handle, stay home next time fucker!!!!!!!
Keep up the great work Ace!!

Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 00:21:11
From: "Perry Smith" perry1958@msn.com
Subject: hammered

Oh man what a killer album, it's been awhile. I think this is up there with Sacrifice & Bastards (as far as later albums). Way to go Boys! See you at HOB Anaheim!!!

Fan for decades, Perry

Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 10:35:39 (CEST)
From: Thierry Denervaud - tdenervaud@yahoo.fr
Subject: hammered on vinyl

In response to Ray 13, yes SPV in Germany has released "hammered" in vinyl. Great sleeve by the way in this format.


Thierry MHB 342

http://fr.mail.yahoo.com%3eYahoo! Mail -- Une adresse @yahoo.fr gratuite et en franįais !

Date: 1 May 2002 02:29:54 -0000
From: IrishRogueSean@aol.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #140

>OK, Lemmy has been living in the United Staes for a number of years
>now right? Has he been here long enough to become >a naturalized
>citizen, or is he still a resident alien?

I believe Lemmy is still here on an extended work visa. The US fuckers won't grant him citizenship due to his infamous drug bust in Hawkwind approximately one thousand years ago! Pathetic, but typical...


Date: Wed, 01 May 2002 21:49:21
From: "Billy Steel" bsteel@susqsf.com
Subject: sf show


My Metal Show is presenting the show on May 17th. Checkout my webpage http://www.1077thebone.com click on my head and the Motorhead show is the first thing you'll see.

Billy Steel

Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 12:48:09
From: George Corner - motornut_2001@yahoo.co.uk

Hi Ace,

The new album's taken a bit of listening to - initially didn't rate it as highly as Snake Bite Love which of the last 10 years is probably their strongest album - but that doesn't make it a bad one. I wonder if the use of two producers has had anything to do with it maybe? Overall, still a good one though.

In response to a question from issue 140, the guy who asked about the "On Parole" album - this was a cash-in release (apparently!) and issued by United Artists, probably around 1979 when the first three albums had come out and moreso after the Overkill and Bomber releases which enjoyed substantial attention. As the original lineup had first gone to UA to record what more or less became the Motorhead album on the Chiswick label, they were disappointed to find that UA decided not to release it and held the tapes back from issue.

The rest of the story, you probably know.

There's also been a book release on Lemmy from Omnibus Press which is selling in the UK for 8.95 sterling which is by and large a series of press cuttings and interviews snippets taken from the man himself from 1977 to the present day. Is this a cash-in as well? It seems like a missed opportunity given that the book we'd hoped to see appear probably wasn't like this one. On the other hand, it's got some highly amusing quotes therein not least the one comparing the Tesco's frozen chicken counter with Pat Travers!

Anyway best wishes all - hope the US and European dates lead to some UK gigs towards the end of the year with a bit of luck and those of you hastening to a gig in your (or a nearby) town for the first time to see this amazing band, enjoy - it really should be a mandatory duty to go and catch this trio play live at some point in your life!!

Date: Sun, 5 May 2002 00:50:40
From: "jupp" jupp@juppheidi.de
Subject: gimme absolution/ get outta me

Back in the eighties, my YOUNGER brother came home and showed me that incredible album. Leather covered (human skin? ;-) ), it said with a frightening white face: " No remorse". And that?s it: Forget vodoo! It?s Lemmy! I used to be a 14 year old boy, just in Mum?s cradle and Motörhead killed my young soul. I heard the record and this fucking Lemmy got in my thoughts, screwed and crawled in my brain, and now? (By the way: Have you ever been drunk by Maibock and got snaggletooth in your ears? GREAT.. if you?re not sad at the time!) No way to get rid of it... But why? I like the grip of the iron fist in my belly, I?ve got a friend in my own trenches, And when I listen to the Old Man`s laughter in "killed by death" I forget that I am a father for a second.
So I don?t need a fucking computer game or hurting soemone else, i can proudly leave my dark thoughts in Lemmy?s damn well lyrics and deep in "forgetting". THAT`S Motorhead`s credo: "Tell about it and grow with it. Tell the fuckin`truth and give a hell on those motherfuckers. Chin up and shoulders back" I take Lemmy?s words for real and hope that he is the man to live it.
To my disappointment I will never meet this great, black, friendly, angry and humourous person itself, but I hope to join Leipzig. So give a shit for silly sentences of a slightly drunk german.
CU Dirk Oest

Date: Sun, 05 May 2002 04:10:46
From: Michael Mc Intyre - mrm420@enteract.com
Subject: OS: Words Of Warning

I got some stuff from the drug law reform people the other day that had something very interesting in it. It seems that the Drug Enforcement Agency of the USA has a plan. This summer, they are going to work with local Pig departments across America to infiltrate rock concerts all across the country and bust people getting high and shit. They say that they plan to be everywhere, in the halls, the parking lots, backstage, etc. These fuckin' Pigs are out to bust anyone. They have already started this practice at concerts by Widespread panic and other bands. They say that they will be all over the big rock and roll shows traveling across America this summer, but they have also said that they plan to be at shows at theaters and smaller halls too, like the ones that Motorhead plays at. So watch out if you are at a concert in America this summer, the fuckin' Pigs plan to be everywhere.
Isn't that fuckin' nice? This is what these fuckin' Pigs do to their own people. Oh man, I bet that they would love to make an example out of Lemmy and the boys. So I hope that they are careful, more so than usual. It would suck so bad to hear about any of them, or any of the fans either, getting caught up in this ridiculous bullshit. So get the word out like the drug law reform people want us to, so this can all be another colossal failure for the fuckin' Pigs and in the fall, the likes of me can write scathing denunciations of the Pigs and their tactics and what they try to do.
Fuck All The Fuckin' Pigs And Narcs,
Michael Mc Intyre

Date: 5 May 2002 20:50:00 -0000
From: Slyr2133@aol.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #140

I have read from the internet that Motorhead have finished their version of 'rock away beach' for the Ramones tribute cd later in the year. I was wondering if the cover was going to come out on a Motorhead single or anything?

The Ramones Tribute CD will be one to buy though, RAMONES RULED!!


Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 04:58:51
From: rob chaisson - rchaisson_2000@yahoo.com
Subject: os: my ears are still bleeding.....


Just caught the 'Hammered' show at the Docks in Toronto (April 27th) and just had to post for a few reasons;

1) It was a PHENOMINAL show,even by Motorhead standards.The crew was on fire as they tore through such classics as"Damage Case","Killed By Death","Metropolis" as well as smoking late-era fare such as"Love For Sale" and "Brave New World"Although Lemmy seemed a bit put-off by the ongoing struggle to make his vocals audible,the crowd took no notice.I cant recall the last time I saw such an over the top crowd response at a T.O. show.A perfectly blissful evening except for....

2)...the young brother and sister who were down from Orillia(?) for their first Motorhead gig.I believe they said that they were originally from P.E.I.-Anyway,I reaaly wanted to hook up with you guys after the show to share what we couldnt share at thw venue!!! I would really love to get in touch with them-especially sis!!! If anyone knows these wild folks,please get in touch.Hint-"Sis" and I were discussing the movie "Eat the Rich"-I have a copy with your name (if I only I knew what that was!!!) on it,honey so please find me!!!!

Cheers Ace


Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 09:37:30
From: "JOSEPH FRIETZE" jdfrietze@peoplepc.com
Subject: hammered review at ink19.com

Hey there Ace,

I just wanted to let you know about a review I wrote for Hammered. It's up at Ink 19 right now, and I think you'll like it. We even made sure to get the umlaut right.



Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 15:17:00
From: "Steve Flach" sflach@eossystems.com
Subject: os: motorhead story

Here is a good story I saw on the net. It is a road story from the Canadian rock band Helix who toured with Motorhead. I was at the Masonic Temple (also called the Concert Hall) show in Toronto in 1983. This was the Another Perfect Day tour. Helix are kind a glam band, and they did not go over well. Tons of middle fingers from the crowd. I remember they stuck with it though. Anyways, the story in this link tells some cool stories about touring with Motorhead, an especially funny one about a show in Chicago. Enjoy

Date: Sun, 12 May 2002 09:13:02
From: "Nic and Ann McCartney" nic_and_ann@btinternet.com
Subject: os : shoot 'em down ?

I've come across a Motortrack called 'Shoot 'em Down', anybody know what this track is all about? Is it a b-side for single?

Nic MHB163

Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 13:04:19
From: "niall cronin" niallc@ironmaiden.com
Subject: vote lemmy????

Evening all,
Just thought I'd pass this on to you. As you may or may not know (or probably care!) there's a genereal election here in Ireland on the 17th May, so imagine my surprise when I was sitting on the bus on the way into Dublin city centre last saturday and saw a large poster of our glorious leader with the headline on it "Vote Lemmy"! Now the boys are playing over here next month but there was no mention of this on the poster so I'm presuming its not an ad for the gig. Does anyone on here have anything to do with this as I think its fuggin' brilliant. And me without a camera! Any Irish guys going on the 29th June??

Take care

Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 08:08:48 EDT
From: LAZZAFAIRY@aol.com
Subject: cheers

Death is out and on parole!

Yes kiddies, as of 20th May `Death in the guitarfternoon` is available in all bad record stores, all over the world. If your local sound-emporium ain`t got it, then please give `em the word, okay? It was time to go global, as online sales weren`t bad, but having thought about it, maybe it was asking a lot of Fairy-freaks to actually get it together to get online, get PayPalled-up, and buy the thing with a credit-card, as `our kinda people` are usually, shall we say, a bit on the `relaxed` side? Yes, relaxed is as good a word as any, so don`t mess about, join the folks who are groovin` outta their nuts on it, buy the bugger! Incidentally, it`s so right and fitting that the company who are helping me get legit is called `Proper Distribution`, how perfect.
I am terrifically impressed by the reaction it`s got, beyond my wildest dreams really gang, it is about to get reviewed incredibly favourably by a buncha USA mags, and next month Uncut Magazine are including a review, along with putting a track on the freebie CD that`s on the cover, which is nice. Uncut have kindly put a `We thought you were dead` interview in the current (may ) issue, i can`t blame `em tho`, for a while there i thought i was dead too. Uncut Rocks!
What else? oh yeah, on Friday 10th i did the Lee Brilleaux memorial gig down on Canvey Island, as usual, a funny and touching event, more so this year, as 10th May would have brought Lee`s 50th birthday. Lee`s death is still something that i really havn`t come to terms with people, i dunno why, it just seems so terribly wrong, he should have lived forever, taking his music and his personality to lovers of real music all over the world, it is such a drag. It sure gives me second thoughts about Life, The Universe, and Everything.
Anyway, you don`t wanna hear me rant about the unfairness of life`s lottery do ya? No, of course not, so about the gig.
It was a throwaway affair, i was aided and abbetted by two giants of rock, being Dr Kevin, the Feelgood`s drummist, and Big George, who a week or two ago was just an ordinary Godling who played Bass on my album, but since then has been elevated to the dizzying heights of `Music Broadcast Presenter Of The Year`, beating the crap outta Mark Lamarr and co, which is soooooo perfect, Lamarr didn`t review `Death`, even tho` i sent him a copy, and Big George`s idea of revenge makes the mafia look like a buncha particularly effeminate sissies all dressed up as girls. Good ol` Bug Jug. That`s Big G`s secret name. Oops! Sorry George. So George kinda knew the songs, having played `em on the disc, and Kevin spent a good twenty seconds listening to each song, (the man is a pro after all ) and away we went. We did `El Diablo`s hangin` ten`, `Crying all night`, Mrs Hippy Burning`, `Downtown Jury`, `I`m a Police Car`, and ended up with our hooligan version of the Feelgood song that began my association and lifelong friendship with the boys, `As long as the price is right`, and we were off. It was a nice little outing, but when i do it for real, i will be going with the two-guitar line-up, as my songs are definately not a three-man job are they? No, i`ve gotta have at least two axes whacking it out, otherwise it just doesn`t work. A few weeks back i had a chat with Michael Bruce of the Alice Cooper band, KLANG! and we both feel the same, Michael said "I`m still lookin` fo! r that other dude", and i may have found mine, a chap called Pete Cippa, and if it works, once we get the songs off, fitting a bass-player and drummer into the picture will be so much easier, then Larry Wallis and The Meatmen may be able to go out and make a noise, we`ll see. I need management and organization, anyone got any ideas?
While i`m at it, i really fancy playing or recording with a going concern, does anybody want an itinerant axeman for a while......? What else? Oh yeah, `Kings of Oblivion`. It would seem that, now that i`ve done this thing, actually pulled it off without the aid of a buncha tossers called The Record Company to fuck it up, it looks as if Russell, Sandy, and yours truly are gonna do it again, why not?
At the moment, i am writing songs, the chaps are looking at their scribblings, and when it`s all together, ( spot the Oxymoron ) we`ll go into a studio, record Bass, Drums, Rythm and Guide Vocals, then i`ll bring it back to my studio and add the requisite twenty-million guitars, good plan huh? My working title is `So near yet so what`, but nae doot that`ll change at least a dozen times, as these things do. It was Sandy who came up with the title
`Kings of Oblivion`, we took it from a Bowie song on `Changes`. Bewlay Brothers where are you now? I imagine that if i hit it off with my new best friend Pete Cippa, we would have to include him in live shows, should they come to pass, the funny part about all this, is that Pete has absolutely no idea of these plans, i`d better tell him to check out the site, it`s only fair, ennit? Hi Pete. Songs that look as if they`re making the grade so far are `When Castro`s at the bat`, `When i was dead`, `Among the subs`, `Long time dead`, and `Old enough to know better` ( and much too young to care ) i am having a lotta fun writing `em gang, i just hope that The Curse Of The Fairies keeps it`s distance this time, time will, no doubt, reveal all.....................
Okay kiddies, what else before i go back to slaving over a hot Axe? Oh yeah, the IMOTORHEAD site is giving away six signed copies of `Deathternoon` in a competition, so get on and win one immediately. This is care of my good friend Ace Trump, who rides herd on the Motorhead site, got along little doggies Ace, you`re the best, yeeeeha!
Okay dudes and dudesses, i hope you are all having a good time, i really wanna thank you people out there for not only buying
`Death`, but for the floods of @`s letting me know that it is going down well, keep `em coming folks. That`s it, i`m off, and let`s be careful out there, okay......?

The Vicar of Dolby.

Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 10:47:49
From: "niall cronin" niallc@ironmaiden.com
Subject: vote lemmy!

Was enquiring about this election poster yesterday, here's a link if you want to see it -



Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 23:31:05
From: "C. Tuncbilek" cemt@on.aibn.com
Subject: os: hammered

I just wanted to write in and say this new album is awesome. I've been listening to it alot the past few weeks, it's got some killer songs. Another Motorhead classic!

From: Michael Mc Intyre - mrm420@enteract.com
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 03:20:14
Subject: os: oh man

Well, I went to see Motorhead here in Chicago on May 8th, and it was a fuckin' experience, let me tell you. From the beginning to the end, not a dull moment. Starting before I went in, with the totally wasted dude that had ended up by where the tour buses were that was saying that he wanted to kill himself and that he wanted to go home, to a suburb many miles(or kilometers) away. He drew his leather jacket up over his head and kind of collapsed onto a curb. Basically, they did not let this guy into the show. They were not letting a lot of people in. If you did not have a picture ID That proved that you were 18 to the satisfaction of the security fuckers, they did not let you in. I met some 21 year old dude that did not have a pictiure ID, so they did not let him in, even though he had bought a ticket. How nice. His friends all got in, but he had to spent the evening on the streets of downtown Chicago with the derelicts and the insane and all of them. The venue was doing what the fuckin' Narcs and Pigs wanted them to, they had everyone empty their pockets before entering, and they still would search you after that. This junior dude that was searching me felt my pipe in my back pocket that I did not remove and asked me what it was, so I just pulled some sleight-of-hand on the dork and showed him the same keys and lighter that had come out of another pocket that I had already showed him. Fucker went for it and I was in.
I noticed that it seemed that the inviolvement that Motorhead has had with wrestling lately seemed to have brought back a lot of old time fans that had lost touch with the band over the years, which is easy in America. There seemed to be a lot more of these types rather than the wrestling kiddies that everyone was all upset over showing up. When Motorhead hit the stage, I noticed right awy that Lemmy was loking slimmer than I can ever remember seeing him. With his mutton chops and all that, he looked a lot like the Lemmy of the classic Motorhead years. They were every bit as fuckin' loud as they ever were, maybe even more so. The power was still there in force like always.
About 30 minutes into Motorhead's set, this drunk chick came down front and was headbanging and al that shit. All fine and dandy. Then she goes and starts to rub her ass against this dude behind her and he starts grabbing at her tits, and I thought that there'd be 2 shows to see there that night. So I was watching some of that and Motorhead too. I eventually just was paying attention to th eband when all of a sudden, this chick is now in front of me doing the same thing that she was doing before. So I said fuck this, I see an opportunity to get a story that will sicken and disgust people from all around the world here. I would never pass that up. So I went and did like that other guy did, and grabbed her tits. Only thing was, I did it differently. I started to do it in time to the music, which is very easy with Motorhead, their songs lend temselves well to that sort of thing. I was squeezing away in time to the classics like "Ace Of Spades", "Metropolis" "God Save The Queen", "Shoot You In The Back" etc. She is loving this shit too, she is like collapsing backwards against me and I am trying not to hit the floor and shit. Lots of people did not like this display, they were leting me know by hitting me from behind when she would collapse backards and kicking me and shit. I did think that I would be kicked out for this, so I figured I would quit it. But she would not let me quit it. Every time I stopped, she'd grab my hand and put it right back where it was. Thing was , this was no small girl here, there was a lot of grammage to her mass. So I would have her collaping into dead weight back against me as I was kicked and shit, so I was taking a beating there, but Lemmy would say give the people what they want, so I did. The harder I squeezed, the more she liked it, and she liked it when I spanked her ass to the music too. She went spaghetti legs on me like many times over during the set. I mean, I was in time with Mikkey's drium solo, Phil's guitar leads, and of course, the legendary big endings to Motorhead songs, when I'd squeze as hard as I could and justr shake my hand as they held the note. By "Killed By Death" this chick pretty much was. For the first time in many years, I actually saw the band play "Overkill" because instead of banging my head all throughout it, I was squeezing with the Iron Claw instead and actually seeing all the strobes and shit and watching them play it for once, and that was awesome. After the show, that drunk chick made it clear that she just did that sort of thing and ran, and that is what you expect from a drunk chcik anyhow, so I just made sure that she got together with her girlfriend that was all pissed off that she did not get backstage because she did not know that the guy that was winking at her had access to it. She says this right in front of this Rasputin looking guy that she was with. Real nice there. So they went of into the pouring rainstorm, but I was not done yet.
I had some stuff that I wanted to get autographed so I could put it up on my site along with all that other Motorhead stuff that I have there. So I went down out of the rain by the tour buses. I was going to smoke some weed down there and I flicked my lighter to tst the hbreeze, and some fuckin' Pig that is like almost a block away sees this and stands there and stares at me like for over 5 minutes. Fuck you Pig, I did it anyhow, ha ha. There were these 2 dudes down there that had been collecting autographed rock shit fore like 30 years now. They don't even go to many shows, they just go around the back and get shit autographed. They had bass guitars this time around to get signed. The said that they have housefuls of shit by now, they were naming name after name after name. I told them to get a website and show that shit off. Finally, Motorhead started to come out. Lemmy was first, followed by his entourage, this gorgeous Asian girl and a fuckin Pig. Lemmy was trying to ditch the Pig, but he was following him like a puppy. One of these fuckin Narcs the DEA is planting. Lemmy was kind enough to sign My "No Sleep Till Hammersmith CD thing, and my picture of them out of "Hammered", and my Hawkwind "live 1999 Party" recorded here in Chicago in 194, he took a long look at that one, he was not sure what it was. I toild hijm what had happened at the show and he said that I had no complaints, and I heartily agreed. Then I told Lemmy about that shit that the DEA is up to at concerts, and he appreciated it, but that Pig did not and told me to move along when I said that. Too bad for you Pig. The Mikkey came out with a girl and an undercover Chicago Pig. This stupid Oinker asked me if I had a cell phone, and when I said no that I was poor, he asked me if I was a fuckin' Pig. That was disgusting. I told Mikkey what had happened at the show, and he was a riot. He said that I should have told this chick to fuck off, that I was at a Motorhead show, and that I'd shag her tomorrow. It was great. I told him that it would take more than that to break my concentration ,and he liked that one. Well, it's true, my concentration was unbroken all night long. Finally, Phil came out with some lame ass Pig fucker trailing him too. I wished him a happy belated birthday and told him the story of what hapened, and he was laughing so hard that he could hardly write. So I had gotten the entire trio once again.
So all the shit that I got autographed is up at my site under the rock memorabilia section, I have so much Motorhead memorabilia now that I have 2 pages worth of their stuff there, so check it out if you want to. Yes I know that this story was filled with immorality and illegality and insolence, but it did all really happen and everyone that has read my stuff in the past knows that my life is full of all of these things at all times.
Enough Already,
Michael Mc Intyre

Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 07:45:58
From: john dolas - dolasgr@yahoo.com

hey ACE!
you didn?t say anything about the bands performance in Greece in July.
All Motorhead fans should know that the band is headlining the last day of Rockwave Festival in Athens on the 3rd of July. Be sure that all fans will be there and make a night every-fucking-one will remember.......
All the Aces will be in Greece this summer

Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 10:22:04
From: "Robin Handy" robinchandy@msn.com
Subject: motorhead in houston and some biased opinions

The band was awesome on Houston on the Hammered tour; I have not seen any feed back on that show so I thought I would throw my 2 cents in. Anyway, the amount of older material was unbelievable. It was a good thing they did not play dancing on your Grave or I may have gone into cardiac arrest as my physical age has far exceeded my mental age. So, I have no complaints at all; time and money well spent.

During and after the show the thought crossed my mind several times that Phil and Mickey deserve some recognition for: firstly having the balls to get on stage with Lemmy, secondly providing the best service that a guitarist and drummer ever have provided to Motorhead, and thirdly they play every Motorhead tune as if they wrote it themselves (this list could go on). These guys are arguably the best hands that a heavy metal rock and roll could have, I am sure all will agree that no question exists with Lemmy.

This list has been plagued with people brown nosing Lemmy, all well deserved, but Phil and Mickey appeared to me to be more than hired hands. God willing this will be the line up that is cast in bronze as Motorhead as I am sick of people stuck on Fast Eddie and that Philthy Animal Taylor. They did their part, and did it well, but fuck those quitters. The band is better now after they have been replaced (period).

Only one other comment fuck waiting for new albums make touring and annual event. When Motorhead is gone we are screwed, Lemmy is the last of Heavy Duty Rock and Rollers (I am sure we could generate a list of some others, but we will need to think really, really hard). They are just not made any more, the first 3 bands should not have been allowed in the same building as Motorhead (the first 3 bands should not take that comment personally). I realize I am preaching to the choir but just look at what tours today, it is pitiful. Lets face, the vast majority of rock and rollers like Lemmy are dead!


Houston Texas

PS Great job Ace, your work is appreciated and if we cross paths I (and all others on the list) owe you a beer or your drink of your choice.

Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 15:28:02
From: "ELLENTIM SHOCKLEY" Ellentim@msn.com
Subject: os: long dekalb/chicago reviews

Getting Hammered With Motörhead!
by Tim Shöckley MHB672

I gotta tell ya, I'm not the luckiest person on the planet. I'm unemployed, got a blown-out knee, and worst of all, I'm a Cubs fan! If that's not the Trifecta Of Doom, what is?

Luckily, tho', for more than a decade, my wife, Ellen, and I have had the extreme fortune, pleasure, and, indeed, honor to be good friends with the members and road crew of the legendary, seminal hard rock/heavy metal band Motörhead. Hmm, maybe I am the luckiest person on the planet!

If there's one band in the history of thrash/speed metal that's completely underrated and often overlooked, it's Motörhead- the band that basically invented the genre! Not only did they help create thrash, they have never sold out or succumbed to corporate or media pressure to play anything less than what made them famous in the first place- scorching metal that punches you in the face and takes no prisoners! The manner in which they stick to their guns and never say die (I'm trying to set a record for cliches here) is a testament to their conviction and fortitude. Needless to say, longtime fans like my wife and I have not- and will not, abandon a band who've stayed true to both themselves and us, as well.

Recently, I had the pleasure of hanging with Motörhead (read: attempt to break all known alcoholic consumption records) during their two-day jaunt through the Midwest on their tour to support their new album Hammered (Metal-is). This is my story. At least all that I can remember...

Motör Log Day 1- You're Not From Around Here, Are Ye?

To say De Kalb, Illinois is a Podunk cow town is an insult to the entire bovine republic. That being said, tonight's gig at Otto's was an infinitely more enjoyable experience than the pungent corporate stench that permeates the very walls of Chicago's House Of Blues that would follow the next day. More about that later. But first the great news...

Odds are, few people tonight had ever been to De Kalb before. At least, not on purpose. It's not a bad town, per se, just an odd, quiet mix of collegians and locals who no doubt enjoy making strangers squeal like a pig. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

I was scheduled to interview Motörhead founder/bassist/singer/God Lemmy prior to the show. After a quick bite to eat, we spotted guitarist/resident loony/dear friend Phil Campbell near the tour bus. He invited us into the hall. As I entered Otto's back door (Hey now!), the first person I saw was Lemmy. The band were about to start their sound check. Motörhead sound checks are always a treat. You never know what they'll play, but its always a good bet it'll be louder than the actual concert! (for those keeping score at home, they played an instrumental version of the extremely rare "Limb From Limb" and "Damage Case".) After sound check, another dear ol' friend, Lemmy's right hand man, bass tech über alles, Tim Butcher, invited us to the promised land- the tour bus! We'd been on Der Motörbus several times in the past, but, trust me, folks, it never gets old!

Today was Campbell's birthday, so we brought him an assortment of gifts. I knew he was a huge fan of The Simpsons so we gave him a talking Krusty The Clown doll. We also gave him a perfectly disgusting Simpsons Mr. Burns t-shirt, a talking South Park Towelie doll ("Wanna get high?"), and a 12-pack of his favorite cider, Woodpecker.

As it turned out, Phil was already well-stocked with cider. Alas, the task of drinking the 12-er was mine. Damn. After a couple, I was told Lemmy was ready for the interview. He was seated in the rear of the bus, playing the most beautiful yellow-gold Les Paul I'd ever seen. He had just gotten it, and it was obvious he was very pleased with his purchase! The room was a bit cramped so I attempted to kneel to do the interview. Unfortunately, I had recently blown out my knee. He could tell I was in pain, so he offered me a seat next to him. I gave him a bottle of Maker's Mark bourbon (I'd heard it was his favorite) that I'd labeled "LEMMY ONLY!" because the last time he was here some moron hangers-on drank his bottle of Jack Daniel's. He opened the bottle, put a kegger cup in my hand, added ice, bourbon, and a drop of Coke for color. I started to hand it to him, but, apparently, he'd made it for me! Now, that's a gracious host! Cheers!

We talked about everything from Hawkwind to Hitler (more next issue!). Lemmy's really much more intelligent than people give him credit. He easily could become a history teacher tomorrow. If you could drink bourbon on the job and shag the lunch lady...

After the interview, I headed back to the front of the bus where drummer extraordinaire Mikkey Dee was intensely watching a playoff hockey game. Mikkey's such a hockey nut that he refused to take his pre-gig nap 'til the game was over! And it went into overtime!

Another old friend, Hobbs, entered the bus. Hobbs has been Motörhead's sound man since dirt was invented. He is the man largely responsible for the deafening wall of sound Motörhead produce on a nightly basis. The fact that he can even hear after more than twenty years on the road with them is amazing in itself!

Motörhead's ace light technician, Tony, came in and, I must say, he might just be the most dedicated crew member of the bunch. Why? Well, ya see, a couple years ago, he was, well, dead! Yep, on tour in South America, Tony was doing electrical work in a venue that wasn't grounded! Oops! Thousands of volts shot through him like lightning! Luckily, after a few harrowing minutes, he was revived. He still has scars from it and now says "I gave my life for Motörhead, and nobody wanted it!"

At one point, Motörhead merch guy Dave got on the bus and announced "There's three twins in Otto's!" I asked "You mean triplets or six chicks total?" Lemmy went one better- "Either way, why aren't they on the bus?" Damn, he's quick...

Later, Lemmy asked if anyone on the bus had the new album. I said I did. So, off I hobbled to our car to fetch it, all the time amazed that not a single band member or roadie on the bus had it! I started to bring back the vinyl version for a laugh, but I figured just doing a favor for Lemmy was good enough. (Two days later, I discovered he'd signed it, the sneak!)

Ellen tells Lemmy he's looking good, to which he responds by shaking his ass towards her. I joke "Alright, break it up!" Lemmy gives me the finger and exits laughing...

As for the show, we purposely missed all three (count 'em!) support acts as we always do at Motörgigs. Given the choice of watching bands that will prob'ly suck (Belladonna or Morbid Angel anyone?!) or drink ice cold booze backstage or in an air-conditioned tour bus, well, you do the math...

Come show time, I'm in the photo pit, aka Ground Zero, for the first three songs. While the band pummels my ears, I also have to worry about a size 13 Doc Marten from the mosh pit kicking me in the back of my head at any minute. Luckily, only beer landed on me.

Motörhead played a 90 minute blinder of a set. As usual. The biggest surprise was when Lemmy emerged for the encore shirtless! In 21 years, I've never seen him do that! Hmm, maybe Ellen's comments turned him on!

Major kudos to Otto's for several free drinks. Heck, at the House Of Blues, you're lucky if you can even get near a bar and buy one! Which leads us to...

Motör Log Day 2- Welcome To Hell

We arrive at Chicago's House Of Blow Me, er, I mean, Blues, and the restaurant's closed for some corporate function. How appropriate. Not that we were hungry or anything. Will-call doesn't have the guest list yet which we're not even sure if we're on! We decide to find a restaurant that actually lets people in. What a concept...

Whereas the De Kalb experience was an episode of perfection, today's gig at HOB is typical of its ineptness. (case in point- on a previous Motör-tour, HOB would not honor our passes, even tho' they were personally authorized and signed by the god-damned guitarist!) You have to wonder about a place where the guys cleaning the toilets wear laminated passes and people with the band are continually given the third degree. Go figure...

We can't find anyone with a brain so we decide to call the tour manager, Adam. He's busy as hell, but, in the process, we discover someone's put us on the guest list. We don't know who, but I'd wager good ol' Phil.

After a veritable labyrinth, we finally find the tour bus. Next to it, we find the Cubs cap we gave Mikkey the previous night, dirty and tossed aside. Must be a White Sox fan. No soup for him! For some reason, I still give him a six pack of Lablatts Blue, one of his favorites. I drink one for the fallen cap. RIP...

Much to everyone's delight, "Tour Mom" Ellen bakes about a million cookies. (she does every Motör-tour) I get one. Barely...

After a couple quick ciders, we head backstage. If there's one thing I've learned about Phil over the years, it's he's nuts. He will do anything for a laugh. Years ago, a couple crew guys talked him into sticking a lit cigar up his ass for a photo. Little did he know they had put red pepper and Tabasco sauce on the, er, butt end! His ass burned for days...

Tonite, we see photos of him drawing artwork with a Sharpie pen...up his bum. One word- eBay! He emerges from the bathroom and yells to me "Tim, how 'bout "one" for old time's sake?" Uh, no thank you, sir. He then comes out with his stage shirt on, only he'd left the hanger in and it looks hilarious! Oh, that he'd worn it onstage!

Showtime, and it's back to the photo pit. HOB is one giant sweat machine. Cool. Three songs pass far too quickly. The search begins for Ellen, who's not where we agreed upon...

Apparently, no one with the band is allowed to watch the show from the balcony box seats. No, those are saved for people with suits unfamiliar with the band. And of course, friends of this God-forsaken poop-mug....

I search the entire place, stopping for booze and t-shirts, of course. I finally spot her- onstage! Well, duh! It took me five songs to figger that out? I felt shame...

I join Ellen onstage. (we're allowed onstage, but NOT in the balcony?!) It's a great perspective to watch a show. You can see all the insane fans going crazy down in front. And not have to smell them...

Phil sees me taking pix and gives me the finger. Invents new power chord in the process...

Another show comes and goes. Deafness abounds. We say our goodbyes and off everyone

goes their separate ways. Motörhead to Denver, us to Hangover Central. Til next time. Immeasurable thanks to Lemmy, Mikkey, Phil, Tim, Hobbs, Tony, Matt, Roger, Adam, Otto's, Jen @Chipster, Dan, and no one at HOB...

Full interview with Lemmy to follow...

Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 19:16:19
From: "John Carley" john.carley@ntlworld.com
Subject: hammered

Hi Ace,
I bought 'Hammered' not long after it was released with high hopes after all that I'd heard about it. When I first listened to it I have to say I was a bit disappointed but I thought 'give it a few more listens and it'll grow on me'. Well, after listening to it for the last month or so I still feel the same. I really feel that yet another potentially great Motorhead album has suffered from poor production. Right from the beginning of 'Walk A Crooked Mile' Phil's guitars sound muddy and Mikkey's drums, much as I love 'em, sound like cardboard boxes. I felt the same about the sound on the 'Boneshaker' DVD and CD, I can see why Mikkey wasn't happy with it. When I've got 'Hammered' in my 5 disc changer alongside recent CD's by other bands it sounds really flat in comparison.

Don't get me wrong, I love and respect Motorhead and I always will and I'll continue to buy their albums and I think Lemmy is a fantastic songwriter(although 'Dr Love' is a decidedly dodgy title for a song!) but can't the record company fork out for a decent producer? The guy that produced 'The Game' for instance? That track sounds ten times better than anything on 'Hammered'. With the combination of that and Lemmy's mixing skills(he did a fine job on 'We Are Motorhead') they'd be on to a winner! Is it just me that feels like this or are there others out there who think that Motorhead albums are crying out for decent production? I'd love to hear a Motorhead album where the guitars and bass sound loud and full and the drums rumble like they do in concert, Wouldn't you??
Take it easy,

John Carley
- john.carley@ntlworld.com%3ejohn.carley@ntlworld.com

Date: 21 May 2002 00:23:47 -0000
From: "Tahra Jutt" tjutt@infoserve.net
Subject: re: overnight sensation special report

Thats terrible! The Vultures!!!

I had a similar experiance, at the Vancouver show, I dropped my new $40 motorhead shirt on the way out the door. It was on the ground for maybe 15 seconds, when I realized I had dropped it , and turned back to get it, IT WAS GONE.

So I bought another one!!

Good show anyway, but Morbid Angel sucked - last year was way better with Nashille P. and Fu Manchu as opening acts.

Date: 21 May 2002 18:04:53 -0000
From: Varanusjim@aol.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #140

Lemmy, I saw Peter Sempel's documentary about you last night. I loved it! I wrote a review of it in a newsgroup I run called J.J.'s film & video review. If you have the time to look at it, please do. If you'd like to reproduce anything I've written about it, or provide a link to the review, I'd be honoured. Here's the link.:
Thanks, -J.J. Connelly

Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 02:33:19
From: "J.J. Connelly" jamesconnelly2@verizon.net
Subject: LEMMY documentary review: correction

Lemmy, I may have given you a bum steer when I included the link to my review of Peter Sempel's documentary about you. Here is the correct URL:
Sorry, if I sent the wrong link in my previous email. Again, I'd be honoured if you reproduced any part or all of my review when and if you make mention of the film. All the best,-J.J. Connelly, New York City.

Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 14:52:33
From: "Robert Monroe (EUS)" Robert.Monroe@am1.ericsson.se
Subject: dvd

What has happened to the new DVD that was supposed to be released in the US?

Thank you,
Robert M Monroe
Customer Interface US Operations
Ericsson Enterprise Supply Chain Mgmt
1-800-729-6389 robert.monroe@ericsson.com

Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 19:22:38
From: Rho676@aol.com
Subject: missing hat

I was at that show but did not have backstage passes or anything. That kind of thing pisses me off. Those guys did a kick ass show and then some jerk takes Lemmys hat. Thank God he didnt steal that shirt too. I am going to ask around the club there for ya.

Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 00:06:38 EDT
From: Gooses3@cs.com
Subject: heres you hat

Man, I'm so sorry to hear you lost your hat. By the way, did you know your hat got more print than missing children? Way to go, there, Lenny. But, let's get back to the hat. First of all, this is a really ugly hat! I want you to know that, for certain. Then, again, you really need to get good and loaded and go back to that truckstop where you got it, and see if they have another one. But with the market these days for half cowboy half pirate hats being so hot, all I can say is good luck. (oh, I'm sorry. I forgot that was your lucky hat.) Well, anyway, since now you probably won't be 'lucky' enough to find one, maybe you should try setting up a non-profit organization for the victims of lost hats. There'e a good chance that this charitable deed could help you come to some kind of closure. Of course, if you don't want to go to that much trouble, you could always join Lost Hats Anonymous. I know that private Hat therapy is always expensive, so you should probably save that as a last resort. Anyway, hope you find it, and remember: My hat's off to you.

Date: 25 May 2002 16:48:28 -0000
From: bazauto@lineone.net
Subject: os: ouch, my neck!

Hey Ace , Josh here(2042) again . I was just on ebay and there is some girl(?) , ID -'ATHENA131' , who is selling video copys of the SF show . Club Townsend is a very small place , so maybe she got something on film that nobody else saw . Know what i mean? If there is something there , it's a possibility i might recognize someone . SF is a fairly small place . It might be worth while getting in touch with her or buying a copy . I was thinking of getting a copy just to see myself rockin' out ; ) . Let me know if you think it would help . cheers mate - Josh

PS : is it just me , or was most of the 'House of Blues' crowd in Hollywood 'LIMP'? The after party was alright though!


Date: Sun, 26 May 2002 23:19:27
From: "Nick Urquhart" all_gta@hotmail.com
Subject: deaf forever

Hey there Ace, my names Nick urquhart, from the cold rockies of Saskatchewan, Canada (I know, there's no rockies, but hey, there's no snow in Cubs either). Anyways, I just wanted to say congrats on your wonderful site, been a fan for years now, and hope to possibly keep in touch with you at some point.

Best Regards, Nick.

**Ace: Thanks! I have been to Saskatchewan... you have my condolences. :-)

From: eric_kayser@mail.schneider.fr
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 10:58:42
Subject: Search on DVD

Hello Ace,

I'm looking for several things I couldn't find on the Bone Shaker DVD:

1) Where is the "Don't Believe A Word" video?
2) Where are the 2 missing songs from Wacken Open Air. I saw only 4 of them (RAMONES,Born To raise Hell, Shoot You In the Back & Ace Of Spades).

However, these samples are writen at the back of the DVD cover box set.
Thank you very much in advance for your help.
Eric from France.

Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 10:02:27
From: Peter Söllner peter.soellner@mdd-roth-werbung.de
Subject: Covers

Hello Lemmy,

I?m a dedicated motorhead-fan for many years. But yesterday I`ve discovered the sign of the "third reich" -the "Hakenkreuz"(swastiker) on a few LP`s-on the second thorn of the "motorhead-head". Until yesterday i didn`t notice it and I must confess, I?m very shocked about it!!! Why that? Can you explain it to me? I would be greatful about it because I?d like to continue to be a fan of yours.

With sincere greetings

**Ace: read the "Motorhead Speaks" section of the website for your answer.

Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 13:02:08
From: Gary Elden Maggs - gemaggs@yahoo.com
Subject: os

Hey Ace, and all the MOTORHEADBANGERS out there !
I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a copy of the MOTORHEAD computer game that came out a few years back. I believe the premise of the game was to use LEMMY to rescue the rest of the band from various locations (Nashville, Rap land, etc). Let me know the system requirements, etc if you can.

Also, I am curious as to whether MOTORHEAD will be playing in Edmonton this time around. I saw them at Cowboys, and the Agricom... let's see them pack the Stadium !!

Before I go, I sincerely hope that the person(s) ?? no, ASSHOLE(S) unknown who stole LEMMY'S hat do the right thing and return it in perfect shape.

Gary Elden Maggs

Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 23:12:19 EDT
From: LRon28@aol.com
Subject: boneshaker dvd...

I've been trying to locate the Motorhead Boneshaker dvd for quite some time now. Do you know of a couple places where I might find a copy. Also I have heard that the dvd does not play on American dvd players. Is this true? Kudos on the site and I hope Lemmy gets his hat back.


From: Thomas_Flynn@chcmail.com
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 14:48:34
Subject: OS: Lemmy The Movie

Thanks to the info Ace provided in OS a few issues ago, I caught the New York City sneak preview of Peter Sempel's documentary "Lemmy" last week. It was a very rough cut, presented on VHS without any dubbing for the extensive scenes shot in Germany. Needless to say it was awesome! Loads of concert footage plus great stuff in Lemmy's Los Angeles apartment and some local record store. (Yes, Lemmy will take vinyl over CD.) I went with OSers Bob, Mark and Bob's girl Denise. We were singing along and laughing through the whole thing. (Yes, Lemmy's a very entertaining interview.) But what made us holler the loudest was an appearance by the famous -- some might say infamous -- Klaus Fabry! Many of you might never have heard of Klaus, but he's making a run for the title of #1 Motorhead fan in the Germany. (Believe you me, they're very serious about their Motorhead in Germany.) What made it so funny was that Mr. "I'm Everywhere" Fabry and three other HUGE German Motorheadbangers -- my good friends Peter and Carmen Wagner plus Klaus' bud Sasha -- had stayed over my apartment in Woodside, Queens a few weeks ago. Bob, Mark, me and the Germans all followed Motorhead on their New York/New Jersey/New England leg of the Hammered Tour. It was the best vacation of my life! Not to make anyone jealous, but we got in to the sound checks, got our greedy mitts on After Show passes, I talked to Mikkey about the Buffalo Sabres, the whole nine yards. If you're interested in how a bunch of New Yorkers hooked up with a couple of crazy Krauts here's the story: Bob and I met Peter & Carmen when we went to the 25th Anniversary show in Brixton. Actually it was at the (yawn) Hawkwind show the night before. Bob and I are boozing it up in the bar in the back and this bald and rather angry looking dude walks by with a shitload of Motorhead tatoos. I had just got mine so I was all about showing it off -- even though his made my puny tat look like a joke. The next thing you know we're all hanging out at a pub before the Motorhead show like we were friends for life. And I met Klaus last year when I hooked up with Peter & Carmen for the House Of Blues shows in LA and Anaheim. (Ace: you were at the sound checks for those two shows setting up your booth but I was fairly intimidated walking around in the same room as Lemmy, Mikkey and Phil so I stood in the back and kept my mouth shut. Sorry, I didn't introduced myself.) Well that's it I guess. Catch the movie if you can -- and say hi to Klaus for me if you ever run into him! If you're at a Motorhead show, chances are he'll be there. As Peter Semple told Bob after the show: "That Klaus, he's everywhere!"

Motorhead For Life
Tom Flynn


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