Issue #114 - December 8, 2000

OS: Lemmy Sick - Tour Probably Cancelled!
OS: Motrhead Vans Shoes
OS: Hump On Your Back
OS : regarding the Vans footwear and VH1
OS: Motorhead in sweden
OS: Gimmme Some Motorhead T-Shirts!!!
Re: Motorhead clothes
OS: motorhead mp3
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #113
OS: Motorhead in Nosturi
OS: Motorhead e-mail
OS: simpsons/motorhead
OS: Ace Of Spades from Portugal
OS: Manchester!

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Date: December 8, 2000
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: lemmy sick - tour probably cancelled!

Greetings Fellow Motorheadbangers!!


I have had word that Lemmy is sick and that some or all of the remaining shows are cancelled. I have not been able to confirm this through the management, but I recommend to any of you that were planning to attend and especially travel to shows in the coming couple of weeks to check with the venues to make sure the show is still on. I will keep you posted on info as I get it.


Here is your chance to win some wonderful, super cool Motorhead prizes thanks to the fine folks at Sanctuary Music! This contest has two ways for you to win...

Promote Motorhead In Your Area!

Head down to your local record store and talk them into having a Motorhead day. Go to your favorite watering hole and convince the owner that Motorhead is the best band that ever rocked and that they should sponsor a Motorhead night. Do whatever you like to raise awareness of the band to the music world today. Take a few pictures and send them into us along with a little write up on the event. That is all you have to do! Everyone that enters will get a prize!!

What Does Your Motorhead Collection Look Like?

Are you a fanatical collector of Motorhead stuff? have you built a shrine to the loudest band in the world in your home? Send us a picture of yourself with your collection!! The best collections will win a prize!! I have got some great entries already!!! Don't hesitate, time is running out!

What Are The Prizes?

Sanctuary Music has donated 5 copies of each of the following:

* Overkill Green Vinyl Special Edition
* Over The Top The Rarities CD Set
* The Chase Is Better Than The Catch The Singles A & B's CD Set

To enter, please email your picture (JPEG or GIF only please) along with your name and address to acetrump@bigfoot.com. You can also mail you entry to:

Motorhead Contest
5336 W 99 Place #103
Los Angeles, CA

All entries need to be received no later then 11:59 pm PST on December 24/00 - Lemmy's Birthday! The draw will take place on Dec 25! Watch this spot for info on the winners. Good Luck!!


The second annual offering of the official OVERNIGHT SENSATION MAILING LIST T-SHIRT is upon us! The shirts have arrived and they look AWESOME! I have shipped the majority of them already. There are a VERY limited number of extra shirts that I had printed, so if you missed out, you can still get one. We have a killer new design for this years image that is made exclusively for members of the OS list. But, time is almost up for your chance to order the official Overnight Sensation list t-shirt! Last year's edition was very well received and has beccome a much sought after collectable. Here is your chance to get one before you see it on Ebay! The first edition of these shirts sold out quickly and have become one of the most desirable and rare Motorhead t-shirt collectable known! Don't miss out on this edition!! If you are interested in a shirt and are worried about the deadline, please email me conformation that you are sending an order and I will make sure your choice gets included in the mix.

To order one (or several as many of you did last time), please go to http://www.imotorhead.com/tshirt2000.htm


Great news for all of you non-US holders of Visa/Mastercards! Paypal is now accepting payments from a whole bunch of new countries. Here is a list of countries able to use Paypal right now:

* Australia
* Austria
* Belgium
* Brazil
* Canada
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* Ireland
* Israel
* Italy
* Japan
* Mexico
* Netherlands
* New Zealand
* Norway
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* United Kingdom

This means that if you live in one of these countries and would like to order from the Motorheadshop or order one of the new OS2K shirts, you can use the Paypal system. For details, please go to: https://secure.paypal.com/refer/pal=acetrump%40bigfoot.com.


I got a super cool magazine from Japan called "Chain-Whipped" that includes a great interview with Motorhead. The cover features the Lemster himself flipping the bird (as he is so often doing in photos). I know that the atleast one of the interviewers is on this list. Maybe you could post some info on how other members can obtain this cool addition to the collection?


Great news! I have the super popular "Motorhead England" t-shirt available in black and in L, XL and XXL by popular demand! Bandanas and Baseball Caps are also back in stock! I have some cool girlie shirts in stock that are not on the website yet. These are all one-size-fits-all and are black with the Motorhead logo in red on the front. They are $25 plus appropriate shipping & handling (see any shirt in the Motorheadshop on the website for postage costs). Check all the stuff out at the Motorheadshop!

Have an awesome week!

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2000 00:18:36 -0800
From: Ryan Randall - busylife@earthlink.net
Subject: os: motrhead vans shoes

Hi all.

For those Motrheadbangers in the U.S. and those who want to call a toll-free U.S. number to inquire about the Motrhead print shoes by Vans, please call

(800) VANS-800

I've called and left a message with a woman in customer service who hasn't called me back yet (bummer), but I'm gonna call back every few days or so and find out what's up. If any of you wish to join in the effort it may spur them to get off their asses and get us our shoes! I'm planning on buying a pair for each of my kids, too. Maybe for my parents, my cousins, nieces and nephews, etc. Hope I've been helpful.

Also, on a separate note, to all OS members whose primary language is not English, It's great to see that you all make such an effort to convey your messages in a clear and understandable way. I know that there's no way I could do it in any foreign language and I really dig reading your stories and perspectives. Keep it up and realize that you never need to apologize for grammatical errors or anything like that. You are our brothers and sisters and when we've all gone to Valhalla, we'll party together as one family. Motrhead forever!


**Ace: I spoke to a Vans representative last week. She told me that the Motorhead shows were not for sale. They were created for give-a-ways and promos only! So, if you are lucky enough to own a pair, they are now rare collectors items.

Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2000 17:19:57
From: Jens Bernsdorf - jb@nefkom.net
Organization: Kanzlei des Staranwalts
Subject: os: hump on your back

Hi there,

> I also found a very peculiar thing: a yellow, saw-shaped single with Motorhead on
> one side (Hump On Your Back) and Fast Eddie Clarke on the other (Snake Bite).[...]
> It's released by Musical Tragidies (Germany), Tragidy One Two Three (MT-298).
> Other numbers I found on it were EFA 12220 en LC 6838; apparently it's number 12
> in some series.

I've also got the yellow saw-single. Mine is number 12, too, so it's apparently no series.
Have you unfolded the cover? Front and backside are one picture.

Die besten Gre

Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 13:30:26 EST
From: CindyBowie@aol.com
Subject: os : regarding the vans footwear and vh1

Just wanted everyone to know that I emailed the head of Vans and I got a reply back the same day. I guess we will all have to envy the band themselves as I was informed that there are no plans to market Motorhead Vans to the public. Appartently these were made for the band only.

Also, due to the recent attention MH has gotten on VH1, I think its very important that we all email VH1 and let them know that a MH behind the scenes would be most appreciated. They read all the comments and feedback that they receive, who knows, it just might work!!

Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2000 18:54:25 -0000
From: "steve harris" snncrv@hotmail.com
Subject: motorhead in sweden

Hi, life don't get better than this. Get sent by the goverment from the sunny? UK,to the so called snowey regions of Sweden,Lulea to be precise. Get ratted in a bar listening to a local group playing some good stuff,start shouting for Motorhead songs. Accosted by the band afterwards we get told the're not allowed to play the "Head" at that venue, and by the way "Do you know they are playing here on monday night". Mon the 27th That they did, and with the limited crowd they had to work with, they really kicked up some shit. cracking gig cheers raf cheers lemmy & the lads cheers swedish beer

regds 5 pissed up metal heads

Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2000 23:19:07 +0300
From: "Artyom Golew" artyom1916@mail.ru
Subject: os: gimmme some motorhead t-shirts!!!

Hello everybody!

> From: "AJ Broeken" anja@jbroeken.myweb.nl
> Subject: Motorhead England t-shirt, size XXL, motorheadshop
> Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 12:53:37

> Do you know if
> the Gimme Some Motorhead t-shirt (black, white print, size XXL or XL) is
? still available somewhere?

Yes, it's still available, but only as a bootleg shirt. When I was in London, I bought Gimme Some Motorhead sweat shirt in Camden Town in some T-shirts shop, I don't rememer exactly it's name, but it was the first t-shirt shop on the way from the Camden Town tube station. If you have some friends in London, ask them to buy this sweat shirt for you.

All the best for everybody,
Artyom MHB 1916
Moscow Russia

Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2000 22:27:21
From: "peter forsberg" peter_f1@hotmail.com
Subject: motrhead on idun

The concert on Idun in Ume in Sweden vas fucking great and Lemmy kick some as. Phil the beast Cambel is very cooooooool and the Swede mr DEE is a fucking nice drummer. MOTRHEAD kick as ; )
Foffe in Skellefte Sweden

Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2000 11:21:56
From: "Tom Marshall" dwarfer41@hotmail.com
Subject: re: motorhead clothes


I just received a catalogue from a clothing compnay in England called 8-BALL. They stock a few Motorhead tshirts including (We are) Motorhead and the England one. I think they are both in long sleeve or short sleeve and are from 16-80 without packaging and posting costs. This should be much easier for people who can't use the paypal system. The company's site is; http://www.8ball.co.uk A very worth while visit, beleive me. Thel also stock other metal such as AC/DC, Seps, Slayer etc. I do beleive they have some Motorhead patches too. I'm sure they will obtain more Motorhead stuff too if enough of us ask for the stuff.



Date: 5 Dec 2000 18:44:21 -0000
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 23:28:54
From: "debus" - debus@awa.com.br
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #113

Hallo Ace.
I have made a Motorhead page called GOFFENS MOTORHEAD PAGE and I hope you like it, maybe add my link. Let me know what you think.

Here is the link http://home.enter.vg/motorhead/

Geir"goffen"Inge Agledal

Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2000 18:58:18
From: "Patrick strTm" zstream@hotmail.com
Subject: os: motorhead in nosturi

Hi people,

Great gig on november the 30th, the band was in great shape, as usual - they seemed to be in a good mood. Lemmy was smiling and joking in between the songs and he seemed to enjoy himself. The set was the usual, but with some pleasant additions, "shoot you in the back" and damage case...some "golden moldies" so to speak. Somebody said that he thought that going to brazil and born to raise hell should be dropped from the setlist. Well, I'm against that, those two songs have become live favorites of mine...that just goes to prove that you can't make everybody happy. Finally, here's some songs I'd like to hear live: motorhead, I'll be your sister...and couldn't they play iron horse? There's always somebody wanting to herar that one.

Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000 20:14:23 -0000
From: "Karl Davies" karl.davies@libertysurf.co.uk
Subject: motorhead e-mail

Hi Ace,

I just wanted to ask a quick question.

Is it possible to get an e-mail address ending in '@Motorhead.com' as I have seen this facility on the Metallica web site for - '@Metallica.com' e-mail addresses.

If this doesnt currently exist, maybe you could set one up on the web site.

Karl Davies

**Ace: Unofrtunately, I do not own motorhead.com...

Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2000 12:07:54 +0800
From: "Noise Intoner" noiseintoner@grindcore.i-p.com
Subject: simpsons/motorhead

Hey duder
Couldnt find Gracie Films site for email but heres just another request to see Motorhead on Simpsons. I cant explain how cool that would fucking be.
Put in my request. Thanx!!

Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 16:12:58 -0000
From: "Hugo Santos" hmfs@mail.telepac.pt
Subject: ace of spades from portugal


I got your contact from the official Motrhead website.

The reason I'm writing is 'cos the band that I do a website for - Carbon H - have just recorded a version of Ace Of Spades for a portuguese tribute to Motrhead.

I thought you might enjoy listening to it. The most interesting fact about it is that the band has female vocals, which give the song a new turn. And on guest guitar is the guitar player of the most famous portuguese rock band ever - Xutos & Pontaps - who is a Motorhad fan since his youth.

If you wish to download it and send an opinion, do it at:

I'm sending a small, poor quality MP3 sample to give you a short idea. Hope you don't mind.

You can distribute/link to the MP3 file in any way as long as it's not changed.

Well, that's it. Sorry if I'm wasting your time. Keep up the tribute to one of the most influential bands in the rock scene

Hugo Santos
(Carbon H webmaster)

Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 22:43:56 -0000
From: "D.G. Gaunt S9650807" S9650807@hud.ac.uk
Subject: os: manchester!

I can't beleive that I had to pay 20.50 for a concert annonced as being at 15, motorhead may be worth 20 but at least don't lie to us!!

any way I'll be at the gig on the 21st dec. so if anyone else wants to meet up email dr_rock@caramail or give me a buzz 07748055488, i'm coming down from huddersfield!

hope to see soem of u there


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