Issue #113 - December 1, 2000

OS: OS2K has arrived!
OS: Brixton show on DVD!!!
OS: I agree with you
OS: Texas dates
OS: Check This Out
RE: OS London December 19th
OS: Motorhead on Idun
OS: Milano 14/12/2000
Re: Overnight Sensation Issue #112
OS: Dave Grohl(the man has some taste)
OS: Motorhead England t-shirt, size XXL, motorheadshop
OS: motorhead website problem
OS: Motorhead VH1 all time hard rock list
OS: motorhead tab
OS: canceled shows
OS: Nice!
OS: Motorhead #26
OS: VH1 Top 100
OS: Solo Album?
OS: Motorhead vans
OS: The Motorhead gig on Kren in Gothenburg, Sweden 19/11-00
OS: Gothenburg holocaust!
OS: Motorhead dates in Scotland
OS: Motorhead question
OS: Need Info
OS: Gothenburg Gig -- great sound
OS: sometimes you're lucky, sometimes you aren't
OS: Motorhead 25TH Anniversary Show
Re: Meet up on December 19th
OS: Check This Out Again
OS: Something Cool
OS: Mnchenbryggeriet, Stockholm 24/11
OS: Bastards torch Hell sinki!

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Date: December 1, 2000
From: acetrump@bigfoot.com
Subject: os: os2k has arrived!

Greetings Fellow Motorheadbangers!!


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* TOUR DATES! Get you Tour Dates!

As some of you know, Lemmy managed to catch a wicked flu that caused cancellation of several shows on the tour. The band is hoping to make these dates up... I will keep you posted. I know that the shows have been rescheduled, but I do not know the dates yet....

If there are any Motorheadbangers out there that can get me a copy of any of the posters used to promote gigs in their town, I would be grateful. A special thanks to all of you that have done so already. Please contact me off of list to arrange shipment. I think it would be cool to do a section in the gallery of nothing but posters. I need your help, please let me know if you are up to it! Thanks!

Please mail them to:

Ace Trump
5336 W 99 Place - Unit 103
Los Angeles, CA

I have received some new tour dates... here is the latest that I have... watch the website for up-to-the-minute changes. All dates are subject to change without notice, so make sure that you check with the venue in question before making travel plans. Thanks!

Mon Dec 4 Minsk, Russia Ice Hockey Palace
Tue Dec 5 Vilnius, Lithuania Sports Rumai
Wed Dec 6 Warsaw, Poland Stodola Club
Fri Dec 8 Graz, Austria Orpheum
Sat Dec 9 Innsbruck, Austria Hafen
Sun Dec 10 Vienna, Austria Libro Music Hall
Tue Dec 12 Florence, Italy Tenax
Wed Dec 13 Rome, Italy Palacisalfa
Thu Dec 14 Milan, Italy Palaconcerti Aquatica
Sat Dec 16 Pratteln, Switzerland Concert Fabrique
Sun Dec 17 Antwerp, Belgium Hof Ter Lo
Tue Dec 19 London, England Forum
Wed Dec 20 Wolverhampton, England Civic
Thu Dec 21 Manchester, England Apollo

Have an awesome week!

Ace Trump
ICQ: 6055706

Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 14:03:34 CST
From: "Daniel Gilfand" motorhead2001@hotmail.com
Subject: brixton show on dvd!!!

I heard that the 25th Anniversary show was professionally filmed and going to be released on DVD before Christmas. Anybody know if this is true or not? If so, anybody have a release date yet?

Motorhead for fucking life!!!

D. Gilfand

**Ace: Management tells me that it will be released next year, probably in conjunction with the next studio album.s

Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 23:46:47
From: "silvia" silviag@ctv.es
Subject: os: i agree with you

- shredbed@cs.com, I agree with everyone of your=words.

Silvixxx, The Queen of Spades

From: Shredbed@cs.com

Dear Ace, TELL LEMMY that, I love you man.You need to get paid! Don't change a thing YOU HAVE THE BEST BAND you've ever had right now and forever!!!!!!!!!ROCK ON MOTHER FUCKER! shredbed@cs.com%3eshredbed@cs.com BUFFALO, N.Y.

**Ace: Thanks! :-)

Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 09:02:50
From: db1020 - db1020@swt.edu
Subject: os: texas dates

As the wonderful people I work for managed to send me half way round the world with 48 hours notice before the 25th Anniversary gig, all my best laid plans for beers before hand & meeting some of you fellow OS members went up in smoke.

Happily Lemmy must have heard my moans and has arranged the 19th, IS anyone up for beers Before / after. (Work won't get me this time, I have taken the whole week off !)

let me know via the list or send me a mail ian.r.fuller@baesystems.com


Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 08:25:20 CET
From: "peter forsberg" peter_f1@hotmail.com
Subject: motorhead on idun

HI ALL!!!!
First i will say thanx for a very nice newsletter. I hope to se some crazy bangers at Idunteatern in Ume 26 nov. If someone of you are going there send me a mail. I have lisning to Motrheas since 1984 and i think they are kings.
Se ya on tour
Foffe in Skellefte Sweden

Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 19:16:23
From: "DarkSider" DarkSider76@hotmail.com
Subject: os: milano 14/12/2000

Ciao a tutti!!!
Vorrei sapere se li fuori c' qualche italiano che Gioved 14 sar a Milano....sto cercando compagnia per andare al + grande concerto che l'acquatica abbia mai visto!!!!! Fatevi sentire!!!

- darksider76@hotmail.com%3edarksider76@hotmail.com

ps: Hey Ace, you are doing a great job, imotorhead.com is the best site on the web!!! :-)

Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 19:34:36 +0000 (GMT)
From: Paul Davenport - pdav1@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: re: overnight sensation issue #112


Sucess!!! Registered with PayPal at last. Going to take 3-4 days to activate the account though-I will forward funds to your mail asap. Should have got the mail previous to this as I was curious to the fact that Medium shirts are advertised, if not then no worries.

If you get any other issues on Brits with paypal issues, then tell them to ommit all spaces when inputting the telephone number as opposed to PayPals on-line help. I just spent 14 minutes on hold for this info!

Thanks again.


Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 18:55:48
From: Timothy E Elliott - ma-paharper@iopener.net
Subject: os: dave grohl(the man has some taste)

thought you MHBs out there might find this interesting...
Rolling Stone Daily
Friday, November 10, 2000
FOO FIGHTERS frontman DAVE GROHL is in the process of assembling vocalists for PROBOT, a side project that will feature his new songs sung by his favorite metal singers. Executive producer Matt Sweeney told Rolling Stone that Grohl has already written and recorded the music and sent the songs to such singers as KING DIAMOND, MAX CAVALERA of SOULFLY and TOM ARAYA of SLAYER. LEMMY of MOTORHEAD and PHIL ANSELMO of PANTERA are also expected to contribute. The album is due in the spring.

oh,yeah..and LEMMY RULES!!!!

Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 12:53:37
From: "AJ Broeken" anja@jbroeken.myweb.nl
Subject: motorhead england t-shirt, size xxl, motorheadshop


Great news! I have the super popular "Motorhead England" t-shirt available in black and in L, XL and XXL by popular demand! Candanas and Baseball Caps are also back in stock! There will also be some cool girls shirts soon. Check things out at the Motorheadshop!

Gorinchem (Holland) november 14, 2000

Hi Ace,

First of all, my compliments for 'Overnight Sensation', I enjoy reading what's on there. Keep up the good work! The Motorhead gig in 013 in Tilburg (Holland, october 30) was cancelled as everybody knows due to Lemmy's throat infection. The gig is now re-scheduled for december 18 (according to 013). Looking forward to that! I'm a Motorhead fan from the moment I heard 'Bomber' in a hardrockshow on Dutch radio in 1979. But it took me until 1987 to see the band 'in the flesh' in the Noorderligt in Tilburg (the predecessor of 013). Where they broke the decibel-record (set then by Manowar). Since then I've seen just about all gigs they did in Holland since then and in 1991 I saw them in Dusseldorf (Germany) during the Christmas Metal Meeting, together with Wolfsbane, Sepultura and others. I managed to make my wife Anja a Motorheadfan, she joins me at most of the band's concerts in Holland.

Perhaps=you can clear up something for me, I read it in the last issue of Overnight Sensation (see above). I'm very interested=in the Motorhead England t-shirt, size XXL. Are these t-shirts on sale during the current tour through Europe and if not, what site do I have to look for on the internet? =I didn't see a Motorheadshop internetaddress.. Do you know if the Gimme Some Motorhead t-shirt (black, white print, size XXL or XL) is still available somewhere? I've heard about another company that sells t-shirts, I believe, they're called 'Top Shop', do you know them, and if so, do you have an address for me. Can you recommend an address where there are good quality posters of Motorheads current line-up? And finally, do you know if either Lemmy, Phil of Mikkey have contact with fans on the internet? Any suggestions?

Looking forward to your answer,
Best wishes,
Peter Ossewaarde

**Ace: To find the Motorheadshop, just go to http://www.imotorhead.com and click on the link for the MOTORHEADSHOP. We have the Black shirt with white print in XXL and XL. Yes, they are for sale on the tour.

Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 22:35:49 -0800
From: "G C" motorhead@usinternet.com
Subject: os: motorhead website problem

Hey Ace,

Havent written you in a while, I was just showing a friend the motorhead site and noticed that the tribute section is having problems. It seems the photos and audio for the tribute have become corrupted you might want to have a look.=

On a side note any word on when the new tribute is going to be up? It might be really cool if you could work out a deal with MP3.com whare the songs are available to listen to but not download in MP3 format, and MP3.com also sells the songs on CD with 50% going to the artist (in this case the artist the tribute was done for, Motorhead) Real Audio is cool but has some clairity issues compaired to MP3 format but I understand that there are probibly issues with how things are stored and distributed as it relates to=Motorheads rights to the songs.=

Anyway the rest of the site looks kick ass as always.

**Ace: Thanks for the heads up...

Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 13:50:22 EST
From: Gjlemmy33@aol.com
Subject: motorhead vh1 all time hard rock list

Ace i am pleasantly surprised to see Motorhead is 26 on the VH1 all time top 100 hard rock groups of all time. I think they should be higher , but I am a realist. I think 26 is great though. Lemmy himself has been in interviews for the other bands on the list. It is running this week and they do 20 bands an episode. They are at number 60 as of 11/15/00. So put the word out to watch this !!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 20:44:28
From: Eden - edensofine@fcc.net
Subject: motorhead tab

i tried to access http://www.motorhead.com/tabs for some motorhead tab for guitar... and i can't access it without a password... how do i register on that site? good motorhead tab is hard to find! lance mascarenas
- triangledoghead@hotmail.com

Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 05:48:10
From: "lloyd hedges" lloydhedges@hotmail.com
Subject: os: canceled shows

where do i start? I'm live in dallas tx, my oldest sister moved to amsterdam a few months ago. I can travel on anyone's airline for free. so... I went to tilburg holland to see the band. after finding my way to tilburg and locating the club i set off for a hotel room. this was not an easy task. then back to the club for the show. naturally all the signs/posters are in dutch. and i speak not a word of it. as is sat in the bar i learned that motorhead had cancelled because Lemmy had a "throat disease". well i came this far might as stick around for the night. REO speedealer played but that's all. afterwords i figured i'd sneak around back to see what was going on. nothing. met some roadie told him my story. he was going to the local british pub. then i figured it out. the band was in the pub!! i walked in and started looking around. in the back at a large table with many people sitting at it i recognized Phil. I walked right up to him as asked if he was Phil Campbell. he seemed a bit shocked at first denied it and then asked who wanted to know. I pulled up a chair right next to him and told him the story of my journey. we shared a few Strong Bow ciders, a few jokes, road stories, and a smoke or two. he told me of the 25th birthday show and was quite proud of the appearance of Brian May and Jeff Beck (?). I got his autograph on the back of one of the cancelled flyers. but then it was time for me to leave. so all was not lost. no show but a time i will not soon forget
Lloyd Hedges

Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 10:20:27
From: Jon Clausen - jonclausen@get2net.dk
Subject: os: nice!

Hey you guys

So this is my first post to OS. I've been subscribing for some time now, but haven't had anything to add. I've been seeing a whole lot of bullshit, like arguments over who's the better drummer/guitarist/bassplayer/singer/hairdresser that ever played with Motorhead, et al. I'm happy to note that most of that crap has gone out of fashion by now. Posts like "I think Motorhead or Lemmy should this,that and what-not-ever" and the replies "You should be ashamed of yourself for thinking such-and-such about so-and-so" and "I hope Lemmy's gonna come and blow your house down" really are a waste of bandwidth. I mean - what is this? A fucking kindergarten? There was one post in particular that I remember though, which had me laughing for days. This guy was shocked that "There were these GIRLS wearing Motorhead t-shirts!!!" what can I say... How DARE they indeed!!! Enough of that though. (I wouldn't wanna sound _too much_ like those bozos)

The day before yesterday was M-day in Copenhagen. I'd been looking forward to this ever since I saw the date right here in OS. Especially 'coz when they came around last year, I'd had a little too much of everything. And even though I had a great time, I had no clear recollection of anything much.

So this time around I had decided to try and stay reasonably sober throughout. This decision was also helped the fact that I'm completely broke these days... And I'm happy I did (not get totally shitfaced, that is). Quite a new situation. I've seen all the shows in Copenhagen since the Orgasmatron tour in '86, exept once when I was in the States, and this is the first time I've been clearheaded enough to actually remember the playlist...

I was very surprised, shocked even, to hear that Pap (Mikkey's drumtech) died just recently. And I know that for my part, and some of my friends who knew Pap personally, it put a damper on the whole thing. But what
can you do? Well not a great lot I guess. Except get on with your own life... And so there you go: They went on stage, introduced themselves, and got on with it:

We Are Motorhead
No Class
I'm So Bad, BaBy I Don't Care
Over Your Shoulder
Civil War
Shoot You In The Back
God Save The Queen
Born To Raise Hell
Stay Out Of Jail
Damage Case
Sacrifice (Including Drumsolo)
Bass/Vocal Interrim, (Some song or part of one, that I know, but can't quite place)
Going To Brazil
Iron Fist
Killed By Death
*Offstage waiting for recall*
Ace Of Spades

Also there was a guitar-part in there somewhere, but I forget when.

A very nice collection. Even if I personally don't care much for songs like "I'm so bad...", "God Save The Queen" or "Born To Raise Hell" and being no great fan of drumsolos, I would have preferred to hear something like "Dead And Gone", "Out Of The Sun", "One More Fucking Time" or "Lost In The Ozone". Still, you get what's coming, and I have no reason at all to be dissatisfied.

This show was what it's all about! Rock'n Bloody Roll!!!
- It's like;
"Thank you very much - I needed that!"

After the show I went to this local bar, where they have been known to show up. Last year they even played a couple songs down there, I'm told. Well I'd just about gotten there when a cab pulled up, and suddenly the sidewalk was swarming with roadcrew, more guys, and Mikkey and Lemmy. I didn't see Phil there, but that doesn't mean he wasn't. I was just about to walk up to Lemmy, to give him praise for the show, and my condolances for Pap's death, but he really didn't look very sociable at the time. So I decided against that, and just went in for a brew instead. As it turns out Lemmy went to another bar to play pool. So I never got to meet him... I don't know, there was this air of expectation - that now Motorhead were 'supposed' to play at this bar - and I can't really blame them if they went somewhere else because of that... In the end, though, I don't know what transpired, cause as I mentioned before I'm broke, so I went home early.

So, there. That's basically it. I had a wonderful time, and now I can live on that for a while, until I can start looking forward to the next time...

Speaking of time... whatever you do - don't waste it!

Have a nice day!

Jon Clausen

P.S. I'm sure somebody is going to find this blasphemous or something, but if any of you guys like Venom from the old days - check out the new album Resurrection. It rocks!

P.P.S. I would like to mention my own punk/rock outfit Scrotum. We have a website. Go see for yourselves:


Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 14:12:51
From: "Mange" mange.nilsson@zeta.telenordia.se
Subject: girlie-tops

Hello. I wonder if you have Motorhead girlie-tops. I would like to give one to my girlfriend for Christmas. If you do have, how much does it cost.
>From Magnus Nilsson

**Ace: Yes, I have them but have not posted them to the website yet. They are one-size-fits-all and are $25 plus shipping & handling.

Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 14:23:07 EST
From: MLL4LAW@aol.com
Subject: os: motorhead #26

In case any of you missed it, Motorhead was voted #26 on the VH1 100 greatest hard rock bands list.

The list was compiled by votes from their peers (other band's members, rather than the public).

Best line from the show (paraphrased) - Lemmy would be proud to say if Motorhead moved in next door to you, your lawn would die.

MH Mitch
- MLL4law@AOL.com

Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 17:58:11 EST
From: Kenmac502@aol.com
Subject: os: vh1 top 100

All Motorheadbangers should know that this venerable band has caught the attention of the pollsters at VH1's top 100 hard rockers countdown. I believe Lemmy and the boys broke the top 30 bands beating the likes of the Doors, Stones, FooFighters, Anthrax, Joan Jett and 70 other heavy weights.

Lemmy also makes comments about the 100 countdown and expresses how his fans, Motorhead fans, are by far the most loyal and intelligent!!! Much kudos to VH1 for I have personally witnessed several mentions and appearances of Motorhead over the past month (Lemmy was also voted 3rd biggest "badass" in rock, only 2 behind Ozzy!). Could this be an indication that a "behind the music" Motorhead episode is in the works? If so, the proven exposure could finally get Motorhead the attention it deserves in the States!! Us fans and MH's PR guys should do what they can to make this work; it would be great.

Will there be a 25th Aniversery video soon?

Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2000 16:21:41
From: Ichor - ichor@crosswinds.net
Subject: os: solo album?

>Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 22:37:29
>From: Mike Lemster - wizzzo1916@yahoo.com

>Stray Cats drummer
>Slim Jim was on Lemmy's
>solo album.

This is the first I've heard about a solo album. What is it called and where can I get it?

Motorhead forever.


**Ace: It is available at:

Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 13:01:51 -0800 (PST)
From: Lady Strange - nyrockr1@yahoo.com
Subject: motorhead vans

hi ace

i've looked everywhere and i mean everywhere to find the motorhead vans footwear...i've had no luck. can you please help me? either with a website or a phone #where i can order these


Lady Strange

"Lady Strange" There is no Stanger Lady
N.Y.C.Rules N.Y.Islanders #1
Motorhead Rocks!! "Live to Win"

HEAR ME>> http://pagoo.com/signature/nyrockr1

**Ace: I checked out the Vans store in Universal Citywalk and they didn't know a thing...

Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 10:48:10
From: "Sven Andersson" sa_7@hotmail.com
Subject: os: the motorhead gig on kren in gothenburg, sweden 19/11-00

Hello all Motorhead-bangers.

This is my first letter to the OS list in quiet some time. I saw Motorhead for the firts time in my life yesterday. I can assure you it won't be tha last. It was a fuckin awsome show, and I now understand why the call The Lem Mr. Rocknroll!!! Mr. Campbell kicked ass too. A talked a lot with the crowd wich I think is good. Before MH a band called Speedealers form Texas played. They were also very good and I will probably by one/some of their records. I had never heard them before.

I will try to write down the songs that MH played. It won't be in any special order since I don't remember that. It will just be as I remembered WICH songs they played, Alright, here we go!!!

Ace of spades
Killed by death
A long drum-solo in the middle of Sacrifice by King Dee
Damage case
Shoot you in the back (they hadn't played this song live in Sweden since 1981)
Iron fist
I'm so bad (baby I don't care)
Going to Brazil
Born to raise hell
Over your shoulder
Civil war
Overnight sensation
Stay out of jail
God save the queen
We are Motorhead

I might have forgotten some song/s. Anyway, it was a fucking awsome show. I also bought a t-shirt with tho MH logo, Motorhead / England text and the show-plan for ctober, November, December.

'Til next time


- sa_7@hotmail.com

Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 22:04:13
From: "NIKLAS BJUREN" n-bjuren@swipnet.se
Subject: gothenburg holocaust!

Hello fellow bangers!

Yesterday (19/11) i went to see the the kings of prime evil rock'n'roll in the city that should have been the capital of Sweden, since Mr Dee has lived there. It was the fourth time I saw MH and as usual they delivered the goods=as only gods can! These guys still know how to impress and surprise an audience, they even played "shoot you in the back" -one of my personal old-time favourites, and a lot of overkill stuff. It's great to see that the crowd differs a lot in age too, from the oldest imaginable relics to sweet sixteens... Is it because of=Lemmy's good looks or what? Maestro himself was a bit pissed though because he had=lots of feedback, and also some problems with his microfone, and unfortunately this fucked up "Orgasmatron" totally. I=guess the technicians had a nasty rickenbacker-spanking session backstage afterwards...=

Ahh! The new Motrhead England ts looks great and I'll wear it 'til it
falls apart!
Stay out of jail!

Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 21:52:53 -0000
From: "dianne barrett" dianne@barrett62.fsnet.co.uk
Subject: motorhead dates in scotland

Dear Acetrump, The MOTORHEAD site is great and i regularly check it out for news etc. I have no other way of possibly getting in touch with Lemmy and imagine that you might see him from time to time or maybe you know yourself but are Motorhead gonna play in scotland this year at some point. I saw them and Hawkwind a couple of weeks ago at the BRixton academy and they were fantastic. Anyway it seems daft that they come all this way to Britain and don't come to Scotland. I've been a fan since 1979 and have supported them all this time and am asking if you can pass this onto Lemmy. They played in Glasgow a couple of years ago and by all accounts the gig was brilliaint (I was in japan at the time but managed to see them there) they have a big fan base up here and I know Lemmy wouldn't want to let down the scots so have a word in his ear would ya?

Cheers Martin.

Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 17:58:14
From: Steve Madeley - steve.madeley@oracle.com
Organization: Oracle Corporation
Subject: motorhead question

When Motorhead fan club first started I think no. 1 was given to Chris Tarrant . Does my memory serve me correctly? I was in the 300 - 400 mark
I think.

Steve Madeley

Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 01:53:55
From: "Kelly Harrison" outlawrebel76@hotmail.com
Subject: os: need info

Hey All I'm doing a Motorhead site for the HTML course I'm taking at school. I know quite a bit about the band, but I would like to to a page on THE MAN Himself, The problem is, most of the info on the web is fairly common knowledge to Motorhead fans,like his birthdate, the stuff he drinks (carlsberg and Boubon+coke)His passion for WW2 Memorabilia etc. About the only other interesting fact I found was that he was born in Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire. I would really like more info than that. If anyone could help me I would be eternally grateful. Thanks in advance, Kelly

Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 14:55:19
From: Ichor - ichor@crosswinds.net
Subject: os: gothenburg gig -- great sound

Motorhead in Gothenburg, 19th of November. Most times I've seen Motorhead, the sound has been lousy, and once, on the Iron Fist tour, with Brian Robertson, it was impossible to tell what songs they were playing -- guitar, bass and drums were a homogenous wall of noise which sounded the same regardless of the title of the song. This time the sound was great! I was up on the balcony, and the sound was superb. You could hear everything, and the vocals were crystal clear. Afterwards I heard that some of those pressed to the fence claimed they hadn't heard any vocals at all. That can happen if you're so close to the stage that you can't hear the PA, so it's a price you may have to pay if you want to get that close to the band.

The songs they played were more or less those posted on this list before. "We are Motorhead" was OK. They did it with conviction: mean, hard, and fast. "Bomber" was a real killer though, even though Mikkey Dee messed up, and for some reason thought that there was a break in the solo part. Suddenly Phil and Lemmy found themselves playing without drums to back them. They looked rather surprised at this, but Mikkey Dee realized his mistake pretty quickly, and from then on it was smooth flying for the Bomber.

After this they did an absolutely blistering rendition of "I'm So Bad Baby I Don't Care." I could actually hear the guys next to me gasping. It was so fast that it seemed impossible. The first time I heard this song (in 1990 I think -- anyway before "1916" came out) it was a bit different. It had a bass solo instead of a guitar solo, and I believe that the verse riff was a bit different as well (though I am not certain, only having heard it like that that one time). This time it almost knocked me out more than that first time I heard it -- completely awesome. This was really Motorhead at their finest.

After this they did a couple of new songs (I guess "Civil War," "Over Your Shoulder" and "Stay Out of Jail"). Then came the high point. Lemmy said "This is a song we haven't played in sweden for a while. We haven't played it here in Gothenburg since 1981. It's called "Shoot You in the Fucking Back." I'm nearly 40, and looking at the youngsters around me I guess I was one of the few there who had seen them do it in 1981. That gig remains the best I have ever seen, but they certainly did their best to try to equal that. The rendition was mean and ferocious. I have never heard them do "Dead Men Tell No Tales" live, but it seems that they dropped this to make room for "Shoot You in the Back." Ah well, I guess you can't have everything (Some guys close to the stage kept yelling for them to play "Iron Horse." Lemmy patiently explained to them that they would not play it.)

Next came "God Save the Queen." Motorhead is the best band in the world, but Johnny Rotten sang that song better; he sounded more deranged and sarcastic than Lemmy does. Then a fairly new song called "Broken," followed by "Sacrifice," with Phil and Lemmy going offstage during the drum solo. After this they did "Going to Brazil." During "Orgasmatron" Lemmy couldn't hear his own vocals, and he kept switching from the low grinding to singing it an octave higher, probably in an attempt to hear himself. "Iron Fist" was brutal as usual.

Both Lemmy and Phil were in a great mood, though Lemmy's mood seemed to darken a bit as the show went on, due to his constant sound problems. Phil on the other hand seemed to get only happier as the show went on. He didn't say much for the first eight songs or so, but after this he talked more between songs than Lemmy did. He seemed to be very happy to be playing in Gothenburg. I don't know if Motorhead are aware that Gothenburg is the heavy rock capital of Scandinavia, or if it was because Mikkey Dee comes from Gothenburg, or what might be the reason for his high spirits. At one point he promised that they would drink everybody under the table after the show, "If we can find you." By the time they played "Killed by Death" he was positively ecstatic. His end solo was always the high point of this song, even during the Wurzel days, but this time he refused to stop playing it. In the end Lemmy and Mikkey Dee became rather impatient, and started making some noise, banging strings and drums to make him stop. Eventually he did.

Then they went offstage and were gone for a minute or two, before reappearing for the "extras." These were surprisingly good. You know how Lemmy belives that Motorhead will always have to play "Ace of Spades" at every concert, since this is their most famous song. I'd prefer if they did songs they do well on stage, instead of just going through the motions because they believe that they have to. Mostly it would have been better if they had dropped "Ace of Spades" (particularly with Pete Gill), but this time it was great, and they really seemed to enjoy playing it as well. "Overkill" was even better. They'd changed it a bit, with a part of the second verse (I think it was) being sung without guitar and bass, only accompanied by the drums. By this time I was up against the fence myself, but I could hear the vocals anyway.

Unfortunately Motorhead seemed to believe that the concert was something of a failure. Throughout the concert Lemmy had trouble with his vocals monitor. He kept complaining to the mixer guy (Dave), and for the last ten songs or so, a sound guy came up on stage during every song to listen to the sound. Lemmy apologized to the audience and said that if he sang out of key it wasn't his fault, cause he couldn't hear himself. He didn't though. By the end of the concert he said that those who saw Motorhead for the first time would probably never come to see them again, and added that he was so crushed by the bad sound that he might never smile again. It probaly sounded awful on stage, and he believed that it sounded just as bad for the audience. He needn't have worried though: the sound was superb. All in all it was a great gig, certainly well worth the money.

Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 20:53:14
From: Matthijs Withaar - M.Withaar@12move.nl
Subject: os: sometimes you're lucky, sometimes you aren't

Hello Motorheadbangers,

Well, believe me, this subject goes for me for sure. Recently I went to Motorhead in Tilburg (The Netherlands) only to find out the show was cancelled! I was really pissed, but you can't blame anyone for catching the flue ... so I'm already looking forward to the new date (18 december).

Only a short I found some stuff I was really looking for since I was 14. It's the leather bound edition of No Remorse (in mint condition!) and the first releases of The Golden Years and St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Costed me a small fortune alltogether, but I was as happy as a child. I also found a very peculiar thing: a yellow, saw-shaped single with Motorhead on one side (Hump On Your Back) and Fast Eddie Clarke on the other (Snake Bite). It sounds like they recorded it in their garage! Good song, though. The most peculiar thing about it is the cover: it looks like it was drawn by a loony cartoonist. (Ace: if you're interested, I'd be happy to mail you a scan - just let me know!) Anyone who knows more about it? It's released by Musical Tragidies (Germany), Tragidy One Two Three (MT-298). Other numbers I found on it were EFA 12220 en LC 6838; apparently it's number 12 in some series.

Greetings from The Netherlands,
Ice Thijs

*Ace: Scan would be great! :-)

Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 08:02:16 EST
From: Gjlemmy33@aol.com
Subject: motorhead 25th anniversary show

Ace any news on the video/dvd of the 25th anniversary show at Brixton.

**Ace: Sometime next year, probably spring/summer

Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 03:20:01
From: bazauto@lineone.net
Subject: re: meet up on december 19th

Hi Ace and everyone!
Baz from Autonomicus here.
Im going to the Forum on December 19 and Id like to meet up with OS members before the gig. Im going on my own so PLEASE dont leave me with no one to share the experience with! Get in touch at either this address or autonomicus@yahoo.com Dont worry, Im not a psycho or anything. If you want to see what I look like check out my bands new website. The URL is http://www.geosites.com/autonomicus I missed the 25th anniversary cos it sold out : (
Anyway please get in touch Cheers for now

Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2000 03:16:06
From: "Michael Mc Intyre" mrm420@enteract.com
Subject: OS: Check This Out Again

Earlier in this magazine, I posted some shit about an interview that I did with Lemmy in 1986. I wasn't sure at the time where the link to it would be on the site that I mentioned. The link to the interview is on the home page. However, while you are there, you really should go and fuckin' check out my section of the site, called The Master Speaks, for therein is a fuckin' photo gallery which contains some cool autographed pictures of Lemmy for your perusal, and absolutely no pictures of Fred Asparagus, who I have come to believe is Ron Jeremy's imaginary friend. It is fuckin' cool. I think that many of you will like some of the other pictures that are posted there as well. You may even like to read some of the shit that I write there and make it a complete Internet experience, so the next time that Jimi Hendrix asks you " Are You Experienced?", you can answer in the affirmative. Thank you ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this concludes my summation.
Michael Mc Intyre

Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2000 03:37:57
From: "Michael Mc Intyre" mrm420@enteract.com
Subject: OS: Something Cool

I just went to this site: http://www.grovemusic.com It's some kind of fuckin' music dictionary site or some such shit. On there, they have some sort of survey or something where you can vote for the best pieces of music ever or something. I went there and voted for Overkill as the number one piece of music ever. If we all go there and do something similar, maybe we can get Motorhead ranked up there with the all-time musical greats like they should be anyway. Fuck all of those classical music snobs and shit. They need to know about Motorhead. They are truly the epitome of musical greatness and need to be recognized as such. Let's get them recognized properly.
Michael Mc Intyre

Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2000 07:23:59
From: "Kristoffer" kristoffer.stagh@swipnet.se
Subject: os: mnchenbryggeriet, stockholm 24/11

Hi motrheadbangers,

Heres my gig report from the gig in Stocholm, Sweden Friday the 24th of November. Set list:

We are motrhead
No class
Im so bad
Over your shoulder
Shoot you in the back (what a classic!)
Civil war (I wish they could stop plaing this one and never play it again)
God save the queen
Born to raise hell
Sacrifice with drum solo (first time Ive heard them plaing this one really well)
Orgasmatron (my live favourite together with bomber)
Broken (this song is ten times better live than on record)
Stay out of jail (why not "one more fucking time instead"?)
damage case
Going to Brazil (time to rest this song now I think)
Iron fist
Killed by death


Ace of spades

This was probably the loudest motrhead gig Ive been to. Probably due to the venue being so small. The sound wasnt very good in my opinion. Perhaps had something to do with the small venue and the volyme. Anyway a great gig (as always with Lemmy & co).

Kristoffer, MHB 1268

Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 04:01:16 +0900
From: "shuhei hasegawa" shuhead@alles.or.jp
Subject: japan

I send Me&Paul's interview to motorhead introduce mag to you. Magzine name is "Chain-Whipped". Please read it. My 25th ann gig report introduce next C-W mag. Take care.

Shuhei Hasegawa

Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2000 11:39:17 -0800
From: "Elias laakso" elberor@slayerized.com
Subject: bastards torch hell sinki!

It was my second time to see this brilliant-fukin'-band, the first time being the tour with Manowar und Dio, whitch was the best, but this time it was a bloody war! The place was this intime metal-sealed club called Nosturi and cause of its size only the most devoted fans were there and even fathers bringing their little-sons to see the show. I heard from a guy working there, that since showtime had been quickly changed to earlier, some musicians had been seen running shitless from a nearby bar to play. The Opening act was this texan-hellacopters-meets-easy'tallicariffs-band, gets no major responses from people. The under18-people were on the balcony next to a giant pa-cabinet(my ears bled!)and on the floor were the overaged people,it used to be otherwise, but a lot more action happened on the balcony so no bad thoughts about that. The crowd cheers the band begin, and suddenly lights out, Motrmen use the hand-spots, and Ian's voice splashes like a razor from the speakers, and 'Were motrhead'rolls in. The best moment for me was when Lemmy asked if there were any punks 'ere. For my own nostalgia I think I was the only one yelling, and Lemmy pointed me and said, You aint no punk, you've got long hair! And at the same moment a chick who had been hitting my back the whole time-hit my sides,' Ah Fuck off', I replied and they laughed and got on with the show. They seemed to be really amazed by the atmosfear, whitch was really good and the feeling on enjoyment could be felt on both sides. The proceedings were naturally closed with 'ace'& 'overkill' and the only real suprise on songlist was the blasting 'shoot you in the back'. Motrhead, 25 years of loud love, long hail Motrhead!


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