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Issue #139 - March 29, 2002

OS: US Tour
OS: Tim Shockley& Boneshaker
OS: Motorhead interview
OS: MH gig dates Seattle
OS: Ask Motorhead
OS: Tour date Toronto
OS: Ace of Spades
OS: Re: Unknown song
OS: Hammered!!!!
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #138
OS: motorhead tour in c. christi, tx.
RE:Overnight Sensation Issue #138
os"shut your mouth", & mh shop ideas
OS: Hammered
OS: boneshaker dvd?
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #138
OS: European tour
OS: concert
OS: new album
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #138
OS: New Motorhead Forum
OS: Tour Dates
OS: Anahiem Show
OS: Hammered
OS: Bastards Shirt

Total Motorheadbangers Receiving This Issue: 3840


Date: February 8, 2002
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: us tour

Greetings Fellow Motorheadbangers!!


Well, it's official! Motorhead is touring North America starting April 7 with Morbid Angel, Today Is The Day and Speed Dealer opening (Morbid Angel starts April 11). Here is a curent list of tour dates. There are rumours of a show in Los Angeles being added at the end of the US run, but it is not final yet.

April 7 Ventura, CA Ventura Theatre
April 8 Tucson, AZ Rialto Theatre
April 9 Alburque, NM Sunshine Theatre
April 11 Dallas, TX Canyon Club
April 12 Austin, TX The Metro
April 13 Corpus Christi,TX Party on the Patio
April 14 Houston, TX Engine Room
April 16 Sauget, IL Pop's
April 18 Baltimore, MD Recher Theatre
April 19 Washington, D.C. Nations
April 20 Old Bridge, NJ Birch Hill Hight Club
April 21 Providence, RI Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
April 23 Hartford, CT Webster Theatre
April 25 Pougheepsie, NY The Chance
April 26 Boston, MA The Palladium
April 27 Toronto, ON The Docks
April 28 Montreal, QC The Medley
April 30 New York, NY WWF The World
May 2 Detroit, MI Royal Oak Theatre
May 3 Cleveland, OH Agora Theatre
May 6 Minneapolis, MN First Ave
May 7 Dekalb, IL Otto's
May 8 Chicago, IL House of Blues
May 10 Denver, CO Ogden Theatre
May 11 Salt Lake City, UT Bricks
May 13 Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom
May 14 Seattle, WA Catwalk
May 15 Portland, OR Roseland Theatre
May 17 San Francisco, CA Club Townsend
May 18 Anaheim, CA House of Blues
May 19 San Diego, CA 4th & B
Jun 7 Copenhagen, DEN Vega Musikkenshus
Jun 12 Oberhausen, Germany Turbinehalle
Jun 22 Bergum, NET Waldrock Festival
Jul 5-7 Leipzig, Germany With Full Force Festival

** All dates are subject to change without notice so make sure that you call ahead before travelling a large distance. Dates will be posted on the website as I get them.


One of the greatest drummers has passed away. Randy Castillo finally lost his battle with Cancer yesterday. Randy was always a great friend of the band and his smiling face will be missed by us all. Thanks for all of the music Randy, we will always love you. You can check out a memorial website by going to


Long time Motorheadbanger caretaker Alan Burridge has compiled a collection of the best articles from the Motorheadbanger fanzine from 1975 to 1986. It is an absolutely wonderful collection of material that is a MUST for every true Motorhead fan.

You can check it out by visiting the publisher's website at


** NEW CONTEST - WIN HAMMERED CDs! We have a new contest running where you can win a free HAMMERED CD courtesy of Sanctuary Records Group. For details on how to enter, go to http://www.imotorhead.com and go to the contest section. The answer to the trivia question can be found on the new album page. GOOD LUCK! Contest closes April 5.


The album is called HAMMERED. I have updated the website to show a track listing and to offer a download of the MP3 for the first single, SHUT YOUR MOUTH in a non-radio edit format (as well as the radio edit if you prefer). Be sure to check it out! We really want to push this one, so phone up your local radio stations and bug the crap out of them until they play some Motorhead! Don't let the bastards grind ya down!

There are two bonus tracks on the album that were not previously mentioned. First, THE GAME made it on here. Second, the live version of OVERNIGHT SENSATION from the 25th Anniversary show in brixton also made it on. Cool!


When I was recently in England, I had the good fortune to talk to Larry Wallis again. He has completed his first solo album in sometime and is selling it through his website. It is called 'Death In The Guitarfternoon'. Larry even told me that he wrote one of the songs with Lemmy in mind.

You can go to http://www.pinkfairies.co.uk/ and get more info or order this great new CD!


We have been focusing on the new products for the Motorhead tour. I hope to be able to offer those to you soon. in the meantime, check out the Motorheadshop - there is tons of cool stuff available there.

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 05:45:52 -0800
From: Greg Havemann - ghavemann@wii.com
Subject: tim shockley& boneshaker

Tim I believe you live in Chicago please contact me at gjlemmy33@aol.com may be we can catch the midwest shows together. I plan on going to all the midwest dates so let me know. Also I found another hidden feature in the rogues gallery. Go to the cartoon of the sexy girl and hit the left button to choose and you get a short session from the new album and interview with the guys.

From: Lyionphish@aol.com
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 22:10:31 EST
Subject: "lemmy" the movie

As keen as I am to see the new Boneshaker DVD when it finally comes out over here I am even keener to see the movie about Lemmy made by Peter Sempel. You can find out about this movie by going to http://de.geocities.com/pvs_bastard/sempel.html It seems that you can buy a "credit" to this movie for $2.00 which seems like not alot of money to me. The movie needs $20,000 to be formatted (Blown up) for cinema use.

So Ace, how about setting up something whereby people could buy a credit from the MH shop (and get their name listed with the credits) and also can you suggest to Lemmy that fans can either buy a credit on the nest tour or give a donation or something. It really can't be that hard to do and I'm sure $20,000 is not an unlikely amount to raise. Think of how many folk will go and see them on this next tour plus all the summer festivals too.

Maybe I am being naive or this is too hard to sort out but "We are Motorhead" fans and I'm damn sure we could do it?

What d'ya think?

Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 22:03:35
From: fcmag - fullcontactmag@rogers.com
Subject: Motorhead interview

rodFc from FULL CONTACT magazine here.I wanted to get news of our 8th issue featuring MOTORHEAD due out in the summer 2002.Is it possible to have it posted on the Motorhead site please?



From: Lyionphish@aol.com
Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2002 16:15:21 EST
Subject: mh gig dates seattle

Hello Ace, hope you had a good time on tour with Asia. BTW on the imotorhead site you have posted the gig at the showbox but when you click the link to pollstar it says that the gig is at the catwalk.

D'you which one it is? and when do the tickets go on sale.

cheers martin

**Ace: Catwalk

Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 19:19:43
From: "Paul Kirschner" p.kirschner@prodigy.net
Subject: ask motorhead

I am eagerly awaiting the Apr 26 show at the Palladium in Boston. Where are you gents going to be hanging out before/after the show.

Ace- any Overnight Sensation meetings that night?

**Ace: That is up to all of you! If you would like to use this forum to organize get togethers, please feel free.

Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 09:14:08
From: "Aaron Bentley" youfillintheblank@hotmail.com
Subject: tour date toronto

hello Ace, I picked up my ticket for the April 27 Motorhead gig in Toronto, and Ticketmaster has the venue listed as "The Docks", not "The Warehouse" as on your tour dates page. Just thought you should know, so you can check it out and change the page. And it's not even called the Warehouse now, it's the "Kool Haus".

Rock 'n Fuckin' Roll!
Aaron Bentley

From: MLL4LAW@aol.com
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 16:23:21 EST
Subject: os: ace of spades

Went to a Mighty Ducks hockey game this past Friday. I could not believe my ears. As the lame duck mascot was lowered from the roof and skated around the ice, the Disney Corp. actually blasted Ace of Spades in its entirety. Then, the Ducks actually went out and beat the NJ Devils. Nothing like a bit of Motorhead to turn a piece of shit hockey hockey team like the Ducks into a winner - at least for a night.

With Disney playing Motorhead before games, what's next - a new Disney animated film starring Lemmy and the boys? I'd pay to see it.

Mitchell Leverett
- mll4law@aol.com

Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 16:46:54
From: "JAMES" JLAURITZEN@prodigy.net
Subject: boneshaker dvd



Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 00:50:13
From: "Jami Naukkarinen" jami.naukkarinen@lut.fi
Subject: OS: Re: Unknown song

Was it:
"I'm talking in pictures and I'm painting them black, I've seen Satan coming honey in a big black Cadillac"? That was from the song called You Better Run from the album March ?r Die. That wasn't the chorus of it but it's propably the song you were wondering about.

Jami Naukkarinen
ICQ 96301297
"To live outside the law, my dear, you gotta give a damn!"
- Lemmy

From: Ehahn13@aol.com
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 22:56:23 EST
Subject: os

Ace-Are there really no Hollywood shows? I know I'm spoiled, but it was so great to see them at the Palace a few years back, and at the House of Blues on Sunset in October last year. What's up with this tour? Thanks for all of the info!
E. Hahn

Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 00:40:28
From: "Matt Glick" mglick@va.adelphia.net
Subject: hammered!!!!


I was fortunate enough to get a promo copy of the 'hammered' effort. I know that it is typical to rave about the latest motorhead album, but despite this fact, I must stress that 'hammered' is one of the most complete motorhead albums to date - at least the most complete since the fast eddie days.

This album cooks from start to finish. There are songs that sound like they might be from the most underrated mh album 'bastards', and songs that sound like they might be from the 'sacrifice' record - but overall this album sounds fresh and so intense that I am at a loss for words. I don't know what they did during their time off from studio recording, but whatever it was, they did the right thing!!! The album incorporates everything that is motorhead, and for that matter, everything that metal was, into a neat tidy package.

The 'brave new world' song - well - It showcases Lemmy's gift for writring lyrics!! Micky's drumming takes me back to his time with King Diamond, and Mr. Zoom's gutiar playing is unbeliveable!!!! I only wish they didn't fade out the few songs where he'z throwing down leads at the end!!

This record is truely a motorhead masterpiece!!!!! so often bands fall short - 'Hammered' would be the exception to that rule. God bless motorhead!


ps - ACE will you be on the east coast during the tour?? I'd love to get a chance to shake your hand for what you've done for the band (despite the fact that it sounds like I'm kissing you ass - which I would never do!!!) I of course, would be the drunk ass jackass wearing the 'os' tshirt!!!!

**Ace: Unfortunately, I will not be going to the east coast shows. I will be at all the LA area shows (Ventura, Hollywood, Anaheim, San Diego).

Date: 12 Mar 2002 05:54:32 -0000
From: "Matt Glick" mglick@va.adelphia.net
Subject: os

Whats words Worth reissue is a classic - I couln't be more pleasewd - the recording occured in 78 when motorhead appeared as 'the iron fist and the hordes from hell' and the version of 'city kids' is unprecedented. The only tune that is missing from that show is the 'Lost Johny' song!!!!(at the risk of sounding cheesy, you rock Baz!!!!!
Hiya Crazy Critters?.

Heres a quick thing from the good Bazzer cos I?m pleasantly pissed after coming home from the Asylum Club just to say this:
I was in the Virgin Megastore today and I asked if I could order Hammered this early before release. It turned out that I couldn?t yet but when the kid at the counter was checking out release dates he found that the next Motorhead release is ?What?s Words Worth?, a re-release.

I got it on vinyl (?Wassat??) when it first came out in 1982 ish and it?s a must for completists cos its a live recording from the Roundhouse in 1978. All the songs are familiar ? stuff off the first album and a couple of others like City Kids and Leaving Here where ?You?d better hang around with someone new? becomes ?Turn that feedback off or Ill turn you? for reasons obvious. Also Larry Wallis was in the audience! Its rough and ready but fun.

Someone was asking about where to get a copy of Overnight Sensation. You could try this: Motorhead Record Finding Services C/o Mick Stevenson, 13 Plumpton Close, Luton LU2 8JU as listed in Motorheadbangers World.

I saw some stupid program on TV where these two women go around telling ordinary people how to dress and what they should wear. It was funny cos one of these fashion guru women was wearing a Motorhead girly top ? and these people are telling Jo Public what she ought to be seen in! That?s fashion sense for you, haute couture wot ho?!

Adios Amoebas


Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 10:46:54
From: McLynn - Kevin.McLynn@wcom.com
Subject: aaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhh

FEB 8? FEB 8?
Ace, first item is the tour information dated FEB 8? Sent out March 11?? This is major info, that we've all been waiting on for month's and it comes out a month later? I'm especially bummed about it since I booked a vacation for the 24th of April, through the first of May, and both local dates are within that vacation time. And when did I book the vacation? Feb 21. If I knew the loudest band in the world was going to be in town, I would have made it for a different week, gone to both shows, and then off to vacation. What makes it worse, is I had planned a business trip around the dates in LA in October, and was psyched to go until Bin Laden's assholes put the travel plans on hold, making me postpone the trip.

I'd been checking the website regularly, and there was no tour info there before this week either. Motorhead's management should give the dates to the official website at least the same time as Ticketbastard gets them, if not earlier. If they need fans to be at the shows, they have to get the word out in as many ways as possible. There's no radio announcements, cause radio here sucks, no airplay etc...., so we Motorheadbangers have to keep each other up to date. That's why your OS issues are so popular.

The Chance is a bar that holds about 500 people tops. If they want to get bigger venues, they need to get the interest up, and the word out.

Enough ranting, I feel better now, although I still won't see them next month. The tour looks pretty sparse-no dates in Ct, or NJ, so I hope they come back in the summer or early fall for another leg.

Date: 12 Mar 2002 19:56:52 -0000
From: "David Knight" thespinney@lineone.net
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #138

For anyone interested, you can see what Larry Wallis is up to on http://www.pinkfairies.co.uk


Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 14:21:15 -0800 (PST)
From: aaron bright - ravenbrightmare@yahoo.com
Subject: motorhead tour in c. christi, tx.

I just recieved the latest "blastwaves",...too fucking cool! it's been at least 6 freakin' years since i've seen the "HEAD"!! i can't wait to hear and see the latest shit from LEMMY and the boys. my life is now complete.ROCK ON...HEAVY MUSIC KICKS FUCKING ASS!!!!!

Date: 14 Mar 2002 11:37:51 -0000
From: Victor Frankenstein - claw@iobox.com
Subject: os"shut your mouth", & mh shop ideas

Hey Ace, the new song "shut your mouth" sounds awesome! I don't know what the hell Francisco was talking about in os #138? It sounds like to me that "shut your mouth" is classic motorhead. I can only think of one other band that has stuck to their guns all these years and that is AC/DC. Motorhead as never sold out, they always play kick ass music year after year. To me this song is only wetting my appetite with anticipation of the other ones to come. April 9th can't get here soon enough. That is all i will say about this, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Tommy Fishel mhb#1627

From: Pvschuckmann@aol.com
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 18:41:24 EST
Subject: mot?rhead

Hi Ace,
I'm regularly checking your site and I noticed you still haven't put any infos about BONESHAKER (it is at least released in europe and you own a copy!) on it as well as you only announce the US release of HAMMERED. You are supposed to run the official MOT?RHEAD Website but MOT?RHEAD are international, so your site should be too, not only fuckin' american... THE OFFICIAL MOT?RHEAD WEBSITE SHOULD SUPPORT 'EM WORLDWIDE !!!!!!!!!

btw: is HAMMERED going to be censored in the states like your mp3?


**Ace: I do not know what you are talking about... the front page of the site was dedicated to Boneshaker for more than a month... and no, the radio edit is for radio.

From: Gjlemmy33@aol.com
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 11:47:02 EST
Subject: hammered

Ace besides the regular cd their will be a Vinyl limited edtion in Europe and and Limited 2 cd set in europe the second cd is said to be live from Wacken Festival from august 2001. I odered it because again it is Europe only version. Also their two more dates not posted in your tour dates New Jersey april 20 and Rhode Island april21.

Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 18:41:59
From: rastey - rastey@earthlink.net
Subject: boneshaker dvd?

This is for Ace or anybody that knows-whats up with the Boneshaker dvd?Will it be released here in the states? I can't find the damn thing ! I know it's hit Europe,but I've yet to find a place here in the states that has it. On a high note I'm wanting with beated breath to see Motorhead here in Tucson-Shit ,it's only been 21 years! Any info. on the dvd would really be appreciated.
Thanks much
Scott Cochrane

Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 00:48:36 +0900
From: "shuhei hasegawa" godofspades@hotmail.com
Subject: burner

I want know Lyricks of Burner(No.1 fastest song of motorhead). Do you know Perfect lyricks of Burner? Lyricks of "Bastards","Everything Louder Than Everyone Else" is no perfect. The part has escaped from the words card of "Bastards" and "Everything Louder Than Everyone Else", and it is not known. Is the portion (the following ? portion) known?
Please tell me.

- godofspades@hotmail.com

Riots in the burning street, Crystal night outside
Brutal music in the night, enough to make you cry
Nobody knows how it is to sleep and drown the world
I am the midnight snake to bite your little girls
Outside in the distance, the city in the fire
See the houses burning down, mile after mile

I don't think you know about your future yet
I don't think you're gonna like the one you're going to get
Ghost rider in the sky

You will never stop me, you won't shut me down
This ain't no circus and I sure don't need no clowns

I can see things that you can't see
I can be the one that you can't be
The one you've always seen, the one you never see

Beat me like hammer, baby, stick me like a pig
Throw me to the lions, baby, wear me like a wig
I am not only one to walk into the fire
?????????????? I cannot be beaten, I cannot be like you
I cannot be otherwise, no matter what you do

I am the voice of broken glass
I am the voice to drive you mad at last
I am the truth, the liar turned around

Date: 20 Mar 2002 00:41:30 -0000
From: SDribble@aol.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #138

Greatings Ace,
I am 24 years old and a Motorhead banger for 8-9 years now. I am from Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Just seen the Boneshaker DVD and must say it rocks. The only thing I didn't like about it was the way Lemmy introduced God save the queen, when he said:"Are there any punks in here?". Like he wanted to say here you go the damn song, you tiny little punks, this is for you. I am punk-rocker and I am Motorheadbanger. I think that God save the queen is not punk-rock when it's performed by Motorhead, I think it's just Motorhead and that's why it kicks ass.
Now, a month ago when I saw UK Subs in a local venue I heard somthing about that The Damned are coming herein April, One Way System in May and Motorhead about June or September depending on European tour dates. So I wanted to ask, as the NA tour dates are already set, when will the tor dates for Europe be known? Cheers!

**Ace: Magic 8 Ball says "Try Again Later"

Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 11:01:55 -0800
From: "Bob Blahunka" bobb@easyriders.com
Subject: o.s. james murphy benefit

As some of you might know, James Murphy guitarist extrordinaire is recovering from brain cancer surgery. His medical bills are through the roof and there is a benefit for him in Indianapolis, Indiana in May. James has been in quite a few bands, most recently TESTAMENT. By the way CHUCK BILLY lead vocalist from the same band is also recovering from cancer.

Anyway here are the details:

>>>For Immediate Release
March 18, 2001

Abyss Records
Indy's Extreme Metal Music Store

Death Metal Fest 2002: A Benefit for James Murphy

In August of 2001 James Murphy, the guitarist you all know from Testament, Death, Obituary, Disincarnate, Shrapnel solo albums and numerous guest spots on CD's and tours throughout the world, was discovered to have a massive tumor growth near the base of his brain. James was quickly scheduled for an urgent life saving operation and is currently staying with his family in Florida during his recovery and follow-up treatments.

On Sunday, May 19th, 2002, The Emerson Theater, which is located at 4630 E. 10th St., Indianapolis, IN 46201, will host Death Metal Fest 2002: A Benefit for James Murphy. Proceeds from this benefit show will help James pay off outstanding medical bills, which are soaring over the $60,000 range. Please help us promote this benefit by copying the information below and sending it to friends, street team members, metal music online sites, message boards, etc. Your help in promoting this benefit is truly appreciated.

Death Metal Fest 2002: A Benefit for James Murphy
Sunday, May 19th, 2002
The Emerson Theater, 4630 E. 10th St., Indianapolis, IN 46201
Noon-10:00 p.m.
All Ages!!!
Tickets on sale Friday, March 22, at:
Abyss Records, 4624 E 10TH ST., Indianapolis, IN 46201
(http://www.OfficialAbyssRecords.com) and
Vibes Music, 5975 E 82nd St., Indianapolis, IN 46250
Ticket Price: $15.00


Win an Ibanez RG470 guitar signed by James Murphy!! Raffle tickets are available for $5.00 each. Money orders and cashiers checks only. For more information call Abyss Records at (317) 353-2460. You do not need to be present to win. However, Raffle Winner must pay postage for S&H. MEET JAMES MURPHY IN PERSON!!!(More Details to come)
Our Sponsors:
Guitar Center 26635 Brookpark Extension, North Olmsted, OH 44070
Guitar Center 8475 Castleton Corner Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46250
Raven Records, P.O. Box 621- Sterling, IL 61081
Music's Bottom Line, PO Box 1101, Twinsburg, OH 44087

WFBQ 94.7 FM Indianapolis, Indiana

Signage Plus Graphics

Metal Maniacs Online (http://www.metalmaniacs.com)

Nuvo Weekly

A special thank you to our Supporters:
Dan Ferguson, Leigh Marino, John Zeps, Vibes Music 5975 E 82nd St.,
Indianapolis, IN 46250, Phone # 317.576.0404,
Lee Runyan, The Emerson Theater, Temporary Structures Booking, P.O. Box
44580, Indianapolis, IN 46244,
WJCU 88.7 FM, WRUW 91.1 FM, and WMMS Metal Show 100.7 FM (Cleveland, Ohio)

Donations can be made to James through the official James Murphy web site:
or at Abyss Records.

Call Abyss Records for more information #(317) 353-2460

Get well soon James and Chuck!!!!!

**Ace: I have had the good fortune to meet James on a couple of occasions. He is one of the nicest guys that you could ever want to meet. Add to that the fact that he is an AMAZING musician and you have a damn good man. My best thought go out to you James - get better!!

Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 17:48:05
From: robbie - gus90514@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: new album

Is it just me or are there alot of covers on the new cd? Or do the titles just happen to be similar to titles of songs by other bands? Just wondering and I cant wait to find out. I'll buy it either way and am going to the Hollywood show! Motorhead for Life!
Doug Robertson

Date: 25 Mar 2002 10:12:29 -0000
From: Slyr2133@aol.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #138

There is a new Motorhead discussion forum online at this link
Anyone wanting to talk about motorhead or just general rock music should pay the site a visit and sign up. All are welcome, but it is new and needs regular visitors to get it up and running properly.

See you there.
John (theboycopeland)

Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 15:02:28
From: "Nick Nichols" nickscom@communicomm.com
Subject: tour dates

Dear Ace,
HELP!! I live near Texas, and was DESPERATLEY wanting to see the band, but I have found conflicting dates and venues through both the motorhead website and ticketmaster. Here are the dates I'm speaking of:

April 11 -Canyon Club, Dallas, TX
April 14 -Engine Room, Houston TX
April 14 -Corpus Christi, TX

First, as far as I can find out, there is no "Canyon Club" in Dallas, but there is one in Houston. Second, the Houston Engine Room date and the Corpus Christi date start within 30 minutes of each other on THE SAME DAY!!!??? They are over 150 miles apart! Can you please tell me where (if anywhere) they will be playing in Dallas, and what gives with the Houston dates? Would LOVE to see 'em in Dallas!



**Ace: The dates as I have them are at the top of this post.

From: Gjlemmy33@aol.com
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 19:21:51 EST
Subject: anahiem show

Ace I am flying out to meet a friend who just moved to Corona Ca for this show. I will Have seen motorhead three times on this tour, but I am going to this show. Maybe we can hook up before the show somewhere and discuss all things Motorhead. Let me know cheers

* Ace: I will be there... see you inside!

From: Gjlemmy33@aol.com
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 19:31:37 EST
Subject: hammered

I got the promo for the new album on tuesday its another classic! Brave new world rocks as does everything else

Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 10:38:59
From: "gabe" bernard771@hotmail.com
Subject: os: bastards shirt

Hey Ace, I got my Bastards shirt today, just wanted to say thanks, I've been lookin for a Bastards shirt for a long time!!! Everybody else, you should get one of these, its fucking awesome, and you wont be disappointed!!! Now I have something nice to wear to easter dinner, hahahaha! Also, i cant wait to get Hammered, it comes out on my birthday, couldnt want a better present!!!



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