Issue #116 - January 19, 2001

OS: Alive and Well
OS: The Golden Years
OS: motorhead tattoo's
OS: Wurzel
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #115
OS: Lemmy On The WWF Release And Shit
OS: Snaggletooth
OS: hey Oliver!
OS: Motorhead stickers?
OS: Lemmy/Ozzy - No more tears?
OS: Tabs
OS: Take No Prisoners
OS: Three Motorhead Stories
OS: Brixton DVD
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #115
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #114
OS: I Got The Answer To My Question
OS: Bitz
OS: Brixton Report
OS: Motorhead next sunday on tv
OS: A Couple Of Things
OS: WWF entrance theme?
OS: motorhead tribute band
OS: 25th Ann show
OS: Another quick question
OS: New Aural Innovations issue

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Date: January 19, 2001
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: alive and well

Greetings Fellow Motorheadbangers!!


As some of you noticed over the past couple of weeks, there have been a few problems with the Motorhead website. I have severed my relationship with Razor Magazine and as a result I had to movwe my sites from their servers. This proved to be a bigger challenge then I anticipated. But in the end I managed to work it all out and the site is once again alive and well. Thanks for all your notes of concern and well wishes. All is well again.


Motorhead has recorded a song for use on the WWF. I know that hte track is slated for inclusion on a new WWF compilation CD. I do not know what it is being used for and I have not heard it. But Bob Kulick told me that he thought it was the best theng that the band has ever produced. More info as I get it.


I have uploaded a Quicktime video of Motorhead's performance back in May of last year at the Hollywood Palace. Check it out!


I have a few of these shirts left and I have a special offer for all OS list members. Until the end of February 2001, if you order an OS2K shirt, you can take 20% off any of the other items that you order from the Motorheadshop. They have to be on the same order.

Also, if you want to buy more then one OS2K shirt, I have a special offer for you to indulge in. Until the end of Feb 2001, anyone that wants to buy more then one OS2K shirt can have them for $20 each. This only applies if you are purchasing two or more. If you have already bought one and would like more, the offer on the additional shirts is open to you as well. you wil have to add the approriate shipping and handling.

The first edition of these shirts sold out quickly and have become one of the most desirable and rare Motorhead t-shirt collectable known! Don't miss out on this edition!! If you are interested in a shirt and are worried about the deadline, please email me conformation that you are sending an order and I will make sure your choice gets included in the mix.

To order one (or several as many of you did last time), please go to


Great news for all of you non-US holders of Visa/Mastercards! Paypal is now accepting payments from a whole bunch of new countries. Here is a list of countries able to use Paypal right now:

* Australia
* Austria
* Belgium
* Brazil
* Canada
* Denmark
* France
* Germany
* Hong Kong
* Ireland
* Israel
* Italy
* Japan
* Mexico
* Netherlands
* New Zealand
* Norway
* Portugal
* Singapore
* South Africa
* South Korea
* Spain
* Sweden
* Switzerland
* United Kingdom

This means that if you live in one of these countries and would like to order from the Motorheadshop or order one of the new OS2K shirts, you can use the Paypal system. For details, please go to: https://secure.paypal.com/refer/pal=acetrump%40bigfoot.com.


Great news! I have the super popular "Motorhead England" t-shirt available in black and in L, XL and XXL by popular demand! Bandanas and Baseball Caps are also back in stock! I have some cool girlie shirts in stock that are not on the website yet. These are all one-size-fits-all and are black with the Motorhead logo in red on the front. They are $25 plus appropriate shipping & handling (see any shirt in the Motorheadshop on the website for postage costs). Check all the stuff out at the Motorheadshop!

Have an awesome week!

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2001 16:27:29
From: "Commissar88" Commissar88@cfl.rr.com
Subject: os: the golden years

I agree with Simon Wass about "The Golden Years": Lemmy, Philthy, and Fast Eddie...that was KING. Plus, Fast Eddie wore a bullet belt as well. I ordered one from England, which was supposed to be about 40" long (should hang on the hips, I got a 36/38 waist!), damned thing wasn't even 35" long!!

Ah, well....bought the "Born To Lose, Live To Win" boxed set, 10 CDs of Motrhead singles, in their "original" 7" look-alike packaging...very cool...not worth $40 though...but the Golden Years CD/EP is kick ass....

Too bad I was like 2 years old then....
Motrhead for LIFE!

Tune In, ROCK OUT.

Date: Mon, 01 Jan 2001 20:36:10
From: Rube - rube@sumbitch.com
Subject: o.s.

Hi Ace, Motorheadbangers,
All I can say is...We are Motorhead is destined to be as much a classic as Ace of Spades.
Fuckin Rock!

Think you're one? Then by God BE one!

Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2001 20:18:13 -0800 (PST)
From: Reverend - krys_paradis@excite.ca
Subject: motorhead tattoo's

hey ace i just found out that my tattoo on your web site has found its way on to the latest sturgis bike week dvd there is a feature of tattoo's on this disk and it seems someone has chosen my motorhead piece from motorhead for life just goes to show how much motorhead rules.

Keep the faith!

Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 00:16:01
From: deafforever@webtv.net (M McCraw)
Subject: wurzel

You know, for some reason I never found out what happened to Wurzel. Did he leave on his own, or was he kicked out? I thought it was strange that I obtained an import vinyl of Sacrifice and it had his picture on the back, but he wasn't included on the American release in the pics.

Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 12:57:33 -0800 (PST)
From: Scott Stamper - scottandtheact@yahoo.com
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #115

...i don't know how you dew it....#B-{>

Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2001 01:54:21
From: "Michael Mc Intyre" mrm420@enteract.com
Subject: OS: Lemmy On The WWF Release And Shit

I have a question. That shit that Lemmy did for the WWF Volume Five thing, is that going to be Motorhead, or is it just going to be Lemmy with some other dudes, like the thing on the ECW release was? My wrestling friends can't understand why I dig Motorhead so much, because they have only heard that ECW shit, and that pretty much sucks. Will this show them the error of their ways?Also, what wrestler will this new tune be for? Will it be for a big star, or some jibroney like Test or Chaz or someone? If there's going to be a video for it, how about Lemmy having his way with Molly Holly or Stephanie Mc Mahon? That would fuckin' rule!! I'd like to comment about that Artyom dude's story about Motorhead in Russia. What caught my eye was the part about the buses being stopped by the Pigs on the road between St. Petersburg and Moscow. What Artyom should have done since he was drinking so much beer is to piss in the Pigs fuckin' faces and tell them that's what Motorhead is. People tell me that I shouldn't be so profane towards the Pigs in my writings at The Underground ( http://go.to/4992 in case you forgot. The Lemmy interview and autographed shit is all still up there) or on these postings here. The fact of the matter is that Motorhead is greater than the fuckin' Pigs will ever hope to be.
You look at this magazine, and you see postings from North and South America, Russia, The European Union, the UK, Austrailia, Asia, everywhere except Antarctica. This shows the tremendous Power that Motorhead has, the ability to unite so many in such diverse places in the common pursuit of freedom. Freedom of the mind, freedom to express ideas. The fuckin' Pigs are horrified by this. They just want to subjugate everyone and everything under their false "powers."All they fuckin' want to do is impose a certain mentality and will upon everyone, whether you are in a "free" country, like the United States or England or behind the former Iron Curtain, or in the "Third World" wherever, the Pigs want that Power that Motorhead has, but they want to use it in a different way. Not for rock and roll and artistic expression and freedom and shit, but for terrorization and sublimation and the police state.
Mister Businessman is horrified by these words. He says that they are false. Well, Mr. Businessman is the one that ripped Lemmy off so badly that he doesn't have what he earned and deserved and did it by lying to him and cheating him, so I think that Mr. Businessman can go eat dog shit. He tells the band to tone down that wild radical image and shit so that he can "help" them more, which only means that he can steal more from them. The unfortunate part of rock and roll is that many times the bands have no choice but to listen to Mr. Businesman, due to the nature of rock and roll having a business side. However, Mr. Businessman has nothing on me! I am not beholden to the motherfucker and I will not acquiese to his bullshit. I will use Motorhead as part of the soundtrack as I piss on all that he and the fuckin' Pigs stand for now and forever. Motorhead forever, Pigs and Businessmen never!! Happy fuckin' New Year! 2001: a Motorhead odyssey.
Michael Mc Intyre

Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 09:59:04
From: Gooda Edward - edward.gooda@winterthur.com
Subject: 23 may 2001 - london, forum

Dear Ace,

I have just heard from the London Forum that they only have a handful of tickets left for the 23 May London gig. If anyone is thinking of waiting any longer to grab tickets, forget it! They expect to SELL OUT COMPLETELY within the next couple of weeks. Their telephone number is ++44 207 344 0044, so get calling.

Stay clean.

Ed Gooda

Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 12:07:18
From: "David Weinsier/Towers Perrin" weinsid@towers.com
Subject: OS: Snaggletooth

I just listened to No Remorse last night. Does anyone else think that "Snaggletooth" is one of Motorhead's top 5 or so songs of all-time?

Does anyone else think that "Killed by Death" is way overrated? I can think of 100 songs I like better than that one.

Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 12:12:20
From: "David Weinsier/Towers Perrin" weinsid@towers.com
Subject: OS: hey Oliver!

to Oliver Cornfield:

How about re-setting your Motorhead survey and conducting one for all OS members to determine once and for all the fans' Favorite Song, Album, Album Cover, etc...

Make an announcement for everyone to go to your web site within say a 7-day period and to just vote one time. You would be a hero!

Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2001 18:42:50 -0000
From: "Josh Robertson" vagabondheart2001@hotmail.com
Subject: motorhead stickers?

Hey Ace,
I'm looking for a big Motorhead sticker, one of their logo skull, for the tailgate of my truck, any idea where I can pick one up?
Joshua the Vagabond Heart.

Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 15:14:46
From: "silvia" silviag@ctv.es
Subject: os: lemmy/ozzy - no more tears?

Peter, I think it was me who said that Ozzy Ozbourne song "No more tears". had been written by Lemmy. I don't remember if Lemmy had to do anything with the music arrangements (I don't think so). What's sure is that he wrote the lyrics. And yes, he sold it to Ozzy for some shitty $100 (although Lemmy in that moment=thought it was good money!). By the way, "No more tears" isn't the only song Lemmy has written for Ozzy.

Original Message:
From: "Peter Andersson"
- peter.andersson@u.lrf.se
Subject: os: lemmy/ozzy - no more tears?

About the time when I was new to this list there was some mentioning about the Ozzy Ozbourne song "No more tears". If I remember correctly it was stated that Lemmy actually wrote that song and sold it to Ozzy for close to nothing. Curious as I am I would like to know more about this: Did Lemmy write the music AND the lyrics? Or did he just write the music? Or just the lyrics? Or just part of the lyrics? Does anyone on this list know and care to share?

Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 10:07:43
From: Todd Hanson - T.Hanson@labsafety.com
Subject: tabs


I noticed that several people were looking for tabs. Catch My Smoke seems to be down as much as it is up on the internet. Here is the site.


It would be nice if these guys would let you move this to your site, since I assume that the server space (or whatever) is the problem. Otherwise, it is really difficult to find tabs. I have printed a good number of these off but did not save them as files.

These guys didn't want the tabs on Olga, so maybe they would not be cooperative.

Long Live Lemmy!!


**Ace: If they sent it to me with permission to do so, I would be happy to include it in the official site.

Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 12:14:01 EST
From: LthrLady6969@aol.com
Subject: us tour????

Hey Ace,

When is Motorhead coming to the U.S.A./New Jersey area in the year 2001? Your anticipated cooperation is greatly appreciated. Also, when is Lemmy's autobiography scheduled to come out?

Signed a Diehard Motorhead fan.............

**Ace: At this point you know about as much about the plans for a US tour as I do. As soon as I know anything, I post it on the website. As far as the biography goes, don't hold your breath for a release anytime soon.

Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2001 14:45:39
From: "Patrik Friberg" lemmy_rules@hotmail.com
Subject: os: take no prisoners

Hi everybody!
I have a two cd-set called "Take No Prisoners" and i have some questions about it.

1. Track 1-11 on the 2:nd disc are from the time Overkill to Ace Of Spades. I have never heard those cuts before. Are they live cuts? I doesnt sounds like that. When were they recorded? However, they are rawer than the "original cuts" from the albums.

2. There is a song (number 5) called "Bastard". It seems that the lyrics on this song is uncomplete. Why didnt Motrhead include "Bastard" on an album? When was it written? Was the song ever completed?

Please help me!
Patrik Friberg

Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2001 02:31:13
From: "Michael Mc Intyre" mrm420@enteract.com
Subject: OS: Three Motorhead Stories

Back in the day, I used to tell people that came over to my house to buy drugs and such that I didn't think that they would be able to handle a certain aural sensation. I would take No Sleep Till Hammersmith and put on Side Two and turn off my speakers and plug in my headphones and turn the volume all the way up and dare them to try and sit through Overkill and (We Are) The Road Crew all the way through. Most that tried ended up making it about two minutes into Overkill and then ripping the headphones off in disgust or pain or whatever. Late one night, this one dude said that he'd try it. So he put the headphones on and I started the record up. he ended up fuckin' bouncing around at first, then ended up on the floor sort of rolling and twitching around spasmodicallly, all the time fuckin ' saying " It's so intense! It's so intense!" He ended up bouncing around on the floor on his ass and rolled around a bit and started to fuckin' scream " IT'S SO INTENSE!!". Since it was like three o'clock in the fuckin' morning, and I didn't want him to wake up my parents, I ripped the phones off of him. He ended up laying in a corner twitching and moaning and groaning about how intense it was. The worst thing was that when the fuckin' waste head was doing this, he was pressing the headphones against his head really tight as he spazzed around and he popped a fuckin' screw loose in them and they were fucked up after that and had to be replaced sooner than they should have. I also used to work at a place called WUIC FM 88.1 FM at the University of Illinois at Chicago. That's the place where I first got into Motorhead. This one dude there wrote Mercury Records and asked for some Motown records, and they sent him copies of Ace Of Spades instead and he gave me one. That's where I really saw that Motorhead was cool by listening to and playing that album on the station. However, the times were-a-changing. Fuckwad Ronnie Reagan was elected President, and the college felt that it no longer had to be so liberal so they said that they were shutting down the station. You didn't even have to be a student to work there, so it was like a community station .You had dudes that did "foreign language" programs that were nothing more than ethnic hate things against some other nationality that only those that spoke the languages could understand. You had derelicts and homeless galore there. You'd go to the fuckin' john at three o'clock on Monday morning and see some dude there standing in his underwear while he was washing his clothes in the sink. he'd tell you that he worked at the station, and if you looked, you'd see that he had a show at three o'clock Wednesday afternoon or some such shit. So the college had enough, and said that we were history. So, what some of us did was to take some music carts of pop songs and re-record shit from Ace Of Spades on them and left the labels as they were. A couple of days later, this Rastafarian vagrant that fuckin' lived there was manning the mikes because everyone else had split. I had someone call in and request these three songs that we fucked up. He played the first one and Jailbait came on and he let it go. He aplogized and said that it sounded like Motorhead to him and played the second one, and some more Motorhead came on. He stopped it after about a minute, and went on and apologized for "subjecting all of you that are conscious to that. If you are unconscious, you probably liked that." He started the last one, and it was Jailbait again. After fifteen seconds, he came on and said " Oh no. not that Motorhead again." He stopped it and went on for quite some time about rats deserting a sinking ship and shit like that and how bad Motorhead was and shit. Man, I laughed so fuckin' hard that I thought that I was going to puke. The Rasta man was pissed when he found out that it was all a set up too. Right after I got my re-mastered copy of Bomber, I took it to this chick's apartment. She was looking at it funny because she had no idea who the fuck Motorhead was. I put the CD in the player and then proceeded to get down with her. I had this brand-new vibrator that I broiught along and I turned that fucker up all the way and proceeded to fuck her with it in time to the music. At the slower parts, I turned it down and didn't thrust it in so hard. Then at the fast parts, I turned it all the way back up and rammed it in as fast as I could. She was fuckin' loving it man. She was moianing and groaning and I was glad that the music was loud so that i could still hear it. Eventually I quit with the vibrator and used the real thing, still keeping time to the beats of the songs. It was alright. I didnt even make it to the extra bonus tracks. After that, she thought that Motorhead was the fuckin' coolest thing ever. I always thought it was that type of shit that Lemmy had in mind when he made these albums.
Michael Mc Intyre

Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 18:09:04 +0000 (GMT)
From: Paul Davenport - pdav1@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: brixton dvd

Hello there mate,

I have read in the Motorheadbagers fanzine (respect to long time Alan Burridge!) that the DVD of the Brixton 25th Gig (and what a gig) will be made available over Xmas but I get the impression that it will be early doors 2001.



Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 09:03:17
From: "Sebastian Lipski" sebastian.lipski@amm.de
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #115

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 17:05:21
content-type: multipart/alternative;
From: "Sebastian Lipski" sebastian.lipski@amm.de

Ich bin erst ab 08.Januar 2001 wieder zu erreichen.

Sebastian Lipski
aktiv Musik Marketing GmbH & Co KG
Friedrichstrae 20
D-57072 Siegen
Telefon: 0271 - 23257-17
Fax: 0271 - 23257-21
E-mail: - sebastian.lipski@amm.de=


Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2001 19:56:26
From: Rob Krebbers - rjatkrebbers@hetnet.nl
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #114

Hello Ace !

First of all many thanx for all the work you put into this E-mail thing. Appreciate it !

Read in #114 that Lemmy's ill. I hope it's noting serious, and I hope he recvers soon. Wish him all the best, or print this mail and hide it somewhere in his daily shipment of Jim Beam; he'll find it.............

Ace : keep it up !
Lemmy: all the best and keep it up as well (the oter thing, naturally....)
Rest of the band: do Lemmy's dishes wile he's ill, please.......


Rob Krebbers
Motrheadbanger from Holland

Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001 02:45:34
From: "Michael Mc Intyre" mrm420@enteract.com
Subject: OS: I Got The Answer To My Question

I was watching the latest episode of WWF Monday Night Raw on January 8th ( or 8th January, however you fuckin' want it), and we got to the ever-climactic ending of the show. Oh, it was a fearsome sight, what with HHH hitting stone Cold Steve Austin with a metal pipe three fuckin' times. HHH turned Austin into a bloody fuckin' mess that ended up laying prone on the announcer's table. He ended up standing above him and exulting as the announcer screamed " Damn you!! You bastard!! Damn your soul!!". As HHH performed his exultations over Austin's prone body, his music started to play, as it always does in these situations on these shows. It was a new song this time however. A rock song with lyrics of " I'm the game and you don't want to play me". I heard it and it caught my attention even though it was only on for like thirty seconds, because that voice singing that was none other than Lemmy. I fuckin' loved it. To see that his track is for one of the big stars in the WWF rules. That means that it's a song that will be played on the TV shows a lot One of the coolest things about this is that if you look at my earler posting in this issue, I suggested that there could be a video made featuring Lemmy having his way with Stephanie Mc Mahon. If you follow the storylines of the WWF, Stephanie Mc Mahon is supposed to be HHH's wife. So I think that would make it reallly easy to have just that type of video that I previously suggested for this song. I think that Lemmy would like Miss Mc Mahon. He likes those sweet young things, and this chick is the daughter of a fuckin' billionaire to boot. If you made that video like I suggested, I think that it would be the all-time highlight of WWF television. I think that she needs to be exposed to what Lemmy has to offer, because it would do her some good.
Finally, they get a good artist to be on one of their CD's in the WWF. They have always had shit like Kid Schlock and Limp Triscuit and that stupid fuckin' Run-D.M.C. " KIng of Rock cool/King of Rock what" shit and that fuckin' horrible " No chance/ No chance in Hell" bullshit on their CD's.
The wrestling fans snap the fuckers up anyway, even when you have shit like The Rock doing a song on them, like the new one is going to have. I keep telling my wrestling friends what shit that all is and how they should get some real releases to jam to, like Motorhead. Now that Lemmy is going to be a big part of what they see and hear on WWF TV for awhile, maybe they will see the greatness that i speak of when I speak of Motorhead. Finally Lemmy has come back to their consciousness! If you smell what Motorhead's cooking!
Whatever you want to say. At last they have something that I can relate to in one of these stupid wrestling federations, something really cool, not just pretend cool like they usually do. They speak of greatness on that show all the time, now they finally have some in their scene for real.
Michael Mc Intyre

Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 21:17:00 EST
From: SarmadSheikh@cs.com
Subject: os: bitz

Hi 'Headsters,

1. On Friday 15th December, VH1 (Europe) Friday Rock Show aired a Motorhead special, which included a recent interview filmed in October and live + aftershow party footage from the 25th Anniversary gig. If anyone saw it, you would've noticed a familiar face in in the photo pit, very front of the stage. Yes, it's our beloved Ace Trump! :) You can see a couple of "evidence" snapshots of the sighting at this URL:

2. Photos of Skew Siskin's Nina C. Alice and Doro Pesch singing "Born To Raise Hell" at Hamburg, 27 October 2000 can be seen at my Skew Siskin web-site:
Either go to the "Articles" section or access the pics from the pop-up window when you enter the main part of the site. The photos were kindly provided by Nina herself.

3. I heard that the December edition of Classic Rock magazine had a four-page report of the 25th Anniverary gig. Typically, it was already too late when I heard about it and I missed it. If anyone has that issue, I would be most grateful if someone could please email me a scan of the report.

4. What Phil Campbell said about my backstage behaviour in the latest Motorheadbangers Fan Club magazine (PVC, etc), isn't true. His way of joking around. :-)

Take care,


Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 17:29:49
From: "silvia" silviag@ctv.es
Subject: os: brixton report

For those of you who are Spanish or can understand the language, you can read my very-long report about the 25th anniversary gigs at London's Brixton Academy here:


Thanks to Stefano Loi and Sarmad Sheikh for letting me use their pictures.

Silvixxx, The Queen of Spades

Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 12:18:08 -0800 (PST)
From: Stefano Loi - nuraxi@yahoo.com
Subject: os: motorhead next sunday on tv

For those of you who have a satellite tv capability, there is a program completely dedicated to Motorhead on the Italian tv "TMC 2" next sunday the 21st starting at 00:15 (Italian and CET-Center European Time).

Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 03:07:33
From: "Michael Mc Intyre" mrm420@enteract.com
Subject: OS: A Couple Of Things

I get this shit in my e-mail every weekday from this company called Arca Max. One of the things is Today In Music History. It contains facts about the day's happenings in music, along with the day's birthdays. When Mikkey Dee had his birthday recently, it made that day's issue. However when Lemmy's came up last month, it did not. I take umbrage at this gross oversight. Rectification should be performed by these fuckheads. On January 15th ( or 15th January), we got to hear the new Lemmy song on WWF Raw. There was an extended play of it the first time, as it played while Triple H and Stephanie Mc Mahon came down to the ring. It sounded cool, for what you could really hear of it over the WWF announcers jabbbering hysterically. I did notice that Stephanie was wearing this leather dress and fishnets and boots, looking like she was rerady to go to a Motorhead concert and meet Lemmy or some such shit. It gave me another idea for some good WWF TV.
What is needed is to have Motorhead play a live concert on WWF Raw and take Stephanie Mc Mahon and bring her right up in front of the stage to experience Motorhead the right way. Take her where it's so fuckin' loud that you can actually feel the sound waves going through you, like I felt last time I saw Motorhead. Even with earplugs, I don't think that she could handle it very well. So then the crowd should just lift her up and toss her right on stage so that Lemmy can show why "He 's never done nothin' that is ever gonna shame his life." That would fuckin' rule!! To see a little " Long-legged lover, I'm gonnna rend you limb from limb" live shit on the show would be the ratings extravangza of all fuckin' time. You could have her fuckin' Ronnie Reagan lookalike father see all of this and become outraged over the fuckin' display of lascivious social decay that was taking place on his show, and have him rush the stage cursing Lemmy and shit, and just see Mr. Mc Mahon fuckin' crumble into a pile of dust because he wouldn't be able to handle the power of Motorhead. Most of my wrestling friends have no fuckin' idea who Lemmy is, and they all tell me that they would like to see this unfold on the show as well, so I think that this is a sure-fire winner of an idea and they need to do this as soon as possible. Vince Mc Mahon will thank me for this someday.
Michael Mc Intyre

Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 23:19:29 EST
From: Dzone176@aol.com
Subject: wwf entrance theme?

Hello, I have heard news that this great band Motorhead worked on a WWF entrance theme, Triple H...could you please tell me who wrote the lyrics for the song, and how the whole process of the song went down?! Thanks

- DZone176@aol.com

Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 11:03:10 EST
From: Glug33@aol.com
Subject: motorhead tribute band

Ace of Spades- from Chicago The ONLY Motorhead trib(weve heard of anyway).They been playing around here for 4 years.You really should hear this you wont believe your ears!

Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 07:51:42 +0900
From: "shuhei hasegawa" shuhead@alles.or.jp
Subject: 25th ann show

?Hi all.
I went 25th Ann show.and I write 25th Ann show report. Please check it. http://www.pdfworld.co.jp/tyson/motor.htm My Motorhead site is gig report&Interview in Japan&Picture Gallery&Rickenbacker 4004LK.


Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 05:44:48 -0000
From: "Oliver Cornfield" info@motorheadbangers.co.uk
Subject: another quick question

This tune the 'head have done for the WWF.....Lots of queries about it. Will it/has it been released? Is it any good (i am not a great wwf fan)? Any other details? Am I talking drivel?


Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 13:31:29
From: "tnth" tnth@ticon.net
Subject: fw: [hawkwind] new aural innovations issue

Here is a pretty good, very recent, Lemmy interview.


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