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Issue #138 - March 8, 2002

OS: US Tour
OS: Prospective tour vis-a-vis visa difficulties
OS: polish website
os: motorhead best of dvd
OS: Jumpin Jack Flash
Re: OS137 - Overn.. Sens.... CD
OS: The Look
OS: Motorhead in SA
OS: Motorhead robot
OS: DVD easter eggs
OS: Another "LEMMY - DINOSAUR OF ROCK'N'ROLL" Movie Update
OS: Lemmy song
RE: Overnight Sensation Issue #137
OS: Stuff
OS: Motorhead interview
RE: Overnight Sensation Issue #137
OS: ACE OF SPADES lip-sync
OS: Reviews Wanted
OS: Lemmy documentary
OS: LEMMY MAde my vacation- aweseome dude!
OS: I Got Mine -cd
OS: Orgasmatron...?
OS: New album
OS: Motorhead Marketing
OS: Unknown song
OS: Motorhead on tour...

Total Motorheadbangers Receiving This Issue: 3749


Date: February 8, 2002
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: us tour

Greetings Fellow Motorheadbangers!!


Well, it's official! Motorhead is touring North America starting April 7 with Morbid Angel opening (Morbid Angel starts April 11). Here are the first batch of tour dates. I am told that there will be more coming in the next week or so. I also know that the band will be playing some dates in Europe at festivals, but I do not have the official info yet.

April 7 Ventura, Ca Ventura Theatre
April 8 Tucson, Az Rialto Theatre
April 9 Alburque, NM Sunshine Theatre
April 11 Dallas, TX Canyon Club
April 12 Austin, TX The Metro
April 13 Corpus Christi,TX Party on the Patio
April 14 Houston, TX Engine Room
April 16 Sauget, IL Pop's
April 18 Baltimore, MD Rechter Theatre
April 19 Washington, D.C. Nations
April 25 Pougheepsie, NY The Chance
April 26 Boston, Mass The Palladium
April 27 Toronto, ON The Warehouse
April 28 Montreal, QC The Medley
April 30 New York, NY WWF The Worlds
May 2 Detroit, MI Royal Oak Theatre
May 3 Cleveland, OH Agora Theatre
May 6 Minneapolis, MN First Ave
May 7 Dekalb, IL Otto's
May 8 Chicago, IL House of Blues
May 10 Denver, CO Gothic Theatre
May 14 Seattle, WA The Showbox
May 18 Orange County, LA House of Blues
May 19 San Diego 4th & B
Jun 12 Oberhausen, Germany Turbinehalle

** All dates are subject to change without notice so make sure that you call ahead before travelling a large distance. Dates will be posted on the website as I get them.


As previously reported, the album is called HAMMERED. I have updated the website to show a track listing and to offer a download of the MP3 for the first single, SHUT YOUR MOUTH. Be sure to check it out! We really want to push this one, so phone up your local radio stations and bug the crap out of them until they play some Motorhead! Don't let the bastards grind ya down!

There are two bonus tracks on the album that were not previously mentioned. First, THE GAME made it on here. Second, the live version of OVERNIGHT SENSATION from the 25th Anniversary show in brixton also made it on. Cool!


We had a small but cool meeting in London when I recently visited. Three devote Motorheadbangers made the trek out to Heathrow. We induldged in a few beers before retiring to my room and listening to HAMMERED in it's entirety. Thanks to those of you that made the effort... you gave me a wonderful start to one of the greatest trips of my life.

For those of you that didn't catch it last time, I spend three weeks touring Europe with Asia in Feb-Mar 2002. I met a lot of Motorheadbangers along the way! Thanks to all of you for your kind words of praise for the site and the list. I am finishing up a tour diary of my travels that will be posted on Asia's official website. More info as the prject progresses will be posted here.


Thanks to the slew of you that took the time to email me your thoughts and suggestions on the Motorhead product line. We will be reviewing these over the next couple of months and creating some cool new things. There is still time to get your votes/ideas in. Here is the info again...

First, the retail world is asking us to create a Motorhead poster for sale in music shops and related places. What Motorhead album cover/image would you most like to see made into a full size poster? Just send me an email to acetrump@bigfoot.com with the subject being MOTORHEAD POSTER VOTE. Remember, this is your chance to shape the image of things to come. So get off your asses and VOTE!

Second, is there any other items that you would like to see us produce for sale either on tour or off the website? Anything at all, just let me know. If enough people want a certain item, I will get it made! Send me an email to acetrump@bigfoot.com with the subject being MOTORHEAD NEW PRODUCTS. Again, the future is being shaped by you... so step up and say your piece.


We have been focusing on the new products for the Motorhead tour. I hope to be able to offer those to you soon. in the meantime, check out the Motorheadshop - there is tons of cool stuff available there.

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

From: Houseofpyn@cs.com
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 03:50:36 EST
Subject: os: prospective tour vis-a-vis visa difficulties

Mac, I think(hope) you're right, it's probably just a matter of having the right connections as far as getting visas(I'm assuming the band was already in the country by Sept 11th, for the ass-kicking fall tour ). What the hey, Lemmy likes baseball, and Phil likes the Simpsons, what could be more American than those things? They couldn't possibly tour without the World's Greatest Drummer, so as far as I'm concerned, they're in, no problem!
And if there does happen to be a problem, no doubt the U.S. members of the O.S. list could think of some creative messages to send to their representatives in Congress. You foreign subscribers could send some stuff to your ambassadors in this country.
Here's hoping it doesn't come to that. I want to see them ASAP, no immigration delays!

Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 13:16:45
From: "M4c" m4c@wp.pl
Subject: polish website

Halo Ace!!!

At the beginning I want to say "sorry for my language"! ;-) My name's Maciej Kosowicz, I'm almost 30 and I'm from Poland. I'm really proud that I'm writing for you this letter because I've tried to do this many times and now... here I am.

Your website is really great. I'm you big fan from the first time I've found it in 1997. I'm listened to Motorhead from about 1985, but I'm their big fan from 1991. Motorhead is for me everything what I'm looking in music! So at the end of 1999 I decided to make my own website. I invite you to visit my site and maybe you'll put my link on your site. I will be really happy!

Bastards - The First Unofficial Motorhead Polish Website
M4c's tribute to the best rock 'n' roll band in the world - Motorhead!
You'll find there a big discography, bio and many more... still updated!!!
Now only in Polish.

If something in this description is incorrect. Please make correction. I'll be very thankful.


Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 12:42:38
From: "Roderick Never-Neverland" lemmyhellacopter@hotmail.com
Subject: os motorhead best of dvd

I jut got a dvd here in the uk which is the old best of motorhad vhs plus the promo for Killed By Death!!! worth it just for emmy riding out of his grave on a harley!

Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 08:17:14
From: Erik Bresnihan - epac@optonline.net
Subject: os: jumpin jack flash

Hi all - I understand that Steamhammer in Germany has re-released "Bastards" with an extra track, 'Jumpin Jack Flash', which I can only assume is the Stones song. Anyone heard it or got an mp3 I can check out?

Long Island, NY

Date: 10 Feb 2002 14:48:15 -0000
From: Cunartco@aol.com
Subject: re: os137 - overn.. sens.... cd

In OS #136, Lyionphish@aol.com said:
Ever wonder why people kinda go quiet when you talk about MH? It's cos a band that is as an uncompromising truth as they are, who live the life, play more live gigs than anyone else you know, scare the shit out of people. They make other people realise that they are just part time. Few folk come close to them.Truth scares people and MH are truth.

It's true that people do go quiet when I mention that I am a Motorheadbanger. And I am not talking about when I say this to U2 fans (or whoever) who don't have a clue about "the truth" as you say. I am talking about other rockers like the kid who came into my office and asked me if I wanted him to pick me up tickets for Rob Zombie. I said, "If you got me Motorhead tickets, then I'd go with you!" And he gave me that look. It was the look reserved for people who follow the Greatful Dead around on tour or name their kids after band members. Its that, "Oh, you're committed" look. Its the look of realization that you are ready to take your support for something in which you believe to the next level. And they get quiet, just as you say, because at that point they realize that they are part time and you are full time. They might know the truth, but they realize that you at least believe that YOU know the truth and they either respect you are steer clear of you because they are afraid of what they do not understand.

Keep taking it to the next level my friends, and show respect for those who display the courage to go to the next level.

Ace, you are a JACKASS! I certainly hope that you have a layover in Philly on your way back from Europe to share the HAMMERED CD with Philly Motorheadbangers. I can't wait until 4/9 knowing that you are sharing your copy of the CD with London fans! Have you no mercy on Boneshaker-less American fans?

Andrew DiVirgilio

**Ace: Hee-HAW!

Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 11:40:37
From: Colin Stoltz - colin@avid.co.za
Subject: os: motorhead in sa

having been a fan of m'head for the last hundred years and living down here at the edge of the world(south africa), i nearly wet my pants with glee when i heard m'head was coming here toward the end of last year. i bought tickets to all the shows, got hold of all my old mates that used to listen to them with me and made a whole reunion thing out of it. anyway, it never happened(the tour that is) so i was and am still very dissapointed. it was also stated that they would, on their next tour, pop past here and play a few gigs. any idea if this is still the case? i would love to see them, 'specially down here, and buy the man a jd- if the opportunity arises. well, 'til then i'll have to keep watching the dvd(seeing we're a PAL zone 2, not that it's zoned, country i bought it fm amazon uk).
keep up the great job.

Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 09:44:20
From: "mitch conroy" mamievkurgin@hotmail.com
Subject: os: motorhead robot

I intend to enter TLC's Robotica competition with my entry named appropriately Motorhead! It will resemble the Motorhead ensignia (within the allowances of mechanical engineering and available resources) It is based on the Panzer Mk 4 chassis and Mk 5 Tigerpanzerkamfwagen track design and will also include the two tusks which will be retractable for breaking the glass bars in the competition and also impaling and flipping over the opponent and a worm gear driven clamping/locking jaw which will also serve as a plough for the brick wall and other obsticles. There will be also plenty of graphics to make sure the world understands that this truly is the MOTORHEAD robot!! I have already worked out the electronics - the first of it's kind - a directly computer controlled robot - no radio control toys for me!!! I can program it to run the course and bugger off for a smoke - I don't even have to be there!!!! Motorhead knows what to do!!! The mechanical engineering is borrowed from Elfred Krupp from about 60 years ago, but the electronic engineering is all mine even though all the components are late 70's and early 80's. I'm even going to use a vacuum tube in the transmitter - ECC83 made in Germany (not West Germany), so you can guess when it was made HAHAHAHA!!! - and have a glowing vacuum tube inside my computer just to be a smartass!!!
This year I am teaching a course in ,,art" welding, so I decided to indulge! The helmet is made of a central air compressor dome and the tusks from a 1976 Cordoba power windows units. The weight limit is 210 lbs - otherwise I would build the real 70 tonne version!!!

As far as Motorhead art, have you seen my concrete sculpture? It is the principal gargoyle here at Odin's Castle (Not really a palace, more of a huge stone wall enclosing a 1940's industrial complex complete with coal fired steam boiler) I have dedicated two other inventions to Motorhead - an engine rebuilding tool (of little commercial value because nobody else I know can do a valve job) and Ironhorse - I mow my lawn with a motorbike contraption of my own design - the only one like it in the world!!
I have people pull over and say,, What the HELL is that??? - He's cutting the lawn with it!!" There's an acre to cut than there's no bloody way I'm doing it with a push mower!! Lots of moving parts, noise and smoke - Lemmy would love it - but not half as much as the Motorhead robot!!
My first patented invention was dedicated to Metallica, but I got an underground recording of Lemmy doing Enter Sandman. Even better than the original!! That keeps everything consistant except for one - I invented a really nasty weapon and dedicated it to SLAYER's Hallowed Point, but I'll probably just take that secret to the grave unless Lemmy can take over as dictator and I get to shoot all the rappers!!!!!
The rest are for obscure applications like programmable pulse width modulation and frequency division AC syncronous industrial motor controllers - of little financial value and nobody will even understand what I've invented until 100 years after I am dead. AS an engineer and inventor right now, life in Canada SUCKS!!!!! After the release of Motorhead's Orgasmatron album (containing the song Deaf Forever) - and Ozzy's Speak Of The Devil - introduced me to my own heritage and Opa when he was still alive explained to me Das Geheime des alte Runen (The secrets of the Ancient Runes) It skipped a generation because nobody else understood - not just the history, but the Ancient Nordic Beliefs. On 6.Juni, 1986, I opened Odin Industrial Enterprises - if it were not for Ozzy and Lemmy, this never would have happened and I thank them both because it takes true genius to inspire genious!!!!! Those were the glory days and I was well on my way to being a millionaire, but little more than a year later we were all betrayed and since then, politics in Canada has sucked shit!!! (Politician slime, you make me want to puke, waste my money, waste my time-Lemmy). I use Lemmy quotes in my daily conversations - and as I am sure Lemmy would say ,,fuck 'em if they can't take reality!!!" Well, that's my Motorhead story - and I remember Lemmy the Lurch from the Hawkwind days, so that's like what? 25 years??? It doesn't seem like that long. Lemmy is the only reason I play bass (badly)-(by Motorhead standards only), but in so many ways, Lemmy has been an inspiration for unimagineable accomplishments and even without the warts, I look like Lemmy! Lemmy is my alterego - that nexis with a higher imagination, the inspiration and that ultimate adrenalin rush that few others than Motorhead can deliver!!! I claw my way through the mosh pit to every Motorhead concert - why not - If lemmy can still do it at his age, than so can I!!!! Besides, the mosh pit in Jungian way or Nietzian way is still a Viking thing!! Lemmy's oak leaf carved bass proves that!!! Lemmy for pope AND world leader!!!!
I would like to meet Lemmy some day - I'd be willing to agree to disclose the robotics system for a computer controlled light show, form the Motorhead Corporation, run Lemmy for President or form our own Republican Party here in Canada and have Lemmy personally kick ass in the house of treason in Ottawa!!! My personal political philosophy, the bankers and lawyers have told enough lies!! We, the Technocrats have kept the word running, now it is time for US to RUN THE WORLD!!!
Let me know what Lemmy thinks about this, after all, he is the ultimate philosopher. The future rightfully belongs to us!!

Mitch Conroy, Inventor
- Mamievkurgin@hotmail.com

Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 10:20:23 -0800
From: Wee Eck - spanky@ilm.com
Subject: OS: DVD easter eggs

Hey Ace.

As you collect all the info regarding the DVD easter eggs, could you perhaps post them on the official web site?
JUst a thought, as I wait patiently for the North American release. What's a few more months after 23 years of listening pleasure...


_Spanky x2661 aka Andrew Grant, keeper of the 47,000 unknown facts.....

**Ace: We'll see what we can do...

From: Pvschuckmann@aol.com
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 16:36:14 EST
Subject: another "lemmy - dinosaur of rock'n'roll" movie update


I don't really have that much to say, other than you rock!!!!! keep up the great work!!! the public can be a bit difficult to deal with at times, but you seem sto have come to terms with that... - stand strong and god bless motorhead!!!!


**Ace: Thanks! 8-)

Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 14:24:54
From: bazauto@lineone.net
Subject: os: stuff

Hiya Crazy Critters?.

Heres a quick thing from the good Bazzer cos I?m pleasantly pissed after coming home from the Asylum Club just to say this:

I was in the Virgin Megastore today and I asked if I could order Hammered this early before release. It turned out that I couldn?t yet but when the kid at the counter was checking out release dates he found that the next Motorhead release is ?What?s Words Worth?, a re-release.

I got it on vinyl (?Wassat??) when it first came out in 1982 ish and it?s a must for completists cos its a live recording from the Roundhouse in 1978. All the songs are familiar ? stuff off the first album and a couple of others like City Kids and Leaving Here where ?You?d better hang around with someone new? becomes ?Turn that feedback off or Ill turn you? for reasons obvious. Also Larry Wallis was in the audience! Its rough and ready but fun.

Someone was asking about where to get a copy of Overnight Sensation. You could try this: Motorhead Record Finding Services C/o Mick Stevenson, 13 Plumpton Close, Luton LU2 8JU as listed in Motorheadbangers World.

I saw some stupid program on TV where these two women go around telling ordinary people how to dress and what they should wear. It was funny cos one of these fashion guru women was wearing a Motorhead girly top ? and these people are telling Jo Public what she ought to be seen in! That?s fashion sense for you, haute couture wot ho?!

Adios Amoebas


Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 22:03:35
From: fcmag - fullcontactmag@rogers.com
Subject: Motorhead interview

rodFc from FULL CONTACT magazine here.I wanted to get news of our 8th issue featuring MOTORHEAD due out in the summer 2002.Is it possible to have it posted on the Motorhead site please?



From: Pvschuckmann@aol.com
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 09:58:13 EST
Subject: os: girlschool - not that innocent

Hello Friends,

Yesterday I've been to the GIRLSCHOOL Show in Hamburg. The girls are still brilliant! They ROCK! Make sure to see them when they come to your town!
They also released a fantastic new album "Not that Innocent" that you'll love if you also liked their previous records..
You can find some album info on my Website: http://de.geocities.com/pvs_bastard/records.html
and also order it directly from http://www.girlschool.co.uk
cheers you lot

**Ace: That was at a club called Fabrik, right? Asia played there at the start of their tour and I saw the Girlschool posters everywhere. :-)

Date: 19 Feb 2002 21:06:30 -0000
From: "Rick H." Rick@foremostappliances.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #137


* Ace: I post the dates as management gives them to me...

Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 15:25:26 -0800
From: Wee Eck - spanky@ilm.com
Subject: OS: ACE OF SPADES lip-sync

Hey there folks.

Just for fun last night I rented a VHS of an old 1983 MISFITS performance. The tape also had a SAMHAIN show but in between these two gems were two performances by our favorite band MOTORHEAD.

Both were from European tv shows and both were definitely lip-synched as Philthy had the rubber practice pads on the drum set. It was quite bizarre to see, especially since it was a typical early eighties neon designed stage. The crowd was also short haired pimply teens that clearly didn't know what the hell they were witnessing. 8)=

The first performance, which I think was a German show, had a big neon sign in the background that I think said MUSIC BOX. It may have been MUSIC BOY but the X was terribly done so I couldn't tell.

The second one was a crazed disco ball stage but it didn't include the announcer so I couldn't guess from which country it was broadcast.

Anyway, just wanted to share. Can anyone shed some light on these?

_Spanky x2661 aka Andrew Grant, keeper of the 47,000 unknown facts.....

Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 16:17:45
From: "John Copeland" theboycopeland@hotmail.com
Subject: os: reviews wanted

I'm planning to do a website which will, among other things, have a large section on Motorhead album reviews. I thought it might be interesting to have opinions from several different people (including myself) on each Motorhead album.

If anyone is interested, could you please e mail me reviews of as few or as many different Motorhead albums as you like in the following format:

Title of album followed by a few lines summarising the album. Then a track listing of the album followed by a rating from 1 to 5 for each song (no fractions). 1 being unbelievably shit and 5 being unbelievably great.

I'll then convert the ratings into an overall mark out of ten.

Also include your name and any other info about yourself. Let me know if you want your e mail address made available or not.

I don't necessarily want all great reviews, I want honesty. So if you honestly believe that Iron Fist is the best album of all time and that 1916 is terrible, then review them that way. The idea is to have diverse opinions on each album. For live albums rate the tracks as they are performed live, not how they are on the original album.

Of course, if you believe this to be a stupid idea then ignore this letter but hopefully I will get enough contributions to set up an interesting site but not so many that my inbox bursts.

Please e mail contributions to either of these addresses
- john@spacegod.freeserve.co.uk
- theboycopeland@hotmail.com


Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 13:59:08
From: "deaf forever" bleedingears@hotmail.com
Subject: os: lemmy documentary

Dear Ace & OS members,
I have recently been in touch with a German film maker called Peter Sempel (who has been mentioned in OS many times). Peter has a fully endorsed 115 minute film/documentary of Lemmy .. including lots of footage of Motorhead in concert .. made over the past 3 years.

Peter has already filmed & edited everything and got the OK from Lemmy to say that it is great. Peter just needs to transfer the finished piece of work from 35mm tape to video (VHS/PAL) with a view to getting a music company to distribute .. which could be SPV.

Can anyone help Peter complete this final bit of editing work .. do any of you know a production company who are willing to either sponsor this or do the work for free. Peter is allowing whoever does this to have a percentage stake in any profits made once the video is released around the World.
visit http://www.sempel.com/ for more info.
This project has the complete backing from Lemmy himself !! Any help would be greatly appreciated.


From: Gjlemmy33@aol.com
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 13:07:08 EST
Subject: tour yesssssssssss!

The dates are rolling in 2 shows in my backyard Dekalb IL Chicago House of blues May 7 and May 8. Anymore I know you have been out of the country.How about Madison WI?

Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 23:45:14
From: "yelling" yelling@sprint.ca
Subject: os lemmy made my vacation- aweseome dude!

Holy crap I go to Hollywood, Riverside/ LA to visit some friends, bored and go to a show, it's sold out at the troubadour, go to the rainbow and there's Lemmy, I have never been to La coming from snow white Montreal , Canada, and sitting there alone and he walks in. I go up and buy him a drink and thank him for the best music ever, my soul blood, and we talk he sees my Overkill back tattoo again, tells me stories from the first tour I saw o them " Rock'n'Roll in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada and some of the Montreal/ TO gigs where I met him a few times, but ridiculously drunk ( my birthday) and then he asks me what I do Being a pretty extreme looking tattooed punk chick and I am a counselor with street kids and a chef who also has fed them for like 3 year.s whatever , no biggy, he looks at me and says, yeah I was a street kid too by choice. we got into the legalizing drugs and prostitution thing really cool, he was funny extremely concerned how he is going to get his drugs over the border after 9/11 and he was really sober when I saw him, then he buys me a beer (because the US has no good beer, leave it u to Mexican's to come close - corona) and then he hands me $100 US and says" make 'em ( the street kids) some fucking cake or something" I almost fell off my chair. we talked a little longer , I was totally stunned and happy as a pig in shit the kids are going be so fucking happy they all love Motorhead, I fed 250 a day and now work as a counselor with them, there is still Motorhead poster in the kitchen after 4 years and they listen to it often when they are eating courtesy of the Dans La Rue kitchen staff. What a fucking awesome fucking person, SO yeah I want to send him a tax receipt from our organization because he said " don't spend it on yourself bitch, right?" And gave me a hug and kiss goodbye, best fucking vacation I ever had..... So tell me , stunned as I was I didn't ask for his address, where the hell do I send it?? glad to hear the new record is coming out soon, said the book he's having a bitch of a time getting out doesn't know when that will happen, and hopefully will be back here next year to blow our ear drums all the way to hell and back. Funny thing is a few days late my friend who was doing a photo shot at the rainbow was unknowing going there to take photos of Lemmy- what a weird coincidence, he loves MH too and also saw him play for the first time on the Rock'n' Roll tour in Halifax. If you're in Hollywood be prepared to spend your future kids life savings at Amoebae records, amazing store! Might want to buy the staff too they ain't too bad looking at all- ha ha- YAffa

Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 14:01:56
From: Reijo Ven?l?inen - Reijo.Venalainen@espoo.fi
Subject: OS: I Got Mine -cd

Does anybody know anything about this item? It's DISKy number SI 640572 (Zurich -83?). Songs are; Tales of Glory, Marching Off to War, Iron Horse, Shine, Another Perfect Day, I Got Mine, Back at the Funny Farm. There's Robbo on guitar but Eddie on the sleeve ;) Just bought it 6,90 euros (8 USD).


Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 17:03:29 +0300
From: sami yli-mattila - action-hero@luukku.com
Subject: orgasmatron...?

helou boneshakers! Maybe i?m the stupidiest man on earth, but could you tell me what the fuck means "orgasmatron", please remember i?m from finland, so my english is not very good...
yours... Sami

Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 21:05:57
From: "Chris" copper475@sprint.ca
Subject: f.y.i

To Ace Trump,
Incase you were wondering and you might want to pass this on. On the new Doro cd, Lemmy sings back up on two songs and Doro pesch does a cover of Love Me Forever with Lemmy. A great cd and a great duet. You might pass this on to the fans. The cd is Doro Calling the Wild.

- copper475@sprint.ca

Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 15:25:16
From: Francisco Lorenzo D?az - lemmy@mail.ono.es
Subject: os: new album

Just heared the new album, the cover is cool, i saw on spv.de i thought it was bad, but now i can see it bigger its cool, but personally i dont like motorhead snagglethooth and covers to be as like as paraphernalia of 3rd reich, but well, anyway is not in an offensive way, so i respect it.

Well, ive heard the songs a lot of times for now, really i apreciatte a downing level in some ways but a upper level of other ways... for example, here you could not the brutality of songs like the invincible burner, or take the blame, and you have to equalize you hifi to hear the lemmys bass weapon as you like to hear it... i mean killer... Then i miss the tipycal rock n roll-booguey song tha lemmy uses to write in most albums... and the other thing i miss is the regularity of the album, i mean almost all songs are in the same tempo, and same rhytms...

On the other hands, i feel songs more melodycals, with a voice of lemmy very enfathizing the lyrics, as he does in walk a crockeed mile... i feel mickey dee playing slowly, but creating more rich rhymts, less double bass drums and more feeling on the drums, all with the same power wich mickey always gift us.

...Any way, i thing this albums is not in the line they are doing, i think there is a continuity on bastards/sacrifica... another regularity on overnight sensation/snake bit love, another change on were motorhead, and another big change on hammered.....

but hell, i love motorhead, they rock bluesed rock n roll, and ill keep paying for all their records, god bless lemmy an cia...

all avobe is mi opnion, it does mean that im right ok?, bye

Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2002 23:28:33 -0000
From: "darryl" darryl@beckett13.fsworld.co.uk
Subject: concerned

Dear os
I'm a bit worried that the new album isn't being realeased on vinyl as I can't stand CD's . On a lighter note Boneshaker was spot on and I got interviewed for the DVD.I hope Motorhead are on tour this year all the best lemmy hope to see you soon back in the UK.

From: SarmadSheikh@cs.com
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2002 18:42:31 EST
Subject: os: motorhead marketing

Hi all,
Danielle Cassy, the lady who sent out a Motorhead questionaire a few weeks ago for her University dissertation, would appreciate information regarding the business side of the band. If anyone can help, please email her directly: daniellecassy@hotmail.com Her request is attached below.


Danielle Cassy writes:
I am now writing the background chapter of my dissertation and would like to know about the business side of the band. I was wondering if any of you know about the British marketing / promotion of the band from the beginning to the present day or have any figures for record or ticket sales. Any examples of press articles etc. would really be appreciated as I only have access to press from 1996 onward. I would gladly pay for postage and copies.

I would appreciate it if you could pass my request on to the relevant people. There are a few details that must be made clear. I am looking for a kind of overview of the British media coverage the band have had throughout their career and would like to know which publications / shows they have appeared in and how widespread coverage has been at certain times. This is so that I can compare the different marketing approaches and images the promoters wanted to portray . Also, I would like to find out about the success and / or marketing of British tours over the years. I need this information as soon as possible too. OK, I think I've asked enough! Any help you can give me will be great...

Danielle Cassy
Email: daniellecassy@hotmail.com

Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 08:04:46 +0300
From: Tomi Palonen - tomi.palonen@avalon.fi
Subject: unknown song

Organization: Avalon Interactive Oy

I heard once a blues tune sang by Mot?rhead, but I never got the title. Only thing I remember from it is that the chorus said something like "...devil's coming with a big black cadillac." From what album is this on?

Tomi Palonen

Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2002 22:18:10
From: Juggernaut - Juggernaut@post.netlink.se
Subject: motorhead on tour...

Hello Ace!

Checked the Mot?rhead webpage today.
Damn it a long time to wait until Hammerd is to be released. Guess I'll have to listen to the mp3 until then. Also checked the tourdates, Sweden Rock festival says that Mot?rhead will appear, but your page doesn't mention this gig. Is it a hoax or...?
Make sure that they bring some T-shirts along this time, last time I visited Swedenrock, back in '98, Mot?rhead didn't have anything for sale. Webshopping ain't the same, but it'll do.


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